adcm - Volume 43

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adcm - Volume 43 - Number 6 - December 2017
Fixed point algorithm based on adapted metric method for convex minimization problem with application to image deblurring.

Dai-Qiang Chen==Yan Zhou==Li-Juan Song==

Unconditional convergence and optimal error estimates of the Euler semi-implicit scheme for a generalized nonlinear Schrödinger equation.

Wentao Cai==Jian Li==Zhangxin Chen==

Convergence analysis of a minimax method for finding multiple solutions of hemivariational inequality in Hilbert space.

Xudong Yao==

Asymptotically compatible schemes for the approximation of fractional Laplacian and related nonlocal diffusion problems on bounded domains.

Xiaochuan Tian==Qiang Du==Max Gunzburger==

One condition for solution uniqueness and robustness of both l1-synthesis and l1-analysis minimizations.

Hui Zhang==Ming Yan==Wotao Yin==

A comparison of Rosenbrock and ESDIRK methods combined with iterative solvers for unsteady compressible flows.

David Blom==Philipp Birken==Hester Bijl==Fleur Kessels==Andreas Meister==Alexander van Zuijlen==

Bell-shaped nonstationary refinable ripplets.

Francesca Pitolli==

Superconvergence of three dimensional Morley elements on cuboid meshes for biharmonic equations.

Jun Hu==Zhongci Shi==Xueqin Yang==

A weak Galerkin finite element method for the Oseen equations.

Xin Liu==Jian Li==Zhangxin Chen==

Variational Laplacians for semidiscrete surfaces.

Wolfgang Carl==Johannes Wallner==

Implicit Euler simulation of one-dimensional Burridge-Knopoff model of earthquakes with set-valued friction laws.

Xiaogang Xiong==Ryo Kikuuwe==Motoji Yamamoto==

An efficient two-step algorithm for the incompressible flow problem.

Pengzhan Huang==Xinlong Feng==Yinnian He==

Numerical reconstruction of convex polytopes from directional moments.

Mathieu Collowald==Annie A. M. Cuyt==Evelyne Hubert==Wen-shin Lee==Oliver Salazar Celis==

Pairs of dual Gabor frames generated by functions of Hilbert-Schmidt type.

Lasse Hjuler Christiansen==

Computing and analyzing recoverable supports for sparse reconstruction.

Christian Kruschel==Dirk A. Lorenz==

Software concepts and numerical algorithms for a scalable adaptive parallel finite element method.

Thomas Witkowski==Sigi Ling==Simon Praetorius==Axel Voigt==

Electromagnetic inverse shape problem for coated obstacles.

Nicolas Chaulet==Houssem Haddar==

adcm - Volume 43 - Number 5 - October 2017
Algebraic-Trigonometric Pythagorean-Hodograph curves and their use for Hermite interpolation.

Lucia Romani==Laura Saini==Gudrun Albrecht==

Optimal frame completions.

Pedro G. Massey==Mariano A. Ruiz==Demetrio Stojanoff==

On a two-grid finite element scheme for the equations of motion arising in Kelvin-Voigt model.

Saumya Bajpai==Neela Nataraj==Amiya Kumar Pani==

The Fourier approximation of smooth but non-periodic functions from unevenly spaced data.

M. Lyon==J. Picard==

An adaptive residual local projection finite element method for the Navier-Stokes equations.

Rodolfo Araya==Abner H. Poza==Frédéric Valentin==

A Nyström method for the two dimensional Helmholtz hypersingular equation.

Víctor Domínguez==Sijiang L. Lu==Francisco-Javier Sayas==

An algorithm for fast Hilbert transform of real functions.

Roberto Bilato==Omar Maj==Marco Brambilla==

On spherical harmonics based numerical quadrature over the surface of a sphere.

Bengt Fornberg==Jordan M. Martel==

adcm - Volume 43 - Number 4 - August 2017
Special Issue on 'Time series clustering'.

Hans-Hermann Bock==

Panel data analysis: a survey on model-based clustering of time series.

Sylvia Frühwirth-Schnatter==

Model-based clustering of time series in group-specific functional subspaces.

Charles Bouveyron==Julien Jacques==

Model-based clustering and segmentation of time series with changes in regime.

Allou Samé==Faicel Chamroukhi==Gérard Govaert==Patrice Aknin==

A tail dependence-based dissimilarity measure for financial time series clustering.

Giovanni De Luca==Paola Zuccolotto==

Frame potential minimization for clustering short time series.

Tobias Springer==Katja Ickstadt==Joachim Stöckler==

Gibbs phenomenon removal by adding Heaviside functions.

Kyung Soo Rim==Beong In Yun==

On the evaluation of rational triangular Bézier surfaces and the optimal stability of the basis.

Jorge Delgado==Juan Manuel Peña==

Conditional quantiles with varying Gaussians.

Dao-Hong Xiang==

Edge detection from truncated Fourier data using spectral mollifiers.

Douglas Cochran==Anne Gelb==Yang Wang==

Super Gabor frames on discrete periodic sets.

Yun-Zhang Li==Qiao-Fang Lian==

A PDE based and interpolation-free framework for modeling the sifting process in a continuous domain.

El-Hadji Samba Diop==Radjesvarane Alexandre==Valérie Perrier==

Splitting and linearizing augmented Lagrangian algorithm for subspace recovery from corrupted observations.

Yunhai Xiao==Soon-Yi Wu==Dong-Hui Li==

Modified parallel multisplitting iterative methods for non-Hermitian positive definite systems.

Chuan-Long Wang==Guo-Yan Meng==Xuerong Yong==

L p error estimates for approximation by Sobolev splines and Wendland functions on ℝ d.

John Paul Ward==

Reproducing kernels of Sobolev spaces via a green kernel approach with differential operators and boundary operators.

Gregory E. Fasshauer==Qi Ye==

A general framework for the construction of piecewise-polynomial local interpolants of minimum degree.

Michele Antonelli==Carolina Vittoria Beccari==Giulio Casciola==

adcm - Volume 43 - Number 3 - June 2017

Hans-Hermann Bock==Wolfgang Gaul==Akinori Okada==Maurizio Vichi==

Correcting Jaccard and other similarity indices for chance agreement in cluster analysis.

Ahmed Albatineh==Magdalena Niewiadomska-Bugaj==

Linear dimension reduction in classification: adaptive procedure for optimum results.

Karsten Luebke==Claus Weihs==

Consensus of partitions : a constructive approach.

Alain Guénoche==

Multiple imputation in principal component analysis.

Julie Josse==Jérôme Pagès==François Husson==

Bessel multiwavelet sequences and dual multiframelets in Sobolev spaces.

Youfa Li==Shouzhi Yang==Dehui Yuan==

Refinable functions for dilation families.

Philipp Grohs==

A block hybrid method for solving generalized equilibrium problems and convex feasibility problem.

Shih-sen Chang==H. W. Joseph Lee==Chi Kin Chan==

The construction of wavelets adapted to compact domains.

Dale W. Struble==

On an asymptotic analysis of polynomial approximation to halfband filters.

Charles A. Micchelli==Jianzhong Wang==Yi Wang==

On computing with the Hilbert spline transform.

Charles A. Micchelli==Yuesheng Xu==Bo Yu==

Exponential polynomial reproducing property of non-stationary symmetric subdivision schemes and normalized exponential B-splines.

Byeongseon Jeong==Hong Oh Kim==Yeon Ju Lee==Jungho Yoon==

A splitting algorithm for dual monotone inclusions involving cocoercive operators.

Bang Công Vu==