MKTSCI - Volume 28

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MKTSCI - Volume 28 - Number 6 - November - December 2009
Optimal Sales Force Diversification and Group Incentive Payments.

Fabio Caldieraro==Anne T. Coughlan==

Self-Control and Optimal Goals: A Theoretical Analysis.

Sanjay Jain==

Empirical Analysis of Metering Price Discrimination: Evidence from Concession Sales at Movie Theaters.

Ricard Gil==Wesley R. Hartmann==

Dynamic Customer Management and the Value of One-to-One Marketing.

Romana Khan==Michael Lewis==Vishal Singh==

Retailers' Multichannel and Price Advertising Strategies.

Xubing Zhang==

Estimating the Value of Brand Alliances in Professional Team Sports.

Yupin Yang==Mengze Shi==Avi Goldfarb==

Business Models for Media Firms: Does Competition Matter for How They Raise Revenue?

Hans Jarle Kind==Tore Nilssen==Lars Sørgard==

Overselling in a Competitive Environment: Boon or Bane?

Wei Shi Lim==

Comparative Advertising and In-Store Displays.

Greg Shaffer==Florian Zettelmeyer==

Is Persuasive Advertising Always Combative in a Distribution Channel?

Chi-Cheng Wu==Ying-Ju Chen==Chih-Jen Wang==

Call for Papers - Special Issue of Marketing Science on User-Generated Content (UGC): Deadline: January 15, 2010.

Peter S. Fader==Russell S. Winer==

MKTSCI - Volume 28 - Number 5 - September - October 2009
Editorial - Does Everything Not Being Resolved Equal Nothing Gained? Bringing in the Wisdom of the Academic Crowd.

Eric T. Bradlow==

The Financial Markets and Customer Satisfaction: Reexamining Possible Financial Market Mispricing of Customer Satisfaction.

Robert Jacobson==Natalie Mizik==

Commentary - The Economic and Statistical Significance of Stock Returns on Customer Satisfaction.

Claes Fornell==Sunil Mithas==Forrest V. Morgeson III==

Commentary - The Stock Market's Pricing of Customer Satisfaction.

Christopher Ittner==David Larcker==Daniel Taylor==

Rejoinder - Customer Satisfaction-Based Mispricing: Issues and Misconceptions.

Robert Jacobson==Natalie Mizik==

A Dynamic Model of Consumer Replacement Cycles in the PC Processor Industry.

Brett R. Gordon==

Optimal Product Line Design When Consumers Exhibit Choice Set-Dependent Preferences.

A. Yesim Orhun==

Standard vs. Custom Products: Variety, Lead Time, and Price Competition.

Nan Xia==Sampath Rajagopalan==

Service Cancellation and Competitive Refund Policy.

Liang Guo==

Implications of Channel Structure for Leasing or Selling Durable Goods.

Sreekumar R. Bhaskaran==Stephen M. Gilbert==

Beyond Attention Effects: Modeling the Persuasive and Emotional Effects of Advertising Creativity.

Xiaojing Yang==Robert E. Smith==

Understanding the Role of Trade-Ins in Durable Goods Markets: Theory and Evidence.

Raghunath Singh Rao==Om Narasimhan==George John==

Cross-National Logo Evaluation Analysis: An Individual-Level Approach.

Ralf van der Lans==Joseph A. Cote==Catherine A. Cole==Siew Meng Leong==Ale Smidts==Pamela W. Henderson==Christian Bluemelhuber==Paul A. Bottomley==John R. Doyle==Alexander Fedorikhin==Moorthy Janakiraman==B. Ramaseshan==Bernd H. Schmitt==

Commentary - Assumptions, Explanation, and Prediction in Marketing Science: "It's the Findings, Stupid, Not the Assumptions".

Eric W. K. Tsang==

Commentary - Relevancy Is Robust Prediction, Not Alleged Realism.

Steven M. Shugan==

Rejoinder - Robust Prediction and Unrealistic Assumptions.

Eric W. K. Tsang==

Rejoinder - Think Theory Testing, Not Realism.

Steven M. Shugan==

Call for Papers - Special Issue of Marketing Science on User-Generated Content (UGC): Deadline: January 15, 2010.

Peter S. Fader==Russell S. Winer==

MKTSCI - Volume 28 - Number 4 - July - August 2009
2007 ISMS Practice Prize Competition - Special Section Introduction.

John H. Roberts==Gary L. Lilien==

Practice Prize Winner - Pricing Digital Content Product Lines: A Model and Application for the National Academies Press.

P. K. Kannan==Barbara Kline Pope==Sanjay Jain==

Practice Prize Paper - PIN Optimal Distribution of Auction Vehicles System: Applying Price Forecasting, Elasticity Estimation, and Genetic Algorithms to Used-Vehicle Distribution.

Jie Du==Lili Xie==Stephan Schroeder==

Practice Prize Paper - Marketing-Mix Recommendations to Manage Value Growth at P&G Asia-Pacific.

V. Kumar==Jia Fan==Rohit Gulati==P. Venkat==

Market Structure Across Retail Formats.

Karsten Hansen==Vishal Singh==

A Model for the Construction of Country-Specific Yet Internationally Comparable Short-Form Marketing Scales.

Martijn G. de Jong==Jan-Benedict E. M. Steenkamp==Bernard P. Veldkamp==

Sales Growth of New Pharmaceuticals Across the Globe: The Role of Regulatory Regimes.

Stefan Stremersch==Aurélie Lemmens==

Optimal Category Pricing with Endogenous Store Traffic.

Edward J. Fox==Steven Postrel==John H. Semple==

Firm-Created Word-of-Mouth Communication: Evidence from a Field Test.

David Godes==Dina Mayzlin==

An Empirical Investigation of the Dynamic Effect of Marlboro's Permanent Pricing Shift.

Tao Chen==Baohong Sun==Vishal Singh==

Assessing the External Validity of Analytical Results from National Brand and Store Brand Competition Models.

Raj Sethuraman==

Findings - Retailer Promotion Pass-Through: A Measure, Its Magnitude, and Its Determinants.

Kusum L. Ailawadi==Bari A. Harlam==

Research Note - Impact of Customer Knowledge Heterogeneity on Bundling Strategy.

Amiya Basu==Padmal Vitharana==

Call for Papers - Special Issue of Marketing Science on User-Generated Content (UGC): Deadline: January 15, 2010.

Peter S. Fader==Russell S. Winer==

MKTSCI - Volume 28 - Number 3 - May - June 2009
Editorial - Analytical Transparency.

Eric T. Bradlow==Anne T. Coughlan==

The Option Value of Returns: Theory and Empirical Evidence.

Eric T. Anderson==Karsten Hansen==Duncan Simester==

Heterogeneous Learning and the Targeting of Marketing Communication for New Products.

Sridhar Narayanan==Puneet Manchanda==

Do Innovations Really Pay Off? Total Stock Market Returns to Innovation.

Ashish Sood==Gerard J. Tellis==

The Benefits of Downstream Information Acquisition.

Liang Guo==

Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs: A Strategic Analysis.

Wilfred Amaldoss==Chuan He==

Voluntary Quality Disclosure and Market Interaction.

Liang Guo==Ying Zhao==

Benchmarking Performance in Retail Chains: An Integrated Approach.

Dinesh K. Gauri==Janos Gabor Pauler==Minakshi Trivedi==

Price Competition in Markets with Consumer Variety Seeking.

P. B. Seetharaman==Hai Che==

Financing as a Marketing Strategy.

S. Hun Seog==Yong J. Hyun==

"Counting Your Customers" One by One: A Hierarchical Bayes Extension to the Pareto/NBD Model.

Makoto Abe==

Statement from the Editor Regarding "'Counting Your Customers' One by One: A Hierarchical Bayes Extension to the Pareto/NBD Model".

Eric T. Bradlow==

Research Note - How Much Should You Invest in Each Customer Relationship? A Competitive Strategic Approach.

Andrés Musalem==Yogesh V. Joshi==

Research Note - The Traveling Salesman Goes Shopping: The Systematic Deviations of Grocery Paths from TSP Optimality.

Sam K. Hui==Peter S. Fader==Eric T. Bradlow==

Research Note - Wine Journalism - Marketing or Consumers' Guide?

Øyvind Horverak==

Research Note - Price-Matching Guarantees, Retail Competition, and Product-Line Assortment.

Anne T. Coughlan==Greg Shaffer==

Research Note - The Researcher as a Consumer of Scientific Publications: How Do Name-Ordering Conventions Affect Inferences About Contribution Credits?

Boris Maciejovsky==David V. Budescu==Dan Ariely==

Research Note - Should Captive Sardines Be Compensated? Serving Customers in a Confined Zone.

Rachel R. Chen==Eitan Gerstner==Yinghui (Catherine) Yang==

Call for Papers - Special Issue of Marketing Science on User-Generated Content (UGC): Deadline: January 15, 2010.

Peter S. Fader==Russell S. Winer==

MKTSCI - Volume 28 - Number 2 - March - April 2009
Editorial - Marketing Science and the Financial Crisis.

Eric T. Bradlow==

Website Morphing.

John R. Hauser==Glen L. Urban==Guilherme Liberali==Michael Braun==

Commentary - Discussion of "Website Morphing".

Hal R. Varian==

Commentary - Discussion on "Website Morphing" by Hauser, Urban, Liberali, and Braun.

John C. Gittins==

Commentary - Discussion of the Article "Website Morphing".

Andrew Gelman==

Rejoinder - Response to Comments on "Website Morphing".

John R. Hauser==Glen L. Urban==Guilherme Liberali==Michael Braun==

Slippage in Rebate Programs and Present-Biased Preferences.

Scott M. Gilpatric==

Movie Advertising and the Stock Market Valuation of Studios: A Case of "Great Expectations?".

Amit M. Joshi==Dominique M. Hanssens==

Real-Time Evaluation of E-mail Campaign Performance.

André Bonfrer==Xavier Drèze==

Optimal Bundling Strategies in Multiobject Auctions of Complements or Substitutes.

Ramanathan Subramaniam==R. Venkatesh==

Zooming In: Self-Emergence of Movements in New Product Growth.

Jacob Goldenberg==Oded Lowengart==Daniel Shapira==

Click Fraud.

Kenneth C. Wilbur==Yi Zhu==

Strategic Assortment Reduction by a Dominant Retailer.

Anthony J. Dukes==Tansev Geylani==Kannan Srinivasan==

Path Data in Marketing: An Integrative Framework and Prospectus for Model Building.

Sam K. Hui==Peter S. Fader==Eric T. Bradlow==

Limited Edition Products: When and When Not to Offer Them.

Subramanian Balachander==Axel Stock==

Estimating Demand Heterogeneity Using Aggregated Data: An Application to the Frozen Pizza Category.

Paulo Albuquerque==Bart J. Bronnenberg==

Market Research and Innovation Strategy in a Duopoly.

Dominique Olié Lauga==Elie Ofek==

MKTSCI - Volume 28 - Number 1 - January - February 2009
A Theory of Combative Advertising.

Yuxin Chen==Yogesh V. Joshi==Jagmohan S. Raju==Z. John Zhang==

Content vs. Advertising: The Impact of Competition on Media Firm Strategy.

David Godes==Elie Ofek==Miklos Sarvary==

Functional Regression: A New Model for Predicting Market Penetration of New Products.

Ashish Sood==Gareth M. James==Gerard J. Tellis==

My Mobile Music: An Adaptive Personalization System for Digital Audio Players.

Tuck Siong Chung==Roland T. Rust==Michel Wedel==

Measuring Brand Value in an Equilibrium Framework.

Avi Goldfarb==Qiang Lu==Sridhar Moorthy==

Going Where the Ad Leads You: On High Advertised Prices and Searching Where to Buy.

Maarten C. W. Janssen==Marielle C. Non==

Quantifying the Economic Value of Warranties in the U.S. Server Market.

Junhong Chu==Pradeep Chintagunta==

Efficient Conjoint Choice Designs in the Presence of Respondent Heterogeneity.

Jie Yu==Peter Goos==Martina Vandebroek==

The Existence of Low-End Firms May Help High-End Firms.

Ikuo Ishibashi==Noriaki Matsushima==

Quantifying the Long-Term Impact of Negative Word of Mouth on Cash Flows and Stock Prices.

Xueming Luo==

Findings - Innovations' Origins: When, By Whom, and How Are Radical Innovations Developed?

Peter N. Golder==Rachel Shacham==Debanjan Mitra==

Research Note - Quantity Discounts in Differentiated Consumer Product Markets.

Ramanathan Subramaniam==Esther Gal-Or==