adt - Volume 68

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adt - Volume 68 - Numbers 11-12 - December 2013
3D video technologies and services.

Béatrice Pesquet-Popescu==Frédéric Dufaux==Touradj Ebrahimi==Shipeng Li==

Camera array image rectification and calibration for stereoscopic and autostereoscopic displays.

Vincent Nozick==

Edge-preserving interpolation of depth data exploiting color information.

Valeria Garro==Carlo Dal Mutto==Pietro Zanuttigh==Guido M. Cortelazzo==

A study of depth/texture bit-rate allocation in multi-view video plus depth compression.

Emilie Bosc==Fabien Racapé==Vincent Jantet==Paul Riou==Muriel Pressigout==Luce Morin==

Rate-distortion analysis of multiview coding in a DIBR framework.

Boshra Rajaei==Thomas Maugey==Hamid Reza Pourreza==Pascal Frossard==

How visual fatigue and discomfort impact 3D-TV quality of experience: a comprehensive review of technological, psychophysical, and psychological factors.

Matthieu Urvoy==Marcus Barkowsky==Patrick Le Callet==

Enhancing the audience experience during sport events: real-time processing of multiple stereoscopic cameras.

Julien Maillard==Marc Leny==Hélène Diakhaté==

Stereoscopic video watermarking: a comparative study.

Afef Chammem==Mihai Mitrea==Françoise J. Prêteux==

Deployment of wireless regional area network and its impact on DTV service coverage.

Yee-Loo Foo==

Multi-user receiver scheme and uplink performance of space-time-coded CDMA system in Rician fading channels.

Xiangbin Yu==Xiaoshuai Liu==Xiaodan Yu==Wei Tan==Xiaomin Chen==

adt - Volume 68 - Numbers 9-10 - October 2013
DEC-MAC: delay- and energy-aware cooperative medium access control protocol for wireless sensor networks.

Mohammad Helal Uddin Ahmed==Md. Abdur Razzaque==Choong Seon Hong==

Channel estimation in high date rate UWB system with unknown narrowband interference.

S. M. Riazul Islam==Sana Ullah==Kyung Sup Kwak==

A polarization-amplitude-phase modulation scheme for improving the power amplifier energy efficiency.

Dong Wei==Chunyan Feng==Caili Guo==

Proportional fair scheduling with superposition coding in a cellular cooperative relay system - Invited paper.

Megumi Kaneko==Kazunori Hayashi==Petar Popovski==Hideaki Sakai==

Link failure and congestion-aware reliable data delivery mechanism for mobile ad hoc networks.

Manowarul Islam==Md. Abdur Razzaque==Mahfuzur Rahman Bosunia==Atif Alamri==Mohammad Mehedi Hassan==

Residual resources aware distributed admission control mechanism in mobile multi-hop network.

Dapeng Wu==Puning Zhang==Ruyan Wang==

WCDMA uplink capacity of high-altitude platforms (HAPs) macrocells with incorporated HSUPA service.

Bazil Taha Ahmed==Enrique Rebollo García==

adt - Volume 68 - Numbers 7-8 - August 2013
Chipless RFID, an emerging technology.

Smail Tedjini==Nemai Karmakar==

Design rules for chipless RFID tags based on multiple scatterers.

Arnaud Vena==Etienne Perret==Smail Tedjini==

IR-UWB-based chipless RFID system.

Yizhu Shen==Choi Look Law==Sanming Hu==Jingjing Xia==

Metamaterial-inspired passive chipless radio-frequency identification and wireless sensing.

Christian Mandel==Bernd Kubina==Martin Schüßler==Rolf Jakoby==

Chipless RFID tags fabricated by fully printing of metallic inks.

Botao Shao==Qiang Chen==Yasar Amin==Ran Liu==Li-Rong Zheng==

Identification tag in the terahertz frequency domain using low-cost and tunable refractive index materials.

Maher Hamdi==Frédéric Garet==Lionel Duvillaret==Philippe Martinez==Guy Eymin-Petot-Tourtollet==

Wireless sensing and identification based on radar cross section variability measurement of passive electromagnetic sensors.

Hervé Aubert==Franck Chebila==Mehdi Jatlaoui==Trang T. Thai==Hamida Hallil==Anya Traille==Sofiene Bouaziz==Ayoub Rifaï==Patrick Pons==Philippe Ménini==Manos M. Tentzeris==

On the detection of chipless RFID through signal space representation.

Prasanna Kalansuriya==Nemai Chandra Karmakar==Emanuele Viterbo==

Group delay modulation for pulse position coding based on periodically coupled C-sections.

Raji Sasidharan Nair==Etienne Perret==Smail Tedjini==

Detection and identification of objects based on radio-frequency signatures.

Somnath Mukherjee==

Joint detection, channel estimation, and interference cancellation in downlink MC-CDMA communication systems using complex-valued multilayer neural networks.

Hadi Mahdipour Hossein-Abad==Hossein Nezamabadi-pour==Dariush Abbasi-Moghadam==Morteza Khademi==

Diversity in cascaded N*Nakagami channels.

P. M. Shankar==

adt - Volume 68 - Numbers 5-6 - June 2013
Simple precoding algorithms using Gram-Schmidt orthonormalization process for multiuser relay communications with optimized power allocation.

Hamid Meghdadi==Jean-Pierre Cances==Vahid Meghdadi==

Adapting contention-based forwarding to urban vehicular topologies for active safety applications.

Fatma Hrizi==Christian Bonnet==Jérôme Härri==Fethi Filali==

Cross-layer multiple-access optimization scheme for linear precoded OFDM UWB systems.

Ayman Khalil==Matthieu Crussière==Jean-François Hélard==

Minimization in variations of different parameters in different φ planes of a small-size concentric ring array antenna using firefly algorithm.

Anirban Chatterjee==Gautam Kumar Mahanti==

Modeling the user acceptance of long-term evolution (LTE) services.

Eunil Park==Angel P. Del Pobil==

Mitigation of channel estimation error in TR-UWB system based on a novel MMSE equalizer.

H. Khaleghi Bizaki==S. Alizadeh==

Congestion probabilities in a batched Poisson multirate loss model supporting elastic and adaptive traffic.

Ioannis D. Moscholios==John S. Vardakas==Michael D. Logothetis==Anthony C. Boucouvalas==

Multicellular Alamouti scheme performance in Rayleigh and shadow fading.

Dorra Ben Cheikh Battikh==Jean Marc Kelif==Marceau Coupechoux==Philippe Godlewski==

adt - Volume 68 - Numbers 3-4 - April 2013
Networked digital media.

Mihai Mitrea==Françoise J. Prêteux==Touradj Ebrahimi==Giovanna Carofiglio==

Quality user experience in advanced IP video services.

António Pedro Inácio==Rui Santos Cruz==Mário Serafim Nunes==

Optimized dynamic compilation of dataflow representations for multimedia applications.

Jérôme Gorin==Mickaël Raulet==Françoise J. Prêteux==

Multi-criteria decision algorithms for efficient content delivery in content networks.

Andrzej Beben==Jordi Mongay Batalla==Wei Koong Chai==Jaroslaw Sliwinski==

Internet-scale content mediation in information-centric networks.

George Pavlou==Ning Wang==Wei Koong Chai==Ioannis Psaras==

Unifying running-key approach and logistic map to generate enciphering sequences.

Adriana Vlad==Azeem Ilyas==Adrian Luca==

Cinematography sequences tracking by means of fingerprinting techniques.

A. Garboan==Mihai Mitrea==Françoise J. Prêteux==

Feed and fly control of visual scanpaths for foveation image processing.

Giuseppe Boccignone==Mario Ferraro==

A robust invariant bipolar representation for R 3 surfaces: applied to the face description.

Faouzi Ghorbel==Majdi Jribi==

Efficient ID-based multiproxy multisignature without bilinear maps in ROM.

Namita Tiwari==Sahadeo Padhye==Debiao He==

Cooperative multiband joint detection in cognitive radio networks using artificial immune system.

Mansoore Saeedzarandi==Paeiz Azmi==

adt - Volume 68 - Numbers 1-2 - February 2013
Radio-over-fibre for green wireless access networks.

Trevor J. Hall==Frédéric Lucarz==John E. Mitchell==Patrice Pajusco==

Radio-over-Fibre access for sustainable Digital Cities.

Trevor J. Hall==Ramón Maldonado-Basilio==Sawsan Abdul-Majid==Joe Seregelyi==Ran Li==Irene Antolín-Pérez==Hamdam Nikkhah==Frédéric Lucarz==Jean-Louis de Bougrenet de la Tocnaye==Bruno Fracasso==Patrice Pajusco==Camilla Kärnfelt==Daniel Bourreau==Michel Ney==Rabiaa Guemri==Yves Josse==Hexin Liu==

Digitized RF-over-fiber as a cost-effective and energy-efficient backhaul option for wireless communications.

Yizhuo Yang==Ampalavanapillai Nirmalathas==Christina Lim==

Comparisons of system architectures for microwave-photonics transmissions at 60 GHz.

B. Cabon==F. Brendel==J. Poette==

90° SOI optical hybrid for Radio-over-fibre links.

Sawsan Abdul-Majid==Imad Hasan==Qi Zheng==Ramón Maldonado-Basilio==Serge Bidnyk==Trevor J. Hall==

Beam steering for wireless optical links based on an optical phased array in silicon.

Hamdam Nikkhah==Karel Van Acoleyen==Roel Baets==

Experimental evaluation of a R-EAM and noise impact analysis for UWB and Wi-Fi transmission in RoF networks.

Luís M. Pessoa==Joao M. B. Oliveira==Diogo V. Coelho==Jorge C. S. Castro==Henrique M. Salgado==

Comparison of theoretical and measured P1dB of a photonic microwave link: influence of some physical parameters of the DFB laser.

Anne-Laure Billabert==Quentin Levesque==Mourad Chtioui==Catherine Algani==Christian Rumelhard==Alexandre Marceaux==Thomas Merlet==

Optimisation of a device for pick-up of low-frequency radio signals and transmission over polymer optical fibres.

Ricardo M. Ribeiro==Andrés P. L. Barbero==Odair S. Xavier==Jorge A. M. Souza==Marbey M. Mosso==

Stochastic analysis of Aloha in vehicular ad hoc networks.

Bartlomiej Blaszczyszyn==Paul Mühlethaler==Yasser Toor==

Adaptive allocation of power transmission for high-altitude platforms.

R. Goot==T. Trigano==S. Tapuchi==J. Gavan==