MISQ - Volume 37

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MISQ - Volume 37 - Number 4 - December 2013
Evaluating Journal Quality and the Association for Information Systems Senior Scholars' Journal Basket Via Bibliometric Measures: Do Expert Journal Assessments Add Value?

Paul Benjamin Lowry==Gregory D. Moody==James Eric Gaskin==Dennis F. Galletta==Sean L. Humpherys==Jordan B. Barlow==David W. Wilson==

A Longitudinal Study of Herd Behavior in the Adoption and Continued Use of Technology.

Heshan Sun==

Impact of Wikipedia on Market Information Environment: Evidence on Management Disclosure and Investor Reaction.

Sean Xin Xu==Xiaoquan (Michael) Zhang==

Talking about Technology: The Emergence of a New Actor Category Through New Media.

Emmanuelle Vaast==Elizabeth J. Davidson==Thomas Mattson==

Differential Influence of Blogs Across Different Stages of Decision Making: The Case of Venture Capitalists.

Rohit Aggarwal==Harpreet Singh==

Changes in Employees' Job Characteristics During an Enterprise System Implementation: A Latent Growth Modeling Perspective.

Hillol Bala==Viswanath Venkatesh==

Addressing the Personalization-Privacy Paradox: An Empirical Assessment from a Field Experiment on Smartphone Users.

Juliana Sutanto==Elia Palme==Chuan-Hoo Tan==Chee Wei Phang==

An Investigation of Information Systems Use Patterns: Technological Events as Triggers, the Effect of Time, and Consequences for Performance.

Ana Ortiz de Guinea==Jane Webster==

Insiders' Protection of Organizational Information Assets: Development of a Systematics-Based Taxonomy and Theory of Diversity for Protection-Motivated Behaviors.

Clay Posey==Tom L. Roberts==Paul Benjamin Lowry==Rebecca J. Bennett==James F. Courtney==

Control Balancing in Information Systems Development Offshoring Projects.

Robert Wayne Gregory==Roman Beck==Mark Keil==

Media Selection as a Strategic Component of Communication.

Joey F. George==John R. Carlson==Joseph S. Valacich==

Inferring App Demand from Publicly Available Data.

Rajiv Garg==Rahul Telang==

Sensemaking and Sustainable Practicing: Functional Affordances of Information Systems in Green Transformations.

Stefan Seidel==Jan Recker==Jan vom Brocke==

Assessing the Effects of Benefits and Institutional Influences on the Continued Use of Environmentally Munificent Bypass Systems in Long-Haul Trucking.

Kent Marett==Robert F. Otondo==G. Stephen Taylor==

Motivating Energy-Efficient Behavior with Green IS: An Investigation of Goal Setting and the Role of Defaults.

Claire-Michelle Loock==Thorsten Staake==Frédéric Thiesse==

MISQ - Volume 37 - Number 3 - September 2013
Discovering Unobserved Heterogeneity in Structural Equation Models to Avert Validity Threats.

Jan-Michael Becker==Arun Rai==Christian M. Ringle==Franziska Völckner==

Explaining Employee Job Performance: The Role of Online and Offline Workplace Communication Networks.

Xiaojun Zhang==Viswanath Venkatesh==

A Dramaturgical Model of the Production of Performance Data.

João Vieira da Cunha==

When Does Technology Use Enable Network Change in Organizations? A Comparative Study of Feature Use and Shared Affordances.

Paul M. Leonardi==

Integrating Service Quality with System and Information Quality: An Empirical Test in the E-Service Context.

Jingjun (David) Xu==Izak Benbasat==Ronald T. Cenfetelli==

Technological Objects, Social Positions, and the Transformational Model of Social Activity.

Philip Faulkner==Jochen Runde==

Critical Realism and Affordances: Theorizing IT-Associated Organizational Change Processes.

Olga Volkoff==Diane M. Strong==

How Should Technology-Mediated Organizational Change Be Explained? A Comparison of the Contributions of Critical Realism and Activity Theory.

David K. Allen==Andrew Brown==Stan Karanasios==Alistair Norman==

Methodological Implications of Critical Realism for Mixed-Methods Research.

Markos Zachariadis==Susan V. Scott==Michael I. Barrett==

The Broader Context for ICT4D Projects: A Morphogenetic Analysis.

James Muranga Njihia==Yasmin Merali==

The Generative Mechanisms of Digital Infrastructure Evolution.

Ola Henfridsson==Bendik Bygstad==

Causal Explanation in the Coordinating Process: A Critical Realist Case Study of Federated IT Governance Structures.

Clay K. Williams==Elena Karahanna==

Explaining Broadband Adoption in Rural Australia: Modes of Reflexivity and the Morphogenetic Approach.

Phillip Dobson==Paul Jackson==Denise Gengatharen==

MISQ - Volume 37 - Number 2 - June 2013
Positioning and Presenting Design Science Research for Maximum Impact.

Shirley Gregor==Alan R. Hevner==

The Ambivalent Ontology of Digital Artifacts.

Jannis Kallinikos==Aleksi Aaltonen==Attila Marton==

Impactful Research on Transformational Information Technology: An Opportunity to Inform New Audiences.

Henry C. Lucas Jr.==Ritu Agarwal==Eric K. Clemons==Omar A. El Sawy==Bruce W. Weber==

When Filling the Wait Makes it Feel Longer: A Paradigm Shift Perspective for Managing Online Delay.

Weiyin Hong==Traci J. Hess==Andrew Hardin==

Community Intelligence and Social Media Services: A Rumor Theoretic Analysis of Tweets During Social Crises.

Onook Oh==Manish Agrawal==H. Raghav Rao==

Knowing What a User Likes: A Design Science Approach to Interfaces that Automatically Adapt to Culture.

Katharina Reinecke==Abraham Bernstein==

The Impact of Shaping on Knowledge Reuse for Organizational Improvement with Wikis.

Ann Majchrzak==Christian Wagner==Dave Yates==

Information Technology and Business-Level Strategy: Toward an Integrated Theoretical Perspective.

Paul Louis Drnevich==David C. Croson==

How a Firm's Competitive Environment and Digital Strategic Posture Influence Digital Business Strategy.

Sunil Mithas==Ali Tafti==Will Mitchell==

Design Capital and Design Moves: The Logic of Digital Business Strategy.

C. Jason Woodard==Narayan Ramasubbu==F. Ted Tschang==V. Sambamurthy==

Leveraging Digital Technologies: How Information Quality Leads to Localized Capabilities and Customer Service Performance.

Pankaj Setia==Viswanath Venkatesh==Supreet Joglekar==

Content or Community? A Digital Business Strategy for Content Providers in the Social Age.

Gal Oestreicher-Singer==Lior Zalmanson==

Digital Business Strategy and Value Creation: Framing the Dynamic Cycle of Control Points.

Margherita Pagani==

Visions and Voices on Emerging Challenges in Digital Business Strategy.

Anandhi Bharadwaj==Omar A. El Sawy==Paul A. Pavlou==N. Venkatraman==

MISQ - Volume 37 - Number 1 - March 2013
Beyond Deterrence: An Expanded View of Employee Computer Abuse.

Robert Willison==Merrill Warkentin==

Bridging the Qualitative-Quantitative Divide: Guidelines for Conducting Mixed Methods Research in Information Systems.

Viswanath Venkatesh==Susan A. Brown==Hillol Bala==

Impact of Information Feedback in Continuous Combinatorial Auctions: An Experimental Study of Economic Performance.

Gediminas Adomavicius==Shawn P. Curley==Alok Gupta==Pallab Sanyal==

IT-Mediated Customer Service Content and Delivery in Electronic Governments: An Empirical Investigation of the Antecedents of Service Quality.

Chee-Wee Tan==Izak Benbasat==Ronald T. Cenfetelli==

Digital Games and Beyond: What Happens When Players Compete.

De Liu==Xun Li==Radhika Santhanam==

Data Model Development for Fire Related Extreme Events: An Activity Theory Approach.

Rui Chen==Raj Sharman==H. Raghav Rao==Shambhu J. Upadhyaya==

Examining the Relational Benefits of Improved Interfirm Information Processing Capability in Buyer-Supplier Dyads.

Eric T. G. Wang==Jeffrey C. F. Tai==Varun Grover==

Internationalization Strategies of Chinese IT Service Suppliers.

Ning Su==

A Rhetorical Approach to IT Diffusion: Reconceptualizing the Ideology-Framing Relationship in Computerization Movements.

Michael I. Barrett==Loizos Heracleous==Geoff Walsham==

The Embeddedness of Information Systems Habits in Organizational and Individual Level Routines: Development and Disruption.

Greta L. Polites==Elena Karahanna==

The Affective Response Model: A Theoretical Framework of Affective Concepts and Their Relationships in the ICT Context.

Ping Zhang==

Internet Privacy Concerns: An Integrated Conceptualization and Four Empirical Studies.

Weiyin Hong==James Y. L. Thong==

Social Influence and Knowledge Management Systems Use: Evidence from Panel Data.

Yinglei Wang==Darren B. Meister==Peter H. Gray==

Information Technology Outsourcing and Non-IT Operating Costs: An Empirical Investigation.

Kunsoo Han==Sunil Mithas==