acta - Volume 51

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acta - Volume 51 - Numbers 3-4 - June 2014
Special section on new circuit and architecture-level solutions for multidiscipline systems.

Saraju P. Mohanty==

CMOS LC voltage controlled oscillator design using multiwalled and single-walled carbon nanotube wire inductors.

Ashok Srivastava==Yao Xu==Yang Liu==Ashwani K. Sharma==Clay Mayberry==

Dynamic clock stretching for variation compensation in VLSI circuit design.

Venkataraman Mahalingam==Nagarajan Ranganathan==Ransford Hyman Jr.==

Congestion-aware layout design for high-throughput digital microfluidic biochips.

Sudip Roy==Debasis Mitra==Bhargab B. Bhattacharya==Krishnendu Chakrabarty==

Retail beamed power using millimeter waves: Survey.

Narayanan M. Komerath==Aravinda Kar==

An efficient heuristic to identify threshold logic functions.

Ashok Kumar Palaniswamy==Spyros Tragoudas==

Effect of process variations in 3D global clock distribution networks.

Hu Xu==Vasilis F. Pavlidis==Giovanni De Micheli==

Spatial and temporal thermal characterization of stacked multicore architectures.

Eren Kursun==Jamil A. Wakil==Mukta Farooq==Robert Hannon==

Resilient and adaptive performance logic.

Bao Liu==Xuemei Chen==Fiona Teshome==

Performance evaluation and design trade-offs for wireless network-on-chip architectures.

Kevin Chang==Sujay Deb==Amlan Ganguly==Xinmin Yu==Suman Prasad Sah==Partha Pratim Pande==Benjamin Belzer==Deuk Hyoun Heo==

A Θ( √ n)-depth quantum adder on the 2D NTC quantum computer architecture.

Byung-Soo Choi==Rodney Van Meter==

A physical design tool for carbon nanotube field-effect transistor circuits.

Jiale Huang==Minhao Zhu==Shengqi Yang==Pallav Gupta==Wei Zhang==Steven M. Rubin==Gilda Garretón==Jin He==

acta - Volume 51 - Number 6 - September 2014
Value-at-risk in uncertain random risk analysis.

Yuhan Liu==Dan A. Ralescu==

A new design of sliding mode control for Markovian jump systems based on stochastic sliding surface.

Jianyu Zhang==Qingling Zhang==Yingying Wang==

Selection of appropriate metaheuristic algorithms for protein structure prediction in AB off-lattice model: a perspective from fitness landscape analysis.

Nanda Dulal Jana==Jaya Sil==Swagatam Das==

Fuzzy forecasting based on two-factors second-order fuzzy-trend logical relationship groups, similarity measures and PSO techniques.

Shyi-Ming Chen==Wen-Shan Jian==

Using contextualized activity-level duration to discover irregular process instances in business operations.

PingYu Hsu==Yu-Cheng Chuang==Yao-Chung Lo==Shuang-Chuan He==

Goal Probability Analysis in Probabilistic Planning: Exploring and Enhancing the State of the Art.

Marcel Steinmetz==Jörg Hoffmann==Olivier Buffet==

Effective Heuristics for Suboptimal Best-First Search.

Christopher Makoto Wilt==Wheeler Ruml==

Scrubbing During Learning In Real-time Heuristic Search.

Nathan R. Sturtevant==Vadim Bulitko==

A Primer on Neural Network Models for Natural Language Processing.

Yoav Goldberg==

Embarrassingly Parallel Search in Constraint Programming.

Arnaud Malapert==Jean-Charles Régin==Mohamed Rezgui==

ProMoca: Probabilistic Modeling and Analysis of Agents in Commitment Protocols.

Akin Günay==Yang Liu==Jie Zhang==

A Survey of Computational Treatments of Biomolecules by Robotics-Inspired Methods Modeling Equilibrium Structure and Dynamic.

Amarda Shehu==Erion Plaku==

Convergence of Iterative Scoring Rules.

Omer Lev==Jeffrey S. Rosenschein==

ZERO++: Harnessing the Power of Zero Appearances to Detect Anomalies in Large-Scale Data Sets.

Guansong Pang==Kai Ming Ting==David W. Albrecht==Huidong Jin==

P-SyncBB: A Privacy Preserving Branch and Bound DCOP Algorithm.

Tal Grinshpoun==Tamir Tassa==

A Disaster Response System based on Human-Agent Collectives.

Sarvapali D. Ramchurn==Trung Dong Huynh==Feng Wu==Yuki Ikuno==Jack Flann==Luc Moreau==Joel E. Fischer==Wenchao Jiang==Tom Rodden==Edwin Simpson==Steven Reece==Stephen J. Roberts==Nicholas R. Jennings==

acta - Volume 51 - Number 5 - August 2014
Introduction to the special issue on sustainable and green computing systems.

Partha Pratim Pande==Amlan Ganguly==

Towards a net-zero data center.

Prithviraj Banerjee==Chandrakant D. Patel==Cullen Bash==Amip Shah==Martin F. Arlitt==

Technology-driven limits on runtime power management algorithms for multiprocessor systems-on-chip.

Siddharth Garg==Diana Marculescu==Radu Marculescu==

Energy-efficient markov chain-based duty cycling schemes for greener wireless sensor networks.

Giacomo Ghidini==Sajal K. Das==

Implementing the data center energy productivity metric.

Landon H. Sego==Andrés Márquez==Andrew Rawson==Tahir Cader==Kevin Fox==William I. Gustafson Jr.==Christopher J. Mundy==

Barely alive memory servers: Keeping data active in a low-power state.

Vlasia Anagnostopoulou==Susmit Biswas==Heba Saadeldeen==Alan Savage==Ricardo Bianchini==Tao Yang==Diana Franklin==Frederic T. Chong==

Energy- and performance-aware scheduling of tasks on parallel and distributed systems.

Hafiz Fahad Sheikh==Hengxing Tan==Ishfaq Ahmad==Sanjay Ranka==Phanisekhar Bv==

Enhancing data center sustainability through energy-adaptive computing.

Krishna Kant==Muthukumar Murugan==David H. C. Du==

DAHM: A green and dynamic web application hosting manager across geographically distributed data centers.

Zahra Abbasi==Tridib Mukherjee==Georgios Varsamopoulos==Sandeep K. S. Gupta==