adt - Volume 69

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adt - Volume 69 - Numbers 11-12 - December 2014
Efficient and provable secure scheme for delegation of signing rights between the groups.

Rajeev Anand Sahu==Sahadeo Padhye==Navaneet Ojha==

Performance analysis of semi-blind two-way AF relaying over generalized-k fading channels.

Wided Hadj Alouane==Noureddine Hamdi==

Strongly secure certificateless key-insulated signature secure in the standard model.

Yanan Chen==Weixiang Xu==Hu Xiong==

Conversion from mono-axial to isotropic measurements for assessing human exposure to electromagnetic fields of GSM/DCS/UMTS base stations.

Mladen Koprivica==Aleksandar Neskovic==Natasa Neskovic==

Performance of adaptive modulation with optimal switching thresholds for distributed antenna system in composite channels.

Binbin Wu==Xiangbin Yu==Ying Wang==Wenting Tan==Ming Chen==

A novel hybrid prediction algorithm to network traffic.

Dingde Jiang==Zhengzheng Xu==Hongwei Xu==

STABYLO: steganography with adaptive, Bbs, and binary embedding at low cost.

Jean-François Couchot==Raphaël Couturier==Christophe Guyeux==

Proportional fair scheduling with superposition coding in a cellular cooperative relay system - Invited paper.

Megumi Kaneko==Kazunori Hayashi==Petar Popovski==Hideaki Sakai==

Link failure and congestion-aware reliable data delivery mechanism for mobile ad hoc networks.

Manowarul Islam==Md. Abdur Razzaque==Mahfuzur Rahman Bosunia==Atif Alamri==Mohammad Mehedi Hassan==

Residual resources aware distributed admission control mechanism in mobile multi-hop network.

Dapeng Wu==Puning Zhang==Ruyan Wang==

WCDMA uplink capacity of high-altitude platforms (HAPs) macrocells with incorporated HSUPA service.

Bazil Taha Ahmed==Enrique Rebollo García==

adt - Volume 69 - Numbers 9-10 - October 2014
Congestion dispersion in device-to-device discovery for proximity-based services.

Sueng Jae Bae==Jaheon Gu==Syed Faraz Hasan==Min Young Chung==

Elasticity in cloud computing: a survey.

Emanuel Ferreira Coutinho==Flávio Rubens de Carvalho Sousa==Paulo Antonio Leal Rego==Danielo Goncalves Gomes==José Neuman de Souza==

Uplink spectrum resource allocation in heterogeneous networks (small cell/macrocell).

Mncedisi Bembe==Jeongchan Kim==Martin Mhlanga==Jae Jeung Rho==Youngnam Han==

Multimedia content delivery trigger in a mobile network to reduce the peak load.

Eduardo Andrès Celis Muñoz==Fabrice Le Denmat==Arnaud Morin==Xavier Lagrange==

Internet capacity: optimizing autonomous system inbound traffic using specialist knowledge as support for decision-making.

Marcio A. de Deus==Paulo H. P. Carvalho==Joao Paulo Leite==

Interference and SINR coverage in spatial non-slotted Aloha networks.

Bartlomiej Blaszczyszyn==Paul Mühlethaler==

Priority levels based multi-hop broadcasting method for vehicular ad hoc networks.

Wahabou Abdou==Benoît Darties==Nader Mbarek==

adt - Volume 69 - Numbers 7-8 - August 2014
DWT-IDWT-based MB-OFDM UWB with digital down converter and digital up converter for power line communication in the frequency band of 50 to 578 MHz.

Kalaivani Ramanathan==N. J. R. Muniraj==

Joint cumulant estimate correction and decision for cooperative modulation classification by using multiple sensors.

Goran B. Markovic==Miroslav L. Dukic==

A maximally radio-disjoint geographic multipath routing protocol for MANET.

Ping Dong==Huanyan Qian==Kai Zhou==Weidi Lu==Shaohua Lan==

Joint distributions for total lengths of shortest-path trees in telecommunication networks.

David Neuhäuser==Christian Hirsch==Catherine Gloaguen==Volker Schmidt==

A d-dimensional irregular compact interleaver design for turbo code.

Sefouane Chellali==Fatima Chouireb==

A user-centric game selection model based on user preferences for the selection of the best heterogeneous wireless network.

Yass K. Salih==Ong Hang See==Rabha W. Ibrahim==Salman Yussof==Azlan Iqbal==

Availability analysis of shared backup path protection under multiple-link failure scenario in WDM networks.

Mohamed Mostafa A. Azim==Muhammad Nomani Kabir==

WLAN planning: Separate and joint optimization of both access point placement and channel assignment.

Abdelhak Farsi==Nadjib Achir==Khaled Boussetta==

adt - Volume 69 - Numbers 5-6 - June 2014
Special issue on formal active and passive testing of distributed and networked systems.

Ana R. Cavalli==Teruo Higashino==Manuel Núñez==

A survey on formal active and passive testing with applications to the cloud.

Ana R. Cavalli==Teruo Higashino==Manuel Núñez==

Testing trust properties using a formal distributed network monitoring approach.

Xiaoping Che==Jorge López==Stéphane Maag==Gerardo Morales==

Integration testing of communicating systems with unknown components.

Roland Groz==Keqin Li==Alexandre Petrenko==

A methodology for validating cloud models using metamorphic testing.

Alberto Nuñez==Robert M. Hierons==

Class mutation operators for C++ object-oriented systems.

Pedro Delgado-Pérez==Inmaculada Medina-Bulo==Juan José Domínguez-Jiménez==Antonio García-Domínguez==Francisco Palomo-Lozano==

Tomofanout: a novel approach for large-scale IP traffic matrix estimation with excellent accuracy.

Liansheng Tan==Haifeng Zhou==

A cross-layer MAC and routing protocol based on slotted aloha for wireless sensor networks.

David Espes==Xavier Lagrange==Luis Suárez==

Static hybrid multihop relaying and two hops hybrid relaying using DSTC.

Sami Touati==Hatem Boujemaa==Nazha Abed==

adt - Volume 69 - Numbers 1-2 - February 2014
Fixed point algorithm based on adapted metric method for convex minimization problem with application to image deblurring.

Dai-Qiang Chen==Yan Zhou==Li-Juan Song==

Unconditional convergence and optimal error estimates of the Euler semi-implicit scheme for a generalized nonlinear Schrödinger equation.

Wentao Cai==Jian Li==Zhangxin Chen==

Convergence analysis of a minimax method for finding multiple solutions of hemivariational inequality in Hilbert space.

Xudong Yao==

Asymptotically compatible schemes for the approximation of fractional Laplacian and related nonlocal diffusion problems on bounded domains.

Xiaochuan Tian==Qiang Du==Max Gunzburger==

One condition for solution uniqueness and robustness of both l1-synthesis and l1-analysis minimizations.

Hui Zhang==Ming Yan==Wotao Yin==

A comparison of Rosenbrock and ESDIRK methods combined with iterative solvers for unsteady compressible flows.

David Blom==Philipp Birken==Hester Bijl==Fleur Kessels==Andreas Meister==Alexander van Zuijlen==

Bell-shaped nonstationary refinable ripplets.

Francesca Pitolli==

Superconvergence of three dimensional Morley elements on cuboid meshes for biharmonic equations.

Jun Hu==Zhongci Shi==Xueqin Yang==

A weak Galerkin finite element method for the Oseen equations.

Xin Liu==Jian Li==Zhangxin Chen==

Variational Laplacians for semidiscrete surfaces.

Wolfgang Carl==Johannes Wallner==

Implicit Euler simulation of one-dimensional Burridge-Knopoff model of earthquakes with set-valued friction laws.

Xiaogang Xiong==Ryo Kikuuwe==Motoji Yamamoto==

An efficient two-step algorithm for the incompressible flow problem.

Pengzhan Huang==Xinlong Feng==Yinnian He==

Numerical reconstruction of convex polytopes from directional moments.

Mathieu Collowald==Annie A. M. Cuyt==Evelyne Hubert==Wen-shin Lee==Oliver Salazar Celis==

Pairs of dual Gabor frames generated by functions of Hilbert-Schmidt type.

Lasse Hjuler Christiansen==

Computing and analyzing recoverable supports for sparse reconstruction.

Christian Kruschel==Dirk A. Lorenz==

Software concepts and numerical algorithms for a scalable adaptive parallel finite element method.

Thomas Witkowski==Sigi Ling==Simon Praetorius==Axel Voigt==

Electromagnetic inverse shape problem for coated obstacles.

Nicolas Chaulet==Houssem Haddar==