MKTSCI - Volume 33

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MKTSCI - Volume 33 - Number 1 - January - February 2014
Shape identification for Navier-Stokes problem using shape sensitivity analysis and level set method.

Xian-Bao Duan==Nan-Nan He==Xin-Qiang Qin==

A decomposition method for large-scale box constrained optimization.

Jing Yu==Mingqiang Li==Yongli Wang==Guoping He==

Convergence and stability analysis of the θ-method for delayed diffusion mathematical models.

Luis Blanco-Cocom==Eric Avila-Vales==

Can protection zone potentially strengthen protective effects in random environments?

Xiaoling Zou==Ke Wang==Meng Liu==

Improved stability conditions for a class of stochastic Volterra-Levin equations.

Dianli Zhao==Sanling Yuan==Tiansi Zhang==

Gravitational search algorithm combined with chaos for unconstrained numerical optimization.

Shangce Gao==Catherine Vairappan==Yan Wang==Qi Ping Cao==Zheng Tang==

The existence and uniqueness of solution to wavelet collocation.

Xinqiang Qin==Baoyan Fang==Shuangliang Tian==Xiaohong Tong==Zhigang Wang==Lijun Su==

Localization results for the Bernstein max-product operator.

Lucian C. Coroianu==Sorin G. Gal==

How to run a campaign: Optimal control of SIS and SIR information epidemics.

Kundan Kandhway==Joy Kuri==

Love wave in an isotropic homogeneous elastic half-space with a functionally graded cap layer.

Hong Zhu==Ligang Zhang==Jiecai Han==Yumin Zhang==

Dynamic analysis of Hodgkin's three classes of neurons exposed to extremely low-frequency sinusoidal induced electric field.

Guosheng Yi==Jiang Wang==Xile Wei==Bin Deng==Huiyan Li==Chunxiao Han==

Hamburger moment problem and Maximum Entropy: On the existence conditions.

Aldo Tagliani==

Chaotic dynamics of a three species prey-predator competition model with noise in ecology.

Kalyan Das==K. Shiva Reddy==M. N. Srinivas==N. H. Gazi==

The Optimal Homotopy Asymptotic Method for solving Blasius equation.

Vasile Marinca==Nicolae Herisanu==

Strong convergence theorem for integral equations of Hammerstein type in Hilbert spaces.

Yekini Shehu==

Half-discrete Hilbert-type inequalities with mean operators, the best constants, and applications.

Vandanjav Adiyasuren==Tserendorj Batbold==Mario Krnic==

Smoothing Newton method for generalized complementarity problems based on a new smoothing function.

Xiuyun Zheng==Jiarong Shi==

On families of bounded continuous solutions of some systems of functional-difference equations on half-intervals.

Stevo Stevic==

A modified Wei-Yao-Liu conjugate gradient method for unconstrained optimization.

Hai Huang==Suihua Lin==

A bacterial gene recombination algorithm for solving constrained optimization problems.

Tsung-Jung Hsieh==

Generic predation in age structure predator-prey models.

Francisco J. Solis==Roberto A. Ku-Carrillo==

Hopf bifurcation analysis for a ratio-dependent predator-prey system with two delays and stage structure for the predator.

Lianwang Deng==Xuedi Wang==Miao Peng==

The slow, steady ascent of a hot solid sphere in a Newtonian fluid with strongly temperature-dependent viscosity.

M. Vynnycky==M. A. O'Brien==

Robust reliable passive control of uncertain stochastic switched time-delay systems.

Huimei Jia==Zhengrong Xiang==Hamid Reza Karimi==

The cyclicity of quadratic reversible systems with a center of genus one and non-Morsean point.

Yulin Zhao==Yanyan Chen==

An algorithm of polynomial order for computing the covering dimension of a finite space.

Dimitris N. Georgiou==Athanasios C. Megaritis==

Adaptive finite element approximation for a class of parameter estimation problems.

Yanzhen Chang==Danping Yang==Zhijuan Zhang==

The asymptotic behavior of globally smooth solutions of non-isentropic Euler-Maxwell equations for plasmas.

Shu Wang==Yuehong Feng==Xin Li==

Coalition analysis with preference uncertainty in group decision support.

Kevin W. Li==Takehiro Inohara==Haiyan Xu==

Enhancing precision performance of trajectory tracking controller for robot manipulators using RBFNN and adaptive bound.

Naveen Kumar==Vikas Panwar==Jin-Hwan Borm==Jangbom Chai==

An ensemble algorithm with self-adaptive learning techniques for high-dimensional numerical optimization.

Yu Xue==Shuiming Zhong==Yi Zhuang==Bin Xu==

Adaptive pinning cluster synchronization of fractional-order complex dynamical networks.

Guan-Sheng Wang==Jiang-Wen Xiao==Yan-Wu Wang==Jing-Wen Yi==

Blind deconvolution for distributed parameter systems with unbounded input and output and determining blood alcohol concentration from transdermal biosensor data.

I. Gary Rosen==Susan E. Luczak==Jordan Weiss==

An almost periodic competitive system subject to impulsive perturbations.

Zhijun Liu==Qinglong Wang==

Stability indices for randomly perturbed power systems.

Humberto Verdejo==Wolfgang Kliemann==Luis Vargas==

Instabilities and propagation properties in a fourth-order reaction-diffusion equation.

Samir A. Shamseldeen==

On the extension of Householder's method for weighted Moore-Penrose inverse.

Farahnaz Soleimani==Fazlollah Soleymani==Alicia Cordero==Juan R. Torregrosa==

An EMQ model with price and time dependent demand under the effect of reliability and inflation.

Biswajit Sarkar==Papiya Mandal==Sumon Sarkar==

A decomposable self-adaptive projection-based prediction-correction algorithm for convex time space network flow problem.

Yiping Jiang==Xiaoling Fu==Kai Huang==Lindu Zhao==

A simple class of fractal transforms for hyperspectral images.

Edward R. Vrscay==Daniel Otero==Davide La Torre==

A finite volume method with linearisation in time for the solution of advection-reaction-diffusion systems.

Jayantha Pasdunkorale Arachchige==Graeme J. Pettet==

Another look at some new Cauchy-Schwarz type inner product inequalities.

Cezar Lupu==Dan Schwarz==

Existence of bounded solutions of a class of neutral systems of functional differential equations.

Stevo Stevic==

Piecewise linear lower and upper bounds for the standard normal first order loss function.

Roberto Rossi==S. Armagan Tarim==Steven David Prestwich==Brahim Hnich==

The dynamic of plankton-nutrient interaction with delay.

Amit Sharma==Anuj Kumar Sharma==Kulbhushan Agnihotri==

A subtly analysis of Wilker inequality.

Cristinel Mortici==

Analytical and numerical treatment of Jungck-type iterative schemes.

Abdul Rahim Khan==Vivek Kumar==Nawab Hussain==

Integro quintic splines and their approximation properties.

T. Zhanlav==Renchin-Ochir Mijiddorj==

Supporting adaptive and irregular parallelism for non-linear numerical optimization.

Panagiotis E. Hadjidoukas==Costas Voglis==Vassilios V. Dimakopoulos==Isaac E. Lagaris==Dimitris G. Papageorgiou==

Some invariant solutions of field equations with axial symmetry for empty space containing an electrostatic field.

Lakhveer Kaur==R. K. Gupta==

Drosophila Food-Search Optimization.

Kedar Nath Das==Tapan Kumar Singh==

A full Nesterov-Todd-step feasible primal-dual interior point algorithm for convex quadratic semi-definite optimization.

Mohamed Achache==Loubna Guerra==

The least squares g-inverse for the sum of multiple matrices.

Yutao Zheng==Bing Zheng==Zhiping Xiong==

An adaptive hybrid differential evolution algorithm for single objective optimization.

Md. Asafuddoula==Tapabrata Ray==Ruhul A. Sarker==

Comparison of probabilistic algorithms for analyzing the components of an affine algebraic variety.

Daniel J. Bates==Wolfram Decker==Jonathan D. Hauenstein==Chris Peterson==Gerhard Pfister==Frank-Olaf Schreyer==Andrew J. Sommese==Charles W. Wampler==

A TFETI domain decomposition solver for elastoplastic problems.

Martin Cermák==Tomás Kozubek==Stanislav Sysala==Jan Valdman==