cacm - Volume 54

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cacm - Volume 54 - Number 12 - December 2011 (EE)
Computing for humans.

Moshe Y. Vardi==

To boost presentation quality, ask questions.

Conferences and video lectures; scientific educational games.

John Langford==Judy Robertson==

Nominees for elections and report of the ACM Nominating Committee.

The rise of molecular machines.

Kirk L. Kroeker==

Brave NUI world.

Gregory Goth==

Activism vs. slacktivism.

Dennis McCafferty==

CSEdWeek takes hold.

Samuel Greengard==

Dennis Ritchie, 1941-2011.

Paul Hyman==

The most ancient marketing.

Jaron Lanier==

Life, death, and the iPad: cultural symbols and Steve Jobs.

Genevieve Bell==

The legacy of Steve Jobs.

Michael A. Cusumano==

On turbocharged, heat-seeking, robotic fishing poles.

Kentaro Toyama==

Debugging on live systems.

George V. Neville-Neil==

Data trends on minorities and people with disabilities in computing.

Valerie E. Taylor==Richard E. Ladner==

The grounding practice.

Peter J. Denning==

Doctoral program rankings for U.S. computing programs: the national research council strikes out.

Andrew P. Bernat==Eric Grimson==

Postmortem debugging in dynamic environments.

David Pacheco==

How will astronomy archives survive the data tsunami?

G. Bruce Berriman==Steven L. Groom==

Coding guidelines: finding the art in the science.

Robert C. Green II==Henry Ledgard==

Visual crowd surveillance through a hydrodynamics lens.

Brian E. Moore==Saad Ali==Ramin Mehran==Mubarak Shah==

License risks from ad hoc reuse of code from the internet.

Manuel Sojer==Joachim Henkel==

Formal analysis of MPI-based parallel programs.

Ganesh Gopalakrishnan==Robert M. Kirby==Stephen F. Siegel==Rajeev Thakur==William Gropp==Ewing L. Lusk==Bronis R. de Supinski==Martin Schulz==Greg Bronevetsky==

Answer set programming at a glance.

Gerhard Brewka==Thomas Eiter==Miroslaw Truszczynski==

Safety first!: technical perspective.

Xavier Leroy==

Safe to the last instruction: automated verification of a type-safe operating system.

Jean Yang==Chris Hawblitzel==

Anonymity is not privacy: technical perspective.

Vitaly Shmatikov==

Wherefore art thou R3579X?: anonymized social networks, hidden patterns, and structural steganography.

Lars Backstrom==Cynthia Dwork==Jon M. Kleinberg==


Peter Winkler==


Leah Hoffmann==

cacm - Volume 54 - Number 11 - November 2011 (EE)
Is Moore's Party over?

Moshe Y. Vardi==

Justice for Jahromi.

In the Virtual Extension.

In support of open reviews; better teaching through large-scale data mining.

Bertrand Meyer==Greg Linden==

ACM offers a new approach to self-archiving.

Scott E. Delman==

Modeling chaotic storms.

Kirk L. Kroeker==

Hacking cars.

Alex Wright==

Risky business.

Leah Hoffmann==

Security risks in next-generation emergency services.

Hannes Tschofenig==

What gets measured gets done.

Scott Wallsten==

Why the Google book settlement failed: and what comes next?

Pamela Samuelson==

Will software engineering ever be engineering?

Michael Davis==

Teaching-oriented faculty at research universities.

Gender demographics trends and changes in U.S. CS departments.

Douglas Baumann==Susanne E. Hambrusch==Jennifer Neville==

The software industry is the problem.

Poul-Henning Kamp==

Java security architecture revisited.

Li Gong==

OCaml for the masses.

Yaron Minsky==

'Natural' search user interfaces.

Marti A. Hearst==

Managing IS adoption in ambivalent groups.

DongBack Seo==Albert Boonstra==Marjolein van Offenbeek==

The rise and fall of high performance Fortran.

Ken Kennedy==Charles Koelbel==Hans P. Zima==

Nanonetworks: a new frontier in communications.

Ian F. Akyildiz==Josep Miquel Jornet==Massimiliano Pierobon==

Making untrusted code useful: technical perspective.

Butler W. Lampson==

Making information flow explicit in HiStar.

Nickolai Zeldovich==Silas Boyd-Wickizer==Eddie Kohler==David Mazières==

A perfect 'match': technical perspective.

William T. Freeman==

The PatchMatch randomized matching algorithm for image manipulation.

Connelly Barnes==Dan B. Goldman==Eli Shechtman==Adam Finkelstein==


Peter Winkler==

Information seeking: convergence of search, recommendations, and advertising.

Hector Garcia-Molina==Georgia Koutrika==Aditya G. Parameswaran==

cacm - Volume 54 - Number 10 - October 2011 (EE)
ACM's copyright policy.

Ronald F. Boisvert==Jack W. Davidson==

In the Virtual Extension.

From idea to product: how schools of education can help CS.

Daniel Reed==Mark Guzdial==

ACM TechNews now available in the Android Market.

Scott E. Delman==

Improving brain-computer interfaces.

Kirk L. Kroeker==

Seeing is not enough.

Tom Geller==

Living in a digital world.

Samuel Greengard==

Success at 16.

Marina Krakovsky==

The platform leader's dilemma.

Michael A. Cusumano==

File-system litter.

George V. Neville-Neil==

Modernizing the Danish democratic process.

Carsten Schürmann==

Testing: failing to succeed.

Phillip G. Armour==

Rebooting the CS publication process.

Dan S. Wallach==

Abstraction in hardware system design.

Rishiyur S. Nikhil==

The world according to LINQ.

Erik Meijer==

Verification of safety-critical software.

B. Scott Andersen==George Romanski==

From blitzkrieg to bitskrieg: the military encounter with computers.

John Arquilla==

Computational journalism.

Sarah Cohen==James T. Hamilton==Fred Turner==

Biology as reactivity.

Jasmin Fisher==David Harel==Thomas A. Henzinger==

Power efficiency as the #1 design constraint: technical perspective.

Charles R. Moore==

Understanding sources of ineffciency in general-purpose chips.

Rehan Hameed==Wajahat Qadeer==Megan Wachs==Omid Azizi==Alex Solomatnikov==Benjamin C. Lee==Stephen Richardson==Christos Kozyrakis==Mark Horowitz==

A better way to learn features: technical perspective.

Geoffrey E. Hinton==

Unsupervised learning of hierarchical representations with convolutional deep belief networks.

Honglak Lee==Roger B. Grosse==Rajesh Ranganath==Andrew Y. Ng==

Visual reconstruction: technical perspective.

Carlo Tomasi==

Building Rome in a day.

Sameer Agarwal==Yasutaka Furukawa==Noah Snavely==Ian Simon==Brian Curless==Steven M. Seitz==Richard Szeliski==

Future tense.

Shumeet Baluja==

Don't turn social media into another 'Literary Digest' poll.

Daniel Gayo-Avello==

Computing for the masses.

Zhiwei Xu==Guojie Li==

cacm - Volume 54 - Number 9 - September 2011 (EE)
Are you talking to me?

Moshe Y. Vardi==

Solved, for all practical purposes.

In the Virtual Extension.

Jeannette M. Wing @ PCAST; Barbara Liskov keynote.

Jeannette M. Wing==Valerie Barr==

A breakthrough in algorithm design.

Kirk L. Kroeker==

Invasion of the mobile apps.

Gary Anthes==

Remaking American medicine.

Neil Savage==

Remix nation.

Rebecca Tushnet==

In praise of 'Wilkes, Wheeler, and Gill'.

Martin Campbell-Kelly==

Corporate social responsibility and global IT outsourcing.

Ron Babin==Steve Briggs==Brian Nicholson==

Managing time, part 2.

Peter J. Denning==Ritu Raj==

Realizing the value of social media requires innovative computing research.

Ben Shneiderman==Jennifer Preece==Peter Pirolli==

Arrogance in business planning.

Paul Vixie==

The most expensive one-byte mistake.

Poul-Henning Kamp==

ACM CTO roundtable on mobile devices in the enterprise.

Mache Creeger==

Protecting users of the cyber commons.

Stephen J. Lukasik==

Realizing the future of wireless data communications.

Craig Partridge==

Satisfiability modulo theories: introduction and applications.

Leonardo Mendonça de Moura==Nikolaj Bjørner==

Quantitative analysis of real-time systems using priced timed automata.

Patricia Bouyer==Uli Fahrenberg==Kim G. Larsen==Nicolas Markey==

Making browser extensions secure: technical perspective.

Christopher Kruegel==

Vetting browser extensions for security vulnerabilities with VEX.

Sruthi Bandhakavi==Nandit Tiku==Wyatt Pittman==Samuel T. King==P. Madhusudan==Marianne Winslett==

Abstracting abstract machines: technical perspective.

Olivier Danvy==Jan Midtgaard==

Abstracting abstract machines: a systematic approach to higher-order program analysis.

David Van Horn==Matthew Might==


Peter Winkler==


Leah Hoffmann==

Calculating and improving ROI in software and system programs.

Murray Cantor==

cacm - Volume 54 - Number 8 - August 2011 (EE)
From the presidents of the IEEE Computer Society and ACM.

Sorel Reisman==Alain Chesnais==

A policy that deters violation of security policy.

Stonebraker on NoSQL and enterprises.

Michael Stonebraker==

Why you should be happy to sign in!

Scott E. Delman==

A new benchmark for artificial intelligence.

Kirk L. Kroeker==

Supercomputing's exaflop target.

Tom Geller==

Life, translated.

Samuel Greengard==

Geography is alive and well in virtual teams.

Jonathon N. Cummings==

From interests to values.

Betsy James DiSalvo==Amy Bruckman==

As simple as possible - but not more so.

Steven M. Bellovin==Scott O. Bradner==Whitfield Diffie==Susan Landau==Jennifer Rexford==

Storage strife.

George V. Neville-Neil==

Journals for certification, conferences for rapid dissemination.

Joseph Y. Halpern==David C. Parkes==

The robustness principle reconsidered.

Eric Allman==

Computing without processors.

Satnam Singh==

The pain of implementing LINQ providers.

Oren Eini==

Cognitive computing.

Dharmendra S. Modha==Rajagopal Ananthanarayanan==Steven K. Esser==Anthony Ndirango==Anthony J. Sherbondy==Raghavendra Singh==

Gender and computing conference papers.

Joanne McGrath Cohoon==Sergey Nigai==Joseph Kaye==

Reputation systems for open collaboration.

Luca de Alfaro==Ashutosh Kulshreshtha==Ian Pye==B. Thomas Adler==

An overview of business intelligence technology.

Surajit Chaudhuri==Umeshwar Dayal==Vivek R. Narasayya==

Sketches get sketchier.

Peter J. Haas==

Theory and applications of b-bit minwise hashing.

Ping Li==Arnd Christian König==

Skintroducing the future.

Scott R. Klemmer==

Skinput: appropriating the skin as an interactive canvas.

Chris Harrison==Desney S. Tan==Dan Morris==


Peter Winkler==

Should privacy impact assessments be mandatory?

David Wright==

Cyberwarfare: connecting the dots in cyber intelligence.

Sanjay Goel==

cacm - Volume 54 - Number 7 - July 2011 (EE)
Solving the unsolvable.

Moshe Y. Vardi==

Practical research yields fundamental insight, too.

Reviewing peer review.

Jeannette M. Wing==Ed H. Chi==

ACM aggregates publication statistics in the ACM Digital Library.

Scott E. Delman==

Weighing Watson's impact.

Kirk L. Kroeker==

Automotive autonomy.

Alex Wright==

Brave, new social world.

Dennis McCafferty==

ACM award recipients.

Driving power in global supply chains.

Mari Sako==

Values in design.

Cory P. Knobel==Geoffrey C. Bowker==

Too many copyrights?

Pamela Samuelson==

The status of women of color in computer science.

Maria (Mia) Ong==

Non-myths about programming.

Mordechai Ben-Ari==

Passing a language through the eye of a needle.

Roberto Ierusalimschy==Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo==Waldemar Celes Filho==

DSL for the uninitiated.

Debasish Ghosh==

Microsoft's protocol documentation program: interoperability testing at scale.

Algorithmic composition: computational thinking in music.

Michael Edwards==

A decade of software model checking with SLAM.

Thomas Ball==Vladimir Levin==Sriram K. Rajamani==

Searching for Jim Gray: a technical overview.

Joseph M. Hellerstein==David L. Tennenhouse==

Cellular telephony and the question of privacy.

Stephen B. Wicker==

FAWN: a fast array of wimpy nodes: technical perspective.

Luiz André Barroso==

FAWN: a fast array of wimpy nodes.

David G. Andersen==Jason Franklin==Michael Kaminsky==Amar Phanishayee==Lawrence Tan==Vijay Vasudevan==

Is scale your enemy, or is scale your friend?: technical perspective.

John K. Ousterhout==

Debugging in the (very) large: ten years of implementation and experience.

Kinshuman Kinshumann==Kirk Glerum==Steve Greenberg==Gabriel Aul==Vince Orgovan==Greg Nichols==David Grant==Gretchen Loihle==Galen C. Hunt==

Future tense.

Rudy Rucker==

The case for RAMCloud.

John K. Ousterhout==Parag Agrawal==David Erickson==Christos Kozyrakis==Jacob Leverich==David Mazières==Subhasish Mitra==Aravind Narayanan==Diego Ongaro==Guru M. Parulkar==Mendel Rosenblum==Stephen M. Rumble==Eric Stratmann==Ryan Stutsman==

Workload management for power efficiency in virtualized data centers.

Gargi Dasgupta==Amit Sharma==Akshat Verma==Anindya Neogi==Ravi Kothari==

cacm - Volume 54 - Number 6 - June 2011 (EE)
Computing and India.

P. J. Narayanan==Anand Deshpanda==

Why concurrent objects are recurrently complicated.

In the Virtual Extension.

Simple design; research vs. teaching; and quest to learn.

Daniel Reed==Mark Guzdial==Judy Robertson==

Say it with video.

Scott E. Delman==

Biology-inspired networking.

Kirk L. Kroeker==

Beauty and elegance.

Gary Anthes==

The promise of flexible displays.

Tom Geller==

Unlimited possibilities.

Gregory Goth==

All the news that's fit for you.

Marina Krakovsky==

Identity management and privacy: a rare opportunity to get it right.

Ari Schwartz==

Who are we - now?

Peter J. Denning==Dennis J. Frailey==

Practical application of theoretical estimation.

Phillip G. Armour==

The risks of stopping too soon.

David Lorge Parnas==

Think before you fork.

George V. Neville-Neil==

Computer science can use more science.

Clayton T. Morrison==Richard T. Snodgrass==

If you have too much data, then 'good enough' is good enough.

Pat Helland==

Scalable SQL.

Michael Rys==

Does deterrence work in reducing information security policy abuse by employees?

Qing Hu==Zhengchuan Xu==Tamara Dinev==Hong Ling==

Advancing the state of home networking.

W. Keith Edwards==Rebecca E. Grinter==Ratul Mahajan==David Wetherall==

10 rules for scalable performance in 'simple operation' datastores.

Michael Stonebraker==Rick Cattell==

Specification and verification: the Spec# experience.

Mike Barnett==Manuel Fähndrich==K. Rustan M. Leino==Peter Müller==Wolfram Schulte==Herman Venter==

PageRank: standing on the shoulders of giants.

Massimo Franceschet==

The quest for a logic for polynomial-time computation: technical perspective.

Phokion G. Kolaitis==

From polynomial time queries to graph structure theory.

Martin Grohe==

Data analysis at astonishing speed: technical perspective.

Michael J. Franklin==

Dremel: interactive analysis of web-scale datasets.

Sergey Melnik==Andrey Gubarev==Jing Jing Long==Geoffrey Romer==Shiva Shivakumar==Matt Tolton==Theo Vassilakis==


Peter Winkler==


Leah Hoffmann==

Viscous democracy for social networks.

Paolo Boldi==Francesco Bonchi==Carlos Castillo==Sebastiano Vigna==

Wireless on the precipice: The 14th century revisited.

Denise Johnson McManus==Houston Hume Carr==Benjamin Adams==

cacm - Volume 54 - Number 5 - May 2011 (EE)
Technology has social consequences.

Moshe Y. Vardi==

Preserve privacy in statistical correlations.

In the Virtual Extension.

Stonebraker on data warehouses.

Michael Stonebraker==

Let ACM help you find your next job 'online'.

Scott E. Delman==

Sorting through photos.

Neil Savage==

I, domestic robot.

Gregory Goth==

Data optimization in developing nations.

Leah Hoffmann==

Deus ex machina.

Marina Krakovsky==

Web science meets network science.

Alex Wright==

Online advertising, behavioral targeting, and privacy.

Avi Goldfarb==Catherine Tucker==

Reaching learners beyond our hallowed halls.

Brian Dorn==

Bell labs and centralized innovation.

Tim Wu==

An interview with Steve Furber.

Jason Fitzpatrick==

The importance of reviewing the code.

Juan A. Añel==

The one-second war.

Poul-Henning Kamp==

Mobile application development: web vs. native.

Andre Charland==Brian LeRoux==

Weapons of mass assignment.

Patrick McKenzie==

Brain-computer interfaces for communication and control.

Dennis J. McFarland==Jonathan R. Wolpaw==

The future of microprocessors.

Shekhar Borkar==Andrew A. Chien==

Privacy-preserving network forensics.

Mikhail Afanasyev==Tadayoshi Kohno==Justin Ma==Nick Murphy==Stefan Savage==Alex C. Snoeren==Geoffrey M. Voelker==

Proving program termination.

Byron Cook==Andreas Podelski==Andrey Rybalchenko==

Complex financial products: caveat emptor: technical perspective.

David C. Parkes==

Computational complexity and information asymmetry in financial products.

Sanjeev Arora==Boaz Barak==Markus Brunnermeier==Rong Ge==

Images everywhere: looking for models: technical perspective.

Guillermo Sapiro==

Self-similarity-based image denoising.

Antoni Buades==Bartomeu Coll==Jean-Michel Morel==


Peter Winkler==

Challenges and business models for mobile location-based services and advertising.

Subhankar Dhar==Upkar Varshney==

Is open source security a myth?

Guido Schryen==

Invisible work in standard bibliometric evaluation of computer science.

Jacques Wainer==Siome Goldenstein==Cléo Zanella Billa==

cacm - Volume 54 - Number 4 - April 2011 (EE)
Educating computing's next generation.

Robert B. Schnabel==

In the Virtual Extension.

I want a personal information pod.

Matters of design, part II.

Jason Hong==

ACM on the move.

Scott E. Delman==

The quest for randomness.

Gary Anthes==

Engineering sensation in artificial limbs.

Kirk L. Kroeker==

Social games, virtual goods.

Samuel Greengard==

British computer scientists reboot.

Sarah Underwood==

Managing global IT teams: considering cultural dynamics.

Fred Niederman==Felix B. Tan==

Building castles in the air.

Nathan L. Ensmenger==

Platform wars come to social media.

Michael A. Cusumano==

Coder's block.

George V. Neville-Neil==

Asymmetries and shortages of the network neutrality principle.

José Luis Gómez Barroso==Claudio Feijóo==

Returning control to the programmer: SIMD intrinsics for virtual machines.

Jonathan Parri==Daniel Shapiro==Miodrag Bolic==Voicu Groza==

Successful strategies for IPv6 rollouts.: Really.

Thomas A. Limoncelli==Vinton G. Cerf==

A co-relational model of data for large shared data banks.

Erik Meijer==Gavin M. Bierman==

Design principles for visual communication.

Maneesh Agrawala==Wilmot Li==Floraine Berthouzoz==

Why STM can be more than a research toy.

Aleksandar Dragojevic==Pascal Felber==Vincent Gramoli==Rachid Guerraoui==

Reflecting on the DARPA Red Balloon Challenge.

John C. Tang==Manuel Cebrián==Nicklaus A. Giacobe==Hyun-Woo Kim==Taemie Kim==Douglas "Beaker" Wickert==

Crowdsourcing systems on the World-Wide Web.

AnHai Doan==Raghu Ramakrishnan==Alon Y. Halevy==

Liability issues in software engineering: technical perspective.

Daniel M. Berry==

Liability issues in software engineering: the use of formal methods to reduce legal uncertainties.

Daniel Le Métayer==Manuel Maarek==Eduardo Mazza==Marie-Laure Potet==Stéphane Frénot==Valérie Viet Triem Tong==Nicolas Craipeau==Ronan Hardouin==

Patterns hidden from simple algorithms: technical perspective.

Madhu Sudan==

Poly-logarithmic independence fools bounded-depth boolean circuits.

Mark Braverman==


Leah Hoffmann==

Reaching future computer scientists.

Patricia Morreale==David A. Joiner==

Emergency! Web 2.0 to the rescue!

Ann Majchrzak==Philip H. B. More==

A research doctorate for computing professionals.

Fred Grossman==Charles C. Tappert==Joe Bergin==Susan M. Merritt==

Achievements and challenges in software reverse engineering.

Gerardo Canfora==Massimiliano Di Penta==Luigi Cerulo==

cacm - Volume 54 - Number 3 - March 2011 (EE)
Fumbling the future.

Moshe Y. Vardi==

Free speech for algorithms?

In the Virtual Extension.

Scientists, engineers, and computer science; industry and research groups.

Mark Guzdial==Greg Linden==

Time to change.

David Roman==

Grid computing's future.

Kirk L. Kroeker==

Twitter as medium and message.

Neil Savage==

Evaluating government funding.

Tom Geller==

Memristors: pass or fail?

Gary Anthes==

Gary Chapman, technologist: 1952-2010.

Samuel Greengard==

Do you own the software you buy?

Pamela Samuelson==

Surrounded by machines.

Kenneth D. Pimple==

Managing time.

Peter J. Denning==

A program greater than the sum of its parts: the BPC alliances.

Daryl E. Chubin==Roosevelt Y. Johnson==

Computer and information science and engineering: one discipline, many specialties.

Marc Snir==

Testable system administration.

Mark Burgess==

National internet defense - small states on the skirmish line.

Ross Stapleton-Gray==William Woodcock==

B.Y.O.C (1, 342 times and counting).

Poul-Henning Kamp==

Plug-and-play macroscopes.

Katy Börner==

Understanding scam victims: seven principles for systems security.

Frank Stajano==Paul Wilson==

Data structures in the multicore age.

Nir Shavit==

Concerto for violin and Markov model: technical perspective.

Juan Pablo Bello==Yann LeCun==Robert Rowe==

The informatics philharmonic.

Christopher Raphael==

VL2: technical perspective.

Jennifer Rexford==

VL2: a scalable and flexible data center network.

Albert G. Greenberg==James R. Hamilton==Navendu Jain==Srikanth Kandula==Changhoon Kim==Parantap Lahiri==David A. Maltz==Parveen Patel==Sudipta Sengupta==


Peter Winkler==

Future tense.

Gregory Benford==

Reaching out to the media: become a computer science ambassador.

Frances A. Rosamond==Roswitha Bardohl==Stephan Diehl==Uwe Geisler==Gordon Bolduan==Annette Lessmöllmann==Andreas Schwill==Ulrike Stege==

The Internet electorate.

R. Kelly Garrett==James N. Danziger==

Governing Web 2.0.

Steven De Hertogh==Stijn Viaene==Guido Dedene==

cacm - Volume 54 - Number 2 - February 2011 (EE)
ICPS offers major research venue.

Tom Rodden==

Shine the light of computational complexity.

In the Virtual Extension.

Matters of design.

Jason Hong==

End of days for Communications in print?

David Roman==

Chipping away at greenhouse gases.

Gregory Goth==

Information theory after Shannon.

Neil Savage==

Maurice Wilkes: the last pioneer.

Leah Hoffmann==

Following the crowd.

Samuel Greengard==

ACM launches new Digital Library.

Gary Anthes==

ACM Fellows honored.

Against cyberterrorism.

Maura Conway==

Household demand for broadband internet service.

Gregory L. Rosston==Scott Savage==Donald Waldman==

The growing harm of not teaching malware.

George Ledin Jr.==

Forest for the trees.

George V. Neville-Neil==

From science to engineering.

Mark Guzdial==

Technology, conferences, and community.

Jonathan Grudin==

Finding usability bugs with automated tests.

Julian Harty==

A plea from sysadmins to software vendors: 10 do's and don'ts.

Thomas A. Limoncelli==

System administration soft skills.

Christina Lear==

Vision-based hand-gesture applications.

Juan P. Wachs==Mathias Kölsch==Helman Stern==Yael Edan==

Structured data on the web.

Michael J. Cafarella==Alon Y. Halevy==Jayant Madhavan==

Still building the memex.

Stephen Davies==

Markov meets Bayes: technical perspective.

Fernando Pereira==

The sequence memoizer.

Frank D. Wood==Jan Gasthaus==Cédric Archambeau==Lancelot James==Yee Whye Teh==

DRAM errors in the wild: technical perspective.

Norman P. Jouppi==

DRAM errors in the wild: a large-scale field study.

Bianca Schroeder==Eduardo Pinheiro==Wolf-Dietrich Weber==


Peter Winkler==

The need for a new graduation rite of passage.

John K. Estell==Ken Christensen==

10 scientific problems in virtual reality.

Qinping Zhao==

Are the OECD guidelines at 30 showing their age?

David Wright==Paul De Hert==Serge Gutwirth==

cacm - Volume 54 - Number 1 - January 2011 (EE)
Where have all the workshops gone?

Moshe Y. Vardi==

To change the world, take a chance.

In the Virtual Extension.

ACM's annual report.

Wendy Hall==

Smart career advice; laptops as a classroom distraction.

Jack Rosenberger==Judy Robertson==

Scholarly publishing model needs an update.

David Roman==

Nonlinear systems made easy.

Gary Anthes==

The touchy subject of haptics.

Alex Wright==

India's elephantine effort.

Marina Krakovsky==

EMET prize and other awards.

Jack Rosenberger==

Don't bring me a good idea.

Phillip G. Armour==

Google AdWords and European trademark law.

Stefan Bechtold==

Reflections on the Toyota debacle.

Michael A. Cusumano==

Cloud computing privacy concerns on our doorstep.

Mark Dermot Ryan==

An interview with Frances E. Allen.

Guy L. Steele Jr.==

Collaboration in system administration.

Eben M. Haber==Eser Kandogan==Paul P. Maglio==

UX design and agile: a natural fit? (Talking with Julian Gosper, Jean-Luc Agathos, Richard Rutter, and Terry Coatta).

Virtualization: blessing or curse?

Evangelos Kotsovinos==

Follow the intellectual property.

Gio Wiederhold==

Using simple abstraction to reinvent computing for parallelism.

Uzi Vishkin==

A firm foundation for private data analysis.

Cynthia Dwork==

Sora promises lasting impact: technical perspective.

Dina Katabi==

Sora: high-performance software radio using general-purpose multi-core processors.

Kun Tan==He Liu==Jiansong Zhang==Yongguang Zhang==Ji Fang==Geoffrey M. Voelker==

Multipath: a new control architecture for the internet: technical perspective.

Damon Wischik==

Path selection and multipath congestion control.

Peter B. Key==Laurent Massoulié==Donald F. Towsley==


Dennis McCafferty==

The ephemeral legion: producing an expert cyber-security work force from thin air.

Michael E. Locasto==Anup K. Ghosh==Sushil Jajodia==Angelos Stavrou==

On the move, wirelessly connected to the world.

Peter Fröhlich==Antti Oulasvirta==Matthias Baldauf==Antti Nurminen==

Opensocial: an enabler for social applications on the web.

Matthias Häsel==