MISQ - Volume 39

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MISQ - Volume 39 - Number 4 - December 2015
Ambient Awareness and Knowledge Acquisition: Using Social Media to Learn "Who Knows What" and "Who Knows Whom".

Paul M. Leonardi==

Work Harder or Work Smarter? Information Technology and Resource Allocation in Healthcare Processes.

Adrian Yeow==Kim Huat Goh==

Software Process Diversity: Conceptualization, Measurement, and Analysis of Impact on Project Performance.

Narayan Ramasubbu==Anandhi Bharadwaj==Giri Kumar Tayi==

Information Technology Impacts on Firm Performance: An Extension of Kohli and Devaraj (2003).

Rajiv Sabherwal==Anand Jeyaraj==

What Do Systems Users Have to Fear? Using Fear Appeals to Engender Threats and Fear that Motivate Protective Security Behaviors.

Scott R. Boss==Dennis F. Galletta==Paul Benjamin Lowry==Gregory D. Moody==Peter Polak==

Fit and Misfit of Plural Sourcing Strategies and IT-Enabled Process Integration Capabilities: Consequences of Firm Performance in the U.S. Electric Utility Industry.

Arun Rai==Ilgaz Arikan==Jessica Pye==Amrit Tiwana==

Strike a Happy Medium: The Effect of IT Knowledge on Venture Capitalists' Overconfidence in IT Investments.

Harpreet Singh==Rohit Aggarwal==Irina Cojuharenco==

Campus Emergency Notification Systems: An Examination of Factors Affecting Compliance with Alerts.

Wencui Han==Serkan Ada==Raj Sharman==H. Raghav Rao==

Me, My Self, and I(T): Conceptualizing Information Technology Identity and its Implications.

Michelle Carter==Varun Grover==

Cultural Sensemaking in Offshore Information Technology Service Suppliers: A Cultural Frame Perspective.

Ning Su==

MISQ - Volume 39 - Number 3 - September 2015
Fairness in the Institutional Valuaton of Business Journals.

Gary F. Templeton==Bruce R. Lewis==

Genres of Inquiry in Design-Science Research: Justification and Evaluation of Knowledge Production.

Richard L. Baskerville==Mala Kaul==Veda C. Storey==

Vocal Minority and Silent Majority: How Do Online Ratings Reflect Population Perceptions of Quality?

Guodong (Gordon) Gao==Brad N. Greenwood==Ritu Agarwal==Jeffrey S. McCullough==

Jamming with Social Media: How Cognitive Structuring of Organizing Vision Facets Affects IT Innovation Diffusion.

Shaila M. Miranda==Inchan Kim==Jama Denae Summers==

Information Technology Use as a Learning Mechanism: The Impact of IT Use on Knowledge Transfer Effectiveness, Absorptive Capacity, and Franchisee Performance.

Kishen Iyengar==Jeffrey R. Sweeney==Ramiro Montealegre==

Organizational Path Constitution in Technological Innovation: Evidence from Rural Telehealth.

Rajendra Singh==Lars Mathiassen==Abhay Nath Mishra==

Comparing Potential and Actual Innovators: An Empirical Study of Mobile Data Services Innovation.

Atreyi Kankanhalli==Hua Jonathan Ye==Hock-Hai Teo==

Competing for Attention: An Empirical Study of Online Reviewers' Strategic Behavior.

Wenqi Shen==Yu Jeffrey Hu==Jackie Rees Ulmer==

Extending ICT4D Studies: The Value of Critical Research.

Cecilia I. C. Lin==Feng-Yang Kuo==Michael D. Myers==

Exhaustion from Information System Career Experience: Implications for Turn-Away Intention.

Deborah J. Armstrong==Nita G. Brooks==Cynthia K. Riemenschneider==

Friendship in Online Peer-to-Peer Lending: Pipes, Prisms, and Relational Herding.

De Liu==Daniel J. Brass==Yong Lu==Dongyu Chen==

MISQ - Volume 39 - Number 2 - June 2015
New State of Play in Information Systems Research: The Push to the Edges.

Varun Grover==Kalle Lyytinen==

Consistent Partial Least Squares Path Modeling.

Theo K. Dijkstra==Jörg Henseler==

Disaster Experience and Hospital Information Systems: An Examination of Perceived Information Assurance, Risk, Resilience, and HIS Usefulness.

Insu Park==Raj Sharman==H. Raghav Rao==

Increasing Accountability Through User-Interface Design Artifacts: A New Approach to Addressing the Problem of Access-Policy Violations.

Anthony Vance==Paul Benjamin Lowry==Dennis Eggett==

Coping with Information Technology: Mixed Emotions, Vacillation, and Nonconforming Use Patterns.

Mari-Klara Stein==Sue Newell==Erica L. Wagner==Robert D. Galliers==

Leading Collaboration in Online Communities.

Samer Faraj==Srinivas Kudaravalli==Molly Wasko==

Patterns in Information Systems Portfolio Prioritization: Evidence from Decision Tree Induction.

Prasanna P. Karhade==Michael J. Shaw==Ramanath Subramanyam==

Mobile Application Usability: Conceptualization and Instrument Development.

Hartmut Hoehle==Viswanath Venkatesh==

Support Structures and Their Impacts on Employee Outcomes: A Longitudinal Field Study of an Enterprise System Implementation.

Tracy Ann Sykes==

How Information Technology Governance Mechanisms and Strategic Alignment Influence Organizational Performance: Insights from a Matched Survey of Business and IT Managers.

Shelly Ping-Ju Wu==Detmar W. Straub==Ting-Peng Liang==

MISQ - Volume 39 - Number 1 - March 2015
Motivating Employees to Explore Collaboration Technology in Team Contexts.

Likoebe M. Maruping==Massimo Magni==

How Does the Internet Affect the Financial Market? An Equilibrium Model of Internet-Facilitated Feedback Trading.

Xiaoquan (Michael) Zhang==Lihong Zhang==

How Do Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Affect Firm Risk? Post-Implementation Impact.

Feng Tian==Sean Xin Xu==

Investing in Information Systems: On the Behavioral and Institutional Search Mechanisms Underpinning Hospitals' IS Investment Decisions.

Torsten-Oliver Salge==Rajiv Kohli==Michael Barrett==

Insider Threats in a Financial Institution: Analysis of Attack-Proneness of Information Systems Applications.

Jingguo Wang==Manish Gupta==H. Raghav Rao==

An Enhanced Fear Appeal Rhetorical Framework: Leveraging Threats to the Human Asset Through Sanctioning Rhetoric.

Allen C. Johnston==Merrill Warkentin==Mikko T. Siponen==

Service Innovation: A Service-Dominant Logic Perspective.

Robert F. Lusch==Satish Nambisan==

The Value of Self-Service: Long-Term Effects of Technology-Based Self-Service Usage on Customer Retention.

Anne Scherer==Nancy Wünderlich==Florian von Wangenheim==

The Algorithm and the Crowd: Considering the Materiality of Service Innovation.

Wanda J. Orlikowski==Susan V. Scott==

Distributed Tuning of Boundary Resources: The Case of Apple's iOS Service System.

Ben D. Eaton==Silvia Elaluf-Calderwood==Carsten Sørensen==Youngjin Yoo==

Bridging the Service Divide Through Digitally Enabled Service Innovations: Evidence from Indian Healthcare Service Providers.

Shirish C. Srivastava==G. Shainesh==