recsys | ACM Conference on Recommender Systems (RecSys)

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Sixth ACM Conference on Recommender Systems, RecSys '12, Dublin, Ireland, September 9-13, 2012.
Online controlled experiments: introduction, learnings, and humbling statistics.

Ron Kohavi

Conducting user experiments in recommender systems.

Bart P. Knijnenburg

Personality-based recommender systems: an overview.

Maria Augusta Silveira Netto Nunes, Rong Hu

Building industrial-scale real-world recommender systems.

Xavier Amatriain

The challenge of recommender systems challenges.

Alan Said, Domonkos Tikk, Andreas Hotho

Multiple objective optimization in recommender systems.

Mario Rodríguez, Christian Posse, Ethan Zhang

Pareto-efficient hybridization for multi-objective recommender systems.

Marco Túlio Ribeiro, Anísio Lacerda, Adriano Veloso, Nivio Ziviani

User effort vs. accuracy in rating-based elicitation.

Paolo Cremonesi, Franca Garzotto, Roberto Turrin

TasteWeights: a visual interactive hybrid recommender system.

Svetlin Bostandjiev, John O'Donovan, Tobias Höllerer

Inspectability and control in social recommenders.

Bart P. Knijnenburg, Svetlin Bostandjiev, John O'Donovan, Alfred Kobsa

Spotting trends: the wisdom of the few.

Xiaolan Sha, Daniele Quercia, Pietro Michiardi, Matteo Dell'Amico

Real-time top-n recommendation in social streams.

Ernesto Diaz-Aviles, Lucas Drumond, Lars Schmidt-Thieme, Wolfgang Nejdl

On top-k recommendation using social networks.

Xiwang Yang, Harald Steck, Yang Guo, Yong Liu

Optimal radio channel recommendations with explicit and implicit feedback.

Omar Moling, Linas Baltrunas, Francesco Ricci

Alternating least squares for personalized ranking.

Gábor Takács, Domonkos Tikk

Local implicit feedback mining for music recommendation.

Diyi Yang, Tianqi Chen, Weinan Zhang, Qiuxia Lu, Yong Yu

How many bits per rating?

Daniel Kluver, Tien T. Nguyen, Michael D. Ekstrand, Shilad Sen, John Riedl

High quality recommendations for small communities: the case of a regional parent network.

Sven Strickroth, Niels Pinkwart

Finding a needle in a haystack of reviews: cold start context-based hotel recommender system.

Asher Levi, Osnat Mokryn, Christophe Diot, Nina Taft

Review quality aware collaborative filtering.

Sindhu Raghavan, Suriya Gunasekar, Joydeep Ghosh

Context-aware music recommendation based on latenttopic sequential patterns.

Negar Hariri, Bamshad Mobasher, Robin D. Burke

CLiMF: learning to maximize reciprocal rank with collaborative less-is-more filtering.

Yue Shi, Alexandros Karatzoglou, Linas Baltrunas, Martha Larson, Nuria Oliver, Alan Hanjalic

Ranking with non-random missing ratings: influence of popularity and positivity on evaluation metrics.

Bruno Pradel, Nicolas Usunier, Patrick Gallinari

Sparse linear methods with side information for top-n recommendations.

Xia Ning, George Karypis

Scalable similarity-based neighborhood methods with MapReduce.

Sebastian Schelter, Christoph Boden, Volker Markl

An approach to context-based recommendation in software development.

Bruno Antunes, Joel Cordeiro, Paulo Gomes

A semantic approach to recommending text advertisements for images.

Weinan Zhang, Li Tian, Xinruo Sun, Haofen Wang, Yong Yu

Ads and the city: considering geographic distance goes a long way.

Diego Sáez-Trumper, Daniele Quercia, Jon Crowcroft

BlurMe: inferring and obfuscating user gender based on ratings.

Udi Weinsberg, Smriti Bhagat, Stratis Ioannidis, Nina Taft

Distributed, real-time bayesian learning in online services.

Ralf Herbrich

Recommendation challenges in web media settings.

Ronny Lempel

I've got 10 million songs in my pocket: now what?

Paul Lamere

Dynamic personalized recommendation of comment-eliciting stories.

Michal Aharon, Amit Kagian, Ronny Lempel, Yehuda Koren

Using graph partitioning techniques for neighbour selection in user-based collaborative filtering.

Alejandro Bellogín, Javier Parapar

Remembering the stars?: effect of time on preference retrieval from memory.

Dirk G. F. M. Bollen, Mark P. Graus, Martijn C. Willemsen

Local learning of item dissimilarity using content and link structure.

Abir De, Maunendra Sankar Desarkar, Niloy Ganguly, Pabitra Mitra

Design and evaluation of a group recommender system.

Toon De Pessemier, Simon Dooms, Luc Martens

Swarming to rank for recommender systems.

Ernesto Diaz-Aviles, Mihai Georgescu, Wolfgang Nejdl

When recommenders fail: predicting recommender failure for algorithm selection and combination.

Michael D. Ekstrand, John Riedl

Constrained collective matrix factorization.

Yu-Jia Huang, Evan Wei Xiang, Rong Pan

Recommending academic papers via users' reading purposes.

Yichen Jiang, Aixia Jia, Yansong Feng, Dongyan Zhao

Influential seed items recommendation.

Qi Liu, Biao Xiang, Enhong Chen, Yong Ge, Hui Xiong, Tengfei Bao, Yi Zheng

Discovering latent factors from movies genres for enhanced recommendation.

Marcelo G. Manzato

Exploiting the web of data in model-based recommender systems.

Tommaso Di Noia, Roberto Mirizzi, Vito Claudio Ostuni, Davide Romito

Probabilistic news recommender systems with feedback.

Shankar Prawesh, Balaji Padmanabhan

Collaborative learning of preference rankings.

Tim Salimans, Ulrich Paquet, Thore Graepel

Making recommendations in a microblog to improve the impact of a focal user.

Shanchan Wu, Leanna Gong, William Rand, Louiqa Raschid

The influence of knowledgeable explanations on users' perception of a recommender system.

Markus Zanker

Social referral: leveraging network connections to deliver recommendations.

Mohammad Shafkat Amin, Baoshi Yan, Sripad Sriram, Anmol Bhasin, Christian Posse

Case study on the business value impact of personalized recommendations on a large online retailer.

Thiago Belluf, Leopoldo Xavier, Ricardo Giglio

The Xbox recommender system.

Noam Koenigstein, Nir Nice, Ulrich Paquet, Nir Schleyen

Enlister: baidu's recommender system for the biggest chinese Q&A website.

Qiwen Liu, Tianjian Chen, Jing Cai, Dianhai Yu

HeyStaks: a real-world deployment of social search.

Barry Smyth, Maurice Coyle, Peter Briggs

A system for twitter user list curation.

Igor Brigadir, Derek Greene, Padraig Cunningham

CubeThat: news article recommender.

Sidharth Chhabra, Paul Resnick

The demonstration of the reviewer's assistant.

Ruihai Dong, Markus Schaal, Michael P. O'Mahony, Kevin McCarthy, Barry Smyth

Recommenders for the enterprise: event, contact, and group.

Abigail S. Gertner, Beth Lavender, James Winston

Integrated content marketing.

James Griffin

Using ratings to profile your health.

Neal Lathia

Finding a needle in a haystack of reviews: cold start context-based hotel recommender system demo.

Asher Levi, Osnat Mokryn, Christophe Diot, Nina Taft

Yokie: explorations in curated real-time search & discovery using twitter.

Owen Phelan, Kevin McCarthy, Barry Smyth

pGPA: a personalized grade prediction tool to aid student success.

Mark Sheehan, Young Park

Recommending interesting events in real-time with foursquare check-ins.

Max Sklar, Blake Shaw, Andrew Hogue

An open framework for multi-source, cross-domain personalisation with semantic interest graphs.

Benjamin Heitmann

Exploiting the characteristics of matrix factorization for active learning in recommender systems.

Rasoul Karimi, Christoph Freudenthaler, Alexandros Nanopoulos, Lars Schmidt-Thieme

Dynamically selecting an appropriate context type for personalisation.

Tomás Kramár, Mária Bieliková

Utilising document content for tag recommendation in folksonomies.

Nikolas Landia

Using group recommendation heuristics for the prioritization of requirements.

Gerald Ninaus

Beyond lists: studying the effect of different recommendation visualizations.

Denis Parra

The user-centered design of a recommender system for a universal library catalogue.

Simon Wakeling

Reducing the sparsity of contextual information for recommender systems.

Dusan Zeleník, Mária Bieliková

4th ACM RecSys workshop on recommender systems and the social web.

Bamshad Mobasher, Dietmar Jannach, Werner Geyer, Andreas Hotho

RecSys'12 workshop on human decision making in recommender systems.

Marco de Gemmis, Alexander Felfernig, Pasquale Lops, Francesco Ricci, Giovanni Semeraro, Martijn C. Willemsen

4th workshop on context-aware recommender systems (CARS 2012).

Gediminas Adomavicius, Linas Baltrunas, Ernesto William De Luca, Tim Hussein, Alexander Tuzhilin

Workshop on recommendation utility evaluation: beyond RMSE - RUE 2012.

Xavier Amatriain, Pablo Castells, Arjen P. de Vries, Christian Posse

Recommender systems challenge 2012.

Nikos Manouselis, Alan Said, Domonkos Tikk, Jannis Hermanns, Benjamin Kille, Hendrik Drachsler, Katrien Verbert, Kris Jack

RecSys'12 workshop on interfaces for recommender systems (InterfaceRS'12).

Nava Tintarev, Rong Hu, Pearl Pu

1st workshop on recommendation technologies for lifestyle change 2012.

Bernd Ludwig, Francesco Ricci, Zerrin Yumak

Personalizing the local mobile experience: workshop at RecSys 2012.

Henriette Cramer, Karen Church, Neal Lathia, Daniele Quercia