fgcs - Volume 75

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fgcs - Volume 75 - - October 2017
QoS-aware genetic Cloud Brokering.

Gaetano F. Anastasi==Emanuele Carlini==Massimo Coppola==Patrizio Dazzi==

Analysis and assessment of a knowledge based smart city architecture providing service APIs.

Claudio Badii==Pierfrancesco Bellini==Daniele Cenni==Angelo Difino==Paolo Nesi==Michela Paolucci==

Characterizing Android apps' behavior for effective detection of malapps at large scale.

Xing Wang==Wei Wang==Yongzhong He==Jiqiang Liu==Zhen Han==Xiangliang Zhang==

Evolving privacy: From sensors to the Internet of Things.

Javier López==Ruben Rios==Feng Bao==Guilin Wang==

Improved routing algorithms in the dual-port datacenter networks HCN and BCN.

Alejandro Erickson==Iain A. Stewart==Jose Antonio Pascual==Javier Navaridas==

Real-time communication for Kinect-based telerehabilitation.

David Antón==Gregorij Kurillo==Alfredo Goñi==Arantza Illarramendi==Ruzena Bajcsy==

Cyber-physical systems, internet of things and big data.

Sergio F. Ochoa==Giancarlo Fortino==Giuseppe Di Fatta==

Robust and efficient membership management in large-scale dynamic networks.

Pasu Poonpakdee==Giuseppe Di Fatta==

Impact of Transmission Power Control in multi-hop networks.

Roshan Kotian==Georgios Exarchakos==Stavros Stavrou==Antonio Liotta==

A Distributed Event-Based System based on Compressed Fragmented-Iterated Bloom Filters.

Cristina Muñoz==Pierre Leone==

COMFIT: A development environment for the Internet of Things.

Claudio M. de Farias==Italo C. Brito==Luci Pirmez==Flávia Coimbra Delicato==Paulo F. Pires==Taniro Chacon Rodrigues==Igor Leão dos Santos==Luiz F. R. C. Carmo==Thaís Vasconcelos Batista==

QoS guaranteeing robust scheduling in attack resilient cloud integrated cyber physical system.

Brijesh Kashyap Chejerla==Sanjay Kumar Madria==

Cloud-based Activity-aaService cyber-physical framework for human activity monitoring in mobility.

Raffaele Gravina==Congcong Ma==Pasquale Pace==Gianluca Aloi==Wilma Russo==Wenfeng Li==Giancarlo Fortino==

Scalable regular pattern mining in evolving body sensor data.

Syed Khairuzzaman Tanbeer==Mohammad Mehedi Hassan==Ahmad Almogren==Mansour Zuair==Byeong-Soo Jeong==

Scalable real-time classification of data streams with concept drift.

Mark Tennant==Frederic T. Stahl==Omer F. Rana==João Bártolo Gomes==

TOLA: Topic-oriented learning assistance based on cyber-physical system and big data.

Jeungeun Song==Yin Zhang==Kui Duan==M. Shamim Hossain==Sk. Md. Mizanur Rahman==

Technologies of Internet of Things applied to an Earthquake Early Warning System.

Ana Zambrano==Israel Pérez-Llopis==Carlos E. Palau==Manuel Esteve==

Scientific workflows: Past, present and future.

Malcolm P. Atkinson==Sandra Gesing==Johan Montagnat==Ian J. Taylor==

A characterization of workflow management systems for extreme-scale applications.

Rafael Ferreira da Silva==Rosa Filgueira==Ilia Pietri==Ming Jiang==Rizos Sakellariou==Ewa Deelman==

Software architectures to integrate workflow engines in science gateways.

Tristan Glatard==Marc-Etienne Rousseau==Sorina Camarasu-Pop==Reza Adalat==Natacha Beck==Samir Das==Rafael Ferreira da Silva==Najmeh Khalili-Mahani==Vladimir Korkhov==Pierre-Olivier Quirion==Pierre Rioux==Sílvia D. Olabarriaga==Pierre Bellec==Alan C. Evans==

Scientific workflows in data analysis: Bridging expertise across multiple domains.

Ricky J. Sethi==Yolanda Gil==

Abstract, link, publish, exploit: An end to end framework for workflow sharing.

Daniel Garijo==Yolanda Gil==Óscar Corcho==

Scientific workflows for computational reproducibility in the life sciences: Status, challenges and opportunities.

Sarah Cohen Boulakia==Khalid Belhajjame==Olivier Collin==Jérôme Chopard==Christine Froidevaux==Alban Gaignard==Konrad Hinsen==Pierre Larmande==Yvan Le Bras==Frédéric Lemoine==Fabien Mareuil==Hervé Ménager==Christophe Pradal==Christophe Blanchet==

Applications of provenance in performance prediction and data storage optimisation.

Simon Woodman==Hugo Hiden==Paul Watson==

Static analysis of Taverna workflows to predict provenance patterns.

Pinar Alper==Khalid Belhajjame==Carole A. Goble==

A workflow runtime environment for manycore parallel architectures.

Matthias Janetschek==Radu Prodan==Shajulin Benedict==

Scheduling deadline constrained scientific workflows on dynamically provisioned cloud resources.

Vahid Arabnejad==Kris Bubendorfer==Bryan Ng==

Planning virtual infrastructures for time critical applications with multiple deadline constraints.

Junchao Wang==Arie Taal==Paul Martin==Yang Hu==Huan Zhou==Jianmin Pang==Cees de Laat==Zhiming Zhao==

Execution time estimation for workflow scheduling.

Artem M. Chirkin==Adam S. Z. Belloum==Sergey V. Kovalchuk==Marc X. Makkes==Mikhail A. Melnik==Alexander A. Visheratin==Denis A. Nasonov==

Orchestration and analysis of decentralized workflows within heterogeneous networking infrastructures.

Joseph P. Macker==Ian J. Taylor==

Raw data queries during data-intensive parallel workflow execution.

Vítor Silva Sousa==José Leite==José J. Camata==Daniel de Oliveira==Alvaro L. G. A. Coutinho==Patrick Valduriez==Marta Mattoso==

A cross-layer optimized storage system for workflow applications.

Samer Al-Kiswany==Lauro B. Costa==Hao Yang==Emalayan Vairavanathan==Matei Ripeanu==