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access - Volume 1 - - 2013
Analysis of dual-hop and multiple relays cooperative truncated ARQ with relay selection in WSNs.

Suoping Li==Yongqiang Zhou==Duo Peng==Zufang Dou==Yong Zhou==

Characterizations of k-comma codes and k-comma intercodes.

Chunhua Cao==Haiyan Liu==Di Yang==

Step traces.

Ryszard Janicki==Jetty Kleijn==Maciej Koutny==Lukasz Mikulski==

State complexity of deletion and bipolar deletion.

Yo-Sub Han==Sang-Ki Ko==Kai Salomaa==

Statistical and Domain Analytics Applied to PV Module Lifetime and Degradation Science.

Laura S. Bruckman==Nicholas R. Wheeler==Junheng Ma==Ethan Wang==Carl K. Wang==Ivan Chou==Jiayang Sun==Roger H. French==

Optimization of Angle-of-Arrival Estimation Via Real-Valued Sparse Representation With Circular Array Radar.

I. Kazemi==M. R. Moniri==R. S. Kandovan==

Solving Nonlinear Systems of First Order Ordinary Differential Equations Using a Galerkin Finite Element Method.

Ahmad Al-Omari==Heinz-Bernd Schüttler==Jonathan Arnold==Thiab R. Taha==

Collective Estimation of Ocean Nonlinear Internal Waves Using Robotic Underwater Drifters.

Michael Ouimet==Jorge Cortés==

Using SST/Macro for Effective Analysis of MPI-Based Applications: Evaluating Large-Scale Genomic Sequence Search.

Damian Dechev==Tae-Hyuk Ahn==

A Card Stack Model to Elucidate Key Challenges in the Development of Future Generation Supercomputers.

Wataru Nakayama==

Adaptive Estimation of Time-Varying Sparse Signals.

Ramin Zahedi==Lucas W. Krakow==Edwin K. P. Chong==Ali Pezeshki==

Photogrammetric Bundle Adjustment With Self-Calibration of the PrimeSense 3D Camera Technology: Microsoft Kinect.

Jacky C. K. Chow==Derek D. Lichti==

A Branch-and-Cut Algorithm for the Multilevel Generalized Assignment Problem.

Pasquale Avella==Maurizio Boccia==Igor Vasilyev==

A Compact High-Performance Orthomode Transducer for the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) Band 1 (31-45 GHz).

David Dousset==Stephane Claude==Ke Wu==

A Scientifically Experimental Approach to the Simulation of Designer Activity in the Conceptual Designing of Software Intensive Systems.

Petr Sosnin==

Does a Unified Energy Equation Contain the Higgs Field?

Marcus O. Durham==Robert A. Durham==

An Informative Interpretation of Decision Theory: The Information Theoretic Basis for Signal-to-Noise Ratio and Log Likelihood Ratio.

John Polcari==

Effective Permittivity of 3-D Periodic Composites With Regular and Irregular Inclusions.

Austin J. Pickles==Michael B. Steer==

Numerical Solution for Super Large Scale Systems.

Tianmin Han==Yuhuan Han==

Team Learning for Healthcare Quality Improvement.

Narine Manukyan==Margaret J. Eppstein==Jeffrey D. Horbar==

Open Data as a Foundation for Innovation: The Enabling Effect of Free Public Sector Information for Entrepreneurs.

Erik Lakomaa==Jan Kallberg==

GPU-Accelerated Visualization of Scattered Point Data.

Thomas L. Falch==Jostein B. Fløystad==Dag W. Breiby==Anne C. Elster==

Approximating Extremely Large Networks via Continuum Limits.

Yang Zhang==Edwin K. P. Chong==Jan Hannig==Donald J. Estep==

The DooDB Graphical Password Database: Data Analysis and Benchmark Results.

Marcos Martinez-Diaz==Julian Fiérrez==Javier Galbally==

Mobile Multimedia Recommendation in Smart Communities: A Survey.

Feng Xia==Nana Yaw Asabere==Ahmedin Mohammed Ahmed==Jing Li==Xiangjie Kong==

LC/DC: Lockless Containers and Data Concurrency a Novel Nonblocking Container Library for Multicore Applications.

Damian Dechev==Pierre LaBorde==Steven D. Feldman==

Wireless Video Surveillance: A Survey.

Yun Ye==Song Ci==Aggelos K. Katsaggelos==Yanwei Liu==Yi Qian==

Technical Review of the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office Transformational and Applied Research Directorate's Research and Development Program.

Anthony D. Lavietes==James Trebes==Robert Borchers==Jill Dahlburg==John Donnelly==Adam Isles==Neil Johnson==Glenn Knoll==Richard Kouzes==Richard Lanza==Jodi Lieberman==James Lund==Stanley Prussin==Jeanette Russo==Francis Slakey==

A Multi-Objective Exploration Strategy for Mobile Robots Under Operational Constraints.

Angelos Amanatiadis==Savvas A. Chatzichristofis==Konstantinos Charalampous==Lefteris Doitsidis==Elias B. Kosmatopoulos==Philippos Tsalides==Antonios Gasteratos==Stergios I. Roumeliotis==

On Adaptive Control With Closed-Loop Reference Models: Transients, Oscillations, and Peaking.

Travis E. Gibson==Anuradha M. Annaswamy==Eugene Lavretsky==

Virtual Labs Project: A Paradigm Shift in Internet-Based Remote Experimentation.

Ranjan Bose==

A Study on the Effect of Traceability Links in Software Maintenance.

Kal Jaber==Bonita Sharif==Chang Liu==

Localization Services for Online Common Operational Picture and Situation Awareness.

Mikael Björkbom==Jussi Timonen==Hüseyin Yigitler==Ossi Kaltiokallio==José M. Vallet Garcia==Matthieu Myrsky==Jari Saarinen==Marko Korkalainen==Caner Cuhac==Riku Jäntti==Reino Virrankoski==Jouko Vankka==Heikki N. Koivo==

Extending Non-Volatile Operation to DRAM Cells.

Wei Wei==Kazuteru Namba==Fabrizio Lombardi==

Solving Large Nonlinear Systems of First-Order Ordinary Differential Equations With Hierarchical Structure Using Multi-GPGPUs and an Adaptive Runge Kutta ODE Solver.

Ahmad Al-Omari==Jonathan Arnold==Thiab R. Taha==Heinz-Bernd Schüttler==

Electromagnetic Properties of Disordered Three-Dimensional Mixtures.

Austin J. Pickles==Ian M. Kilgore==Michael B. Steer==

Enhancement of an Optical Fiber Sensor: Source Separation Based on Brillouin Spectrum.

Edouard Buchoud==Valeriu D. Vrabie==Jérôme I. Mars==Guy D'Urso==Alexandre Girard==Sylvain Blairon==Jean-Marie Henault==

A Low-Cost Open-Source Metal 3-D Printer.

Gerald C. Anzalone==Chenlong Zhang==Bas Wijnen==Paul G. Sanders==Joshua M. Pearce==

800 MB/s DDR NAND Flash Memory Multi-Chip Package With Source-Synchronous Interface for Point-to-Point Ring Topology.

Peter Gillingham==David Chinn==Eric Choi==Jin-Ki Kim==Don MacDonald==Hakjune Oh==Hong-Beom Pyeon==Roland Schuetz==

X-Ray Luminescence and X-Ray Fluorescence Computed Tomography: New Molecular Imaging Modalities.

Moiz Ahmad==Guillem Pratx==Magdalena Bazalova==Lei Xing==

MIMO Characterization on System Level of 5G Microbase Stations Subject to Randomness in LOS.

Per-Simon Kildal==Xiaoming Chen==Mattias Gustafsson==Zhengzhao Shen==

Service-Specific Network Virtualization to Reduce Signaling Processing Loads in EPC/IMS.

Manabu Ito==Kiyohide Nakauchi==Yozo Shoji==Nozomu Nishinaga==Yoshinori Kitatsuji==

Adaptive Sliding Mode Observer for Engine Cylinder Pressure Imbalance Under Different Parameter Uncertainties.

Ahmed Al-Durra==

Novel UWB and Spread Spectrum System Using Time Compression and Overlap-Add Techniques.

Stephen T. Harrison==Peter F. Driessen==

Power Metering for Virtual Machine in Cloud Computing-Challenges and Opportunities.

Chonglin Gu==Hejiao Huang==Xiaohua Jia==

Compressed Vision Information Restoration Based on Cloud Prior and Local Prior.

Feng Jiang==Xiaodong Ji==Chunjing Hu==Shaohui Liu==Debin Zhao==

Lightweight mobile core networks for machine type communications.

Tarik Taleb==Adlen Ksentini==Abdellatif Kobbane==

X-Ray Fluorescence Computed Tomography With Polycapillary Focusing.

Wenxiang Cong==Yan Xi==Ge Wang==

Reluctance Accelerator Efficiency Optimization via Pulse Shaping.

L. M. Cooper==A. R. Van Cleef==B. T. Bristoll==Paul A. Bartlett==

Information Security in Big Data: Privacy and Data Mining.

Lei Xu==Chunxiao Jiang==Jian Wang==Jian Yuan==Yong Ren==

Processing Time Analysis and Estimation for 3-D Applications.

Joseph Issa==

Potentials and Challenges of C-RAN Supporting Multi-RATs Toward 5G Mobile Networks.

Rui Wang==Honglin Hu==Xiumei Yang==

Integration of SDR and SDN for 5G.

Hsin-Hung Cho==Chin-Feng Lai==Timothy K. Shih==Han-Chieh Chao==

Cloud-RAN Architecture for Indoor DAS.

Yihenew Dagne Beyene==Riku Jäntti==Kalle Ruttik==

Receiver-Based Recovery of Clipped OFDM Signals for PAPR Reduction: A Bayesian Approach.

Anum Ali==Abdullatif Al-Rabah==Mudassir Masood==Tareq Y. Al-Naffouri==

Fault Diagnosis in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Regenerative Braking System.

Chaitanya Sankavaram==Bharath R. Pattipati==Krishna R. Pattipati==Yilu Zhang==Mark Howell==

Deep-Subwavelength MIMO Using Graphene-Based Nanoscale Communication Channel.

Shinya Sugiura==Hideo Iizuka==

Classification of Proteomic MS Data as Bayesian Solution of an Inverse Problem.

Pascal Szacherski==Jean-François Giovannelli==Laurent Gerfault==Pierre Mahé==Jean-Philippe Charrier==Audrey Giremus==Bruno Lacroix==Pierre Grangeat==

A Stationary-Sources and Rotating-Detectors Computed Tomography Architecture for Higher Temporal Resolution and Lower Radiation Dose.

Guohua Cao==Baodong Liu==Hao Gong==Hengyong Yu==Ge Wang==

Information theory, kelly betting, risk, reward, commission, and omission: An example problem in breast cancer.

L. W. Dalton==

Backpacking: Energy-Efficient Deployment of Heterogeneous Radios in Multi-Radio High-Data-Rate Wireless Sensor Networks.

A. B. M. Alim Al Islam==Mohammad Sajjad Hossain==Vijay Raghunathan==Yu Charlie Hu==

A 15-Gb/s Wireless ON-OFF Keying Link.

Lars Ohlsson==Lars-Erik Wernersson==

Ray-Tracing-Based mm-Wave Beamforming Assessment.

Vittorio Degli-Esposti==Franco Fuschini==Enrico Maria Vitucci==Marina Barbiroli==Marco Zoli==Li Tian==Xuefeng Yin==Diego A. Dupleich==Robert Müller==Christian Schneider==Reiner S. Thomä==

Sparse Beamforming and User-Centric Clustering for Downlink Cloud Radio Access Network.

Binbin Dai==Wei Yu==

A LISP-Based Implementation of Follow Me Cloud.

Adlen Ksentini==Tarik Taleb==Farouk Messaoudi==

Security and Reliability Performance Analysis for Cloud Radio Access Networks With Channel Estimation Errors.

Jia You==Zhangdui Zhong==Gongpu Wang==Bo Ai==

Edge-Guided Dual-Modality Image Reconstruction.

Yang Lu==Jun Zhao==Ge Wang==

Predicting Hurricane Power Outages to Support Storm Response Planning.

Seth D. Guikema==Roshanak Nateghi==Steven M. Quiring==Andrea Staid==Allison C. Reilly==Michael Gao==

Efficiently Maintaining the Fast Updated Sequential Pattern Trees With Sequence Deletion.

Jerry Chun-Wei Lin==Wensheng Gan==Tzung-Pei Hong==

M/M/1 Multiple Vacation Queueing Systems With Differentiated Vacations and Vacation Interruptions.

Olubukola A. Isijola-Adakeja==Oliver C. Ibe==

Think Small: Nanopores for Sensing and Synthesis.

Winston Timp==Allison M. Nice==Edward M. Nelson==Volker Kurz==Kim McKelvey==Gregory Timp==

Design and Construction of Arduino-Hacked Variable Gating Distortion Pedal.

Anarghya Ananda Murthy==Nitish Rao==Yatheesha Ranganahalli Beemaiah==Sushanth D. Shandilya==Ranjith Badarmanahalli Siddegowda==

Predicting Outcomes of Nonsmall Cell Lung Cancer Using CT Image Features.

Samuel H. Hawkins==John N. Korecki==Yoganand Balagurunathan==Yuhua Gu==Virendra Kumar==Satrajit Basu==Lawrence O. Hall==Dmitry B. Goldgof==Robert A. Gatenby==Robert J. Gillies==

SMoW: An Energy-Bandwidth Aware Web Browsing Technique for Smartphones.

Abdurhman Albasir==Kshirasagar Naik==

A Comparison of Ballistic Resistance Testing Techniques in the Department of Defense.

Thomas H. Johnson==Laura Freeman==Janice Hester==Jonathan L. Bell==

An Informative Interpretation of Decision Theory: Scalar Performance Measures for Binary Decisions.

John Polcari==

Rethinking the Data Center Networking: Architecture, Network Protocols, and Resource Sharing.

Ting Wang==Zhiyang Su==Yu Xia==Mounir Hamdi==

Are Children More Exposed to Radio Frequency Energy From Mobile Phones Than Adults?

Kenneth R. Foster==Chung-Kwang Chou==

Device-to-Device Communications for National Security and Public Safety.

Gábor Fodor==Stefan Parkvall==Stefano Sorrentino==Pontus Wallentin==Qianxi Lu==Nadia Brahmi==

Circularly Polarized Patch Antenna for Future 5G Mobile Phones.

Ka Ming Mak==Hau Wah Lai==Kwai-Man Luk==Chi Hou Chan==

Biometric Antispoofing Methods: A Survey in Face Recognition.

Javier Galbally==Sébastien Marcel==Julian Fiérrez==

Challenges of System-Level Simulations and Performance Evaluation for 5G Wireless Networks.

Ying Wang==Jing Xu==Lisi Jiang==

A Neo-Reflective Wrist Pulse Oximeter.

Gantham Pang==Chao Ma==

Multisource X-Ray and CT: Lessons Learned and Future Outlook.

Vasile Bogdan Neculaes==Peter M. Edic==Mark Frontera==Antonio Caiafa==Ge Wang==Bruno De Man==

Energy Efficiency Benefits of RAN-as-a-Service Concept for a Cloud-Based 5G Mobile Network Infrastructure.

Dario Sabella==Antonio De Domenico==Efstathios Katranaras==Muhammad Ali Imran==Marco Di Girolamo==Umer Salim==Massinissa Lalam==Konstantinos Samdanis==Andreas Mäder==

Solving Distributed and Flexible Job-Shop Scheduling Problems for a Real-World Fastener Manufacturer.

Tung-Kuan Liu==Yeh-Peng Chen==Jyh-Horng Chou==

Synchrophasor Measurement Technology in Power Systems: Panorama and State-of-the-Art.

Farrokh Aminifar==Mahmud Fotuhi-Firuzabad==Amir Safdarian==Ali Davoudi==Mohammad Shahidehpour==

Autonomous Robots and the SP Theory of Intelligence.

James Gerard Wolff==

Using 3-D Video Game Technology in Channel Modeling.

Andrés Navarro Cadavid==Dinael Guevara Ibarra==Sebastian Londoño Salcedo==

A Survey on Internet of Things From Industrial Market Perspective.

Charith Perera==Chi Harold Liu==Srimal Jayawardena==Min Chen==

IEEE Access Special Section Editorial: Emerging Computed Tomography Technologies.

Hengyong Yu==Xuanqin Mou==Ge Wang==

IEEE ACCESS Special Section Editorial: Recent Advances in Cloud Radio Access Networks.

Mugen Peng==Chih-Lin I==Chee-Wei Tan==Chuan Huang==

IEEE Access Special Section Editorial: 5G Wireless Technologies: Perspectives on the Next Generation of Mobile Communications and Networking.

Min Chen==Victor C. M. Leung==Roy Xiaorong Lai==

Coupled Auto-Associative Neural Networks for Heterogeneous Face Recognition.

Benjamin S. Riggan==Christopher Reale==Nasser M. Nasrabadi==

A New Evaluation Criterion for Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access in 5G Software Defined Networks.

Peng Xu==Zhiguo Ding==Xuchu Dai==H. Vincent Poor==

A New Transient Attack on the Kish Key Distribution System.

Lachlan J. Gunn==Andrew Allison==Derek Abbott==

A Software-Defined Device-to-Device Communication Architecture for Public Safety Applications in 5G Networks.

Muhammad Usman==Anteneh A. Gebremariam==Usman Raza==Fabrizio Granelli==

Energy and Spectrum Efficient Transmission Techniques Under QoS Constraints Toward Green Heterogeneous Networks.

Haris Pervaiz==Leila Musavian==Qiang Ni==Zhiguo Ding==

Robust Detection of Textured Contact Lenses in Iris Recognition Using BSIF.

James S. Doyle Jr.==Kevin W. Bowyer==

3-D Low Earth Orbit Vector Estimation of Faraday Rotation and Path Delay.

Nicholas P. Lawrence==Hedley J. Hansen==Derek Abbott==

Context-Based Collaborative Filtering for Citation Recommendation.

Haifeng Liu==Xiangjie Kong==Xiaomei Bai==Wei Wang==Teshome Megersa Bekele==Feng Xia==

Non-Dominated Quantum Iterative Routing Optimization for Wireless Multihop Networks.

Dimitrios Alanis==Panagiotis Botsinis==Zunaira Babar==Soon Xin Ng==Lajos Hanzo==

Distributed Parameter Estimation for Mobile Wireless Sensor Network Based on Cloud Computing in Battlefield Surveillance System.

Liangtian Wan==Guangjie Han==Lei Shu==Naixing Feng==Chunsheng Zhu==Jaime Lloret==

Solving the Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem With Makespan Optimization by Using a Hybrid Taguchi-Genetic Algorithm.

Hao-Chin Chang==Yeh-Peng Chen==Tung-Kuan Liu==Jyh-Horng Chou==

A Smart Work Performance Measurement System for Police Officers.

Wei Yuan==Pan Deng==Chao Yang==Jiafu Wan==Daqiang Zhang==Xiantong Chen==Chaofan Bi==Yali Liu==

Sensors for Robotic Hands: A Survey of State of the Art.

Artur Saudabayev==Huseyin Atakan Varol==

Dictionary-Based Face and Person Recognition From Unconstrained Video.

Yi-Chen Chen==Vishal M. Patel==P. Jonathon Phillips==Rama Chellappa==

Algorithms for Size and Color Detection of Smartphone Images of Chronic Wounds for Healthcare Applications.

Tik Wai Kiral Poon==Marcia R. Friesen==

Bridging the Social and Wireless Networking Divide: Information Dissemination in Integrated Cellular and Opportunistic Networks.

Jie Hu==Lie-Liang Yang==H. Vincent Poor==Lajos Hanzo==

Energy-Efficient Context-Aware Matching for Resource Allocation in Ultra-Dense Small Cells.

Zhenyu Zhou==Mianxiong Dong==Kaoru Ota==Zheng Chang==

Flexible Configured OFDM for 5G Air Interface.

Hao Lin==

Electric Vehicle Charging on Residential Distribution Systems: Impacts and Mitigations.

Anamika Dubey==Surya Santoso==

A New Level-Set-Based Protocol for Accurate Bone Segmentation From CT Imaging.

Manuel Pinheiro==J. L. Alves==

Spectrum and Energy Efficiencies for Multiuser Pairs Massive MIMO Systems With Full-Duplex Amplify-and-Forward Relay.

Xiangdong Jia==Pengfei Deng==Longxiang Yang==Hongbo Zhu==

Automatic Parameter Setting Method for an Accurate Kalman Filter Tracker Using an Analytical Steady-State Performance Index.

Kenshi Saho==Masao Masugi==

Short-Term Electric Load Forecasting Using Echo State Networks and PCA Decomposition.

Filippo Maria Bianchi==Enrico De Santis==Antonello Rizzi==Alireza Sadeghian==

CF4BDA: A Conceptual Framework for Big Data Analytics Applications in the Cloud.

Qinghua Lu==Zheng Li==Maria Kihl==Liming Zhu==Weishan Zhang==

Comparison of Data Set Bias in Object Recognition Benchmarks.

Ian Model==Lior Shamir==

Resource Management and Inter-Cell-Interference Coordination in LTE Uplink System Using Random Neural Network and Optimization.

Ahsan Adeel==Hadi Larijani==Ali Ahmadinia==

A Novel Big Data Modeling Method for Improving Driving Range Estimation of EVs.

Chung-Hong Lee==Chih-Hung Wu==

From Internet to Smart World.

Huansheng Ning==Hong Liu==Jianhua Ma==Laurence T. Yang==Yueliang Wan==Xiaozhen Ye==Runhe Huang==

WaSCO: A Hybrid Enterprise Desktop Wake-Up System Based on Cloud Infrastructure.

Ruhui Ma==Jian Li==Haibing Guan==Bin Wang==David S. L. Wei==

On the Performance of Wireless-Energy-Transfer-Enabled Massive MIMO Systems With Superimposed Pilot-Aided Channel Estimation.

Jiaming Li==Han Zhang==Dong Li==Hongbin Chen==

Evaluating the Quality of Social Media Data in Big Data Architecture.

Anne Immonen==Pekka Pääkkönen==Eila Ovaska==

Dynamic Scheduling for High Throughput Satellites Employing Priority Code Scheme.

Lilian del Consuelo Hernandez Ruiz Gaytan==Zhenni Pan==Jiang Liu==Shigeru Shimamoto==

Toward Elastic Distributed SDN/NFV Controller for 5G Mobile Cloud Management Systems.

Abdelkader Aissioui==Adlen Ksentini==Abdelhak Mourad Guéroui==Tarik Taleb==

Marine Vessel and Power Plant System Simulator.

Torstein I. Bo==Andreas R. Dahl==Tor Arne Johansen==Eirik Mathiesen==Michel R. Miyazaki==Eilif Pedersen==Roger Skjetne==Asgeir J. Sørensen==Laxminarayan Thorat==Kevin K. Yum==

Systematization of Integrated Motion Control of Ground Vehicles.

Valentin G. Ivanov==Dzmitry Savitski==

Extrinsic Information Transfer Charts for Characterizing the Iterative Decoding Convergence of Fully Parallel Turbo Decoders.

Hoang Anh Ngo==Robert G. Maunder==Lajos Hanzo==

A Radar-Based Breast Cancer Detection System Using CMOS Integrated Circuits.

Hang Song==Hayato Kono==Yuji Seo==Afreen Azhari==Junichi Somei==Eiji Suematsu==Yuichi Watarai==Toshihiko Ota==Hiromasa Watanabe==Yoshinori Hiramatsu==Akihiro Toya==Xia Xiao==Takamaro Kikkawa==

Two-Dimension Direction-of-Arrival Estimation for Massive MIMO Systems.

Ting Wang==Bo Ai==Ruisi He==Zhangdui Zhong==

An Adaptive Framework for Improving Quality of Service in Industrial Systems.

Gangyong Jia==Guangjie Han==Daqiang Zhang==Li Liu==Lei Shu==

Revenue Optimization Frameworks for Multi-Class PEV Charging Stations.

Cui-Yu Kong==Islam Safak Bayram==Michael Devetsikiotis==

Green Internet of Things for Smart World.

Chunsheng Zhu==Victor C. M. Leung==Lei Shu==Edith C. H. Ngai==

Channel-Level Acceleration of Deep Face Representations.

Adam Polyak==Lior Wolf==

Appliance Scheduling Optimization in Smart Home Networks.

F. A. Qayyum==Muhammad Naeem==Ahmed Shaharyar Khwaja==Alagan Anpalagan==Ling Guan==Bala Venkatesh==

Network-Lifetime Maximization of Wireless Sensor Networks.

Halil Yetgin==Kent Tsz Kan Cheung==Mohammed El-Hajjar==Lajos Hanzo==

A Deep Awareness Framework for Pervasive Video Cloud.

Weishan Zhang==Pengcheng Duan==Zhongwei Li==Qinghua Lu==Wenjuan Gong==Su Yang==

Spatial Domain Management and Massive MIMO Coordination in 5G SDN.

Songlin Sun==Bo Rong==Rose Qingyang Hu==Yi Qian==

Performance of a Novel Automatic Identification Algorithm for the Clustering of Radio Channel Parameters.

Shiqi Cheng==Maria-Teresa Martinez-Ingles==Davy P. Gaillot==Jose Maria Molina Garcia Pardo==Martine Lienard==Pierre Degauque==

Web Service QoS Prediction Based on Adaptive Dynamic Programming Using Fuzzy Neural Networks for Cloud Services.

Xiong Luo==Yixuan Lv==Ruixing Li==Yi Chen==

Cybermatics: A Holistic Field for Systematic Study of Cyber-Enabled New Worlds.

Jianhua Ma==Huansheng Ning==Runhe Huang==Hong Liu==Laurence T. Yang==Jinjun Chen==Geyong Min==

Impact of Interdisciplinary Research on Planning, Running, and Managing Electromobility as a Smart Grid Extension.

Alfredo D'Elia==Fabio Viola==Federico Montori==Marco Di Felice==Luca Bedogni==Luciano Bononi==Alberto Borghetti==Paolo Azzoni==Paolo Bellavista==Daniele Tarchi==Randolf Mock==Tullio Salmon Cinotti==

Energy Delay Tradeoff in Cloud Offloading for Multi-Core Mobile Devices.

Zhefeng Jiang==Shiwen Mao==

Compartmental and Data-Based Modeling of Cerebral Hemodynamics: Linear Analysis.

Brandon C. Henley==Dae C. Shin==Rong Zhang==Vasilis Z. Marmarelis==

Efficient Identification of Core and Dead Features in Variability Models.

Hector Perez-Morago==Ruben Heradio==David Fernández-Amorós==Roberto Bean==Carlos Cerrada==

A Hybrid Processing System for Large-Scale Traffic Sensor Data.

Zhuofeng Zhao==Weilong Ding==Jianwu Wang==Yanbo Han==

On Reliability of Smart Grid Neighborhood Area Networks.

Shengjie Xu==Yi Qian==Rose Qingyang Hu==

ERDT: Energy-Efficient Reliable Decision Transmission for Intelligent Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Industrial IoT.

Rongbo Zhu==Xue Zhang==Xiaozhu Liu==Wanneng Shu==Tengyue Mao==Brian Jalaian==

Children Absorb Higher Doses of Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation From Mobile Phones Than Adults.

Robert D. Morris==L. Lloyd Morgan==Devra Davis==

Indoor Office Wideband Millimeter-Wave Propagation Measurements and Channel Models at 28 and 73 GHz for Ultra-Dense 5G Wireless Networks.

George R. MacCartney==Theodore S. Rappaport==Shu Sun==Sijia Deng==

Dosimetric Simulations of Brain Absorption of Mobile Phone Radiation-The Relationship Between psSAR and Age.

Claudio Enrique Fernandez-Rodriguez==Alvaro A. A. De Salles==Devra Lee Davis==

Demand Response Management for Residential Smart Grid: From Theory to Practice.

Wen-Tai Li==Chau Yuen==Naveed Ul Hassan==Wayes Tushar==Chao-Kai Wen==Kristin L. Wood==Kun Hu==Xiang Liu==

Inter-Tier Interference Suppression in Heterogeneous Cloud Radio Access Networks.

Mugen Peng==Hongyu Xiang==Yuanyuan Cheng==Shi Yan==H. Vincent Poor==

Radio Vortex-Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Communication Systems With High Capacity.

Qibiao Zhu==Tao Jiang==Daiming Qu==Da Chen==Nanrun Zhou==

Stochastic Geometric Models for Green Networking.

Eitan Altman==Cengis Hasan==Manjesh Kumar Hanawal==Shlomo Shamai Shitz==Jean-Marie Gorce==Rachid El Azouzi==Laurent Roullet==

Top Challenges for Smart Worlds: A Report on the Top10Cs Forum.

Jianhua Ma==Yumei Zheng==Huansheng Ning==Laurence T. Yang==Runhe Huang==Hong Liu==Qitao Mu==Stephen S. Yau==

Packet Size-Aware Broadcasting in VANETs With Fuzzy Logic and RL-Based Parameter Adaptation.

Celimuge Wu==Xianfu Chen==Yusheng Ji==Fuqiang Liu==Satoshi Ohzahata==Tsutomu Yoshinaga==Toshihiko Kato==

Fifteen Years of Quantum LDPC Coding and Improved Decoding Strategies.

Zunaira Babar==Panagiotis Botsinis==Dimitrios Alanis==Soon Xin Ng==Lajos Hanzo==

Cascading Failures in Smart Grid: Joint Effect of Load Propagation and Interdependence.

Zhen Huang==Cheng Wang==Tieying Zhu==Amiya Nayak==

Prostate Cancer Detection via a Quantitative Radiomics-Driven Conditional Random Field Framework.

Audrey G. Chung==Farzad Khalvati==Mohammad Javad Shafiee==Masoom A. Haider==Alexander Wong==

Software-Defined Network Function Virtualization: A Survey.

Yong Li==Min Chen==

Data and Information Leakage Prevention Within the Scope of Information Security.

Barbara Hauer==

Real-Time Computing of Touch Topology via Poincare-Hopf Index.

Keiji Miura==Kazuki Nakada==

Multiple Projective Dictionary Learning to Detect Plastic Surgery for Face Verification.

Naman Kohli==Daksha Yadav==Afzel Noore==

Outsourcing Large-Scale Quadratic Programming to a Public Cloud.

Lifeng Zhou==Chunguang Li==

A Survey and Study of Planar Antennas for Pico-Satellites.

Faisel E. M. Tubbal==Raad Raad==Kwan-Wu Chin==

Understanding Customer Behavior in Multi-Tier Demand Response Management Program.

Aqsa Naeem==Ali Shabbir==Naveed Ul Hassan==Chau Yuen==Ayaz Ahmad==Wayes Tushar==

Designing Micro-Structure Parameters for Backlight Modules by Using Improved Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System.

Jinn-Tsong Tsai==Jyh-Horng Chou==Chi-Feng Lin==

A Distributed Video Management Cloud Platform Using Hadoop.

Xin Liu==Dehai Zhao==Liang Xu==Weishan Zhang==Jijun Yin==Xiufeng Chen==

Low Profile, Broadside Radiating, Electrically Small Huygens Source Antennas.

Richard W. Ziolkowski==

Fully Parallel Turbo Equalization for Wireless Communications.

Hoang Anh Ngo==Robert G. Maunder==Lajos Hanzo==

Toward Highly Dependable Power-Aware Mobile Ad Hoc Network-Survivability Evaluation Framework.

Zhipeng Yi==Tadashi Dohi==

Valuing Information in Complex Systems: An Integrated Analytical Approach to Achieve Optimal Performance in the Beer Distribution Game.

Kimberly M. Thompson==Nima D. Badizadegan==

A Multi-Objective Optimization Scheduling Method Based on the Ant Colony Algorithm in Cloud Computing.

Liyun Zuo==Lei Shu==Shoubin Dong==Chunsheng Zhu==Takahiro Hara==

IEEE Access Special Section Editorial: Industrial Sensor Networks With Advanced Data Management: Design And Security.

Lei Shu==Takahiro Hara==Gerhard P. Hancke==Kun Wang==

An Open Source ECG Clock Generator for Visualization of Long-Term Cardiac Monitoring Data.

Alex Page==Tolga Soyata==Jean-Philippe Couderc==Mehmet Aktas==

Design and Optimal Configuration of Full-Duplex MAC Protocol for Cognitive Radio Networks Considering Self-Interference.

Le Thanh Tan==Long Bao Le==

A Novel Cyber Physical System for 3-D Imaging of the Small Intestine In Vivo.

Kaveh Pahlavan==Yishuang Geng==David R. Cave==Guanqun Bao==Liang Mi==Emmanuel Agu==Andrew Karellas==Kamran Sayrafian==Vahid Tarokh==

Smart Meters Big Data: Game Theoretic Model for Fair Data Sharing in Deregulated Smart Grids.

Abdulsalam Yassine==Ali Asghar Nazari Shirehjini==Shervin Shirmohammadi==

Integrating Cellular Networks, Smart Grid, and Renewable Energy: Analysis, Architecture, and Challenges.

Hussein Al Haj Hassan==Alexander Pelov==Loutfi Nuaymi==

Heuristically Accelerated Reinforcement Learning for Dynamic Secondary Spectrum Sharing.

Nils Morozs==Tim Clarke==David Grace==

Performance Evaluation and Estimation Model Using Regression Method for Hadoop WordCount.

Joseph A. Issa==

An RSU-Coordinated Synchronous Multi-Channel MAC Scheme for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks.

Xiaohuan Li==Bin-Jie Hu==Hongbin Chen==Guillaume Andrieux==Yide Wang==Zong-Heng Wei==

A Comprehensive Recommender System Model: Improving Accuracy for Both Warm and Cold Start Users.

Anupriya Gogna==Angshul Majumdar==

The Connectivity of Selfish Wireless Networks.

Jinglei Li==Qinghai Yang==Kyung Sup Kwak==Lajos Hanzo==

DEP2SA: A Decentralized Efficient Privacy-Preserving and Selective Aggregation Scheme in Advanced Metering Infrastructure.

Mustafa A. Mustafa==Ning Zhang==Georgios Kalogridis==Zhong Fan==

Seamline Determination Based on Semantic Segmentation for Aerial Image Mosaicking.

Shunta Saito==Ryota Arai==Yoshimitsu Aoki==

EMI Reduction via Spread Spectrum in DC/DC Converters: State of the Art, Optimization, and Tradeoffs.

Fabio Pareschi==Riccardo Rovatti==Gianluca Setti==

SFTopk: Secure Functional Top-k Query via Untrusted Data Storage.

Yao-Tung Tsou==Yung-Li Hu==Yennun Huang==Sy-Yen Kuo==

Five Decades of Hierarchical Modulation and Its Benefits in Relay-Aided Networking.

Hua Sun==Chen Dong==Soon Xin Ng==Lajos Hanzo==

Fairness-Aware Non-Orthogonal Multi-User Access With Discrete Hierarchical Modulation for 5G Cellular Relay Networks.

Megumi Kaneko==Hirofumi Yamaura==Youhei Kajita==Kazunori Hayashi==Hideaki Sakai==

Cross-Domain Fine-Grained Data Usage Control Service for Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks.

Jun Wu==Mianxiong Dong==Kaoru Ota==Muhammad Tariq==Longhua Guo==

Dynamic Channel Modeling for an Indoor Scenario at 23.5 GHz.

Nan Zhang==Jianwu Dou==Li Tian==Xi Yuan==Xiaoyi Yang==Suping Mei==Haiming Wang==

Video Streaming in the Multiuser Indoor Visible Light Downlink.

Junyi Jiang==Yongkai Huo==Fan Jin==Peichang Zhang==Zhaocheng Wang==Zhengyuan Xu==Harald Haas==Lajos Hanzo==

Large-Scale Spatial Distribution Identification of Base Stations in Cellular Networks.

Yifan Zhou==Zhifeng Zhao==Yves Louët==Qianlan Ying==Rongpeng Li==Xuan Zhou==Xianfu Chen==Honggang Zhang==

Tensor Voting Techniques and Applications in Mobile Trace Inference.

Erte Pan==Miao Pan==Zhu Han==

Regularized Deep Learning for Face Recognition With Weight Variations.

Shruti Nagpal==Maneet Singh==Richa Singh==Mayank Vatsa==

Architecture Harmonization Between Cloud Radio Access Networks and Fog Networks.

Shao-Chou Hung==Hsiang Hsu==Shao-Yu Lien==Kwang-Cheng Chen==

IEEE Access Special Section Editorial: Ultra-Dense Cellular Networks.

Xiaohu Ge==Vicente Casares Giner==Guoqiang Mao==Adlen Ksentini==Zhu Han==

A Markov Decision Process Approach to Dynamic Power Management in a Cluster System.

Hiroyuki Okamura==Satoshi Miyata==Tadashi Dohi==

Regularized Weighted Circular Complex-Valued Extreme Learning Machine for Imbalanced Learning.

Sanyam Shukla==Ram Narayan Yadav==

Localization Challenges for the Emergence of the Smart World.

Kaveh Pahlavan==Prashant Krishnamurthy==Yishuang Geng==

On Big Data Analytics for Greener and Softer RAN.

Chih-Lin I==Yunlu Liu==Shuangfeng Han==Sihai Wang==Guangyi Liu==

IEEE Access Special Section Editorial: Recent Advances in Software Defined Networking for 5G Networks.

Mugen Peng==Tao Huang==Y. Richard Yu==Jianli Pan==

IEEE Access Special Section Editorial: Artificial Intelligence Enabled Networking.

Junaid Qadir==Kok-Lim Alvin Yau==Muhammad Ali Imran==Qiang Ni==Athanasios V. Vasilakos==

IEEE Access Special Section Editorial: Applying Four D'S of Machine Learning to Advance Biometrics.

Mayank Vatsa==Richa Singh==Kevin W. Bowyer==

IEEE Access Special Session Editorial: Big Data Services and Computational Intelligence for Industrial Systems.

Zhangbing Zhou==Walid Gaaloul==Patrick C. K. Hung==Lei Shu==Wei Tan==

Design Flow and Characterization Methodology for Dual Mode Logic.

Viacheslav Yuzhaninov==Itamar Levi==Alexander Fish==

Revisiting HEp-2 Cell Image Classification.

Ishan Nigam==Shreyasi Agrawal==Richa Singh==Mayank Vatsa==

IEEE Access Special Section Editorial Smart Grids: a Hub of Interdisciplinary Research.

Mubashir Husain Rehmani==Melike Erol-Kantarci==Abderrezak Rachedi==Milena Radenkovic==Martin Reisslein==

IEEE Access Special Section Editorial: Bio-Compatible Devices and Bio-Electromagnetics for Bio-Medical Applications.

Ladislau Matekovits==Takamaro Kikkawa==Ildiko Peter==Karu P. Esselle==

IEEE Access Special Section Editorial: Emerging Cloud-Based Wireless Communications and Networks.

Wei Wang==Chia-Han Lee==Lin Chen==F. Richard Yu==Hsuan-Jung Su==

Offload Decision Models and the Price of Anarchy in Mobile Cloud Application Ecosystems.

Bo Gao==Ligang He==Stephen A. Jarvis==

Experimental Multipath-Cluster Characteristics of 28-GHz Propagation Channel.

Xuefeng Yin==Cen Ling==Myung Don Kim==

Correction to "MIMO Characterization on System Level of 5G Micro Base Stations Subject to Randomness in LOS".

Per-Simon Kildal==Sadegh Mansouri Moghaddam==Xiaoming Chen==Mattias Gustafsson==Zhengzhao Shen==

IEEE Access Special Section Editorial: Challenges for Smart Worlds.

Laurence T. Yang==Stephen S. Yau==Jianhua Ma==Zhangbing Zhou==Huansheng Ning==

Enhancing the Radiation Performance of a Pyramidal Horn Antenna by Loading a Subwavelength Metasurface.

Xuxiang Chen==Yuehe Ge==

SparseLoc: Indoor Localization Using Sparse Representation.

Kongyang Chen==Yue Mi==Yun Shen==Yan Hong==Ai Chen==Mingming Lu==

Caterpillar RLNC (CRLNC): A Practical Finite Sliding Window RLNC Approach.

Simon Wunderlich==Frank Gabriel==Sreekrishna Pandi==Frank H. P. Fitzek==Martin Reisslein==

Optimum Design of Wireless Power Transmission Systems in Unknown Electromagnetic Environments.

Hucheng Sun==Wen Geyi==

A Multi-Step Source Localization Method With Narrowing Velocity Interval of Cyber-Physical Systems in Buildings.

Long-jun Dong==Weiwei Shu==Guangjie Han==Xibing Li==Jian Wang==

Joint User and Relay Selection for Cooperative NOMA Networks.

Dan Deng==Lisheng Fan==Xianfu Lei==Weiqiang Tan==Dongqing Xie==

Reduced Complexity Multipath Clutter Rejection Approach for DRM-Based HF Passive Bistatic Radar.

Zhixin Zhao==Xinhua Zhou==Sihang Zhu==Sheng Hong==

A Real-Time Delay-Sensitive Communication Approach Based on Distributed Processing.

Akio Kawabata==Bijoy Chand Chatterjee==Seydou Ba==Eiji Oki==

Computational Efficient Two-Dimension DOA Estimation for Incoherently Distributed Noncircular Sources With Automatic Pairing.

Zhengliang Dai==Bin Ba==Weijia Cui==Youming Sun==

Building a Secure Scheme for a Trusted Hardware Sharing Environment.

Di Lu==Jianfeng Ma==Cong Sun==Qixuan Wu==Zhaochang Sun==Ning Xi==

Towards Achieving a Reliable Leakage Detection and Localization Algorithm for Application in Water Piping Networks: An Overview.

Kazeem B. Adedeji==Yskandar Hamam==Bolanle Tolulope Abe==Adnan M. Abu-Mahfouz==

A Novel Multi-Focus Image Fusion Method Based on Stationary Wavelet Transform and Local Features of Fuzzy Sets.

Qian Jiang==Xin Jin==Shin-Jye Lee==Shaowen Yao==

A Semi-Supervision Fault Diagnosis Method Based on Attitude Information for a Satellite.

Zhiqiang Zhang==D. Zhiyong She==A. Aihua Zhang==

Imaging of Lung Structure Using Holographic Electromagnetic Induction.

Lulu Wang==Ahmed M. Al-Jumaily==

Identifying Deviations in Software Processes.

Behjat Zuhaira==Naveed Ahmad==Tanzila Saba==Junaid Haseeb==Saif Ur Rehman Malik==Umar Manzoor==Muhammad A. Balubaid==Adeel Anjum==

A Global Clock Skew Estimation Scheme for Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Networks.

Heng Wang==Lun Shao==Min Li==Baoguo Wang==

Cutset Bounds on the Capacity of MIMO Relay Channels.

Youngmin Jeong==Dung Phuong Trinh==Hyundong Shin==

Decision Support System for Risk Assessment and Management Strategies in Distributed Software Development.

Adeel Aslam==Naveed Ahmad==Tanzila Saba==Abdulaziz S. Almazyad==Amjad Rehman==Adeel Anjum==Abid Khan==

A GPU-Accelerated Deformable Image Registration Algorithm With Applications to Right Ventricular Segmentation.

Kumaradevan Punithakumar==Pierre Boulanger==Michelle Noga==

Practical Incentive Mechanisms for IoT-Based Mobile Crowdsensing Systems.

Zhuojun Duan==Ling Tian==Mingyuan Yan==Zhipeng Cai==Qilong Han==Guisheng Yin==

Multi-Objective On-Line Optimization Approach for the DC Motor Controller Tuning Using Differential Evolution.

Miguel Gabriel Villarreal-Cervantes==Alejandro Rodriguez-Molina==Consuelo Varinia García Mendoza==Ollin Peñaloza-Mejía==Gabriel Sepúlveda-Cervantes==

Cyber-Physical Production System Gateway Based on a Programmable SoC Platform.

Marcelo Urbina==Armando Astarloa==Jesús Lázaro==Unai Bidarte==Igor Villalta==Mikel Rodriguez==

Digital Twin Shop-Floor: A New Shop-Floor Paradigm Towards Smart Manufacturing.

Fei Tao==Meng Zhang==

Key-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption With Equality Test in Cloud Computing.

Huijun Zhu==Licheng Wang==Haseeb Ahmad==Xinxin Niu==

Analysis and Optimization of Power MOSFETs Shaped Switching Transients for Reduced EMI Generation.

Tongkai Cui==Qishuang Ma==Ping Xu==Yuchen Wang==

Predicting Drug Side Effects Using Data Analytics and the Integration of Multiple Data Sources.

Wei-Po Lee==Jhih-Yuan Huang==Hsuan-Hao Chang==King-Teh Lee==Chao-Ti Lai==

Improving Presentation Attack Detection in Dynamic Handwritten Signature Biometrics.

Raul Sánchez-Reillo==Helga C. Quiros-Sandoval==Ines Goicoechea-Telleria==Wendy Ponce-Hernandez==

Microfluidically Frequency-Reconfigurable Microstrip Patch Antenna and Array.

Hui Tang==Jian-Xin Chen==

PACE: Redundancy Engineering in RLNC for Low-Latency Communication.

Sreekrishna Pandi==Frank Gabriel==Juan A. Cabrera G.==Simon Wunderlich==Martin Reisslein==Frank H. P. Fitzek==

Improved Fault Ride Through Capability in DFIG Based Wind Turbines Using Dynamic Voltage Restorer With Combined Feed-Forward and Feed-Back Control.

Rini Ann Jerin Amalorpavaraj==Palanisamy Kaliannan==Sanjeevikumar Padmanaban==Umashankar Subramaniam==Vigna K. Ramachandaramurthy==

Sliding Mode Regulator for the Perturbations Attenuation in Two Tank Plants.

José de Jesús Rubio==Ezequiel Soriano==Cesar Felipe Juarez==Jaime Pacheco==

Retrieval of TV Talk-Show Speakers by Associating Audio Transcript to Visual Clusters.

Yina Han==Shanghuan Song==Weikang Zhao==

Dynamic Network Model for Smart City Data-Loss Resilience Case Study: City-to-City Network for Crime Analytics.

Olivera Kotevska==A. Gilad Kusne==Daniel V. Samarov==Ahmed Lbath==Abdella Battou==

Modeling Unreliable Operation of mmWave-Based Data Sessions in Mission-Critical PPDR Services.

Aleksandr Ometov==Eduard Sopin==Irina Gudkova==Sergey Andreev==Yuliya V. Gaidamaka==Yevgeni Koucheryavy==

Transient Energy Efficiency Analysis of Field Oriented Induction Machines.

Siby Jose Plathottam==Hossein Salehfar==

Narrow Band Internet of Things.

Min Chen==Yiming Miao==Yixue Hao==Kai Hwang==

Precoding Design for Multiuser MIMO Downlink Communication Systems Using an LQ-Based Cascade GSIC Algorithm.

Juinn-Horng Deng==Kuang-Min Lin==Meng-Lin Ku==

Data Mining and Analytics in the Process Industry: The Role of Machine Learning.

Zhiqiang Ge==Zhihuan Song==Steven X. Ding==Biao Huang==

A Pattern-Based Approach for Multi-Class Sentiment Analysis in Twitter.

Mondher Bouazizi==Tomoaki Ohtsuki==

On Practical Issues of Electric Network Frequency Based Audio Forensics.

Guang Hua==Guoan Bi==Vrizlynn L. L. Thing==

Virtualization of the Encryption Card for Trust Access in Cloud Computing.

Deliang Xu==Cai Fu==Guohui Li==Deqing Zou==Honghao Zhang==Xiao-Yang Liu==

Rapid Modeling of Chinese Huizhou Traditional Vernacular Houses.

Shanglin Li==Lin Li==Mingwei Cao==Li Cao==Wei Jia==Xiaoping Liu==

QoE-Based Analysis of DASH Streaming Parameters Over Mobile Broadcast Networks.

Carlos M. Lentisco==Luis Bellido==Juan Quemada Vives==Encarna Pastor==José L. Arciniegas H.==

Effective Interference Nulling Virtual MIMO Broadcasting Transceiver for Multiple Relaying.

Beom Kwon==Sanghoon Lee==

Robust Topological Navigation via Convolutional Neural Network Feature and Sharpness Measure.

Jiayi Ma==Ji Zhao==

Situation Awareness in Ambient Assisted Living for Smart Healthcare.

Mashail N. Alkhomsan==M. Anwar Hossain==Sk. Md. Mizanur Rahman==Mehedi Masud==

Optimized Full-Duplex MIMO DF Relaying With Limited Dynamic Range.

Hong Shen==Cichong Liu==Wei Xu==Chunming Zhao==

Applications of Lasers for Tactical Military Operations.

Hemani Kaushal==Georges Kaddoum==

Design of the Collector of a Solar Dish-Stirling System: A Case Study.

Ehsan Gholamalizadeh==Jae Dong Chung==

Buffer-Aware Resource Allocation Scheme With Energy Efficiency and QoS Effectiveness in Wireless Body Area Networks.

Zhiqiang Liu==Bin Liu==Chang Wen Chen==

Patch-Related Vulnerability Detection Based on Symbolic Execution.

Weizhong Qiang==Yuehua Liao==Guozhong Sun==Laurence T. Yang==Deqing Zou==Hai Jin==

G-AETCAM: Gate-Based Area-Efficient Ternary Content-Addressable Memory on FPGA.

Muhammad Irfan==Zahid Ullah==

Adaptive-ID Secure Identity-Based Signature Scheme from Lattices in the Standard Model.

Zecheng Wang==Xuemin Chen==Pingshui Wang==

LTE for Public Safety Networks: Synchronization in the Presence of Jamming.

Amr El-Keyi==Oktay Ureten==Halim Yanikomeroglu==Trevor Yensen==

A Framework for Joint Wireless Network Virtualization and Cloud Radio Access Networks for Next Generation Wireless Networks.

Mohamad Kalil==Arafat J. Al-Dweik==Mohamed Abu Sharkh==Abdallah Shami==Ahmed Refaey==

Spatial Variation Analysis for Measured Indoor Massive MIMO Channels.

Qi Wang==Bo Ai==David W. Matolak==Ruisi He==Ke Guan==Zhangdui Zhong==Dapeng Li==

A Tractable Multi-RATs Offloading Scheme on D2D Communications.

Chunpeng Liu==Chenguang He==Weixiao Meng==

Incremental and Decremental Extreme Learning Machine Based on Generalized Inverse.

Bo Jin==Zhongliang Jing==Haitao Zhao==

A Distributed TDMA Scheduling Algorithm Based on Exponential Backoff Rule and Energy-Topology Factor in Internet of Things.

Yiping Li==Xiaotong Zhang==Tie Qiu==Jun Zeng==Pengfei Hu==

Low-Complexity High-Performance Low-Density Parity-Check Encoder Design for China Digital Radio Standard.

Dongying Chen==Pingping Chen==Yi Fang==

Analysis of Graphene-Based Microstrip Structures.

Hossein Hatefi Ardakani==Ali Mehrdadian==Keyvan Forooraghi==

Knowledge Graph Embedding by Dynamic Translation.

Liang Chang==Manli Zhu==Tianlong Gu==Chenzhong Bin==Junyan Qian==Ji Zhang==

Dynamic Cloudlet-Assisted Energy-Saving Routing Mechanism for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.

Jirui Li==Xiaoyong Li==Yunquan Gao==Yali Gao==Rui Zhang==

Region-Based Relaxed Multiple Kernel Collaborative Representation for Hyperspectral Image Classification.

Jianjun Liu==Zebin Wu==Zhiyong Xiao==Jinlong Yang==

Optimizing Lifespan and Energy Consumption by Smart Meters in Green-Cloud-Based Smart Grids.

Isma Farah Siddiqui==Scott Uk-Jin Lee==Asad Abbas==Ali Kashif Bashir==

Role of Self-Heating and Polarization in AlGaN/GaN-Based Heterostructures.

Khaled Ahmeda==Brendan Ubochi==Brahim Benbakhti==Steven J. Duffy==Ali Soltani==Wei Dong Zhang==Karol Kalna==

Event Detection and User Interest Discovering in Social Media Data Streams.

Lei-Lei Shi==Lu Liu==Yan Wu==Liang Jiang==James Hardy==

A Flexible FPGA-Based Quasi-Cyclic LDPC Decoder.

Peter Hailes==Lei Xu==Robert G. Maunder==Bashir M. Al-Hashimi==Lajos Hanzo==

Robust Adaptive Fusion Tracking Based on Complex Cells and Keypoints.

Sixian Chan==Xiaolong Zhou==Shengyong Chen==

An End-to-End Multi-Standard OFDM Transceiver Architecture Using FPGA Partial Reconfiguration.

Thinh H. Pham==Suhaib A. Fahmy==Ian Vince McLoughlin==

Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation for OFDMA-PONs Using Hidden Markov Model.

Wansu Lim==Pandelis Kourtessis==John M. Senior==Yongsoo Na==Yazan Allawi==Seong-Bae Jeon==Hae Chung==

Tri-Branch Vein Structure Assisted Finger Vein Recognition.

Lu Yang==Gongping Yang==Xiaoming Xi==Xianjing Meng==Chunyun Zhang==Yilong Yin==

Non-Autonomous Second-Order Memristive Chaotic Circuit.

Quan Xu==Qinling Zhang==Bocheng Bao==Yihua Hu==

Network Security Situation Awareness Based on Semantic Ontology and User-Defined Rules for Internet of Things.

Guangquan Xu==Yan Cao==Yuanyuan Ren==Xiaohong Li==Zhiyong Feng==

Improve the Security of GNSS Receivers Through Spoofing Mitigation.

Shuai Han==Lei Chen==Weixiao Meng==Cheng Li==

Compact Single-Layer RFID Tag Antenna Tolerant to Background Materials.

Hui Li==Jiajia Zhu==Yufeng Yu==

Pre-Alarm System Based on Real-Time Monitoring and Numerical Simulation Using Internet of Things and Cloud Computing for Tailings Dam in Mines.

Long-jun Dong==Weiwei Shu==Daoyuan Sun==Xibing Li==Lingyun Zhang==

Audio-Visual Multimedia Quality Assessment: A Comprehensive Survey.

Zahid Akhtar==Tiago H. Falk==

A Compact UHF Antenna Based on Complementary Fractal Technique.

Feng Wang==Feng Bin==Qiuqin Sun==Jingmin Fan==Huisheng Ye==

Battery Management in a Green Fog-Computing Node: a Reinforcement-Learning Approach.

Stefania Conti==Giuseppe Faraci==Rosario Nicolosi==Santi Agatino Rizzo==Giovanni Schembra==

Complex Hadamard Matrix-Aided Generalized Space Shift Keying Modulation.

Han Hai==Xue-Qin Jiang==Wei Duan==Jun Li==Moon Ho Lee==Yongchae Jeong==

A 2.4/5.2-GHz Concurrent Dual-Band CMOS Low Noise Amplifier.

Sami Sattar==Tun Zainal Azni Zulkifli==

Human Action Recognition Using Adaptive Local Motion Descriptor in Spark.

Md Azher Uddin==Joolekha Bibi Joolee==Aftab Alam==Young-Koo Lee==

Zero-Padded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing with Index Modulation Using Multiple Constellation Alphabets.

Tianqi Mao==Qi Wang==Jinguo Quan==Zhaocheng Wang==

Extended Understanding of Dyadic Friendship Using Fuzzy Measures: a Simulation Approach.

Shrey Anand==Ishank Sharma==Rinkaj Goyal==

Speech Denoising Using Transform Domains in the Presence of Impulsive and Gaussian Noises.

Hongqing Liu==Ruibo Zhang==Yi Zhou==Xiaorong Jing==Trieu-Kien Truong==