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Proceedings of the Eleventh ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Chicago, Illinois, USA, August 21-24, 2005.
Incentive networks.

Prabhakar Raghavan

Mining the internet: the eighth wonder of the world.

Gian Fulgoni

The architecture of complexity: the structure and the dynamics of networks, from the web to the cell.

Albert-László Barabási

A Bayesian network classifier with inverse tree structure for voxelwise magnetic resonance image analysis.

Rong Chen, Edward Herskovits

Variable latent semantic indexing.

Anirban Dasgupta, Ravi Kumar, Prabhakar Raghavan, Andrew Tomkins

Mining images on semantics via statistical learning.

Jianping Fan, Hangzai Luo, Mohand-Said Hacid

Rule extraction from linear support vector machines.

Glenn Fung, Sathyakama Sandilya, R. Bharat Rao

Consistent bipartite graph co-partitioning for star-structured high-order heterogeneous data co-clustering.

Bin Gao, Tie-Yan Liu, Xin Zheng, QianSheng Cheng, Wei-Ying Ma

Dimension induced clustering.

Aristides Gionis, Alexander Hinneburg, Spiros Papadimitriou, Panayiotis Tsaparas

Mining tree queries in a graph.

Bart Goethals, Eveline Hoekx, Jan Van den Bussche

Non-redundant clustering with conditional ensembles.

David Gondek, Thomas Hofmann

The predictive power of online chatter.

Daniel Gruhl, Ramanathan V. Guha, Ravi Kumar, Jasmine Novak, Andrew Tomkins

Wavelet synopsis for data streams: minimizing non-euclidean error.

Sudipto Guha, Boulos Harb

Combining email models for false positive reduction.

Shlomo Hershkop, Salvatore J. Stolfo

Nomograms for visualizing support vector machines.

Aleks Jakulin, Martin Mozina, Janez Demsar, Ivan Bratko, Blaz Zupan

Fast discovery of unexpected patterns in data, relative to a Bayesian network.

Szymon Jaroszewicz, Tobias Scheffer

Local sparsity control for naive Bayes with extreme misclassification costs.

Aleksander Kolcz

A multiple tree algorithm for the efficient association of asteroid observations.

Jeremy Kubica, Andrew W. Moore, Andrew J. Connolly, Robert Jedicke

Combining partitions by probabilistic label aggregation.

Tilman Lange, Joachim M. Buhmann

Feature bagging for outlier detection.

Aleksandar Lazarevic, Vipin Kumar

Simple and effective visual models for gene expression cancer diagnostics.

Gregor Leban, Minca Mramor, Ivan Bratko, Blaz Zupan

Graphs over time: densification laws, shrinking diameters and possible explanations.

Jure Leskovec, Jon M. Kleinberg, Christos Faloutsos

A general model for clustering binary data.

Tao Li

Discovering evolutionary theme patterns from text: an exploration of temporal text mining.

Qiaozhu Mei, ChengXiang Zhai

A distributed learning framework for heterogeneous data sources.

Srujana Merugu, Joydeep Ghosh

Detection of emerging space-time clusters.

Daniel B. Neill, Andrew W. Moore, Maheshkumar Sabhnani, Kenny Daniel

On mining cross-graph quasi-cliques.

Jian Pei, Daxin Jiang, Aidong Zhang

Query chains: learning to rank from implicit feedback.

Filip Radlinski, Thorsten Joachims

Robust boosting and its relation to bagging.

Saharon Rosset

On the use of linear programming for unsupervised text classification.

Mark Sandler

Sampling-based sequential subgroup mining.

Martin Scholz

Probabilistic workflow mining.

Ricardo Bezerra de Andrade e Silva, Jiji Zhang, James G. Shanahan

Finding partial orders from unordered 0-1 data.

Antti Ukkonen, Mikael Fortelius, Heikki Mannila

Web object indexing using domain knowledge.

Muyuan Wang, Zhiwei Li, Lie Lu, Wei-Ying Ma, Naiyao Zhang

Improving discriminative sequential learning with rare--but--important associations.

Xuan Hieu Phan, Minh Le Nguyen, Tu Bao Ho, Susumu Horiguchi

Summarizing itemset patterns: a profile-based approach.

Xifeng Yan, Hong Cheng, Jiawei Han, Dong Xin

Mining closed relational graphs with connectivity constraints.

Xifeng Yan, Xianghong Jasmine Zhou, Jiawei Han

Anonymity-preserving data collection.

Zhiqiang Yang, Sheng Zhong, Rebecca N. Wright

Cross-relational clustering with user's guidance.

Xiaoxin Yin, Jiawei Han, Philip S. Yu

SVM selective sampling for ranking with application to data retrieval.

Hwanjo Yu

Reasoning about sets using redescription mining.

Mohammed Javeed Zaki, Naren Ramakrishnan

A new scheme on privacy-preserving data classification.

Nan Zhang, Shengquan Wang, Wei Zhao

Streaming feature selection using alpha-investing.

Jing Zhou, Dean P. Foster, Robert A. Stine, Lyle H. Ungar

Finding similar files in large document repositories.

George Forman, Kave Eshghi, Stephane Chiocchetti

An approach to spacecraft anomaly detection problem using kernel feature space.

Ryohei Fujimaki, Takehisa Yairi, Kazuo Machida

Price prediction and insurance for online auctions.

Rayid Ghani

Deriving marketing intelligence from online discussion.

Natalie S. Glance, Matthew Hurst, Kamal Nigam, Matthew Siegler, Robert Stockton, Takashi Tomokiyo

Making holistic schema matching robust: an ensemble approach.

Bin He, Kevin Chen-Chuan Chang

Using retrieval measures to assess similarity in mining dynamic web clickstreams.

Olfa Nasraoui, Cesar Cardona, Carlos Rojas

Using relational knowledge discovery to prevent securities fraud.

Jennifer Neville, Özgür Simsek, David D. Jensen, John Komoroske, Kelly Palmer, Henry G. Goldberg

A hit-miss model for duplicate detection in the WHO drug safety database.

G. Niklas Norén, Roland Orre, Andrew Bate

Predicting the product purchase patterns of corporate customers.

Bhavani Raskutti, Alan Herschtal

Modeling and predicting personal information dissemination behavior.

Xiaodan Song, Ching-Yung Lin, Belle L. Tseng, Ming-Ting Sun

Email data cleaning.

Jie Tang, Hang Li, Yunbo Cao, ZhaoHui Tang

Dynamic syslog mining for network failure monitoring.

Kenji Yamanishi, Yuko Maruyama

Enhancing the lift under budget constraints: an application in the mutual fund industry.

Lian Yan, Michael Fassino, Patrick Baldasare

Learning to predict train wheel failures.

Chunsheng Yang, Sylvain Létourneau

Towards exploratory test instance specific algorithms for high dimensional classification.

Charu C. Aggarwal

Model-based overlapping clustering.

Arindam Banerjee, Chase Krumpelman, Joydeep Ghosh, Sugato Basu, Raymond J. Mooney

Integration of profile hidden Markov model output into association rule mining.

Christopher Besemann, Anne Denton

Scalable discovery of hidden emails from large folders.

Giuseppe Carenini, Raymond T. Ng, Xiaodong Zhou

Web mining from competitors' websites.

Xin Chen, Yi-fang Brook Wu

LIPED: HMM-based life profiles for adaptive event detection.

Chien Chin Chen, Meng Chang Chen, Ming-Syan Chen

Parallel mining of closed sequential patterns.

Shengnan Cong, Jiawei Han, David A. Padua

Creating social networks to improve peer-to-peer networking.

Andrew S. Fast, David D. Jensen, Brian Neil Levine

Unweaving a web of documents.

Ramanathan V. Guha, Ravi Kumar, D. Sivakumar, Ravi Sundaram

Maximal boasting.

Cinda Heeren, Leonard Pitt

Application of kernels to link analysis.

Takahiko Ito, Masashi Shimbo, Taku Kudo, Yuji Matsumoto

Privacy-preserving distributed k-means clustering over arbitrarily partitioned data.

Geetha Jagannathan, Rebecca N. Wright

Simultaneous optimization of complex mining tasks with a knowledgeable cache.

Ruoming Jin, Kaushik Sinha, Gagan Agrawal

Discovering frequent topological structures from graph datasets.

Ruoming Jin, Chao Wang, Dmitrii Polshakov, Srinivasan Parthasarathy, Gagan Agrawal

A maximum entropy web recommendation system: combining collaborative and content features.

Xin Jin, Yanzan Zhou, Bamshad Mobasher

Information retrieval based on collaborative filtering with latent interest semantic map.

Noriaki Kawamae, Katsumi Takahashi

Determining an author's native language by mining a text for errors.

Moshe Koppel, Jonathan Schler, Kfir Zigdon

A fast kernel-based multilevel algorithm for graph clustering.

Inderjit S. Dhillon, Yuqiang Guan, Brian Kulis

Co-clustering by block value decomposition.

Bo Long, Zhongfei (Mark) Zhang, Philip S. Yu

Adversarial learning.

Daniel Lowd, Christopher Meek

Estimating missed actual positives using independent classifiers.

Sandeep Mane, Jaideep Srivastava, San-Yih Hwang

Efficient computations via scalable sparse kernel partial least squares and boosted latent features.

Michinari Momma

Optimizing time series discretization for knowledge discovery.

Fabian Mörchen, Alfred Ultsch

Key semantics extraction by dependency tree mining.

Satoshi Morinaga, Hiroki Arimura, Takahiro Ikeda, Yosuke Sakao, Susumu Akamine

Density-based clustering of uncertain data.

Hans-Peter Kriegel, Martin Pfeifle

Evaluating similarity measures: a large-scale study in the orkut social network.

Ellen Spertus, Mehran Sahami, Orkut Buyukkokten

A hybrid unsupervised approach for document clustering.

Mihai Surdeanu, Jordi Turmo, Alicia Ageno

Mining comparable bilingual text corpora for cross-language information integration.

Tao Tao, ChengXiang Zhai

Regression error characteristic surfaces.

Luís Torgo

Formulating distance functions via the kernel trick.

Gang Wu, Edward Y. Chang, Navneet Panda

Combining proactive and reactive predictions for data streams.

Ying Yang, Xindong Wu, Xingquan Zhu

A generalized framework for mining spatio-temporal patterns in scientific data.

Hui Yang, Srinivasan Parthasarathy, Sameep Mehta

Building connected neighborhood graphs for isometric data embedding.

Li Yang

Pattern lattice traversal by selective jumps.

Osmar R. Zaïane, Mohammad El-Hajj

CLICKS: an effective algorithm for mining subspace clusters in categorical datasets.

Mohammed Javeed Zaki, Markus Peters, Ira Assent, Thomas Seidl

Fast window correlations over uncooperative time series.

Richard Cole, Dennis E. Shasha, Xiaojian Zhao

Failure detection and localization in component based systems by online tracking.

Haifeng Chen, Guofei Jiang, Cristian Ungureanu, Kenji Yoshihira

Generation of synthetic data sets for evaluating the accuracy of knowledge discovery systems.

Daniel R. Jeske, Behrokh Samadi, Pengyue J. Lin, Lan Ye, Sean Cox, Rui Xiao, Ted Younglove, Minh Ly, Douglas Holt, Ryan Rich

Data mining in the chemical industry.

Alex N. Kalos, Tim Rey

Mining risk patterns in medical data.

Jiuyong Li, Ada Wai-Chee Fu, Hongxing He, Jie Chen, Huidong Jin, Damien McAullay, Graham J. Williams, Ross Sparks, Chris Kelman

An integrated framework on mining logs files for computing system management.

Tao Li, Feng Liang, Sheng Ma, Wei Peng

Automated detection of frontal systems from numerical model-generated data.

Xiang Li, Rahul Ramachandran, Sara J. Graves, Sunil Movva, Bilahari Akkiraju, David Emmitt, Steven Greco, Robert Atlas, Joseph Terry, Juan-Carlos Jusem

Disease progression modeling from historical clinical databases.

Ronald K. Pearson, Robert J. Kingan, Alan Hochberg

Mining rare and frequent events in multi-camera surveillance video using self-organizing maps.

Valery A. Petrushin

Short term performance forecasting in enterprise systems.

Rob Powers, Moisés Goldszmidt, Ira Cohen

A multinomial clustering model for fast simulation of computer architecture designs.

Kaushal Sanghai, Ting Su, Jennifer G. Dy, David R. Kaeli

Pattern-based similarity search for microarray data.

Haixun Wang, Jian Pei, Philip S. Yu