MKTSCI - Volume 31

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MKTSCI - Volume 31 - Number 6 - November / December 2012
A Satisficing Choice Model.

Peter Stüttgen==Peter Boatwright==Robert T. Monroe==

Peer Effects in the Diffusion of Solar Photovoltaic Panels.

Bryan Bollinger==Kenneth Gillingham==

Competition in Consumer Shopping Experience.

Ganesh Iyer==Dmitri Kuksov==

Firm Innovation and the Ratchet Effect Among Consumer Packaged Goods Firms.

Christine Moorman==Simone Wies==Natalie Mizik==Fredrika J. Spencer==

An Empirical Study of Word-of-Mouth Generation and Consumption.

Sha Yang==Mantian (Mandy) Hu==Russell S. Winer==Henry Assael==Xiaohong Chen==

Predicting the Path of Technological Innovation: SAW vs. Moore, Bass, Gompertz, and Kryder.

Ashish Sood==Gareth M. James==Gerard J. Tellis==Ji Zhu==

Contextual Advertising.

Kaifu Zhang==Zsolt Katona==

Consumer Deliberation and Product Line Design.

Liang Guo==Juanjuan Zhang==

Database Submission - The ISMS Durable Goods Data Sets.

Jian Ni==Scott A. Neslin==Baohong Sun==

Retailer-Driven Product Bundling in a Distribution Channel.

Hemant K. Bhargava==

MKTSCI - Volume 31 - Number 4 - July / August 2012
Consumer Learning of New Binary Attribute Importance Accounting for Priors, Bias, and Order Effects.

Mathew B. Chylinski==John H. Roberts==Bruce G. S. Hardie==

Handling Endogenous Regressors by Joint Estimation Using Copulas.

Sungho Park==Sachin Gupta==

Intraconnectivity and Interconnectivity: When Value Creation May Reduce Profits.

Tingting He==Dmitri Kuksov==Chakravarthi Narasimhan==

Social Sharing of Information Goods: Implications for Pricing and Profits.

Michael R. Galbreth==Bikram Ghosh==Mikhael Shor==

Optimal Admission and Scholarship Decisions: Choosing Customized Marketing Offers to Attract a Desirable Mix of Customers.

Alexandre Belloni==Mitchell J. Lovett==William Boulding==Richard Staelin==

Periodic Advertising Pulsing in a Competitive Market.

Marshall Freimer==Dan Horsky==

Intertemporal Movie Distribution: Versioning When Customers Can Buy Both Versions.

Joan Calzada==Tommaso M. Valletti==

Investigating the Drivers of Consumer Cross-Category Learning for New Products Using Multiple Data Sets.

Karthik Sridhar==Ram Bezawada==Minakshi Trivedi==

Network Traces on Penetration: Uncovering Degree Distribution from Adoption Data.

Yaniv Dover==Jacob Goldenberg==Daniel Shapira==

MKTSCI - Volume 31 - Number 3 - May / June 2012
Introduction to the Special Issue on the Emergence and Impact of User-Generated Content.

Peter S. Fader==Russell S. Winer==

Online Product Opinions: Incidence, Evaluation, and Evolution.

Wendy W. Moe==David A. Schweidel==

Network Characteristics and the Value of Collaborative User-Generated Content.

Sam Ransbotham==Gerald C. Kane==Nicholas H. Lurie==

Evaluating Promotional Activities in an Online Two-Sided Market of User-Generated Content.

Paulo Albuquerque==Polykarpos Pavlidis==Udi Chatow==Kay-Yut Chen==Zainab Jamal==

Content Contributor Management and Network Effects in a UGC Environment.

Kaifu Zhang==Theodoros Evgeniou==Vineet Padmanabhan==Emile Richard==

Sequential and Temporal Dynamics of Online Opinion.

David Godes==José C. Silva==

User-Generated Open Source Products: Founder's Social Capital and Time to Product Release.

Girish Mallapragada==Rajdeep Grewal==Gary L. Lilien==

Designing Ranking Systems for Hotels on Travel Search Engines by Mining User-Generated and Crowdsourced Content.

Anindya Ghose==Panagiotis G. Ipeirotis==Beibei Li==

Mine Your Own Business: Market-Structure Surveillance Through Text Mining.

Oded Netzer==Ronen Feldman==Jacob Goldenberg==Moshe Fresko==

MKTSCI - Volume 31 - Number 2 - March / April 2012
Editorial - People of Marketing Science.

Preyas S. Desai==

Does Chatter Really Matter? Dynamics of User-Generated Content and Stock Performance.

Seshadri Tirunillai==Gerard J. Tellis==

The Joint Sales Impact of Frequency Reward and Customer Tier Components of Loyalty Programs.

Praveen K. Kopalle==Yacheng Sun==Scott A. Neslin==Baohong Sun==Vanitha Swaminathan==

Customer Influence Value and Purchase Acceleration in New Product Diffusion.

Teck-Hua Ho==Shan Li==So-Eun Park==Zuo-Jun Max Shen==

The Strategic Impact of References in Business Markets.

David Godes==

Hide and Seek: Costly Consumer Privacy in a Market with Repeat Purchases.

Vincent Conitzer==Curtis R. Taylor==Liad Wagman==

Demand Dynamics in the Seasonal Goods Industry: An Empirical Analysis.

Gonca P. Soysal==Lakshman Krishnamurthi==

Procuring Commodities: First-Price Sealed-Bid or English Auctions?

Jason Shachat==Lijia Wei==

A Conjoint Model of Quantity Discounts.

Raghuram Iyengar==Kamel Jedidi==

Modeling Seasonality in New Product Diffusion.

Yuri Peers==Dennis Fok==Philip Hans Franses==

MKTSCI - Volume 31 - Number 1 - January / February 2012
Editorial - The Science-to-Practice Initiative: Getting New Marketing Science Thinking into the Real World.

Preyas S. Desai==David Bell==Gary L. Lilien==David Soberman==

Measuring the Impact of Negative Demand Shocks on Car Dealer Networks.

Paulo Albuquerque==Bart J. Bronnenberg==

Marketing of Vice Goods: A Strategic Analysis of the Package Size Decision.

Sanjay Jain==

Commentaries and Rejoinder to "Marketing of Vice Goods: A Strategic Analysis of the Package Size Decision" by Sanjay Jain.

Ram C. Rao==Brian Wansink==Sanjay Jain==

Ad Gist: Ad Communication in a Single Eye Fixation.

Rik Pieters==Michel Wedel==

Cloak or Flaunt? The Fashion Dilemma.

Hema Yoganarasimhan==

Quantifying Transaction Costs in Online/Off-line Grocery Channel Choice.

Pradeep K. Chintagunta==Junhong Chu==Javier Cebollada==

Disentangling Preferences and Learning in Brand Choice Models.

Sangwoo Shin==Sanjog Misra==Dan Horsky==

Measuring Consumer Preferences Using Conjoint Poker.

Olivier Toubia==Martijn G. de Jong==Daniel Stieger==Johann Füller==

Customer Bill of Rights Under No-Fault Service Failure: Confinement and Compensation.

Rachel R. Chen==Eitan Gerstner==Yinghui (Catherine) Yang==

Exclusive Channels and Revenue Sharing in a Complementary Goods Market.

Gangshu (George) Cai==Yue Dai==Sean X. Zhou==