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Proceedings of the 9th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems, RecSys 2015, Vienna, Austria, September 16-20, 2015.
A (Persuasive?) Speech on Automated Persuasion.

Oliviero Stock

Putting Users in Control of their Recommendations.

F. Maxwell Harper, Funing Xu, Harmanpreet Kaur, Kyle Condiff, Shuo Chang, Loren G. Terveen

Letting Users Choose Recommender Algorithms: An Experimental Study.

Michael D. Ekstrand, Daniel Kluver, F. Maxwell Harper, Joseph A. Konstan

"I like to explore sometimes": Adapting to Dynamic User Novelty Preferences.

Komal Kapoor, Vikas Kumar, Loren G. Terveen, Joseph A. Konstan, Paul R. Schrater

Overlapping Community Regularization for Rating Prediction in Social Recommender Systems.

Hui Li, Dingming Wu, Wenbin Tang, Nikos Mamoulis

Preference-oriented Social Networks: Group Recommendation and Inference.

Amirali Salehi-Abari, Craig Boutilier

A Probabilistic Model for Using Social Networks in Personalized Item Recommendation.

Allison June-Barlow Chaney, David M. Blei, Tina Eliassi-Rad

PushTrust: An Efficient Recommendation Algorithm by Leveraging Trust and Distrust Relations.

Rana Forsati, Iman Barjasteh, Farzan Masrour, Abdol-Hossein Esfahanian, Hayder Radha

Top-N Recommendation for Shared Accounts.

Koen Verstrepen, Bart Goethals

Exploiting Geo-Spatial Preference for Personalized Expert Recommendation.

Haokai Lu, James Caverlee

Risk-Hedged Venture Capital Investment Recommendation.

Xiaoxue Zhao, Weinan Zhang, Jun Wang

ExcUseMe: Asking Users to Help in Item Cold-Start Recommendations.

Michal Aharon, Oren Anava, Noa Avigdor-Elgrabli, Dana Drachsler-Cohen, Shahar Golan, Oren Somekh

Cold-Start Item and User Recommendation with Decoupled Completion and Transduction.

Iman Barjasteh, Rana Forsati, Farzan Masrour, Abdol-Hossein Esfahanian, Hayder Radha

HyPER: A Flexible and Extensible Probabilistic Framework for Hybrid Recommender Systems.

Pigi Kouki, Shobeir Fakhraei, James R. Foulds, Magdalini Eirinaki, Lise Getoor

Applying Differential Privacy to Matrix Factorization.

Arnaud Berlioz, Arik Friedman, Mohamed Ali Kâafar, Roksana Boreli, Shlomo Berkovsky

Gaussian Ranking by Matrix Factorization.

Harald Steck

Context-Aware Event Recommendation in Event-based Social Networks.

Augusto Q. de Macedo, Leandro Balby Marinho, Rodrygo L. T. Santos

It Takes Two to Tango: An Exploration of Domain Pairs for Cross-Domain Collaborative Filtering.

Shaghayegh Sahebi, Peter Brusilovsky

Recommending Fair Payments for Large-Scale Social Ridesharing.

Filippo Bistaffa, Alessandro Filippo, Georgios Chalkiadakis, Sarvapali D. Ramchurn

Learning Distributed Representations from Reviews for Collaborative Filtering.

Amjad Almahairi, Kyle Kastner, Kyunghyun Cho, Aaron C. Courville

Dynamic Poisson Factorization.

Laurent Charlin, Rajesh Ranganath, James McInerney, David M. Blei

Blockbusters and Wallflowers: Accurate, Diverse, and Scalable Recommendations with Random Walks.

Fabian Christoffel, Bibek Paudel, Chris Newell, Abraham Bernstein

Fast Differentially Private Matrix Factorization.

Ziqi Liu, Yu-Xiang Wang, Alexander J. Smola

Predicting Online Performance of News Recommender Systems Through Richer Evaluation Metrics.

Andrii Maksai, Florent Garcin, Boi Faltings

Beyond "Hitting the Hits": Generating Coherent Music Playlist Continuations with the Right Tracks.

Dietmar Jannach, Lukas Lerche, Iman Kamehkhosh

Content Driven User Profiling for Comment-Worthy Recommendations of News and Blog Articles.

Trapit Bansal, Mrinal Kanti Das, Chiranjib Bhattacharyya

Selection and Ordering of Linear Online Video Ads.

Wreetabrata Kar, Viswanathan Swaminathan, Paulo Albuquerque

Adaptation and Evaluation of Recommendations for Short-term Shopping Goals.

Dietmar Jannach, Lukas Lerche, Michael Jugovac

E-commerce Recommendation with Personalized Promotion.

Qi Zhao, Yi Zhang, Daniel Friedman, Fangfang Tan

Personalized Catch-up & DVR: VOD or Linear, That is the Question.

Pancrazio Auteri, Roberto Turrin

Recommendations for Live TV.

Jan Neumann, Hassan Sayyadi

The Application of Recommender Systems in a Multi Site, Multi Domain Environment.

Steven Bourke

We Know Where You Should Work Next Summer: Job Recommendations.

Fabian Abel

Assessing Expertise in the Enterprise: The Recommender Point of View.

Aleksandra Mojsilovic, Kush R. Varshney

Large-Scale Real-Time Product Recommendation at Criteo.

Romain Lerallut, Diane Gasselin, Nicolas Le Roux

Scaling Up Recommendation Services in Many Dimensions.

Bottyán Németh

Recommendations in Travel.

Onno Zoeter

Making Meaningful Restaurant Recommendations At OpenTable.

Sudeep Das

The Role of User Location in Personalized Search and Recommendation.

Ido Guy

A Study of Priors for Relevance-Based Language Modelling of Recommender Systems.

Daniel Valcarce, Javier Parapar, Alvaro Barreiro

Adapting Recommendations to Contextual Changes Using Hierarchical Hidden Markov Models.

Mehdi Hosseinzadeh Aghdam, Negar Hariri, Bamshad Mobasher, Robin D. Burke

Are Real-World Place Recommender Algorithms Useful in Virtual World Environments?

Leandro Balby Marinho, Christoph Trattner, Denis Parra

Asymmetric Recommendations: The Interacting Effects of Social Ratings? Direction and Strength on Users' Ratings.

Oded Nov, Ofer Arazy

Crowd Sourcing, with a Few Answers: Recommending Commuters for Traffic Updates.

Elizabeth Daly, Michele Berlingerio, François Schnitzler

Data Quality Matters in Recommender Systems.

Oren Sar Shalom, Shlomo Berkovsky, Royi Ronen, Elad Ziklik, Amihood Amir

Elsevier Journal Finder: Recommending Journals for your Paper.

Ning Kang, Marius A. Doornenbal, Robert J. A. Schijvenaars

Evaluating Tag Recommender Algorithms in Real-World Folksonomies: A Comparative Study.

Dominik Kowald, Elisabeth Lex

Good Times Bad Times: A Study on Recency Effects in Collaborative Filtering for Social Tagging.

Santiago Larrain, Christoph Trattner, Denis Parra, Eduardo Graells-Garrido, Kjetil Nørvåg

Improving the User Experience during Cold Start through Choice-Based Preference Elicitation.

Mark P. Graus, Martijn C. Willemsen

Incremental Matrix Factorization via Feature Space Re-learning for Recommender System.

Qiang Song, Jian Cheng, Hanqing Lu

Latent Trajectory Modeling: A Light and Efficient Way to Introduce Time in Recommender Systems.

Élie Guàrdia-Sebaoun, Vincent Guigue, Patrick Gallinari

Making the Most of Preference Feedback by Modeling Feature Dependencies.

S. Chandra Mouli, Sutanu Chakraborti

Nudging Grocery Shoppers to Make Healthier Choices.

Elizabeth Wayman, Sriganesh Madhvanath

Nuke 'Em Till They Go: Investigating Power User Attacks to Disparage Items in Collaborative Recommenders.

Carlos E. Seminario, David C. Wilson

"Please, Not Now!": A Model for Timing Recommendations.

Nofar Dali Betzalel, Bracha Shapira, Lior Rokach

POI Recommendation: Towards Fused Matrix Factorization with Geographical and Temporal Influences.

Jean-Benoît Griesner, Talel Abdessalem, Hubert Naacke

The Recommendation Game: Using a Game-with-a-Purpose to Generate Recommendation Data.

Sam Banks, Rachael Rafter, Barry Smyth

Top-N Recommendation with Missing Implicit Feedback.

Daryl Lim, Julian McAuley, Gert R. G. Lanckriet

Towards Automatic Meal Plan Recommendations for Balanced Nutrition.

David Elsweiler, Morgan Harvey

Uncovering Systematic Bias in Ratings across Categories: a Bayesian Approach.

Fangjian Guo, David B. Dunson

User Churn Migration Analysis with DEDICOM.

Rafet Sifa, César Ojeda, Christian Bauckhage

A Personalised Reader for Crowd Curated Content.

Gabriella Kazai, Daoud Clarke, Iskander Yusof, Matteo Venanzi

Automated Recommendation of Healthy, Personalised Meal Plans.

Morgan Harvey, David Elsweiler

CNARe: Co-authorship Networks Analysis and Recommendations.

Guilherme A. de Sousa, Matheus A. Diniz, Michele A. Brandão, Mirella M. Moro

Event Recommendation using Twitter Activity.

Axel Magnuson, Vijay Dialani, Deepa Mallela

Health-aware Food Recommender System.

Mouzhi Ge, Francesco Ricci, David Massimo

Kibitz: End-to-End Recommendation System Builder.

Quanquan C. Liu, David R. Karger

OSMRec Tool for Automatic Recommendation of Categories on Spatial Entities in OpenStreetMap.

Nikos Karagiannakis, Giorgos Giannopoulos, Dimitrios Skoutas, Spiros Athanasiou

Second Workshop on New Trends in Content-based Recommender Systems (CBRecSys 2015).

Toine Bogers, Marijn Koolen

Overview of ACM RecSys CrowdRec 2015 Workshop: Crowdsourcing and Human Computation for Recommender Systems.

Martha Larson, Domonkos Tikk, Roberto Turrin

EMPIRE 2015: Workshop on Emotions and Personality in Personalized Systems.

Marko Tkalcic, Berardina De Carolis, Marco de Gemmis, Ante Odic, Andrej Kosir

3rd International Workshop on News Recommendation and Analytics (INRA 2015).

Jon Atle Gulla, Bei Yu, Özlem Özgöbek, Nafiseh Shabib

Joint Workshop on Interfaces and Human Decision Making for Recommender Systems (#IntRS).

John O'Donovan, Nava Tintarev, Alexander Felfernig, Peter Brusilovsky, Giovanni Semeraro, Pasquale Lops

LSRS'15: Workshop on Large-Scale Recommender Systems.

Tao Ye, Danny Bickson, Nicholas Ampazis, András A. Benczúr

LocalRec'15: Workshop on Location-Aware Recommendations.

Panagiotis Bouros, Neal Lathia, Matthias Renz, Francesco Ricci, Dimitris Sacharidis

2nd Workshop on Recommendation Systems for Television and Online Video (RecSysTV 2015).

Jan Neumann, Danny Bickson, Hassan Sayyadi, Roberto Turrin, John Hannon

TouRS'15: Workshop on Tourism Recommender Systems.

Antonio Moreno, Laura Sebastia, Pieter Vansteenwegen

RecSys Challenge 2015 and the YOOCHOOSE Dataset.

David Ben-Shimon, Alexander Tsikinovsky, Michael Friedmann, Bracha Shapira, Lior Rokach, Johannes Hoerle

Interactive Recommender Systems: Tutorial.

Harald Steck, Roelof van Zwol, Chris Johnson

Real-time Recommendation of Streamed Data.

Frank Hopfgartner, Benjamin Kille, Tobias Heintz, Roberto Turrin

Replicable Evaluation of Recommender Systems.

Alan Said, Alejandro Bellogín

Scalable Recommender Systems: Where Machine Learning Meets Search.

Si Ying Diana Hu, Joaquin Delgado

A Hybrid Recommendation System Based on Human Curiosity.

Alan Menk dos Santos

Context-aware Preference Modeling with Factorization.

Balázs Hidasi

Exploring Statistical Language Models for Recommender Systems.

Daniel Valcarce

Factorization Machines for Hybrid Recommendation Systems Based on Behavioral, Product, and Customer Data.

Stijn Geuens

Latent Context-Aware Recommender Systems.

Moshe Unger

Listener-Inspired Automated Music Playlist Generation.

Andreu Vall

Online Recommender Systems based on Data Stream Management Systems.

Cornelius A. Ludmann