MKTSCI - Volume 30

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MKTSCI - Volume 30 - Number 6 - November / December 2011
Foreword - Revisiting the Workshop on Quantitative Marketing and Structural Econometrics.

Brett R. Gordon==Raphael Thomadsen==Eric T. Bradlow==Jean-Pierre Dubé==Richard Staelin==

Structural Workshop Paper - Descriptive, Structural, and Experimental Empirical Methods in Marketing Research.

Peter C. Reiss==

Structural Workshop Paper - Data Selection and Procurement.

Carl F. Mela==

Structural Workshop Paper - Discrete-Choice Models of Consumer Demand in Marketing.

Pradeep K. Chintagunta==Harikesh S. Nair==

Structural Workshop Paper - Estimating Discrete Games.

Paul B. Ellickson==Sanjog Misra==

Music Downloads and the Flip Side of Digital Rights Management.

Dinah A. Vernik==Devavrat Purohit==Preyas S. Desai==

Noncompensatory Dyadic Choices.

Neeraj Arora==Ty Henderson==Qing Liu==

Optimal Advertising When Envisioning a Product-Harm Crisis.

Olivier Rubel==Prasad A. Naik==Shuba Srinivasan==

Competitive Strategy for Open Source Software.

Vineet Kumar==Brett R. Gordon==Kannan Srinivasan==

Identifying Causal Marketing Mix Effects Using a Regression Discontinuity Design.

Wesley R. Hartmann==Harikesh S. Nair==Sridhar Narayanan==

Understanding Responses to Contradictory Information About Products.

Ajay Kalra==Shibo Li==Wei Zhang==

The Sense and Non-Sense of Holdout Sample Validation in the Presence of Endogeneity.

Peter Ebbes==Dominik Papies==Harald J. van Heerde==

MKTSCI - Volume 30 - Number 5 - September / October 2011
Firm Strategies in the "Mid Tail" of Platform-Based Retailing.

Baojun Jiang==Kinshuk Jerath==Kannan Srinivasan==

Competing for Low-End Markets.

Wilfred Amaldoss==Woochoel Shin==

Zooming In on Paid Search Ads - A Consumer-Level Model Calibrated on Aggregated Data.

Oliver J. Rutz==Michael Trusov==

Active Machine Learning for Consideration Heuristics.

Daria Dzyabura==John R. Hauser==

The Impact of Tariff Structure on Customer Retention, Usage, and Profitability of Access Services.

Raghuram Iyengar==Kamel Jedidi==Skander Essegaier==Peter J. Danaher==

Measuring the Lifetime Value of Customers Acquired from Google Search Advertising.

Tat Y. Chan==Chunhua Wu==Ying Xie==

Social Learning and Dynamic Pricing of Durable Goods.

Bing Jing==

New Perspectives on Customer "Death" Using a Generalization of the Pareto/NBD Model.

Kinshuk Jerath==Peter S. Fader==Bruce G. S. Hardie==

Modeling Customer Lifetimes with Multiple Causes of Churn.

Michael Braun==David A. Schweidel==

Product Positioning in a Two-Dimensional Vertical Differentiation Model: The Role of Quality Costs.

Dominique Olié Lauga==Elie Ofek==

Assessing the Effect of Marketing Investments in a Business Marketing Context.

V. Kumar==S. Sriram==Anita Luo==Pradeep K. Chintagunta==

MKTSCI - Volume 30 - Number 4 - July / August 2011
2009-2010 ISMS-MSI Practice Prize Competition - Special Section Introduction.

Russell S. Winer==

Practice Prize Winner - Dynamic Marketing Budget Allocation Across Countries, Products, and Marketing Activities.

Marc Fischer==Sönke Albers==Nils Wagner==Monika Frie==

Practice Prize Paper - Applying a Dynamic Model of Consumer Choice to Guide Brand Development at Jetstar Airways.

Peter J. Danaher==John H. Roberts==Ken Roberts==Alan Simpson==

Practice Prize Paper - Uncovering Implicit Consumer Needs for Determining Explicit Product Positioning: Growing Prudential Annuities' Variable Annuity Sales.

V. Kumar==Denish Shah==

Practice Prize Paper - Marketing's Profit Impact: Quantifying Online and Off-line Funnel Progression.

Thorsten Wiesel==Koen Pauwels==Joep Arts==

A "Position Paradox" in Sponsored Search Auctions.

Kinshuk Jerath==Liye Ma==Young-Hoon Park==Kannan Srinivasan==

Modeling Indirect Effects of Paid Search Advertising: Which Keywords Lead to More Future Visits?

Oliver J. Rutz==Michael Trusov==Randolph E. Bucklin==

Uninformative Advertising as an Invitation to Search.

Dina Mayzlin==Jiwoong Shin==

Testing Models of Strategic Behavior Characterized by Conditional Likelihoods.

Thomas Otter==Timothy J. Gilbride==Greg M. Allenby==

A Dynamic Model of the Effect of Online Communications on Firm Sales.

Garrett P. Sonnier==Leigh McAlister==Oliver J. Rutz==

No Customer Left Behind: A Distribution-Free Bayesian Approach to Accounting for Missing Xs in Marketing Models.

Yi Qian==Hui Xie==

Optimizing E-tailer Profits and Customer Savings: Pricing Multistage Customized Online Bundles.

Yuan-Chun Jiang==Jennifer Shang==Chris F. Kemerer==Yezheng Liu==

MKTSCI - Volume 30 - Number 3 - May - June 2011
Online Display Advertising: Targeting and Obtrusiveness.

Avi Goldfarb==Catherine Tucker==

Commentary - When Is Less More, and How Much More? Thoughts on the Psychological and Economic Implications of Online Targeting and Obtrusiveness.

Leonard M. Lodish==Americus Reed II==

Commentary - Discussion of "Online Display Advertising: Targeting and Obtrusiveness" by Avi Goldfarb and Catherine Tucker.

Andrea M. Matwyshyn==

Rejoinder - Implications of "Online Display Advertising: Targeting and Obtrusiveness".

Avi Goldfarb==Catherine Tucker==

Gut Liking for the Ordinary: Incorporating Design Fluency Improves Automobile Sales Forecasts.

Jan R. Landwehr==Aparna A. Labroo==Andreas Herrmann==

The Seeds of Negativity: Knowledge and Money.

Mitchell J. Lovett==Ron Shachar==

A Dynamic Model of Sponsored Search Advertising.

Song Yao==Carl F. Mela==

A Regime-Switching Model of Cyclical Category Buying.

Sungho Park==Sachin Gupta==

Multiple-Constraint Choice Models with Corner and Interior Solutions.

Takuya Satomura==Jaehwan Kim==Greg M. Allenby==

Crisis and Consumption Smoothing.

Pushan Dutt==Vineet Padmanabhan==

Scalable Inference of Customer Similarities from Interactions Data Using Dirichlet Processes.

Michael Braun==André Bonfrer==

Efficient Methods for Sampling Responses from Large-Scale Qualitative Data.

Surendra N. Singh==Steve Hillmer==Ze Wang==

Commentary - Reexamining Bayesian Model-Comparison Evidence of Cross-Brand Pass-Through.

Jason A. Duan==Leigh McAlister==Shameek Sinha==

MKTSCI - Volume 30 - Number 2 - March - April 2011
Opinion Leadership and Social Contagion in New Product Diffusion.

Raghuram Iyengar==Christophe Van den Bulte==Thomas W. Valente==

Commentary - Contagion in Prescribing Behavior Among Networks of Doctors.

Nicholas A. Christakis==James H. Fowler==

Commentary - Identifying Social Influence: A Comment on Opinion Leadership and Social Contagion in New Product Diffusion.

Sinan Aral==

Commentary - Invited Comment on "Opinion Leadership and Social Contagion in New Product Diffusion".

David Godes==

Rejoinder - Further Reflections on Studying Social Influence in New Product Diffusion.

Raghuram Iyengar==Christophe Van den Bulte==Thomas W. Valente==

Tricked by Truncation: Spurious Duration Dependence and Social Contagion in Hazard Models.

Christophe Van den Bulte==Raghuram Iyengar==

Hybrid Advertising Auctions.

Yi Zhu==Kenneth C. Wilbur==

The Evolution of Internal Market Structure.

Oliver J. Rutz==Garrett P. Sonnier==

Profitability of the Name-Your-Own-Price Channel in the Case of Risk-Averse Buyers.

Dmitry Shapiro==

Predictably Non-Bayesian: Quantifying Salience Effects in Physician Learning About Drug Quality.

Nuno Camacho==Bas Donkers==Stefan Stremersch==

Efficient Choice Designs for a Consider-Then-Choose Model.

Qing Liu==Neeraj Arora==

Demystifying Disruption: A New Model for Understanding and Predicting Disruptive Technologies.

Ashish Sood==Gerard J. Tellis==

Stuck in the Adoption Funnel: The Effect of Interruptions in the Adoption Process on Usage.

Anja Lambrecht==Katja Seim==Catherine Tucker==

How Peer Influence Affects Attribute Preferences: A Bayesian Updating Mechanism.

Vishal Narayan==Vithala R. Rao==Carolyne Saunders==

MKTSCI - Volume 30 - Number 1 - January - February 2011

Sha Yang==Anindya Ghose==

Editorial - Marketing Science: Marketing and Science.

Preyas S. Desai==

Modeling Multivariate Distributions Using Copulas: Applications in Marketing.

Peter J. Danaher==Michael S. Smith==

Commentary - A Latent Variable Perspective of Copula Modeling.

Edward I. George==Shane T. Jensen==

Rejoinder - Estimation Issues for Copulas Applied to Marketing Data.

Peter J. Danaher==Michael S. Smith==

Internet Channel Entry: A Strategic Analysis of Mixed Channel Structures.

Weon Sang Yoo==Eunkyu Lee==

"Bricks and Clicks": The Impact of Product Returns on the Strategies of Multichannel Retailers.

Elie Ofek==Zsolt Katona==Miklos Sarvary==

Identifying Unmet Demand.

Sandeep R. Chandukala==Yancy D. Edwards==Greg M. Allenby==

The Effect of Media Advertising on Brand Consideration and Choice.

Nobuhiko Terui==Masataka Ban==Greg M. Allenby==

Brands: The Opiate of the Nonreligious Masses?

Ron Shachar==Tülin Erdem==Keisha M. Cutright==Gavan J. Fitzsimons==

The Design of Durable Goods.

Oded Koenigsberg==Rajeev Kohli==Ricardo Montoya==

Bayesian Analysis of Hierarchical Effects.

Sandeep R. Chandukala==Jeffrey P. Dotson==Jeff D. Brazell==Greg M. Allenby==

Cross-Market Discounts.

Marcel Goic==Kinshuk Jerath==Kannan Srinivasan==

Preview Provision Under Competition.

Yi Xiang==David A. Soberman==

The Perils of Behavior-Based Personalization.

Juanjuan Zhang==

2010 Guest Area Editors and Ad Hoc Reviewers.

Eric T. Bradlow==