jim - Volume 19

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jim - Volume 19 - Number 6 - December 2008
Analogies between Internet network and logistics service networks: challenges involved in the interconnection.

Rochdi Sarraj==Eric Ballot==Shenle Pan==Benoît Montreuil==

Native metaheuristics for non-permutation flowshop scheduling.

Andrea Rossi==Michele Lanzetta==

Automatic inspection system of LED chip using two-stages back-propagation neural network.

Chung-Feng Jeffrey Kuo==Chien-Tung Max Hsu==Zong-Xian Liu==Han-Cheng Wu==

Intensified iterative deepening A* with application to job shop scheduling.

Carlos Mencía==María R. Sierra==Ramiro Varela==

A self-evolving artificial immune system II with T-cell and B-cell for permutation flow-shop problem.

Meng-Hui Chen==Pei-Chann Chang==Cheng-Hui Lin==

Scheduling a single mobile robot for part-feeding tasks of production lines.

Quang-Vinh Dang==Izabela Nielsen==Kenn Steger-Jensen==Ole Madsen==

Knowledge discovery in steel bar rolling mills using scheduling data and automated inspection.

Kuldeep Agarwal==Rajiv Shivpuri==

Intelligent modelling of back-side weld bead geometry using weld pool surface characteristic parameters.

XueWu Wang==RuiRui Li==

Knowledge-based systems using neural networks for electron beam welding process of reactive material (Zircaloy-4).

M. N. Jha==Dilip Kumar Pratihar==A. V. Bapat==Vidyut Dey==Maajid Ali==A. C. Bagchi==

Multi-objective optimal design of small scale resistance spot welding process with principal component analysis and response surface methodology.

Dawei Zhao==Yuanxun Wang==Suning Sheng==Zongguo Lin==

A hybrid \(\text{ M}5^\prime \) -genetic programming approach for ensuring greater trustworthiness of prediction ability in modelling of FDM process.

Akhil Garg==K. Tai==C. H. Lee==M. M. Savalani==

Order allocation for multiple supply-demand networks within a cluster.

Wei Xiang==Faishuai Song==Feifan Ye==

A cost-based module mining method for the assemble-to-order strategy.

Chieh-Yuan Tsai==Chih-Jung Chen==Yu-Ting Lo==

Clustering and group selection of interim product in shipbuilding.

Yuguang Zhong==Kai Xue==Dongyan Shi==

Online incremental learning for tool condition classification using modified Fuzzy ARTMAP network.

Guofeng Wang==Zhiwei Guo==Lei Qian==

Applying the concept of exponential approach to enhance the assessment capability of FMEA.

Kuei-Hu Chang==Yung-Chia Chang==Pei-Ting Lai==

Fault diagnosis in power transformers using multi-class logical analysis of data.

Mohamad-Ali Mortada==Soumaya Yacout==Aouni Lakis==

A correlation-driven optimal service selection approach for virtual enterprise establishment.

Quanwang Wu==Qingsheng Zhu==Mingqiang Zhou==

An integrated GA-DEA algorithm for determining the most effective maintenance policy for a k -out-of- n problem.

Mohammad Sheikhalishahi==V. Ebrahimipour==Mehdi Hosseinabadi Farahani==

Estimation of optimal machining control parameters using artificial bee colony.

Norfadzlan Yusup==Arezoo Sarkheyli==Azlan Mohd Zain==Siti Zaiton Mohd Hashim==Norafida Ithnin==

Multi objective outbound logistics network design for a manufacturing supply chain.

Nagayya C. Hiremath==Sadananda Sahu==Manoj Kumar Tiwari==

On line tool wear monitoring based on auto associative neural network.

Guofeng Wang==Yinhu Cui==

Multi-objective optimization of facility planning for energy intensive companies.

Lei Yang==Jochen Deuse==Pingyu Jiang==

A fuzzy QFD approach to determine supply chain management strategies in the dairy industry.

Zeki Ayag==Funda Samanlioglu==Gülçin Büyüközkan==

An integrative supplier selection model using Taguchi loss function, TOPSIS and multi criteria goal programming.

Sanjay Sharma==Srinivasan Balan==

Successful product or successful system? User satisfaction measurement of ERP software.

Petrus A. Usmanij==Rajiv Khosla==Mei-Tai Chu==

Artificial bee colony algorithm for CONWIP production control system in a multi-product multi-machine manufacturing environment.

Saeede Ajorlou==Issac Shams==

Design of liveness-enforcing supervisors with simpler structures for deadlock-free operations in flexible manufacturing systems using necessary siphons.

Shao Yong Li==Aimin An==Ying Wang==Gang Wang==Cai Qin Hou==Ying Cai==

Model development for quality features of resistance spot welding using multi-objective Taguchi method and response surface methodology.

Norasiah Muhammad==Yupiter H. P. Manurung==Roseleena Jaafar==Sunhaji Kiyai Abas==Ghalib Tham==Esa Haruman==

A new genetic algorithm for lot-streaming flow shop scheduling with limited capacity buffers.

Jose A. Ventura==Suk-Hun Yoon==

A multi-objective genetic algorithm approach for solving feature addition problem in feature fatigue analysis.

Ming Li==Liya Wang==Mingxing Wu==

Fault diagnosis and prognosis using wavelet packet decomposition, Fourier transform and artificial neural network.

Zhenyou Zhang==Yi Wang==Kesheng Wang==

Joint production and maintenance strategy for economic production quantity model with imperfect production processes.

Gwo-Liang Liao==

Identification of concurrent control chart patterns with singular spectrum analysis and learning vector quantization.

Nong Gu==Zhiqiang Cao==Liangjun Xie==Douglas C. Creighton==Min Tan==Saeid Nahavandi==

A knowledge-based manufacturing advisor for pressworked sheet metal parts.

George-Christopher Vosniakos==Titos Giannakakis==

Statistical process monitoring approach for high-density point clouds.

Lee J. Wells==Fadel M. Megahed==Cory B. Niziolek==Jaime A. Camelio==William H. Woodall==

A review of conventional and knowledge based systems for machining price quotation.

Ángel García-Crespo==Belén Ruíz-Mezcua==José Luis López Cuadrado==Israel González-Carrasco==

Advance in detection system to improve the stability and capability of CNC turning process.

Somkiat Tangjitsitcharoen==

Computer-based estimation and compensation of diametral errors in CNC turning of cantilever bars.

Eyüp Sabri Topal==Can Çogun==

A novel prediction technique to improve quality of service (QoS) for heterogeneous data traffic.

Pitchai Calduwel Newton==Lawrence Arockiam==

The use of fuzzy logic and neural networks models for sensory properties prediction from process and structure parameters of knitted fabrics.

Selsabil El-Ghezal Jeguirim==Amal Babay Dhouib==Mahdi Sahnoun==Morched Cheikhrouhou==Laurence Schacher==Dominique Adolphe==

Optimum block replacement policy over a random time horizon.

Abdelhakim Khatab==Nidhal Rezg==Daoud Ait-Kadi==

A manufacturing-oriented approach for multi-platforming product family design with modified genetic algorithm.

Zhuo Liu==Yoke San Wong==Kim Seng Lee==

Fault detection and prognosis of assembly locating systems using piezoelectric transducers.

Jeremy L. Rickli==Jaime A. Camelio==Jason T. Dreyer==Sudhakar M. Pandit==

Automated extraction of PCB components based on specularity using layered illumination.

Zhou Zeng==Lizhuang Ma==Zuoyong Zheng==

A new approach for workshop design.

Naim Yalaoui==Halim Mahdi==Lionel Amodeo==Farouk Yalaoui==

Wafer defect inspection by neural analysis of region features.

Chuan-Yu Chang==ChunHsi Li==Yung-Chi Chang==MuDer Jeng==

A simulated annealing algorithm approach to hybrid flow shop scheduling with sequence-dependent setup times.

H. S. Mirsanei==Mostafa Zandieh==Majid Javid Moayed==Mahmood Reza Khabbazi==

An adaptive multi-population genetic algorithm to solve the multi-objective group scheduling problem in hybrid flexible flowshop with sequence-dependent setup times.

Mostafa Zandieh==Neda Karimi==

X. Xu and A. Y. C. Nee (eds): Advanced design and manufacturing based on STEP.

Lihui Wang==

Time-synchronizing control of self-organizing shop floors for networked manufacturing.

Zheng Wang==Ziliong Cao==

Creep feed grinding optimization by an integrated GA-NN system.

M. Sedighi==D. Afshari==

A new bottleneck detecting approach to productivity improvement of knowledgeable manufacturing system.

Hongsen Yan==Yuwei An==Wen-Wu Shi==

Simulation of cutting force using nonstationary Gaussian process.

A. M. M. Sharif Ullah==Khalifa H. Harib==

A two-stage Ant Colony Optimization algorithm to minimize the makespan on unrelated parallel machines with sequence-dependent setup times.

Jean-Paul Arnaout==Ghaith Rabadi==Rami Musa==

An experimental study for the selection of modules and facilities in a mass customization context.

Radwan El Hadj Khalaf==Bruno Agard==Bernard Penz==

Tool wear monitoring using artificial neural network based on extended Kalman filter weight updation with transformed input patterns.

Purushothaman Srinivasan==

A robust genetic algorithm for scheduling realistic hybrid flexible flow line problems.

Mostafa Zandieh==E. Mozaffari==Mansour Gholami==

Improving the industrial classification of cork stoppers by using image processing and Neuro-Fuzzy computing.

Beatriz Paniagua==Miguel A. Vega-Rodríguez==Juan Antonio Gómez Pulido==Juan Manuel Sánchez-Pérez==

Self-developing fuzzy expert system: a novel learning approach, fitting for manufacturing domain.

Asif Iqbal==Naeem Ullah Dar==Ning He==Muhammad M. I. Hammouda==Liang Li==

Parallel path relinking method for the single machine total weighted tardiness problem with sequence-dependent setups.

Wojciech Bozejko==

A clustering approach for determining the optimal process parameters in cutting.

Domenico Umbrello==Giuseppina Ambrogio==Luigino Filice==Francesca Guerriero==Rosita Guido==

Product portfolio identification with data mining based on multi-objective GA.

Li Yu==Liya Wang==

Managing diagrammatic models with different perspectives on product information.

Anders Haug==

Condition monitoring of the cutting process using a self-organizing spiking neural network map.

Rui G. Silva==

Case-based polishing process planning with Fuzzy Set Theory.

Yingfeng Zhang==George Q. Huang==B. K. K. Ngai==X. Chen==

Parallel machine scheduling problem to minimize the earliness/tardiness costs with learning effect and deteriorating jobs.

M. Duran Toksari==Ertan Güner==

Process control using VSI cause selecting control charts.

Su-Fen Yang==

Modeling and analysis of packing properties through a fuzzy inference system.

Nihal Erginel==

Preventive maintenance scheduling for repairable system with deterioration.

Wenzhu Liao==Ershun Pan==Lifeng Xi==

Technology management and strategy composition: innovation of IC foundry.

Grace T. R. Lin==Hsiao Chen Yu==Aaron Y. L. Hsieh==James C. Chou==

Recognizing control chart patterns with neural network and numerical fitting.

Pingyu Jiang==Daoyu Liu==Zhijian Zeng==

Identifying the cause and effect factors of agile NPD process with fuzzy DEMATEL method: the case of Iranian companies.

Roxana Fekri==Alireza Aliahmadi==Mohammad Fathian==

An agent-based recommender system for developing customized families of products.

Seung Ki Moon==Timothy W. Simpson==Soundar R. T. Kumara==

Machining scheme selection of digital manufacturing based on genetic algorithm and AHP.

Xuesong Guan==Yiqiang Wang==Liyan Tao==

Control of knowledgeable manufacturing cell with an unreliable agent.

Hong-Sen Yan==Hongbing Yang==Hao Dong==

A study on integrating sequence dependent setup time flexible flow lines and preventive maintenance scheduling.

Bahman Naderi==Mostafa Zandieh==Seyyed M. T. Fatemi Ghomi==

RFID localization algorithms and applications - a review.

Junyi Zhou==Jing Shi==

Idle vehicle circulation policies in a semiconductor FAB.

Byung-In Kim==Junhyuk Park==

3D surface reconstruction based trajectory control for a magnetic scattering film plating robot.

Jie Liu==

Agent-based web service for the design of a dynamic coordination mechanism in supply networks.

Iraj Mahdavi==Shima Mohebbi==Mahdi Zandakbari==Namjae Cho==Nezam Mahdavi-Amiri==

A performance comparison between Kanban and CONWIP controlled assembly systems.

Yaghoub Khojasteh-Ghamari==


Lihui Wang==Andrew Y. C. Nee==

Paradigm shift: unified and associative feature-based concurrent and collaborative engineering.

Yongsheng Ma==Gang Chen==Georg Thimm==

An integrated web-based CAD/CAPP/CAM system for the remote design and manufacture of feature-based cylindrical parts.

Alberto J. Alvares==João Carlos Espíndola Ferreira==Roman Moura Lorenzo==

Developing alternative design concepts in VR environments using volumetric self-organizing feature maps.

Philip C. Igwe==George K. Knopf==Roberto Canas==

Intelligent and collaborative Multi-Agent System to generate and schedule production orders.

Omar López-Ortega==Virgilio López-Morales==Israel Villar-Medina==

Modeling workflow activities for collaborative process planning with product lifecycle management tools.

Héctor R. Siller==Antonio Estruch==Carlos Vila==José Vicente Abellán==Fernando Romero==

RFID-enabled real-time wireless manufacturing for adaptive assembly planning and control.

George Q. Huang==Yingfeng Zhang==X. Chen==Stephen T. Newman==

Improved control and simulation models of a tricycle collaborative robot.

Z. M. Bi==Sherman Y. T. Lang==Lihui Wang==

Macro-programmable reconfigurable stream processor for collaborative manufacturing systems.

Valeri Kirischian==Vadim Geurkov==Pil Woo Chun==Lev Kirischian==

A minimal-invasive approach to configuration management supporting collaborative factory configuration scenarios.

Ralf Muckenhirn==Matthias Meier==

Designing an integrated multi-echelon agile supply chain network: a hybrid taguchi-particle swarm optimization approach.

Manish Bachlaus==Mayank Kumar Pandey==Chetan Mahajan==Ravi Shankar==Manoj Kumar Tiwari==

A virtual collaborative maintenance architecture for manufacturing enterprises.

Kouroush Jenab==Saeed Zolfaghari==

jim - Volume 19 - Number 5 - October 2008
Manufacturing intelligence and innovation for digital manufacturing and operational excellence.

Chen-Fu Chien==Mitsuo Gen==Yongjiang Shi==Chia-Yu Hsu==

Multiobjective evolutionary algorithm for manufacturing scheduling problems: state-of-the-art survey.

Mitsuo Gen==Lin Lin==

The cooperative estimation of distribution algorithm: a novel approach for semiconductor final test scheduling problems.

Xin-Chang Hao==Jei-Zheng Wu==Chen-Fu Chien==Mitsuo Gen==

Hybrid sampling strategy-based multiobjective evolutionary algorithm for process planning and scheduling problem.

Wenqiang Zhang==Mitsuo Gen==Jungbok Jo==

Determining the operator-machine assignment for machine interference problem and an empirical study in semiconductor test facility.

Chen-Fu Chien==Jia-Nian Zheng==Yi-Jay Lin==

Therblig-based energy demand modeling methodology of machining process to support intelligent manufacturing.

Shun Jia==Renzhong Tang==Jingxiang Lv==

Hierarchical indices to detect equipment condition changes with high dimensional data for semiconductor manufacturing.

Hui-Chun Yu==Kuo-Yi Lin==Chen-Fu Chien==

Integrated data envelopment analysis and neural network model for forecasting performance of wafer fabrication operations.

Chia-Yu Hsu==

An empirical study of design-of-experiment data mining for yield-loss diagnosis for semiconductor manufacturing.

Chen-Fu Chien==Kuo-Hao Chang==Wen-Chih Wang==

Tissue characterization of coronary plaque by kNN classifier with fractal-based features of IVUS RF-signal.

Eiji Uchino==Takanori Koga==Hideaki Misawa==Noriaki Suetake==

The construction of a hospital disease tracking and control system with a disease infection probability model.

Yi Chao Huang==Qianyi Xie==

GMVN oriented S-BOX knowledge expression and reasoning framework.

Cong-Dong Li==Tian Xie==Yong-Li Tang==

A multi-objective genetic algorithm for yard crane scheduling problem with multiple work lines.

Chengji Liang==Min Chen==Mitsuo Gen==Jungbok Jo==

An adaptive genetic algorithm for the time dependent inventory routing problem.

Dong Won Cho==Young Hae Lee==Tae Youn Lee==Mitsuo Gen==

Optimization technique by genetic algorithms for international logistics.

Kazuhiro Takeyasu==Masaaki Kainosho==


Theodor Borangiu==

Embedding data on "communicating materials" from context-sensitive information analysis.

Sylvain Kubler==William Derigent==André Thomas==Eric Rondeau==

Distributed manufacturing control with extended CNP interaction of intelligent products.

Theodor Borangiu==Silviu Raileanu==Damien Trentesaux==Thierry Berger==Iulia Iacob==

Towards a distributed multi-agent framework for shared resources scheduling.

Bernard Archimède==Agnès Letouzey==Muhammad Ali Memon==Jiucheng Xu==

Towards a seamless integration between process modeling descriptions at business and production levels: work in progress.

Tobias Gerber==Alfred Theorin==Charlotta Johnsson==

Automatic generation of field control strategies for supporting (re-)engineering of manufacturing systems.

Christoph Legat==Daniel Schütz==Birgit Vogel-Heuser==

Generalized cell formation: iterative versus simultaneous resolution with grouping genetic algorithm.

Emmanuelle Vin==Alain Delchambre==

Predictive control architecture for real-time image moments based servoing of robot manipulators.

Adrian Burlacu==Cosmin Copot==Corneliu Lazar==

Applying discrete event simulation to the design of a service delivery system in the aerospace industry: a case study.

Filippo Visintin==Isabella Porcelli==Andrea Ghini==

Dynamic speed control of a machine tool with stochastic tool life: analysis and simulation.

Bernard F. Lamond==Manbir S. Sodhi==Martin Noël==Ousman A. Assani==

An approach to monitoring quality in manufacturing using supervised machine learning on product state data.

Thorsten Wuest==Christopher Irgens==Klaus-Dieter Thoben==

Automated formal verification for flexible manufacturing systems.

Emanuele Carpanzano==Luca Ferrucci==Dino Mandrioli==Mauro Mazzolini==Angelo Morzenti==Matteo Rossi==

Application of the classical levels of intelligence to structuring the control system in an automated distribution centre.

Andrés García Higuera==Javier de las Morenas==

Editorial: advances in mass customization.

Shana Smith==Roger Jianxin Jiao==Chih-Hsing Chu==

Mass customization in the product life cycle.

Shana Smith==Gregory C. Smith==Roger Jianxin Jiao==Chih-Hsing Chu==

An approach for capturing the Voice of the Customer based on Virtual Prototyping.

Marina Carulli==Monica Bordegoni==Umberto Cugini==

Augmented reality-based design customization of footwear for children.

Yuan-Ping Luh==Jeng-Bang Wang==Jin-Wan Chang==Shun-Ya Chang==Chih-Hsing Chu==

A KE-LSA approach for user-centered design.

Shana Smith==Gregory C. Smith==Yu-Rong Chen==

Perceived feature utility-based product family design: a mobile phone case study.

Gül E. Okudan==Ming-Chuan Chiu==Tae-Hyun Kim==

Customized products recommendation based on probabilistic relevance model.

Yue Wang==Mitchell M. Tseng==

Mass customization design of engineer-to-order products using Benders' decomposition and bi-level stochastic programming.

Yohanes Kristianto==Petri Helo==Roger J. Jiao==

Reconfigurable handling systems as an enabler for large components in mass customized production.

Rainer Müller==Martin Esser==Matthias Vette==

Mathematical model for simultaneous design of module commonalization and supply chain configuration toward global product family.

Kikuo Fujita==Hirofumi Amaya==Ryota Akai==

Integrated supply chain and product family architecture under highly customized demand.

Kashif M. Shahzad==Khaled Hadj-Hamou==

Mass customization and personalization software development: a case study eco-design product service system.

Tsai-Chi Kuo==

Service customization under capacity constraints: an auction-based model.

Chun Wang==Farnaz Dargahi==

Affective and cognitive design for mass personalization: status and prospect.

Feng Zhou==Yangjian Ji==Roger Jianxin Jiao==

The use of fuzzy logic in product family development: literature review and opportunities.

Bruno Agard==Marco Barajas==

A Bayesian network for burr detection in the drilling process.

Susana Ferreiro==Basilio Sierra==Itziar Irigoien==Eneko Gorritxategi==

A fuzzy ANP model for supplier selection as applied to IC packaging.

He-Yau Kang==Amy H. I. Lee==C.-Y. Yang==

An adaptive artificial immune system for fault classification.

Ilhan Aydin==Mehmet Karaköse==Erhan Akin==

Generation of reciprocating tool motion in 5-axis flank milling based on particle swarm optimization.

Chih-Hsing Chu==Hsin-Ta Hsieh==

An integrated approach to optimise parameter design of multi-response processes based on Taguchi method and artificial intelligence.

Tatjana V. Sibalija==Vidosav D. Majstorovic==

Soft computing based on interval valued fuzzy ANP-A novel methodology.

Behnam Vahdani==Hasan Hadipour==Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam==

An information system to support the engineering designer.

Richard Crowder==David W. Fowler==Quentin Reul==Derek H. Sleeman==Nigel Shadbolt==Gary Wills==

Optimized product data transmission in LOD-based collaborative design using P2P CAD streaming.

Chih-Hsing Chu==Yu-Hsuan Chan==

Prediction of cutting forces in 3-axes milling of sculptured surfaces directly from CAM tool path.

Nasreddine Zeroudi==Michaël Fontaine==Kamel Necib==

Developing a varietal GA with ESMA strategy for solving the pick and place problem in printed circuit board assembly line.

Pei-Chann Chang==Wei-Hsiu Huang==Ching-Jung Ting==

Efficient immune algorithm for optimal allocations in series-parallel continuous manufacturing systems.

Y. Massim==Farouk Yalaoui==Eric Châtelet==Alice Yalaoui==A. Zeblah==

A variable neighborhood search approach for planning and scheduling of jobs on unrelated parallel machines.

Andrew Bilyk==Lars Mönch==

Invention principles and contradiction matrix for semiconductor manufacturing industry: chemical mechanical polishing.

D. Daniel Sheu==Chia-Hung Chen==Pang-Yen Yu==

Heterarchical production control in manufacturing systems using the potential fields concept.

Nadine Zbib==Cyrille Pach==Yves Sallez==Damien Trentesaux==

The use of the Taguchi method with grey relational analysis and a neural network to optimize a novel GMA welding process.

Hsuan-Liang Lin==

Task-driven e-manufacturing resource configurable model.

Yingfeng Zhang==Pingyu Jiang==George Q. Huang==Ting Qu==Jun Hong==

Heuristics for puzzle-based storage systems driven by a limited set of automated guided vehicles.

Arianna Alfieri==Marco Cantamessa==A. Monchiero==Francesca Montagna==

Communities of practice model driven knowledge management in multinational knowledge based enterprises.

Mei-Tai Chu==Rajiv Khosla==Toyoaki Nishida==

A web services-based approach to develop a networked information integration service platform for gear enterprise.

Jianjun Yang==Jubo Li==Xiaozhong Deng==Kai Xu==Hua Zhang==

A soft computing system using intelligent imputation strategies for roughness prediction in deep drilling.

Maciej Grzenda==Andrés Bustillo==Pawel Zawistowski==

An integrated replenishment model with quantity discounts, reentry and downward substitution for control wafers.

He-Yau Kang==Amy H. I. Lee==Chun-Mei Lai==

A framework for ontology based decision support system for e-learning modules, business modeling and manufacturing systems.

Arnab Bhattacharya==Manoj Kumar Tiwari==Jenny A. Harding==

Minimizing burr size in drilling using artificial neural network (ANN)-particle swarm optimization (PSO) approach.

V. N. Gaitonde==S. R. Karnik==

Makespan minimization for scheduling unrelated parallel machines with setup times.

Kuo-Ching Ying==Zne-Jung Lee==Shih-Wei Lin==

Modeling and adaptive force control of milling by using artificial techniques.

Uros Zuperl==Franc Cus==Marko Reibenschuh==

Digital manufacturing market: a semantic web-based framework for agile supply chain deployment.

Farhad Ameri==Lalit Patil==

A robust approach for root causes identification in machining processes using hybrid learning algorithm and engineering knowledge.

Shichang Du==Jun Lv==Lifeng Xi==

Intelligent design of a dynamic machine layout in uncertain environment of flexible manufacturing systems.

Ghorbanali Moslemipour==T. S. Lee==

Performance improvement of a multi product assembly shop by integrated fuzzy simulation approach.

Ali Azadeh==S. M. Hatefi==H. Kor==

Cyclic scheduling of a robotic flexible cell with load lock and swap.

Fariborz Jolai==Mehdi Foumani==Reza Tavakoli-Moghaddam==Parviz Fattahi==

Using artificial intelligence to predict surface roughness in deep drilling of steel components.

Andrés Bustillo==Maritza Correa==

A method for grinding removal control of a robot belt grinding system.

Yixu Song==Wei Liang==Yang Yang==

Automatic discovery of the root causes for quality drift in high dimensionality manufacturing processes.

Lior Rokach==Dan Hutter==

Genetic algorithm for rotary machine scheduling with dependent processing times.

Jing Huang==Gürsel A. Süer==Shravan B. R. Urs==

A variable neighborhood descent heuristic for the problem of makespan minimisation on unrelated parallel machines with setup times.

Krzysztof Fleszar==Christoforos Charalambous==Khalil S. Hindi==

Information channel diagrams: an approach for modelling information flows.

Christopher Durugbo==Windo Hutabarat==Ashutosh Tiwari==Jeffrey R. Alcock==

2D qualitative shape matching applied to ceramic mosaic assembly.

Lledó Museros Cabedo==Zoe Falomir==Francisco Velasco Morente==Luis González Abril==Isabel Martí==

Ant colony algorithms for a two-agent scheduling with sum-of processing times-based learning and deteriorating considerations.

Wen-Hsiang Wu==Shuenn-Ren Cheng==Chin-Chia Wu==Yunqiang Yin==

Predicting the depth of penetration and weld bead width from the infra red thermal image of the weld pool using artificial neural network modeling.

S. Chokkalingham==N. Chandrasekhar==M. Vasudevan==

A framework for collaboration moderator services to support knowledge based collaboration.

Rahul Swarnkar==Alok Kumar Choudhary==Jenny A. Harding==Bishnu Prasad Das==Robert I. M. Young==

A framework for variation visualization and understanding in complex manufacturing systems.

Lee J. Wells==Fadel M. Megahed==Jaime A. Camelio==William H. Woodall==

Extracting performance rules of suppliers in the manufacturing industry: an empirical study.

You-Shyang Chen==Ching-Hsue Cheng==Chien-Jung Lai==

The heuristic preemptive dispatching method of material transportation system in 300 mm semiconductor fabrication.

Chia-Nan Wang==Li-Chin Chen==

State of the art: business service and its impacts on manufacturing.

Xiaofei Xu==Zhongjie Wang==

Global education in manufacturing strategy.

David O'Sullivan==Asbjørn Rolstadås==Erastos Filos==

Recent advances on key technologies for innovative manufacturing.

Emmanuel Brousseau==Eldaw Eldukhri==

Automotive engineering curriculum development: case study for Clemson University.

Laine Mears==Mohammed Omar==Thomas R. Kurfess==

Organizational learning in automotive manufacturing: a strategic choice.

Mohammed Omar==Laine Mears==Thomas R. Kurfess==R. Kiggans==

Industrial integration of ICT: opportunities for international research cooperation under the IMS scheme.

Michael Abramovici==Erastos Filos==

Knowledge framework for intelligent manufacturing systems.

Ricardo Jardim-Gonçalves==João Sarraipa==Carlos Agostinho==Hervé Panetto==

Extending the notion of quality from physical metrology to information and sustainability.

Gaurav Ameta==Rachuri Sudarsan==Xenia Fiorentini==Mani Mahesh==Steven J. Fenves==Kevin W. Lyons==Ram D. Sriram==

Customer-driven product design and evaluation method for collaborative design environments.

Chen Liu==Alejandro Ramirez-Serrano==Guofu Yin==

Editorial: Intelligent optimization for manufacturing operations.

Jairo R. Montoya-Torres==

A GRASP approach for makespan minimization on parallel batch processing machines.

Purushothaman Damodaran==Mario C. Vélez-Gallego==Jairo Maya==

Multi-criteria analysis for a maintenance management problem in an engine factory: rational choice.

Maria Socorro García-Cascales==María Teresa Lamata==

An exact algorithm for vehicle routing and scheduling problem of free pickup and delivery service in flight ticket sales companies based on set-partitioning model.

Gang Dong==Jiafu Tang==Kin Keung Lai==Yuan Kong==

Process industry scheduling optimization using genetic algorithm and mathematical programming.

Fabricio Oliveira==Silvio Hamacher==Mayron Rodrigues de Almeida==

Ant colony optimization algorithm for a Bi-criteria 2-stage hybrid flowshop scheduling problem.

Elyn L. Solano-Charris==Jairo R. Montoya-Torres==Carlos D. Paternina-Arboleda==


Jong Hyuk Park==Deqing Zou==Tai-Hoon Kim==Javier López==Hangbae Chang==

A telebiometric system mechanism model and biometric network protocol for the security of networked manufacturing.

YongNyuo Shin==Woochang Shin==

New role-based access control in ubiquitous e-business environment.

Sejong Oh==

Quality assurance evidence collection model for MSN forensics.

Bo-Chao Cheng==Huan Chen==Ryh-Yuh Tseng==

Deciding optimal entropic thresholds to calibrate the detection mechanism for variable rate DDoS attacks in ISP domain: honeypot based approach.

Anjali Sardana==Ramesh C. Joshi==Tai-Hoon Kim==Sung Jang==

Simple, extensible and flexible random key predistribution schemes for wireless sensor networks using reusable key pools.

Albert Levi==Sinan Emre Tasçi==Young Jae Lee==Yong Jae Lee==Ersoy Bayramoglu==Murat Ergun==

Editorial for the special issue of knowledge discovery and management in engineering design and manufacturing.

Ying Liu==Jenny A. Harding==

Data mining in manufacturing: a review based on the kind of knowledge.

Alok Kumar Choudhary==Jenny A. Harding==Manoj Kumar Tiwari==

Optimizing a batch manufacturing process through interpretable data mining models.

Mark Last==Guy Danon==Sholomo Biderman==Eli Miron==

A particle swarm optimization approach for components placement inspection on printed circuit boards.

Chun-Ho Wu==Dazhi Wang==Andrew W. H. Ip==Dingwei Wang==Ching-Yuen Chan==Hongfeng Wang==

A particle swarm optimization approach for components placement inspection on printed circuit boards.

Chun-Ho Wu==Dazhi Wang==Andrew W. H. Ip==Dingwei Wang==Ching-Yuen Chan==Hongfeng Wang==

A product design ontology for enhancing shape processing in design workflows.

Chiara Eva Catalano==Elena Camossi==Rosalinda Ferrandes==Vincent Cheutet==Neyir Sevilmis==

Advanced P-Tree based K-Nearest neighbors for customer preference reasoning analysis.

Xiang Li==Daming Shi==Varoon Charastrakul==Junhong Zhou==

Towards automatic causality boundary identification from root cause analysis reports.

Sanghee Kim==Marco Aurisicchio==Ken M. Wallace==

A new multi-agent system framework for tacit knowledge management in manufacturing supply chains.

Khalid Al-Mutawah==Vincent C. S. Lee==Yen Cheung==

Applying semantic web technologies to knowledge sharing in aerospace engineering.

Aba-Sah Dadzie==Ravish Bhagdev==Ajay Chakravarthy==Sam Chapman==José Iria==Vitaveska Lanfranchi==João Magalhães==Daniela Petrelli==Fabio Ciravegna==

Editorial: Special issue on intelligent systems for mass customization.

Neale R. Smith==José M. Sánchez==

A cooperative coevolutionary algorithm for design of platform-based mass customized products.

Li Li==George Q. Huang==Stephen T. Newman==

Configuration for mass customization: how to extend product configuration towards requirements and process configuration.

Michel Aldanondo==Élise Vareilles==

A dynamic workflow framework for mass customization using web service and autonomous agent techniques.

Daniel J. Karpowitz==Jordan J. Cox==Jeffrey Humpherys==Sean C. Warnick==

Bio-surfaces and geometric references for mass customization in bio-interface design.

Kimberly A. Jensen==Jordan J. Cox==

Applying principles of mass customization to improve the empirical product development process.

Marshall Bare==Jordan J. Cox==

Multiple-platform based product family design for mass customization using a modified genetic algorithm.

Chun-Bao Chen==Li-Ya Wang==

Applying fuzzy multiple attributes decision making for product configuration.

Bin Zhu==Zhan Wang==Haicheng Yang==Rong Mo==Yanwei Zhao==

A metaheuristic approach for selecting a common platform for modular products based on product performance and manufacturing cost.

Elías Olivares Benitez==José Luis González Velarde==

A scalable data structure for real-time estimation of resource availability in build-to-order environments.

Scott A. Moses==Le Gruenwald==Khushru Dadachanji==

jim - Volume 19 - Number 4 - August 2008
An adaptive pull strategy for remanufacturing systems.

Katsuhiko Takahashi==Yasuhiro Doi==Daisuke Hirotani==Katsumi Morikawa==

Solving large scale disassembly line balancing problem with uncertainty using reinforcement learning.

Emre Tuncel==Abe Zeid==Sagar Kamarthi==

Complex componential approach for redundancy allocation problem solved by simulation-optimization framework.

Carlos Henrique Mariano==Angel Fernando Kuri Morales==

Multi-commodity flow dynamic resource assignment and matrix-based job dispatching for multi-relay transfer in complex material handling systems (MHS).

Yen Yen Joe==Oon Peen Gan==Frank L. Lewis==

A polar-based guided multi-objective evolutionary algorithm to search for optimal solutions interested by decision-makers in a logistics network design problem.

Hossein Rajabalipour Cheshmehgaz==Md. Nazrul Islam==Mohamad Ishak Desa==

A condition-based maintenance policy for a production system under excessive environmental degradation.

H. Chouikhi==Abdelhakim Khatab==Nidhal Rezg==

Differential evolution variants to schedule flexible assembly lines.

Wen Han Vincent Lui==S. G. Ponnambalam==Ganesan Kanagaraj==

Hub network design problem in the presence of disruptions.

F. Parvaresh==S. M. Moattar Husseini==S. A. Hashemi Golpayegany==Behrooz Karimi==

Vector optimization of laser solid freeform fabrication system using a hierarchical mutable smart bee-fuzzy inference system and hybrid NSGA-II/self-organizing map.

Alireza Fathi==Ahmad Mozaffari==

CIGI2011: A heuristic method for resource-constrained project scheduling with activity overlapping.

Lucas Grèze==Robert Pellerin==Patrice Leclaire==Nathalie Perrier==

Process optimization of SnCuNi soldering material using artificial parametric design.

Chien-Yi Huang==Hui-Hua Huang==

Mining SOTs and dispatching rules from RFID-enabled real-time shopfloor production data.

Ray Y. Zhong==George Q. Huang==Qingyun Dai==T. Zhang==

Model selection with considering the CO2 emission alone the global supply chain.

Thi Phuong Nha Le==Tzong-Ru Lee==

Multi-objective prediction model for the establishment of sputtered GZO semiconducting transparent thin films.

Ching-Been Yang==

A new adaptive slicing approach for the fully dense freeform fabrication (FDFF) process.

Mohammad T. Hayasi==Bahram Asiabanpour==

Maintenance scheduling incorporating dynamics of production system and real-time information from workstations.

Ali Arab==Napsiah Ismail==Lai Soon Lee==

Applying modified NSGA-II for bi-objective supply chain problem.

Susmita Bandyopadhyay==Ranjan Bhattacharya==

Production planning optimization for manufacturing and remanufacturing system in stochastic environment.

Mohd. Arshad Naeem==Dean J. Dias==Rupak Tibrewal==Pei-Chann Chang==Manoj Kumar Tiwari==

An upgraded artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm for constrained optimization problems.

Ivona Brajevic==Milan Tuba==

Lateness minimization with Tabu search for job shop scheduling problem with sequence dependent setup times.

Miguel A. González==Camino R. Vela==Inés González Rodríguez==Ramiro Varela==

Application of fuzzy logic and regression analysis for modeling surface roughness in face milliing.

Pavel Kovac==Dragan Rodic==Vladimir Pucovsky==Branislav Savkovic==Marin Gostimirovic==

A GEP-based reactive scheduling policies constructing approach for dynamic flexible job shop scheduling problem with job release dates.

Li Nie==Liang Gao==Peigen Li==Xinyu Li==

Particle swarm optimization algorithm for a vehicle routing problem with heterogeneous fleet, mixed backhauls, and time windows.

Farah Belmecheri==Christian Prins==Farouk Yalaoui==Lionel Amodeo==

Process planning optimization for parallel drilling of blind holes using a two phase genetic algorithm.

Shujuan Li==Yong Liu==Yan Li==Robert G. Landers==Lie Tang==

Multi-objective energy aware multiprocessor scheduling using bat intelligence.

Behnam Malakooti==Shaya Sheikh==Camelia Al-Najjar==Hyun Kim==

A comparison of multiobjective depth-first algorithms.

Javier Coego==Lawrence Mandow==José-Luis Pérez-de-la-Cruz==

Feature-based generation of machining process plans for optimised parts manufacture.

Mariusz Deja==Mieczyslaw S. Siemiatkowski==

A capacity allocation and expansion model for TFT-LCD multi-site manufacturing.

Tzu-Li Chen==Yin-Yann Chen==Hao-Chun Lu==

Single machine scheduling with unequal release date using neuro-dominance rule.

Tarik Çakar==

Tool wear monitoring and selection of optimum cutting conditions with progressive tool wear effect and input uncertainties.

Sukhomay Pal==P. Stephan Heyns==Burkhard H. Freyer==Nico J. Theron==Surjya K. Pal==

Solving the multi-response problem in Taguchi method by benevolent formulation in DEA.

Abbas Al-Refaie==Mohammad D. Al-Tahat==

Periodic and sequential preventive maintenance policies over a finite planning horizon with a dynamic failure law.

Jérémie Schutz==Nidhal Rezg==Jean-Baptiste Léger==

A methodology to design virtual cellular manufacturing systems.

Nitesh Khilwani==Berna Haktanirlar Ulutas==A. Attila Islier==Manoj Kumar Tiwari==

Integer linear programming formulation of the vehicle positioning problem in automated manufacturing systems.

Jairo R. Montoya-Torres==Gonzalo Oñate Bello==

Solving production scheduling with earliness/tardiness penalties by constraint programming.

Jan Kelbel==Zdenek Hanzálek==

Position regulator for spindle of milling machine by embedded magnetic bearings.

Nan-Chyuan Tsai==Li-Wen Shih==Rong-Mao Lee==

Tool electrode geometry and process parameters influence on different feature geometry and surface quality in electrical discharge machining of AISI H13 steel.

Narcis Pellicer==Joaquim Ciurana==Jordi Delgado==

Classification knowledge discovery in mold tooling test using decision tree algorithm.

Duen-Yian Yeh==Ching-Hsue Cheng==Shih-Chuan Hsiao==

What can software engineers learn from manufacturing to improve software process and product?

Norman F. Schneidewind==

Surface roughness monitoring application based on artificial neural networks for ball-end milling operations.

Guillem Quintana==Maria Luisa Garcia-Romeu==Joaquim Ciurana==

Self-organizing fuzzy controller for the molten steel level control of a twin-roll strip casting process.

Hung-Yi Chen==Shiuh-Jer Huang==

Systematic decision process for intelligent decision making.

Behnam Malakooti==

Optimization process planning using hybrid genetic algorithm and intelligent search for job shop machining.

Mojtaba Salehi==Ardeshir Bahreininejad==

Simultaneous optimization of parts and operations sequences in SSMS: a chaos embedded Taguchi particle swarm optimization approach.

Vishwa Vijay Kumar==Mayank Kumar Pandey==M. K. Tiwari==David Ben-Arieh==

Development of an automatic arc welding system using an adaptive sliding mode control.

Cheng-Yu Wu==Pi-Cheng Tung==Chyun-Chau Fuh==

An effective evolutionary algorithm for the practical capacitated vehicle routing problems.

Chung-Ho Wang==Jiu-Zhang Lu==

Real-time detection of grip length during fastening of bolted joints: a Mahalanobis-Taguchi system (MTS) based approach.

Can Saygin==Deepak Mohan==Jagannathan Sarangapani==

Intelligent design of induction motors by multiobjective fuzzy genetic algorithm.

Mehmet Çunkas==

Comparison of models created for the prediction of the mechanical properties of galvanized steel coils.

Joaquín B. Ordieres Meré==Francisco J. Martínez de Pisón Ascacibar==Ana González-Marcos==I. Ortiz-Marcos==

A hybrid procedure for extracting rules of production performance in the automobile parts industry.

You-Shyang Chen==Ching-Hsue Cheng==Chien-Jung Lai==

Heuristics for minimizing total completion time and maximum lateness on identical parallel machines with setup times.

M. T. Yazdani Sabouni==Fariborz Jolai==S. Afshin Mansouri==

A hybrid multi-criteria decision-making model for personnel selection in manufacturing systems.

Metin Dagdeviren==

Applications of genetic algorithms in process planning: tool sequence selection for 2.5-axis pocket machining.

Zaryab Ahmad==Keyvan Rahmani==Roshan M. D'Souza==

Capability-based distributed layout and its simulation based analyses.

Adil Baykasoglu==Mustafa Göçken==

Multi agent architecture for dynamic incremental process planning in the flexible manufacturing system.

Hossein Tehrani Niknejad==Nobuhiro Sugimura==Koji Iwamura==Yoshitaka Tanimizu==

Rolling-horizon and fix-and-relax heuristics for the multi-product multi-level capacitated lotsizing problem with sequence-dependent setups.

Mohammad Mohammadi==S. M. T. Fatemi Ghomi==Behrooz Karimi==S. Ali Torabi==

Designing a new model of distributed quality control for sub-assemble products based on the intelligent web information system.

Navid Sahebjamnia==Iraj Mahdavi==Namjae Cho==

Optimization of parts scheduling in multiple cells considering intercell move using scatter search approach.

Jiafu Tang==Xiaoqing Wang==Ikou Kaku==Kai-Leung Yung==

Development of control mechanisms to support coherency of product model during cooperative design process.

Mohsen Sadeghi==Frédéric Noël==Khaled Hadj-Hamou==

Synthesis of liveness enforcing supervisor for automated manufacturing systems using insufficiently marked siphons.

Hesuan Hu==Zhiwu Li==

Artificial neural networks to optimize the extrusion of an aluminium alloy.

Carmine Lucignano==Roberto Montanari==Vincenzo Tagliaferri==Nadia Ucciardello==

A review of applications of genetic algorithms in lot sizing.

Hacer Güner Gören==Semra Tunali==Raf Jans==

Facility layout design using virtual multi-agent system.

Hamed Tarkesh==Arezoo Atighehchian==Ali S. Nookabadi==

Modeling production configuration using nested colored object-oriented Petri-nets with changeable structures.

Lianfeng (Linda) Zhang==Roger Jianxin Jiao==

A hybrid push/pull system in assemble-to-order manufacturing environment.

Omar A. Ghrayeb==Nipa Phojanamongkolkij==Boon Aik Tan==

Bi-objective optimization algorithms for joint production and maintenance scheduling: application to the parallel machine problem.

Ali Berrichi==Lionel Amodeo==Farouk Yalaoui==Eric Châtelet==M. Mezghiche==

Regression models for estimating product life cycle cost.

Haifeng Liu==Vivekanand Gopalkrishnan==Thi Nhu Quynh Kim==Wee Keong Ng==

A hybrid approach for identification of concurrent control chart patterns.

Chih-Hsuan Wang==Tse-Ping Dong==Way Kuo==

Evolving CBR and data segmentation by SOM for flow time prediction in semiconductor manufacturing factory.

Pei-Chann Chang==Chin-Yuan Fan==Yen-Wen Wang==

Dealing with feature interactions for prismatic parts in STEP-NC.

Alireza Mokhtar==Xun Xu==Iñigo Lazcanotegui==

Rough milling optimisation for parts with sculptured surfaces using genetic algorithms in a Stackelberg game.

Agathoklis Krimpenis==George-Christopher Vosniakos==

Responsive consistency restoration in interactive product configuration by content-addressable memory.

Zhaoxun Chen==Liya Wang==

Integrating simulation and genetic algorithm to schedule a dynamic flexible job shop.

Mansour Gholami==Mostafa Zandieh==

A fuzzy PID thermal control system for casting dies.

Tiebao Yang==Xiang Chen==Henry Hu==Yeou-li Chu==Patrick Cheng==

Design of neural network-based estimator for tool wear modeling in hard turning.

Xiaoyu Wang==Wen Wang==Yong Huang==Nhan T. Nguyen==Kalmanje Krishnakumar==

Decision making in equipment selection: an integrated approach with AHP and PROMETHEE.

Metin Dagdeviren==

A neural net-based time-delay compensation scheme and disturbance rejection for pneumatic systems.

Chun-Liang Lin==Chun-Hsiung Chen==Bing-Min Shiu==

Fuzzy-based methodology for multi-objective scheduling in a robot-centered flexible manufacturing cell.

Indira Molina Restrepo==S. Balakrishnan==

A lifting undecimated wavelet transform and its applications.

Chen-Dong Duan==Qiang Gao==

A hybrid fuzzy MCDM approach to machine tool selection.

Semih Önüt==Selin Soner Kara==Tugba Efendigil==

Analysis neutral data structure for GD&T.

Zhengshu Shen==Jami J. Shah==Joseph K. Davidson==

Estimation of cutting forces and surface roughness for hard turning using neural networks.

Vishal S. Sharma==Suresh Dhiman==Rakesh Sehgal==S. K. Sharma==

Methodology for modeling and analysis of supply networks.

Dusan Stefanovic==Nenad Stefanovic==

jim - Volume 19 - Number 3 - June 2008
The state of the art on buffer allocation problem: a comprehensive survey.

Leyla Demir==Semra Tunali==Deniz Türsel Eliiyi==

Context-aware workflow management for virtual enterprises based on coordination of agents.

Fu-Shiung Hsieh==Jim-Bon Lin==

The resource access authorization route problem in a collaborative manufacturing system.

Qiang Liu==Xinhui Zhang==Xindu Chen==Lei Wang==

A model for integrating services and product EOL management in sustainable product service system (S-PSS).

Sajjad Shokohyar==Saeed Mansour==Behrooz Karimi==

The order fulfillment planning problem considering multi-site order allocation and single-site shop floor scheduling.

Yin-Yann Chen==

Honey bees mating optimization algorithm for process planning problem.

Xiaoyu Wen==Xinyu Li==Liang Gao==Hongyan Sang==

Comparing orthogonal force and unidirectional strain component processing for tool condition monitoring.

Burkhard H. Freyer==P. Stephan Heyns==Nico J. Theron==

An AIS-based hybrid algorithm for static job shop scheduling problem.

Xueni Qiu==Henry Y. K. Lau==

An enhanced classification approach for reliability estimation of structural systems.

Jiten Patel==Seung-Kyum Choi==

Real-time quality monitoring and predicting model based on error propagation networks for multistage machining processes.

Pingyu Jiang==Feng Jia==Yan Wang==Mei Zheng==

Petri net-based process monitoring: a workflow management system for process modelling and monitoring.

Albert Pla==Pablo Gay==Joaquím Meléndez==Beatriz López==

Using UML and OCL for representing multiobjective combinatorial optimization problems.

Yönet A. Eracar==Mieczyslaw M. Kokar==

Fuzzy inference mechanism for recognition of contact states in intelligent robotic assembly.

Zivana Jakovljevic==Petar B. Petrovic==Vladimir Dj. Mikovic==Miroslav Pajic==

Joint optimisation of maintenance and production policies with subcontracting and product returns.

Zied Hajej==Sofiène Dellagi==Nidhal Rezg==

Optimizing bi-objective imperfect preventive maintenance model for series-parallel system using established hybrid genetic algorithm.

Chung-Ho Wang==Sheng-Wang Tsai==

An e-Learning tool considering similarity measures for manufacturing cell formation.

Oliver R. Ilic==

Editorial: Special issue on engineering education.

Asbjørn Rolstadås==Augusta Maria Paci==

Training ultra precision engineers for UK manufacturing industry.

Christopher Sansom==Paul Shore==

Academic-industrial international cooperations for engineering education.

Claudio Roberto Boër==Luca Canetta==Paolo Pedrazzoli==Claudia Redaelli==

Contextually enriched competence model in the field of sustainable manufacturing for simulation style technology enhanced learning environments.

Gregor Cerinsek==Sobah Abbas Petersen==Tuija Heikura==

The development of competencies in manufacturing engineering by means of a deep-drawing tool.

F. Javier Ramirez==Rosario Domingo==Miguel Angel Sebastián==Michael S. Packianather==

On industrial learning and training for the factories of the future: a conceptual, cognitive and technology framework.

Dimitris Mavrikios==Nikolaos Papakostas==Dimitris Mourtzis==George Chryssolouris==

Education for innovation: trends, collaborations and views.

Augusta Maria Paci==Cecilia Lalle==Maria Stella Chiacchio==

Improving teaching in engineering education: adjunct enterprise professors programme.

Carlos Baladrón Zorita==María I. Jiménez==Javier M. Aguiar Pérez==Belén Carro==Antonio Sánchez-Esguevillas==

Educational programmes for future employability of graduates in SMEs.

Ingrid Hunt==Emma O'Brien==David Tormey==Slyvia Alexander==Eamonn McQuade==Michael Hennessy==

Experience from continuing education using e-learning.

Asbjørn Rolstadås==

Accelerated Problem Solving Sessions in University Laboratory Settings.

Marek Zareba==Anna Schuh==Jaime A. Camelio==

An approach for research and training in enterprise information system with RFID technology.

Chen-Yang Cheng==Vittal Prabhu==

Design chain management: bridging the gap between engineering and management.

Chih-Hsing Chu==Weidong Li==Roger J. Jiao==Jack C. P. Su==

Multi-agent negotiation based on price schedules algorithm for distributed collaborative design.

Yung-I Lin==Yu-Wen Chou==Jiun-Yan Shiau==Chih-Hsing Chu==

Multi-objective design and tolerance allocation for single- and multi-level systems.

Tzu-Chieh Hung==Kuei-Yuan Chan==

SysML-based design chain information modeling for variety management in production reconfiguration.

Dazhong Wu==Linda L. Zhang==Roger Jianxin Jiao==Roberto F. Lu==

Formalization of design chain management using environment-based design (EBD) theory.

Xuan S. Yang==Yong Zeng==Wei Liu==

A multi-agent collaborative maintenance platform applying game theory negotiation strategies.

Amy J. C. Trappey==Charles V. Trappey==Wei-Chun Ni==

An analogy based estimation framework for design rework efforts.

Panumas Arundachawat==Rajkumar Roy==Ahmed Al-Ashaab==

Simulation-based conjoint ranking for optimal decision support process under aleatory uncertainty.

Alex Ruderman==Seung-Kyum Choi==Roger J. Jiao==

Analysis of new niching genetic algorithms for finding multiple solutions in the job shop scheduling.

Elena Pérez==Marta Posada==Francisco Herrera==

Comparison of regression and artificial neural network model for the prediction of springback during air bending process of interstitial free steel sheet.

R. Narayanasamy==P. Padmanabhan==

Process optimization of the serial-parallel hybrid polishing machine tool based on artificial neural network and genetic algorithm.

Guilian Wang==Yiqiang Wang==Ji Zhao==Guiliang Chen==

e-Supply network coordination: the design of intelligent agents for buyer-supplier dynamic negotiations.

Shima Mohebbi==Rasoul Shafaei==

Real-time fault detection in manufacturing environments using face recognition techniques.

Fadel M. Megahed==Jaime A. Camelio==

WIPA: neural network and case base reasoning models for allocating work in progress.

Lucas K. C. Lai==James N. K. Liu==

A framework for machining optimisation based on STEP-NC.

Firman Ridwan==Xun William Xu==Guangyu Liu==

Advanced semiconductor fabrication process control using dual filter exponentially weighted moving average.

Hyo-Heon Ko==Jihyun Kim==Sang-Hoon Park==Jun-Geol Baek==Sung-Shick Kim==

Optimisation of press-brake bending operations in 3D space.

Nikolaos Kontolatis==George-Christopher Vosniakos==

Tool path planning for 5-axis flank milling of ruled surfaces considering CNC linear interpolation.

Chih-Hsing Chu==Ping-Han Wu==Wei-Tai Lei==

Visual analysis of quality-related manufacturing data using fractal geometry.

Noa Ruschin Rimini==Oded Maimon==Roni Romano==

Contact center: information systems design.

Rui Rijo==João Varajão==Ramiro Gonçalves==

Forecasting of manufacturing cost in mobile phone products by case-based reasoning and artificial neural network models.

Pei-Chann Chang==Jyun-Jie Lin==Wei-Yuan Dzan==

Collaborative decision making algorithm for selection of optimal wire saw in photovoltaic wafer manufacture.

Che-Wei Chang==

Parametric design adaptation for competitive products.

Ali A. Yassine==

An independent component analysis-based disturbance separation scheme for statistical process monitoring.

Chi-Jie Lu==

A project scheduling approach to production and material requirement planning in Manufacturing-to-Order environments.

Arianna Alfieri==Tullio Tolio==Marcello Urgo==

A Kriging-based algorithm to optimize production systems approximated by analytical models.

Andrea Matta==Matteo Pezzoni==Quirico Semeraro==

DSS for 3PL provider selection in global supply chain: combining the multi-objective optimization model with experts' opinions.

Jui-Tsung Wong==

Multi-objective fuzzy assembly line balancing using genetic algorithms.

Paraskevi Th. Zacharia==Andreas C. Nearchou==

Application of fuzzy-based Taguchi method to the optimization of extrusion of magnesium alloy bicycle carriers.

Su-Hai Hsiang==Yi-Wei Lin==Jhong-Wei Lai==

Support vector machines models for surface roughness prediction in CNC turning of AISI 304 austenitic stainless steel.

Ulas Çaydas==Sami Ekici==

Genetic application in a facility location problem with random demand within queuing framework.

Seyed Hamid Reza Pasandideh==Seyed Taghi Akhavan Niaki==

Automatic strip layout design in progressive dies.

Mehrdad Ghatrehnaby==Behrooz Arezoo==

Optimizing the auto-brazing process quality of aluminum pipe and flange via a Taguchi-Neural-Genetic approach.

Hsuan-Liang Lin==

An integrated framework of tool path planning in 5-axis machining of centrifugal impeller with split blades.

Chih-Hsing Chu==Way-Nen Huang==Yu-Wei Li==

Process integrated wire-bond quality control by means of cytokine-Formal Immune Networks.

Norma Montealegre==Sebastian Hagenkötter==

An integrated framework for card-based production control systems.

Ryo Sato==Yaghoub Khojasteh-Ghamari==

Decision making process: typology, intelligence, and optimization.

Behnam Malakooti==

Pheromone-based coordination for manufacturing system control.

Lei Wang==Dunbing Tang==Wenbin Gu==Kun Zheng==Weidong Yuan==Dingshan Tang==

Vehicle routing scheduling using an enhanced hybrid optimization approach.

Behnam Vahdani==Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam==Mostafa Zandieh==Jafar Razmi==

Using genetic algorithm to optimize the dummy filling problem of the flash lamp anneal process in semiconductor manufacturing.

S. C. Lin==S. F. Liu==F. L. Chen==

Sequential quadratic programming method with a global search strategy on the cutting-stock problem with rotatable polygons.

M. T. Yu==T. Y. Lin==C. Hung==

Tool wear estimation using an analytic fuzzy classifier and support vector machines.

Danko Brezak==Dubravko Majetic==Toma Udiljak==Josip Kasac==

Hierarchical production planning with flexibility in agroalimentary environment: a case study.

Ridha Erromdhani==Mansour Eddaly==Abdelwaheb Rebaï==

A virtual environment for complex products collaborative assembly operation simulation.

Dianliang Wu==Xijin Zhen==Xiumin Fan==Yong Hu==Hongmin Zhu==

A non-linear quality improvement model using SVR for manufacturing TFT-LCDs.

Der-Chiang Li==Wen-Chih Chen==Chiao-Wen Liu==Yao-San Lin==

Improvements in operations management applied to a 3D simulation connected to a physical platform.

Julio Cesar Encinas==Andrés García Higuera==Javier de las Morenas==

Using past manufacturing experience to assist building the yield forecast model for new manufacturing processes.

Der-Chiang Li==Yao-Hwei Fang==Chiao-Wen Liu==Cheng-jung Juang==

Tool wear monitoring using neuro-fuzzy techniques: a comparative study in a turning process.

Agustín Gajate==Rodolfo E. Haber==Raúl M. del Toro==Pastora I. Vega==Andrés Bustillo==

Optimization of electronics component placement design on PCB using self organizing genetic algorithm (SOGA).

Fatimah Sham Ismail==Rubiyah Yusof==Marzuki Khalid==

Intelligent scheduling approaches for a wafer fabrication factory.

Toly Chen==

Advanced models and optimization in manufacturing and logistics systems.

Mitsuo Gen==Hark Hwang==

A goal-oriented trust model for virtual organization creation.

Jungtae Mun==Moonsoo Shin==Mooyoung Jung==