cacm - Volume 56

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cacm - Volume 56 - Number 12 - December 2013
Computing is the secret ingredient (well, not so secret).

Andrew A. Chien==

Start CS students off with industry best practices.

Now for something entirely different.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Building tools to help students learn to program.

Philip J. Guo==

Perovskites boost solar-cell potential.

Don Monroe==

Gaming machine learning.

Samuel Greengard==

Parallel computational thinking.

Keith Kirkpatrick==

The forgotten engineer.

Peter J. Denning==

Community colleges: a resource for increasing equity and inclusion in computer science education.

Louise Ann Lyon==Jill Denner==

Cold, hard cache.

George V. Neville-Neil==

The death of big software.

Stephen J. Andriole==

Lousy advice to the lovelorn.

Ernest Davis==

Bitcoin's academic pedigree.

Arvind Narayanan==Jeremy Clark==

XML and JSON are like cardboard.

Pat Helland==

Research for practice: vigorous public debates in academic computer science.

John Regehr==Peter Bailis==

Cybersecurity, nuclear security, alan turing, and illogical logic.

Martin E. Hellman==

Technology-driven changes in work and employment.

Ramiro Montealegre==Wayne F. Cascio==

Energy efficiency: a new concern for application software developers.

Gustavo Pinto==Fernando Castor==

Pricing information (and its implications): technical perspective.

Aaron Roth==

A theory of pricing private data.

Chao Li==Daniel Yang Li==Gerome Miklau==Dan Suciu==

A simple, elegant approach to non-numeric parallelization: technical perspective.

James R. Larus==

Automatically accelerating non-numerical programs by architecture-compiler co-design.

Simone Campanoni==Kevin Brownell==Svilen Kanev==Timothy M. Jones==Gu-Yeon Wei==David M. Brooks==

Grooming the leaders of tomorrow.

Leah Hoffmann==

The ACM code of ethics: a call to action.

Marty J. Wolf==

Making a positive impact: updating the ACM code of ethics.

Bo Brinkman==Don Gotterbarn==Keith W. Miller==Marty J. Wolf==

When email isn't private.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Reclaim the lost promise of the semantic web.

ICER 2016, and Star Trek at 50.

Mark Guzdial==Daniel Reed==

Cracking the code on biology.

Samuel Greengard==

Containers push toward the mayfly server.

Chris Edwards==

Can we trust autonomous weapons?

Keith Kirkpatrick==

Learning to learn.

Peter J. Denning==Gloria Flores==

Nailing smoke.

David P. Anderson==

Mentoring female assistant professors enhances their success.

Yan Chen==

Assessing abstraction skills.

Orit Hazzan==Jeff Kramer==

(Mis)managing parallel computing research through EU project funding.

Jesper Larsson Träff==

Functional at scale.

Marius Eriksen==

React: Facebook's functional turn on writing Javascript.

Industrial-scale agile: from craft to engineering.

Ivar Jacobson==Ian Spence==Ed Seidewitz==

Interactive visualization of 3d scanned mummies at public venues.

Anders Ynnerman==Thomas Rydell==Daniel Antoine==David Hughes==Anders Persson==Patric Ljung==

Creating connection with autonomous facial animation.

Mark Sagar==Mike Seymour==Annette Henderson==

Anticipating policy and social implications of named data networking.

Katie Shilton==Jeffrey A. Burke==Kimberly C. Claffy==Lixia Zhang==

Mathematical foundations for social computing.

Yiling Chen==Arpita Ghosh==Michael J. Kearns==Tim Roughgarden==Jennifer Wortman Vaughan==

Technical Perspective: The chemistry of software-defined batteries.

Srinivasan Keshav==

Software-defined batteries.

Anirudh Badam==Ranveer Chandra==Jon Dutra==Anthony Ferrese==Steve Hodges==Pan Hu==Julia Meinershagen==Thomas Moscibroda==Bodhi Priyantha==Evangelia D. Skiani==

Technical Perspective: 3D image editing made easy.

Takeo Igarashi==

Extracting 3D objects from photographs using 3-sweep.

Tao Chen==Zhe Zhu==Shi-Min Hu==Daniel Cohen-Or==Ariel Shamir==

A view to the future.

Leah Hoffmann==

On lethal autonomous weapons.

Moshe Y. Vardi==

Advancing the ACM agenda.

Vinton G. Cerf==

What about statistical relational learning?

What do we do when the jobs are gone, and why we must embrace active learning.

Moshe Y. Vardi==Mark Guzdial==

When data is not enough.

Don Monroe==

The hyper-intelligent bandage.

Gregory Mone==

Technology brings online education in line with campus programs.

Keith Kirkpatrick==

The digital dark age.

David Anderson==

Why our theories of innovation fail us.

Peter J. Denning==Nicholas Dew==

Coupled ethical-epistemic analysis in teaching ethics.

Nancy Tuana==

Pickled patches.

George V. Neville-Neil==

Increasing the participation of individuals with disabilities in computing.

Richard E. Ladner==Sheryl Burgstahler==

Creating a new generation of computational thinkers.

Jeremy Scott==Alan Bundy==

I can't let you do that, Dave.

Cory Doctorow==

The case for banning killer robots: point.

Stephen Goose==

The case for banning killer robots: counterpoint.

Ronald C. Arkin==

How to de-identify your data.

Olivia Angiuli==Joe Blitzstein==Jim Waldo==

Lean software development: building and shipping two versions.

Kate Matsudaira==

Challenges of memory management on modern NUMA systems.

Fabien Gaud==Baptiste Lepers==Justin R. Funston==Mohammad Dashti==Alexandra Fedorova==Vivien Quéma==Renaud Lachaize==Mark Roth==

Personalizing maps.

Andrea Ballatore==Michela Bertolotto==

Propositions as types.

Philip Wadler==

Smart data pricing: using economics to manage network congestion.

Soumya Sen==Carlee Joe-Wong==Sangtae Ha==Mung Chiang==

Internet use and psychological well-being: effects of activity and audience.

Robert E. Kraut==Moira Burke==

Technical Perspective: Paris Beyond Frommer's.

Noah Snavely==

What makes Paris look like Paris?

Carl Doersch==Saurabh Singh==Abhinav Gupta==Josef Sivic==Alexei A. Efros==

Technical Perspective: In-Situ Database Management.

David Maier==

NoDB: efficient query execution on raw data files.

Ioannis Alagiannis==Renata Borovica-Gajic==Miguel Branco==Stratos Idreos==Anastasia Ailamaki==

Q&A: Redefining Architectures.

Leah Hoffmann==

Pathways to computing careers.

Bobby Schnabel==John White==

Does innovation create or destroy jobs?

Vinton G. Cerf==

On the significance of Turing's test.

Meeting student and teacher needs in computing education.

Mark Guzdial==

Decoding the language of human movement.

Chris Edwards==

Intelligent living.

Gregory Mone==

Sensors for seniors.

Keith Kirkpatrick==

ACM's Turing Award prize raised to $1 million.

The internet that Facebook built.

Michael L. Best==

The whole professional.

Peter J. Denning==

Innovation and inclusion.

Telle Whitney==Elizabeth Ames==

Port squatting.

George V. Neville-Neil==

Making the case for a "manufacturing execution system" for software development.

Martin Naedele==Rick Kazman==Yuanfang Cai==

The responsive enterprise: embracing the hacker way.

Erik Meijer==Vikram Kapoor==

No such thing as a general-purpose processor.

David Chisnall==

A new software engineering.

Ivar Jacobson==Ed Seidewitz==

Computationally modeling human emotion.

Stacy Marsella==Jonathan Gratch==

GPUfs: the case for operating system services on GPUs.

Mark Silberstein==Bryan Ford==Emmett Witchel==

Human-agent collectives.

Nicholas R. Jennings==Luc Moreau==David Nicholson==Sarvapali D. Ramchurn==Stephen J. Roberts==Tom Rodden==Alex Rogers==

Rethinking caches for throughput processors: technical perspective.

Stephen W. Keckler==

Learning your limit: managing massively multithreaded caches through scheduling.

Timothy G. Rogers==Mike O'Connor==Tor M. Aamodt==

Q&A: From Esterel to HipHop.

Gregory Mone==

ACM books to launch.

M. Tamer Özsu==

Software at scale.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Free the digital natives.

The lure of live coding; the attraction of small data.

Mark Guzdial==Valerie Barr==

Life points the way to a new template for chipmaking.

Chris Edwards==

Seeing the big picture.

Samuel Greengard==

CS enrollments rise ... at the expense of the humanities?

Karen A. Frenkel==

Information technology impact sourcing.

Richard Heeks==

Patrick Blackett: providing 'white heat' to the British computing revolution.

David Anderson==

Design thinking.

Peter J. Denning==

A lesson in resource management.

George V. Neville-Neil==

Bringing young women into computing through the NCWIT Aspirations in Computing program.

Wendy M. DuBow==Ruthe Farmer==Zhen Wu==Malia Fredrickson==

From MOOCs to SPOCs.

Armando Fox==

Making the web faster with HTTP 2.0.

Ilya Grigorik==

The challenge of cross-language interoperability.

David Chisnall==

Intermediate representation.

Fred Chow==

Data science and prediction.

Vasant Dhar==

Legal aspects of interface accessibility in the U.S.

Jonathan Lazar==Harry Hochheiser==

Replicated data consistency explained through baseball.

Doug Terry==

A survey of mobility in information-centric networks.

Gareth Tyson==Nishanth Sastry==Rubén Cuevas==Ivica Rimac==Andreas Mauthe==

The cleanest garbage collection: technical perspective.

J. Eliot B. Moss==

And then there were none: a stall-free real-time garbage collector for reconfigurable hardware.

David F. Bacon==Perry Cheng==Sunil Shukla==

Puzzled: Solutions and sources.

Peter Winkler==

Q&A: Securing the Risk.

Leah Hoffmann==

cacm - Volume 56 - Number 11 - November 2013
Highlights of the ACM student research competition.

Laurie Williams==Doug Baldwin==

Heidelberg laureate forum.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Would Turing have won the Turing award?

Moshe Y. Vardi==

They see what you see.

Opportunities for women, minorities in information retrieval.

Mei Kobayashi==

A block on the old chip.

Neil Savage==

Censoring sensors.

Alex Wright==

Overcoming disabilities.

Esther Shein==

Disgorging profits in design patent cases.

Pamela Samuelson==

Engaging the ethics of data science in practice.

Solon Barocas==Danah Boyd==

Keeping the machinery in computing education.

Richard C. H. Connor==Quintin I. Cutts==Judy Robertson==

Pay what you want as a pricing model for open access publishing?

Martin Spann==Lucas Stich==Klaus M. Schmidt==

Social agents: bridging simulation and engineering.

Virginia Dignum==

Hootsuite: in pursuit of reactive systems.

Breadth and depth.

Kate Matsudaira==

Is there a single method for the internet of things?

Ivar Jacobson==Ian Spence==Pan Wei Ng==

Cambits: a reconfigurable camera system.

Makoto Odamaki==Shree K. Nayar==

User reviews of top mobile apps in Apple and Google app stores.

Stuart McIlroy==Weiyi Shang==Nasir Ali==Ahmed E. Hassan==

Healthcare robotics.

Laurel D. Riek==

Technical perspective: Solving imperfect information games.

David Silver==

Heads-up limit hold'em poker is solved.

Michael Bowling==Neil Burch==Michael Johanson==Oskari Tammelin==

Technical perspective: Exploring a kingdom by geodesic measures.

Marc Alexa==

The heat method for distance computation.

Keenan Crane==Clarisse Weischedel==Max Wardetzky==

Butterfly effect.

G. Seth Shostak==

Globalization, computing, and their political impact.

Moshe Y. Vardi==

Heidelberg anew.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Learn to live with academic rankings.

Introducing CS to newcomers, and JES as a teaching tool.

Valerie Barr==Mark Guzdial==

Learning securely.

Erica Klarreich==

Blockchain beyond bitcoin.

Sarah Underwood==

Farm automation gets smarter.

Tom Geller==

Cyber defense triad for where security matters.

Roger R. Schell==

Fair use prevails in Oracle v. Google.

Pamela Samuelson==

Visualization to understand ecosystems.

Bala R. Iyer==Rahul C. Basole==

Growing computer science education into a STEM education discipline.

Mark Guzdial==Briana Morrison==

Time to reinspect the foundations?

B. Jack Copeland==Eli Dresner==Diane Proudfoot==Oron Shagrir==

Technology and academic lives.

Jonathan Grudin==

The power of babble.

Pat Helland==

Scaling synchronization in multicore programs.

Adam Morrison==

Research for practice: distributed consensus and implications of NVM on database management systems.

Peter Bailis==Joy Arulraj==Andrew Pavlo==

Apache Spark: a unified engine for big data processing.

Matei Zaharia==Reynold S. Xin==Patrick Wendell==Tathagata Das==Michael Armbrust==Ankur Dave==Xiangrui Meng==Josh Rosen==Shivaram Venkataraman==Michael J. Franklin==Ali Ghodsi==Joseph Gonzalez==Scott Shenker==Ion Stoica==

Pushing on string: the 'don't care' region of password strength.

Dinei Florêncio==Cormac Herley==Paul C. van Oorschot==

A theory on power in networks.

Enrico Bozzo==Massimo Franceschet==

Sex as an algorithm: the theory of evolution under the lens of computation.

Adi Livnat==Christos H. Papadimitriou==

Recommender systems - : beyond matrix completion.

Dietmar Jannach==Paul Resnick==Alexander Tuzhilin==Markus Zanker==

If I could only design one circuit ...: technical perspective.

Kurt Keutzer==

DianNao family: energy-efficient hardware accelerators for machine learning.

Yunji Chen==Tianshi Chen==Zhiwei Xu==Ninghui Sun==Olivier Temam==

FPGA compute acceleration is first about energy efficiency: technical perspective.

James C. Hoe==

A reconfigurable fabric for accelerating large-scale datacenter services.

Andrew Putnam==Adrian M. Caulfield==Eric S. Chung==Derek Chiou==Kypros Constantinides==John Demme==Hadi Esmaeilzadeh==Jeremy Fowers==Gopi Prashanth Gopal==Jan Gray==Michael Haselman==Scott Hauck==Stephen Heil==Amir Hormati==Joo-Young Kim==Sitaram Lanka==James R. Larus==Eric Peterson==Simon Pope==Aaron Smith==Jason Thong==Phillip Yi Xiao==Doug Burger==

The candidate.

Brian Clegg==

A tale of ACM visions.

Bobby Schnabel==

Memory with a twist.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Who will read PACM?

How men can help women in CS; winning 'computing's Nobel prize'.

Valerie Barr==Michael Stonebraker==

Algorithmic authors.

Alex Wright==

Companies proactively seek out internal threats.

Esther Shein==

Brain science helps computers separate speakers in a crowded room.

Chris Edwards==

John H. Holland 1929-2015.

Security assurance.

Steven B. Lipner==

Software patents are falling down.

Pamela Samuelson==

Electronic health records and patient safety.

Muhammad Zia Hydari==Rahul Telang==William M. Marella==

Programming in K-12 science classrooms.

Pratim Sengupta==Amanda Dickes==Amy Voss Farris==Ashlyn Karan==David Martin==Mason Wright==

An interview with Fred Brooks.

Len Shustek==

When technologies manipulate our emotions.

Rafael A. Calvo==Dorian Peters==Sidney K. D'Mello==

Fail at scale.

Ben Maurer==

It probably works.

Tyler McMullen==

Componentizing the web.

Taylor Savage==

Information cartography.

Dafna Shahaf==Carlos Guestrin==Eric Horvitz==Jure Leskovec==

Why people post benevolent and malicious comments online.

So-Hyun Lee==Hee-Woong Kim==

Hidden in-game intelligence in NBA players' tweets.

Chenyan Xu==Yang Yu==Chun-Keung Hoi==

Inductive programming meets the real world.

Sumit Gulwani==José Hernández-Orallo==Emanuel Kitzelmann==Stephen H. Muggleton==Ute Schmid==Benjamin G. Zorn==

Technical Perspective: The Path to Light Transport.

Frédo Durand==

Geometric tools for exploring manifolds of light transport paths.

Wenzel Jakob==Steve Marschner==

Technical Perspective: Treating Networks Like Programs.

George Varghese==

Software dataplane verification.

Mihai Dobrescu==Katerina J. Argyraki==

Upstart Puzzles: Auction Triplets.

Dennis E. Shasha==

Dealing with the deep, long-term challenges facing ACM (part I).

Alexander L. Wolf==

Heidelberg Laureate Forum II.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Accountability is no excuse for surveillance.

Teach the teachers, and contribute to humanity.

Mark Guzdial==Lawrence M. Fisher==

Researchers simplify parallel programming.

Gary Anthes==

Computing what fits.

Esther Shein==

Keeping online reviews honest.

Logan Kugler==

The dark side of the sharing economy ... and how to lighten it.

Arvind Malhotra==Marshall W. Van Alstyne==

Updates on the intellectual property front.

Pamela Samuelson==

Big data's end run around procedural privacy protections.

Solon Barocas==Helen Nissenbaum==

A future for computing education research.

Steve Cooper==Shuchi Grover==Mark Guzdial==Beth Simon==

Summing up.

Susan Landau==

An embarrassment of riches.

Mark Klein==Gregorio Convertino==

Designing user incentives for cybersecurity.

Terrence August==Robert August==Hyoduk Shin==

Evolution of the product manager.

Ellen Chisa==

JavaScript and the Netflix user interface.

Alex Liu==

A decade of progress in parallel programming productivity.

John T. Richards==Jonathan P. Brezin==Calvin Swart==Christine A. Halverson==

Scene understanding by labeling pixels.

Stephen Gould==Xuming He==

On Facebook, most ties are weak.

Pasquale De Meo==Emilio Ferrara==Giacomo Fiumara==Alessandro Provetti==

The data on diversity.

Beryl Nelson==

The intricate dance of fabric and light: technical perspective.

Szymon Rusinkiewicz==

Building volumetric appearance models of fabric using micro CT imaging.

Shuang Zhao==Wenzel Jakob==Steve Marschner==Kavita Bala==

Upstart Puzzles: Proving without Teaching/Teaching without Proving.

Dennis E. Shasha==

The end of the American network.

Moshe Y. Vardi==

Heidelberg Laureate Forum.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Microprocessor architectures follow markets and silicon.

Considering privacy issues in the context of Google glass.

Jason Hong==

Future-proof encryption.

Gregory Mone==

More than a mouse.

Neil Savage==

Legal issues with robots.

Keith Kirkpatrick==

What regulators can do to advance privacy through design.

Deirdre K. Mulligan==Kenneth A. Bamberger==

Is software patentable?

Pamela Samuelson==

No limits to watching?

Katina Michael==M. G. Michael==

Why not immortality?

Marshall W. Van Alstyne==

Making computer science count.

Cameron Wilson==

Augmented reality browsers: essential products or only gadgets?

Tobias Langlotz==Jens Grubert==Raphaël Grasset==

Adopting DevOps practices in quality assurance.

James Roche==

Leaking space.

Neil Mitchell==

Agile and SEMAT: perfect partners.

Ivar Jacobson==Ian Spence==Pan Wei Ng==

Computing technologies for reflective, creative care of people with dementia.

Neil A. M. Maiden==Sonali D'Souza==Sara Jones==Lars Müller==Lucia Pannese==Kristine Pitts==Michael Prilla==Kevin Pudney==Malcolm Rose==Ian Turner==Konstantinos Zachos==

Media tablets for mobile learning.

Evgeny A. Kaganer==Gabriel A. Giordano==Sebastien Brion==Marco Tortoriello==

Algorithmic trading review.

Philip C. Treleaven==Michal Galas==Vidhi Lalchand==

Adaptation of audiovisual contents and their delivery means.

Mamadou Tourad Diallo==Hassnaa Moustafa==Hossam Afifi==Nicolas Maréchal==

Centip3De demonstrates more than Moore...: technical perspective.

Shekhar Borkar==

Centip3De: a many-core prototype exploring 3D integration and near-threshold computing.

Ronald G. Dreslinski==David Fick==Bharan Giridhar==Gyouho Kim==Sangwon Seo==Matthew Fojtik==Sudhir Satpathy==Yoonmyung Lee==Daeyeon Kim==Nurrachman Liu==Michael Wieckowski==Gregory K. Chen==Dennis Sylvester==David T. Blaauw==Trevor N. Mudge==

Puzzled: Coin flipping.

Peter Winkler==

cacm - Volume 56 - Number 10 - October 2013
Computing is a profession.

Andrew A. Chien==

Six education.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Beyond brute force.

Manipulating word representations, and preparing students for coding jobs?

Robin K. Hill==Mark Guzdial==

3D-printing human body parts.

Keith Kirkpatrick==

Digital hearing.

Don Monroe==

Portable device fears show power of social development.

Chris Edwards==

Amazon and whole foods: follow the strategy (and the money).

Michael A. Cusumano==

The real risks of artificial intelligence.

David Lorge Parnas==

FinTech platforms and strategy.

Vasant Dhar==Roger M. Stein==

IoT: the internet of terror.

George V. Neville-Neil==

What can agile methods bring to high-integrity software development?

Roderick Chapman==Neil White==Jim Woodcock==

Metaphors we compute by.

Alvaro Videla==

Research for practice: technology for underserved communities; personal fabrication.

Peter Bailis==Tawanna Dillahunt==Stefanie Mueller==Patrick Baudisch==

Four ways to make CS and IT more immersive.

Thomas A. Limoncelli==

Barriers to refactoring.

Ewan D. Tempero==Tony Gorschek==Lefteris Angelis==

Millennials' attitudes toward IT consumerization in the workplace.

Heiko Gewald==Xuequn Wang==Andy Weeger==Mahesh S. Raisinghani==Gerald Grant==Otavio Sanchez==Siddhi Pittayachawan==

Internet advertising: technology, ethics, and a serious difference of opinion.

Stephen B. Wicker==Kolbeinn Karlsson==

Technical Perspective: Broadening and deepening query optimization yet still making progress.

Jeffrey F. Naughton==

Multi-objective parametric query optimization.

Immanuel Trummer==Christoph Koch==

Technical Perspective: Shedding new light on an old language debate.

Jeffrey S. Foster==

A large-scale study of programming languages and code quality in GitHub.

Baishakhi Ray==Daryl Posnett==Premkumar T. Devanbu==Vladimir Filkov==

Partitioned peace.

Dennis E. Shasha==

Incentivizing reproducibility.

Ronald F. Boisvert==

'We're going backward!'.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Adding art to STEM.

Perry R. Cook==

Optical fibers getting full.

Don Monroe==

Bringing holography to light.

Marina Krakovsky==

Battling algorithmic bias: how do we ensure algorithms treat us fairly?

Keith Kirkpatrick==

The puzzle of Japanese innovation and entrepreneurship.

Michael A. Cusumano==

Mobile computing and political transformation.

Michael L. Best==

Cloud calipers.

George V. Neville-Neil==

Risks of automation: a cautionary total-system perspective of our cyberfuture.

Peter G. Neumann==

Universities and computer science in the European crisis of refugees.

Kathrin Conrad==Nysret Musliu==Reinhard Pichler==Hannes Werthner==

Idle-time garbage-collection scheduling.

Ulan Degenbaev==Jochen Eisinger==Manfred Ernst==Ross McIlroy==Hannes Payer==

Fresh starts.

Kate Matsudaira==

Dynamics of change: why reactivity matters.

André Medeiros==

Rethinking security for internet routing.

Robert Lychev==Michael Schapira==Sharon Goldberg==

Ethical considerations in network measurement papers.

Craig Partridge==Mark Allman==

A brief chronology of medical device security.

A. J. Burns==M. Eric Johnson==Peter Honeyman==

Technical Perspective: Naiad.

Johannes Gehrke==

Incremental, iterative data processing with timely dataflow.

Derek Gordon Murray==Frank McSherry==Michael Isard==Rebecca Isaacs==Paul Barham==Martín Abadi==

Technical Perspective: The power of parallelizing computations.

James R. Larus==

Efficient parallelization using rank convergence in dynamic programming algorithms.

Saeed Maleki==Madanlal Musuvathi==Todd Mytkowicz==

Find me quickly.

Dennis E. Shasha==

What can be done about gender diversity in computing?: a lot!

Moshe Y. Vardi==

The Third Heidelberg Laureate Forum.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Ban 'naked' braces!

The morality of online war; the fates of data analytics, HPC.

John Arquilla==Daniel A. Reed==

Scientists update views of light.

Gary Anthes==

Automotive systems get smarter.

Samuel Greengard==

Cyber policies on the rise.

Keith Kirkpatrick==

Keys under doormats.

Harold Abelson==Ross J. Anderson==Steven M. Bellovin==Josh Benaloh==Matt Blaze==Whitfield Diffie==John Gilmore==Matthew Green==Susan Landau==Peter G. Neumann==Ronald L. Rivest==Jeffrey I. Schiller==Bruce Schneier==Michael A. Specter==Daniel J. Weitzner==

In defense of IBM.

Michael A. Cusumano==

Storming the cubicle.

George V. Neville-Neil==

Thinking thoughts.

Phillip G. Armour==

Computing is history.

Thomas J. Misa==

Rise of concerns about AI: reflections and directions.

Thomas G. Dietterich==Eric Horvitz==

Life after MOOCs.

Phillip Compeau==Pavel A. Pevzner==

Crash consistency.

Thanumalayan Sankaranarayana Pillai==Vijay Chidambaram==Ramnatthan Alagappan==Samer Al-Kiswany==Andrea C. Arpaci-Dusseau==Remzi H. Arpaci-Dusseau==

Dismantling the barriers to entry.

Rich Harris==

Seeking anonymity in an internet panopticon.

Joan Feigenbaum==Bryan Ford==

Framing sustainability as a property of software quality.

Patricia Lago==Sedef Akinli Koçak==Ivica Crnkovic==Birgit Penzenstadler==

Discovering genes involved in disease and the mystery of missing heritability.

Eleazar Eskin==

Technical Perspective: Not just a matrix laboratory anymore.

Cleve B. Moler==

Computing numerically with functions instead of numbers.

Lloyd N. Trefethen==

Future Tense: Processional.

William Sims Bainbridge==

ACM's challenges and opportunities.

John White==

Unconventional computing.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Responsible programming not a technical issue.

Finding a research job, and teaching CS in high school.

John Langford==Mark Guzdial==

Still seeking the optical transistor.

Don Monroe==

Gradual evolution.

Neil Savage==

Museums go high-tech with digital forensics.

Nidhi Subbaraman==

The Bitcoin ecosystem.

Michael A. Cusumano==

Risks and myths of cloud computing and cloud storage.

Peter G. Neumann==

Outsourcing responsibility.

George V. Neville-Neil==

Vendor: vidi, vici.

Phillip G. Armour==

Disrupting and transforming the university.

Henry Lucas==

A Turing tale.

Edgar G. Daylight==

Certificate transparency.

Ben Laurie==

Security collapse in the HTTPS market.

Axel Arnbak==Hadi Asghari==Michel van Eeten==Nico Van Eijk==

Why is it taking so long to secure internet routing?

Sharon Goldberg==

Reading news with maps by exploiting spatial synonyms.

Hanan Samet==Jagan Sankaranarayanan==Michael D. Lieberman==Marco D. Adelfio==Brendan C. Fruin==Jack M. Lotkowski==Daniele Panozzo==Jon Sperling==Benjamin E. Teitler==

Wikidata: a free collaborative knowledgebase.

Denny Vrandecic==Markus Krötzsch==

Abstractions for software-defined networks.

Martín Casado==Nate Foster==Arjun Guha==

Attacking a problem from the middle: technical perspective.

Bart Preneel==

Dissection: a new paradigm for solving bicomposite search problems.

Itai Dinur==Orr Dunkelman==Nathan Keller==Adi Shamir==

Future tense.

Daniel H. Wilson==

On the future of ACM.

John White==

Revisiting the tragedy of the commons.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Deep accountability, beyond even liability.

Helping scientists, engineers to work up to 100 times faster.

Philip J. Guo==

Tuning in to graphene.

Alex Wright==

Making the internet safe for gadgets.

Tom Geller==

Software helps linguists reconstruct, decipher ancient languages.

Paul Hyman==

The Alan Turing Year leaves a rich legacy.

Sarah Underwood==

Evaluating a startup venture.

Michael A. Cusumano==

When faster is slower.

Phillip G. Armour==

The naming of hosts is a difficult matter.

George V. Neville-Neil==

Controlling for cybersecurity risks of medical device software.

Kevin Fu==James Blum==

Beyond efficiency.

David H. Ackley==

Barbarians at the gateways.

Jacob Loveless==

Online algorithms in high-frequency trading.

Jacob Loveless==Sasha Stoikov==Rolf Waeber==

Passively measuring TCP round-trip times.

Stephen D. Strowes==

Implementing the argument web.

Floris Bex==John Lawrence==Mark Snaith==Chris Reed==

Trends in computer science research.

Apirak Hoonlor==Boleslaw K. Szymanski==Mohammed J. Zaki==

A blueprint for building a quantum computer.

Rodney Van Meter==Clare Horsman==

Can we verify cyber-physical systems?: technical perspective.

Rajeev Alur==

Formal verification of phase-locked loops using reachability analysis and continuization.

Matthias Althoff==Akshay Rajhans==Bruce H. Krogh==Soner Yaldiz==Xin Li==Larry T. Pileggi==

Future tense.

Brian Clegg==

cacm - Volume 56 - Number 9 - September 2013
Computer architecture: disruption from above.

Andrew A. Chien==

The peace of westphalia.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Move fast and break things.

Moshe Y. Vardi==

Hippie values really did build the internet.

CACM Staff==

Discovering bugs, or ensuring success?

Yegor Bugayenko==

AI holds the better hand.

Don Monroe==

Robotic implants.

Gregory Mone==

Borders in the cloud.

Keith Kirkpatrick==

Overtrust in the robotic age.

Alan R. Wagner==Jason Borenstein==Ayanna Howard==

When machine learning is facially invalid.

Frank Pasquale==

Navigating with accelerating technology change.

Peter J. Denning==

An academic's observations from a sabbatical at Google.

Adam Barker==

Is software the result of top-down intelligent design or evolution?

Edward A. Lee==

GitOps: a path to more self-service IT.

Thomas A. Limoncelli==

Workload frequency scaling law: derivation and verification.

Noor Mubeen==

Research for practice: FPGAs in datacenters.

Gustavo Alonso==Peter Bailis==

A domain-specific architecture for deep neural networks.

Norman P. Jouppi==Cliff Young==Nishant Patil==David A. Patterson==

Can beyond-CMOS devices illuminate dark silicon?

Robert Perricone==Xiaobo Sharon Hu==Joseph Nahas==Michael T. Niemier==

Peer assessment of CS doctoral programs shows strong correlation with faculty citations.

Slobodan Vucetic==Ashis Kumar Chanda==Shanshan Zhang==Tian Bai==Aniruddha Maiti==

An overview of deterministic database systems.

Daniel J. Abadi==Jose M. Faleiro==

Technical perspective: Is your WiFi a sensor?

Romit Roy Choudhury==

Emotion recognition using wireless signals.

Mingmin Zhao==Fadel Adib==Dina Katabi==

Bounce blockchain.

Dennis E. Shasha==

Toward algorithmic transparency and accountability.

Simson L. Garfinkel==Jeanna Matthews==Stuart S. Shapiro==Jonathan M. Smith==

Take two aspirin and call me in the morning.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Divination by program committee.

Moshe Y. Vardi==

Computational thinking is not necessarily computational.

Assuring software quality by preventing neglect.

Robin K. Hill==

It's all about image.

Samuel Greengard==

Broadband to Mars.

Gregory Mone==

Why GPS spoofing is a threat to companies, countries.

Logan Kugler==

Turing laureates celebrate award's 50th anniversary.

Lawrence M. Fisher==

Charles W. Bachman: 1924-2017.

Lawrence M. Fisher==


Joel R. Reidenberg==

Is that social bot behaving unethically?

Carolina Alves de Lima Salge==Nicholas Berente==

Multitasking without thrashing.

Peter J. Denning==

Why agile teams fail without UX research.

Gregorio Convertino==Nancy Frishberg==

When does law enforcement's demand to read your data become a demand to read your mind?

Andrew Conway==Peter Eckersley==

The calculus of service availability.

Benjamin Treynor Sloss==Mike Dahlin==Vivek Rau==Betsy Beyer==

Data sketching.

Graham Cormode==

10 ways to be a better interviewer.

Kate Matsudaira==

Moving beyond the Turing Test with the Allen AI Science Challenge.

Carissa Schoenick==Peter Clark==Oyvind Tafjord==Peter D. Turney==Oren Etzioni==

Trust and distrust in online fact-checking services.

Petter Bae Brandtzæg==Asbjørn Følstad==

Security in high-performance computing environments.

Sean Peisert==

Technical perspective: A gloomy look at the integrity of hardware.

Charles (Chuck) Thacker==

Exploiting the analog properties of digital circuits for malicious hardware.

Kaiyuan Yang==Matthew Hicks==Qing Dong==Todd M. Austin==Dennis Sylvester==

Technical perspective: Humans and computers working together on hard tasks.

Ed H. Chi==

Scribe: deep integration of human and machine intelligence to caption speech in real time.

Walter S. Lasecki==Christopher D. Miller==Iftekhar Naim==Raja S. Kushalnagar==Adam Sadilek==Daniel Gildea==Jeffrey P. Bigham==

All the pretty pictures.

Leah Hoffmann==

Academic rankings considered harmful!

Moshe Y. Vardi==

Keeping the internet open.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Election auditing and verifiability.

Reconciling quantum physics with math.

Chris Edwards==

GPUs reshape computing.

Samuel Greengard==

The edge of the uncanny.

Gregory Mone==

No easy answers in the fight over iPhone decryption.

Felix Wu==

Software quality.

Peter J. Denning==

"For all" in "computer science for all".

Richard E. Ladner==Maya Israel==

Designing AI systems that obey our laws and values.

Amitai Etzioni==Oren Etzioni==

Helping conference attendees better understand research presentations.

Ethan Katz-Bassett==Justine Sherry==Te-Yuan Huang==Maria A. Kazandjieva==Craig Partridge==Fahad R. Dogar==

A new look at the semantic web.

Abraham Bernstein==James A. Hendler==Natalya Fridman Noy==

Introducing research for practice.

Peter Bailis==Simon Peter==Justine Sherry==

Bad software architecture is a people problem.

Kate Matsudaira==

10 optimizations on linear search.