MKTSCI - Volume 29

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MKTSCI - Volume 29 - Number 6 - November - December 2010
Editorial - It's Never Good-bye to Marketing Science.

Eric T. Bradlow==

The Sealed-Bid Abstraction in Online Auctions.

Robert Zeithammer==Christopher Adams==

Commentary - Bidders' Experience and Learning in Online Auctions: Issues and Implications.

Kannan Srinivasan==Xin Wang==

Commentary - Do Bids Equal Values on eBay?

Ali Hortaçsu==Eric R. Nielsen==

Rejoinder - Causes and Implications of Some Bidders Not Conforming to the Sealed-Bid Abstraction.

Robert Zeithammer==Christopher Adams==

Online Demand Under Limited Consumer Search.

Jun B. Kim==Paulo Albuquerque==Bart J. Bronnenberg==

Estimating Cannibalization Rates for Pioneering Innovations.

Harald J. van Heerde==Shuba Srinivasan==Marnik G. Dekimpe==

The Economics of Buyer Uncertainty: Advance Selling vs. Probabilistic Selling.

Scott Fay==Jinhong Xie==

Optimal Reverse-Pricing Mechanisms.

Martin Spann==Robert Zeithammer==Gerald Häubl==

Optimal Reverse Channel Structure for Consumer Product Returns.

Jeffrey D. Shulman==Anne T. Coughlan==R. Canan Savaskan==

Customer-Base Analysis in a Discrete-Time Noncontractual Setting.

Peter S. Fader==Bruce G. S. Hardie==Jen Shang==

The Seeds of Dissolution: Discrepancy and Incoherence in Buyer-Supplier Exchange.

Qiong Wang==Ujwal Kayande==Sandy D. Jap==

The Effects of Information Transparency on Suppliers, Manufacturers, and Consumers in Online Markets.

Zach Zhizhong Zhou==Kevin Xiaoguo Zhu==

Converting Pirates Without Cannibalizing Purchasers: The Impact of Digital Distribution on Physical Sales and Internet Piracy.

Brett Danaher==Samita Dhanasobhon==Michael D. Smith==Rahul Telang==

Search and Choice in Online Consumer Auctions.

Ernan Haruvy==Peter T. L. Popkowski Leszczyc==

Statement from the Editor Regarding "New Perspectives on Customer 'Death' Using a Generalization of the Pareto/NBD Model".

Steven M. Shugan==

MKTSCI - Volume 29 - Number 5 - September - October 2010
Moment-to-Moment Optimal Branding in TV Commercials: Preventing Avoidance by Pulsing.

Thales S. Teixeira==Michel Wedel==Rik Pieters==

Growing Two-Sided Networks by Advertising the User Base: A Field Experiment.

Catherine Tucker==Juanjuan Zhang==

Positive Effects of Negative Publicity: When Negative Reviews Increase Sales.

Jonah Berger==Alan T. Sorensen==Scott J. Rasmussen==

Stock Market Response to Regulatory Reports of Deceptive Advertising: The Moderating Effect of Omission Bias and Firm Reputation.

Michael A. Wiles==Shailendra P. Jain==Saurabh Mishra==Charles Lindsey==

Equilibrium Returns Policies in the Presence of Supplier Competition.

Subhajyoti Bandyopadhyay==Anand A. Paul==

An Empirical Analysis of Assortment Similarities Across U.S. Supermarkets.

Minha Hwang==Bart J. Bronnenberg==Raphael Thomadsen==

Multicriterion Market Segmentation: A New Model, Implementation, and Evaluation.

Ying Liu==Sudha Ram==Robert F. Lusch==Michael Brusco==

Investigating the Strategic Influence of Customer and Employee Satisfaction on Firm Financial Performance.

Jeffrey P. Dotson==Greg M. Allenby==

Dynamic Allocation of Pharmaceutical Detailing and Sampling for Long-Term Profitability.

Ricardo Montoya==Oded Netzer==Kamel Jedidi==

Pricing, Frills, and Customer Ratings.

Dmitri Kuksov==Ying Xie==

The Effects of Online User Reviews on Movie Box Office Performance: Accounting for Sequential Rollout and Aggregation Across Local Markets.

Pradeep K. Chintagunta==Shyam Gopinath==Sriram Venkataraman==

MKTSCI - Volume 29 - Number 4 - July - August 2010
Demand Estimation with Social Interactions and the Implications for Targeted Marketing.

Wesley R. Hartmann==

Analyzing the Relationship Between Organic and Sponsored Search Advertising: Positive, Negative, or Zero Interdependence?

Sha Yang==Anindya Ghose==

Why Bundle Discounts Can Be a Profitable Alternative to Competing on Price Promotions.

Subramanian Balachander==Bikram Ghosh==Axel Stock==

Advertising Effectiveness, Digital Video Recorders, and Product Market Competition.

Bikram Ghosh==Axel Stock==

Limited Memory, Categorization, and Competition.

Yuxin Chen==Ganesh Iyer==Amit Pazgal==

A Customer Management Dilemma: When Is It Profitable to Reward One's Own Customers?

Jiwoong Shin==K. Sudhir==

The Effect of Signal Quality and Contiguous Word of Mouth on Customer Acquisition for a Video-on-Demand Service.

Sungjoon Nam==Puneet Manchanda==Pradeep K. Chintagunta==

Complementarities and the Demand for Home Broadband Internet Services.

Hongju Liu==Pradeep K. Chintagunta==Ting Zhu==

Return on Roller Coasters: A Model to Guide Investments in Theme Park Attractions.

Rutger D. van Oest==Harald J. van Heerde==Marnik G. Dekimpe==

An Empirical Investigation of Private Label Supply by National Label Producers.

Xinlei (Jack) Chen==Om Narasimhan==George John==Tirtha Dhar==

The Impact of Customer Community Participation on Customer Behaviors: An Empirical Investigation.

René Algesheimer==Sharad Borle==Utpal M. Dholakia==Siddharth S. Singh==

For a Few Cents More: Why Supersize Unhealthy Food?

Paul W. Dobson==Eitan Gerstner==

MKTSCI - Volume 29 - Number 3 - May - June 2010
The Generalized Multinomial Logit Model: Accounting for Scale and Coefficient Heterogeneity.

Denzil G. Fiebig==Michael P. Keane==Jordan Louviere==Nada Wasi==

Examining Demand Elasticities in Hanemann's Framework: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis.

Nitin Mehta==Xinlei (Jack) Chen==Om Narasimhan==

Tunnel Vision: Local Behavioral Influences on Consumer Decisions in Product Search.

Gerald Häubl==Benedict G. C. Dellaert==Bas Donkers==

Intra- and Interformat Competition Among Discounters and Supermarkets.

Kathleen Cleeren==Frank Verboven==Marnik G. Dekimpe==Katrijn Gielens==

The Length of Product Line in Distribution Channels.

Yunchuan Liu==Tony Haitao Cui==

Information Acquisition and Sharing in a Vertical Relationship.

Liang Guo==Ganesh Iyer==

When More Alternatives Lead to Less Choice.

Dmitri Kuksov==J. Miguel Villas-Boas==

Modeling the Underreporting Bias in Panel Survey Data.

Sha Yang==Yi Zhao==Ravi Dhar==

Durable Products with Multiple Used Goods Markets: Product Upgrade and Retail Pricing Implications.

Shuya Yin==Saibal Ray==Haresh Gurnani==Animesh Animesh==

Database Submission - The Evolving Social Network of Marketing Scholars.

Jacob Goldenberg==Barak Libai==Eitan Muller==Stefan Stremersch==

Research Note - Prerelease Demand Forecasting for Motion Pictures Using Functional Shape Analysis of Virtual Stock Markets.

Natasha Zhang Foutz==Wolfgang Jank==

MKTSCI - Volume 29 - Number 2 - March - April 2010
The Race for Sponsored Links: Bidding Patterns for Search Advertising.

Zsolt Katona==Miklos Sarvary==

Tipping and Concentration in Markets with Indirect Network Effects.

Jean-Pierre Dubé==Günter J. Hitsch==Pradeep K. Chintagunta==

Channel Pass-Through of Trade Promotions.

Vincent R. Nijs==Kanishka Misra==Eric T. Anderson==Karsten Hansen==Lakshman Krishnamurthi==

"The Best Price You'll Ever Get": The 2005 Employee Discount Pricing Promotions in the U.S. Automobile Industry.

Meghan R. Busse==Duncan Simester==Florian Zettelmeyer==

Investigating Consumer Purchase Behavior in Related Technology Product Categories.

S. Sriram==Pradeep K. Chintagunta==Manoj K. Agarwal==

The Sound of Silence: Observational Learning in the U.S. Kidney Market.

Juanjuan Zhang==

Optimal Internet Media Selection.

Peter J. Danaher==Janghyuk Lee==Laoucine Kerbache==

A Viral Branching Model for Predicting the Spread of Electronic Word of Mouth.

Ralf van der Lans==Gerrit H. van Bruggen==Jehoshua Eliashberg==Berend Wierenga==

Retail Competition and the Dynamics of Demand for Tied Goods.

Wesley R. Hartmann==Harikesh S. Nair==

MKTSCI - Volume 29 - Number 1 - January - February 2010
Alleviating the Constant Stochastic Variance Assumption in Decision Research: Theory, Measurement, and Experimental Test.

Linda Court Salisbury==Fred M. Feinberg==

Commentary - Discussion of "Alleviating the Constant Stochastic Variance Assumption in Decision Research: Theory, Measurement, and Experimental Test".

Jordan Louviere==Joffre Swait==

Commentary - On the Interpretation of Temporal Inflation Parameters in Stochastic Models of Judgment and Choice.

J. Wesley Hutchinson==Gal Zauberman==Robert Meyer==

Rejoinder - Temporal Stochastic Inflation in Choice-Based Research.

Linda Court Salisbury==Fred M. Feinberg==

A Model for Trade-Up and Change in Considered Brands.

Greg M. Allenby==Mark J. Garratt==Peter E. Rossi==

A Larger Slice or a Larger Pie? An Empirical Investigation of Bargaining Power in the Distribution Channel.

Michaela Draganska==Daniel Klapper==Sofia Berto Villas-Boas==

Uncertainty, Risk Aversion, and WTA vs. WTP.

Erica Mina Okada==

Customer-Base Valuation in a Contractual Setting: The Perils of Ignoring Heterogeneity.

Peter S. Fader==Bruce G. S. Hardie==

In-Store Media and Distribution Channel Coordination.

Anthony J. Dukes==Yunchuan Liu==

Optimal Referral Bonuses with Asymmetric Information: Firm-Offered and Interpersonal Incentives.

Laura J. Kornish==Qiuping Li==

Information Provision in a Vertically Differentiated Competitive Marketplace.

Dmitri Kuksov==Yuanfang Lin==

Predicting Joint Choice Using Individual Data.

Anocha Aribarg==Neeraj Arora==Moon Young Kang==

"Call for Prices": Strategic Implications of Raising Consumers' Costs.

Preyas S. Desai==Anand Krishnamoorthy==Preethika Sainam==

The Price Precision Effect: Evidence from Laboratory and Market Data.

Manoj Thomas==Daniel H. Simon==Vrinda Kadiyali==