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access - Volume 1 - - 2013
Efficient, High Directivity, Large Front-to-Back-Ratio, Electrically Small, Near-Field-Resonant-Parasitic Antenna.

Ming-Chun Tang==Richard W. Ziolkowski==

Memristor-Based Nonvolatile Random Access Memory: Hybrid Architecture for Low Power Compact Memory Design.

Syed Shakib Sarwar==Syed an Nazmus Saqueb==Farhan Quaiyum==A. B. M. Harun-ur Rashid==

A Survey of Multi-Agent Trust Management Systems.

Han Yu==Zhiqi Shen==Cyril Leung==Chunyan Miao==Victor R. Lesser==

Pushing the Limits of LTE: A Survey on Research Enhancing the Standard.

Stefan Schwarz==Josep Colom Ikuno==Michal Simko==Martin Taranetz==Qi Wang==Markus Rupp==

Heuristics for Design for Reliability for Electrical and Electronic Products.

Dev Raheja==

A Distortion-Based Approach to Privacy-Preserving Metering in Smart Grids.

Xingze He==Xinwen Zhang==C.-C. Jay Kuo==

Robust Optimal Control of Quadrotor UAVs.

Aykut C. Satici==Hasan Poonawala==Mark W. Spong==

Quantum Search Algorithms, Quantum Wireless, and a Low-Complexity Maximum Likelihood Iterative Quantum Multi-User Detector Design.

Panagiotis Botsinis==Soon Xin Ng==Lajos Hanzo==

Strengthening Modern Electronics Industry Through the National Program for Intelligent Electronics in Taiwan.

Wen-Tsuen Chen==Youn-Long Lin==Chen-Yi Lee==Jeng-Long Chiang==Meng-Fan Chang==Shih-Chieh Chang==

Real-World Neuroimaging Technologies.

Kaleb McDowell==Chin-Teng Lin==Kelvin S. Oie==Tzyy-Ping Jung==Stephen M. Gordon==Keith W. Whitaker==Shih-Yu Li==Shao-Wei Lu==W. David Hairston==

Technology Advances in Flexible Displays and Substrates.

Janglin Chen==C. T. Liu==

A Strategy to Move Taiwan's IT Industry From Commodity Hardware Manufacturing to Competitive Cloud Solutions.

George Wang==Jay Unger==

Information Forensics: An Overview of the First Decade.

Matthew C. Stamm==Min Wu==Kuo J. Ray Liu==

BSIM - SPICE Models Enable FinFET and UTB IC Designs.

Navid Paydavosi==Sriramkumar Venugopalan==Yogesh Singh Chauhan==Juan Pablo Duarte==Srivatsava Jandhyala==Ali M. Niknejad==Chenming Hu==

Automated Production of Predetermined Digital Evidence.

Aniello Castiglione==Giuseppe Cattaneo==Giancarlo De Maio==Alfredo De Santis==

Bibliometric Indicators: Why Do We Need More Than One?

Gianluca Setti==

Automated Creation of Complex Three-Dimensional Composite Mixtures for Use in Electromagnetic Simulation.

Austin J. Pickles==Ian M. Kilgore==Michael B. Steer==

Increasing the Sensitivity of Vibrating Wire Pressure Sensor.

Akin Cellatoglu==Karuppanan Balasubramanian==

Dual Mode Logic - Design for Energy Efficiency and High Performance.

Itamar Levi==Alexander Fish==

Template Aging Phenomenon in Iris Recognition.

Samuel P. Fenker==Estefan Ortiz==Kevin W. Bowyer==

Discovering Design Principles From Dominated Solutions.

Karim J. Chichakly==Margaret J. Eppstein==

Robust Control of Mobility and Communications in Autonomous Robot Teams.

Jonathan Fink==Alejandro Ribeiro==Vijay Kumar==

Legged Self-Manipulation.

Aaron M. Johnson==Daniel E. Koditschek==

Millimeter Wave Mobile Communications for 5G Cellular: It Will Work!

Theodore S. Rappaport==Shu Sun==Rimma Mayzus==Hang Zhao==Yaniv Azar==Kevin Wang==George N. Wong==Jocelyn K. Schulz==Mathew Samimi==Felix Gutierrez Jr.==

Mixed Models Analysis of Radar Residuals Data.

Carl C. Gaither==Chris R. Jackson==Dawn C. F. Loper==Jasmina Pozderac==

Optimization of Idealized Quantum Dot Intermediate Band Solar Cells Considering Spatial Variation of Generation Rates.

Urmita Sikder==Anisul Haque==

Plasmonics in Nanoslit for Manipulation of Light.

Taerin Chung==Seung-Yeol Lee==Hansik Yun==Seong-Woo Cho==Yongjun Lim==Il-Min Lee==Byoungho Lee==

Statistical and Domain Analytics Applied to PV Module Lifetime and Degradation Science.

Laura S. Bruckman==Nicholas R. Wheeler==Junheng Ma==Ethan Wang==Carl K. Wang==Ivan Chou==Jiayang Sun==Roger H. French==

Optimization of Angle-of-Arrival Estimation Via Real-Valued Sparse Representation With Circular Array Radar.

I. Kazemi==M. R. Moniri==R. S. Kandovan==

Solving Nonlinear Systems of First Order Ordinary Differential Equations Using a Galerkin Finite Element Method.

Ahmad Al-Omari==Heinz-Bernd Schüttler==Jonathan Arnold==Thiab R. Taha==

Collective Estimation of Ocean Nonlinear Internal Waves Using Robotic Underwater Drifters.

Michael Ouimet==Jorge Cortés==

Using SST/Macro for Effective Analysis of MPI-Based Applications: Evaluating Large-Scale Genomic Sequence Search.

Damian Dechev==Tae-Hyuk Ahn==

A Card Stack Model to Elucidate Key Challenges in the Development of Future Generation Supercomputers.

Wataru Nakayama==

Adaptive Estimation of Time-Varying Sparse Signals.

Ramin Zahedi==Lucas W. Krakow==Edwin K. P. Chong==Ali Pezeshki==

Photogrammetric Bundle Adjustment With Self-Calibration of the PrimeSense 3D Camera Technology: Microsoft Kinect.

Jacky C. K. Chow==Derek D. Lichti==

A Branch-and-Cut Algorithm for the Multilevel Generalized Assignment Problem.

Pasquale Avella==Maurizio Boccia==Igor Vasilyev==

A Compact High-Performance Orthomode Transducer for the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) Band 1 (31-45 GHz).

David Dousset==Stephane Claude==Ke Wu==

A Scientifically Experimental Approach to the Simulation of Designer Activity in the Conceptual Designing of Software Intensive Systems.

Petr Sosnin==

Does a Unified Energy Equation Contain the Higgs Field?

Marcus O. Durham==Robert A. Durham==

An Informative Interpretation of Decision Theory: The Information Theoretic Basis for Signal-to-Noise Ratio and Log Likelihood Ratio.

John Polcari==

Effective Permittivity of 3-D Periodic Composites With Regular and Irregular Inclusions.

Austin J. Pickles==Michael B. Steer==

Numerical Solution for Super Large Scale Systems.

Tianmin Han==Yuhuan Han==

Team Learning for Healthcare Quality Improvement.

Narine Manukyan==Margaret J. Eppstein==Jeffrey D. Horbar==

Open Data as a Foundation for Innovation: The Enabling Effect of Free Public Sector Information for Entrepreneurs.

Erik Lakomaa==Jan Kallberg==

GPU-Accelerated Visualization of Scattered Point Data.

Thomas L. Falch==Jostein B. Fløystad==Dag W. Breiby==Anne C. Elster==

Approximating Extremely Large Networks via Continuum Limits.

Yang Zhang==Edwin K. P. Chong==Jan Hannig==Donald J. Estep==

The DooDB Graphical Password Database: Data Analysis and Benchmark Results.

Marcos Martinez-Diaz==Julian Fiérrez==Javier Galbally==

Mobile Multimedia Recommendation in Smart Communities: A Survey.

Feng Xia==Nana Yaw Asabere==Ahmedin Mohammed Ahmed==Jing Li==Xiangjie Kong==

LC/DC: Lockless Containers and Data Concurrency a Novel Nonblocking Container Library for Multicore Applications.

Damian Dechev==Pierre LaBorde==Steven D. Feldman==

Wireless Video Surveillance: A Survey.

Yun Ye==Song Ci==Aggelos K. Katsaggelos==Yanwei Liu==Yi Qian==

Technical Review of the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office Transformational and Applied Research Directorate's Research and Development Program.

Anthony D. Lavietes==James Trebes==Robert Borchers==Jill Dahlburg==John Donnelly==Adam Isles==Neil Johnson==Glenn Knoll==Richard Kouzes==Richard Lanza==Jodi Lieberman==James Lund==Stanley Prussin==Jeanette Russo==Francis Slakey==

A Multi-Objective Exploration Strategy for Mobile Robots Under Operational Constraints.

Angelos Amanatiadis==Savvas A. Chatzichristofis==Konstantinos Charalampous==Lefteris Doitsidis==Elias B. Kosmatopoulos==Philippos Tsalides==Antonios Gasteratos==Stergios I. Roumeliotis==

On Adaptive Control With Closed-Loop Reference Models: Transients, Oscillations, and Peaking.

Travis E. Gibson==Anuradha M. Annaswamy==Eugene Lavretsky==

Virtual Labs Project: A Paradigm Shift in Internet-Based Remote Experimentation.

Ranjan Bose==

A Study on the Effect of Traceability Links in Software Maintenance.

Kal Jaber==Bonita Sharif==Chang Liu==

Localization Services for Online Common Operational Picture and Situation Awareness.

Mikael Björkbom==Jussi Timonen==Hüseyin Yigitler==Ossi Kaltiokallio==José M. Vallet Garcia==Matthieu Myrsky==Jari Saarinen==Marko Korkalainen==Caner Cuhac==Riku Jäntti==Reino Virrankoski==Jouko Vankka==Heikki N. Koivo==

Extending Non-Volatile Operation to DRAM Cells.

Wei Wei==Kazuteru Namba==Fabrizio Lombardi==

Solving Large Nonlinear Systems of First-Order Ordinary Differential Equations With Hierarchical Structure Using Multi-GPGPUs and an Adaptive Runge Kutta ODE Solver.

Ahmad Al-Omari==Jonathan Arnold==Thiab R. Taha==Heinz-Bernd Schüttler==

Electromagnetic Properties of Disordered Three-Dimensional Mixtures.

Austin J. Pickles==Ian M. Kilgore==Michael B. Steer==

Enhancement of an Optical Fiber Sensor: Source Separation Based on Brillouin Spectrum.

Edouard Buchoud==Valeriu D. Vrabie==Jérôme I. Mars==Guy D'Urso==Alexandre Girard==Sylvain Blairon==Jean-Marie Henault==

A Low-Cost Open-Source Metal 3-D Printer.

Gerald C. Anzalone==Chenlong Zhang==Bas Wijnen==Paul G. Sanders==Joshua M. Pearce==

800 MB/s DDR NAND Flash Memory Multi-Chip Package With Source-Synchronous Interface for Point-to-Point Ring Topology.

Peter Gillingham==David Chinn==Eric Choi==Jin-Ki Kim==Don MacDonald==Hakjune Oh==Hong-Beom Pyeon==Roland Schuetz==