cacm - Volume 55

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cacm - Volume 55 - Number 12 - December 2012 (EE)
Understanding ACM's past.

Mary W. Hall==

Computer science revisited.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Why open access?

Levels of abstraction: pre-teens and career choices.

Mark Guzdial==Judy Robertson==

Quantum quests.

Gregory Goth==

Zoom in, zoom out.

Gary Anthes==

In the year of disruptive education.

Paul Hyman==

IT innovation for the bottom of the pyramid.

Richard Heeks==

Saving private Gromit.

David Anderson==

Can more code mean fewer bugs?

George V. Neville-Neil==


Peter J. Denning==

Why we need an ACM Special Interest Group for broadening participation.

Teresa A. Dahlberg==

Alan Turing remembered.

William Newman==

The essence of software engineering: the SEMAT kernel.

Ivar Jacobson==Pan Wei Ng==Paul McMahon==Ian Spence==Svante Lidman==

Sender-side buffers and the case for multimedia adaptation.

Aiman Erbad==Charles Krasic==

Anatomy of a solid-state drive.

Michael Cornwell==

SPDYing up the web.

Bryce Thomas==Raja Jurdak==Ian Atkinson==

Moving beyond the Turing test.

Robert M. French==

Theory of algorithmic self-assembly.

David Doty==

High-level data structures: technical perspective.

Yannis Smaragdakis==

An introduction to data representation synthesis.

Peter Hawkins==Martin C. Rinard==Alex Aiken==Mooly Sagiv==Kathleen Fisher==

Natural algorithms in a networked world: technical perspective.

Ali Jadbabaie==

Natural algorithms and influence systems.

Bernard Chazelle==


Peter Winkler==


Leah Hoffmann==

cacm - Volume 55 - Number 11 - November 2012 (EE)
Will MOOCs destroy academia?

Moshe Y. Vardi==

Why is accessibility so hard?

Vinton G. Cerf==

When predicting, start with humility.

New opportunities for New SQL.

Michael Stonebraker==

Major update to ACM's Computing Classification System.

Bernard Rous==

Software on Mars.

Gregory Goth==

Control without controllers.

Tom Geller==

On the digital trail.

Samuel Greengard==

The research value of publishing attacks.

David A. Basin==Srdjan Capkun==

Oracle v. Google: are APIs copyrightable?

Pamela Samuelson==

Decentralization versus centralization in IT governance.

Kristina McElheran==

Learning to teach computer science: the need for a methods course.

Aman Yadav==John T. Korb==

Societal implications of the emerging smart grid.

Timothy Kostyk==Joseph Herkert==

Keeping technology promises.

Richard A. DeMillo==

Resilience engineering: learning to embrace failure.

Jesse Robbins==Kripa Krishnan==John Allspaw==Tom Limoncelli==

Weathering the unexpected.

Kripa Krishnan==

Disks from the perspective of a file system.

Marshall K. McKusick==

Functional encryption: a new vision for public-key cryptography.

Dan Boneh==Amit Sahai==Brent Waters==


Jörg K. Wegner==Aaron Sterling==Rajarshi Guha==Andreas Bender==Jean-Loup Faulon==Janna Hastings==Noel M. O'Boyle==John P. Overington==Herman van Vlijmen==Egon L. Willighagen==

The challenges ahead for bio-inspired 'soft' robotics.

Rolf Pfeifer==Max Lungarella==Fumiya Iida==

Open platforms for computational photography: technical perspective.

Richard Szeliski==

The Frankencamera: an experimental platform for computational photography.

Andrew Adams==David E. Jacobs==Jennifer Dolson==Marius Tico==Kari Pulli==Eino-Ville Talvala==Boris Ajdin==Daniel A. Vaquero==Hendrik P. A. Lensch==Mark Horowitz==Sung Hee Park==Natasha Gelfand==Jongmin Baek==Wojciech Matusik==Marc Levoy==

The realities of home broadband: technical perspective.

Henning Schulzinne==

Measuring home broadband performance.

Srikanth Sundaresan==Walter de Donato==Nick Feamster==Renata Teixeira==Sam Crawford==Antonio Pescapè==


Peter Winkler==

cacm - Volume 55 - Number 10 - October 2012 (EE)
Where is the science in computer science?

Vinton G. Cerf==

When harm to conference reputation is self-inflicted.

Online privacy; replicating research results.

Daniel Reed==Ed H. Chi==

Digging for drug facts.

Neil Savage==

Redesigning the data center.

Gregory Mone==

Computer science and the three Rs.

Leah Hoffmann==

Reflecting on the Facebook IPO.

Michael A. Cusumano==

The Goldilocks estimate.

Phillip G. Armour==

The foresight saga, redux.

Peter G. Neumann==

A nice piece of code.

George V. Neville-Neil==

Computing as if infrastructure mattered.

Jean-François Blanchette==

The tyranny of the clock.

Ivan E. Sutherland==

Toward higher precision.

Rick Ratzel==Rodney Greenstreet==

Fault injection in production.

John Allspaw==

A generation lost in the bazaar.

Poul-Henning Kamp==

Experiments in social computation.

Michael J. Kearns==

Internet voting in the U.S.

Barbara Simons==Douglas W. Jones==

A few useful things to know about machine learning.

Pedro M. Domingos==

A high-dimensional surprise: technical perspective.

Rocco A. Servedio==

Spherical cubes: optimal foams from computational hardness amplification.

Guy Kindler==Anup Rao==Ryan O'Donnell==Avi Wigderson==

Graph embeddings and linear equations: technical perspective.

Bruce Hendrickson==

A fast solver for a class of linear systems.

Ioannis Koutis==Gary L. Miller==Richard Peng==

Future tense.

Geoffrey A. Landis==

cacm - Volume 55 - Number 9 - September 2012 (EE)
Why ACM?

Moshe Y. Vardi==

Operationalizing privacy by design.

Incremental research vs. paradigm-shift mania.

Bertrand Meyer==

Atomic-level computing.

Gregory Goth==

Chips go upscale.

Gary Anthes==

Garbage in, info out.

Marina Krakovsky==

In honor of Alan Turing.

Paul Hyman==

Seven lessons from bad history.

Thomas Haigh==

Don't feel bad if you can't predict the future.

Peter J. Denning==

Automated prediction: perception, law, and policy.

Tal Z. Zarsky==

The need to balance innovation and implementation in broadening participation.

Richard E. Ladner==Elizabeth Litzler==

Author order: what science can learn from the arts.

Esperanza Marcos==Juan Manuel Vara==Valeria de Castro==

Alan and I.

Christos H. Papadimitriou==

A new Objective-C runtime: from research to production.

David Chisnall==

Software needs seatbelts and airbags.

Emery D. Berger==

All your database are belong to us.

Erik Meijer==

Success factors for deploying cloud computing.

Gary Garrison==Sang Hyun Kim==Robin L. Wakefield==

Self-adaptive software needs quantitative verification at runtime.

Radu Calinescu==Carlo Ghezzi==Marta Z. Kwiatkowska==Raffaela Mirandola==

Questioning naturalism in 3D user interfaces.

Doug A. Bowman==Ryan P. McMahan==Eric D. Ragan==

Innovative interaction: from concept to the wild: technical perspective.

William Buxton==

The word-gesture keyboard: reimagining keyboard interaction.

Shumin Zhai==Per Ola Kristensson==

SQL on an encrypted database: technical perspective.

Dan Suciu==

CryptDB: processing queries on an encrypted database.

Raluca A. Popa==Catherine M. S. Redfield==Nickolai Zeldovich==Hari Balakrishnan==


Peter Winkler==


Leah Hoffmann==

cacm - Volume 55 - Number 8 - August 2012 (EE)
Giving students the competitive edge.

Bill Poucher==

Composable trees for configurable behavior.

Machine learning and algorithms; agile development.

John Langford==Ruben Ortega==

Cosmic simulations.

Jeff Kanipe==

DARPA Shredder challenge solved.

Tom Geller==

Advertising gets personal.

Samuel Greengard==

Broader horizons.

Karen A. Frenkel==

Inside the hermit kingdom: IT and outsourcing in North Korea.

Paul Tjia==

Will massive open online courses change how we teach?

Fred G. Martin==

The politics of "real names".

Danah Boyd==

A system is not a product.

George V. Neville-Neil==

The internet is everywhere, but the payoff is not.

Chris Forman==Avi Goldfarb==Shane Greenstein==

Internet elections: unsafe in any home?

Kai A. Olsen==Hans Fredrik Nordhaug==

The ethics of software engineering should be an ethics for the client.

Neil McBride==

OpenFlow: a radical new idea in networking.

Thomas A. Limoncelli==

Extending the semantics of scheduling priorities.

Rafael Vanoni Polanczyk==

Multitier programming in Hop.

Manuel Serrano==Gérard Berry==

The loss of location privacy in the cellular age.

Stephen B. Wicker==

To be or not to be cited in computer science.

Bjorn De Sutter==Aäron van den Oord==

Process mining.

Wil M. P. van der Aalst==

Quantum money.

Scott Aaronson==Edward Farhi==David Gosset==Avinatan Hassidim==Jonathan A. Kelner==Andrew Lutomirski==

Example-driven program synthesis for end-user programming: technical perspective.

Martin C. Rinard==

Spreadsheet data manipulation using examples.

Sumit Gulwani==William R. Harris==Rishabh Singh==

Proving programs continuous: technical perspective.

Andreas Zeller==

Continuity and robustness of programs.

Swarat Chaudhuri==Sumit Gulwani==Roberto Lublinerman==


Peter Winkler==

cacm - Volume 55 - Number 7 - July 2012 (EE)
Predatory scholarly publishing.

Moshe Y. Vardi==

An integral number and its consequences.

CS and popular culture; learning from console games.

Mark Guzdial==Judy Robertson==

Degrees of separation.

Gregory Goth==

HTML5 leads a web revolution.

Gary Anthes==

Patently inadequate.

Marina Krakovsky==

Lost and found.

Paul Hyman==

Business models for strategy and innovation.

Mari Sako==

Can online piracy be stopped by laws?

Pamela Samuelson==

An information strategy for environmental sustainability.

Richard T. Watson==Jacqueline Corbett==Marie-Claude Boudreau==Jane Webster==

Alan Turing's other universal machine.

Martin Campbell-Kelly==

Google's hybrid approach to research.

Alfred Z. Spector==Peter Norvig==Slav Petrov==

The challenges of privacy by design.

Sarah Spiekermann==

Controlling queue delay.

Kathleen M. Nichols==Van Jacobson==

My compiler does not understand me.

Poul-Henning Kamp==

Getting what you measure.

Eric Bouwers==Joost Visser==Arie van Deursen==

Computational folkloristics.

James Abello==Peter Broadwell==Timothy R. Tangherlini==

Large-scale complex IT systems.

Ian Sommerville==Dave Cliff==Radu Calinescu==Justin Keen==Tim Kelly==Marta Z. Kwiatkowska==John A. McDermid==Richard F. Paige==

Why on-chip cache coherence is here to stay.

Milo M. K. Martin==Mark D. Hill==Daniel J. Sorin==

Behavioral programming.

David Harel==Assaf Marron==Gera Weiss==

For better or worse, benchmarks shape a field: technical perspective.

David A. Patterson==

Looking back and looking forward: power, performance, and upheaval.

Hadi Esmaeilzadeh==Ting Cao==Xi Yang==Stephen M. Blackburn==Kathryn S. McKinley==

Why study the price of anarchy?: technical perspective.

Amos Fiat==

Intrinsic robustness of the price of anarchy.

Tim Roughgarden==

Future Tense.

Ken MacLeod==

Do small IT firms benefit from higher process capability?

Matthew Swinarski==Diane H. Parente==Rajiv Kishore==

cacm - Volume 55 - Number 6 - June 2012 (EE)
USACM and U.S. legislation.

Eugene H. Spafford==

The halting problem in the clear light of probability.

Protecting against data breaches; living with mistakes.

Jason Hong==Greg Linden==

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Scott E. Delman==

Analyzing medical data.

Gregory Goth==

Smarter photography.

Gary Anthes==

Data mining meets city hall.

Leah Hoffmann==

Game changer.

Neil Savage==

An influential theoretician.

Paul Hyman==

A measure of control.

Phillip G. Armour==

The cybersecurity risk.

Simson L. Garfinkel==

Scale failure.

George V. Neville-Neil==

Security of the internet and the known unknowns.

Chris Hall==

The myth of the elevator pitch.

Peter J. Denning==Nicholas Dew==

Why computer scientists should care about cyber conflict and U.S. national security policy.

Herbert Lin==

A guided tour of data-center networking.

Dennis Abts==Bob Felderman==

Modeling people and places with internet photo collections.

David J. Crandall==Noah Snavely==

Real-time computer vision with OpenCV.

Kari Pulli==Anatoly Baksheev==Kirill Kornyakov==Victor Eruhimov==

Why rumors spread so quickly in social networks.

Benjamin Doerr==Mahmoud Fouz==Tobias Friedrich==

Trust extension for commodity computers.

Bryan Parno==

Data services.

Michael J. Carey==Nicola Onose==Michalis Petropoulos==

The GCT program toward the P vs. NP problem.

Ketan Mulmuley==

Reconstructing the unknown, balancing structure and uncertainty: technical perspective.

Pablo A. Parrilo==

Exact matrix completion via convex optimization.

Emmanuel J. Candès==Benjamin Recht==

The fox and the hedgehog: technical perspective.

Peter Lee==

Lightweight modular staging: a pragmatic approach to runtime code generation and compiled DSLs.

Tiark Rompf==Martin Odersky==


Peter Winkler==


Leah Hoffmann==

cacm - Volume 55 - Number 5 - May 2012 (EE)
Fair access.

Moshe Y. Vardi==

Likert-type scales, statistical methods, and effect sizes.

Judy Robertson==

Automating scientific discovery.

Neil Savage==

Robots like us.

Alex Wright==

Digitally possessed.

Samuel Greengard==

A workshop revival.

Paul Hyman==

ACM's 2012 general election.

Gerald Segal==

Design for symbiosis.

Peter S. Menell==

The future of the past.

David Anderson==

Digitization and copyright: some recent evidence from music.

Joel Waldfogel==

Programming goes back to school.

Alexander Repenning==

Programming the global brain.

Abraham Bernstein==Mark Klein==Thomas W. Malone==

Crossing the software education chasm.

Armando Fox==David A. Patterson==

Managing technical debt.

Eric Allman==

Idempotence is not a medical condition.

Pat Helland==

Your mouse is a database.

Erik Meijer==

Social media evolution of the Egyptian revolution.

Alok N. Choudhary==William Hendrix==Kathy Lee==Diana Palsetia==Wei-keng Liao==

An n-gram analysis of Communications 2000-2010.

Daniel S. Soper==Ofir Turel==

Comparative analysis of protein networks: hard problems, practical solutions.

Nir Atias==Roded Sharan==

Best algorithms + best computers = powerful match.

William Gropp==

A massively parallel adaptive fast multipole method on heterogeneous architectures.

Ilya Lashuk==Aparna Chandramowlishwaran==Harper Langston==Tuan-Anh Nguyen==Rahul S. Sampath==Aashay Shringarpure==Richard W. Vuduc==Lexing Ying==Denis Zorin==George Biros==

An experiment in determinism.

Steven Hand==

Efficient system-enforced deterministic parallelism.

Amittai Aviram==Shu-Chun Weng==Sen Hu==Bryan Ford==


Peter Winkler==

cacm - Volume 55 - Number 4 - April 2012 (EE)
ACM China Council.

Yunhao Liu==Vincent Shen==

The beauty of simplicity.

The power of computing; design guidelines in CS education.

Daniel Reed==Mark Guzdial==

Preserving digital data.

Gregory Goth==

Talking to machines.

Tom Geller==

Open for business.

Leah Hoffmann==

Can services and platform thinking help the U.S. Postal Service?

Michael A. Cusumano==

Information technology and gross national happiness.

Richard Heeks==

The network protocol battle.

George V. Neville-Neil==

Improving gender composition in computing.

Jill Ross==Elizabeth Litzler==Joanne McGrath Cohoon==Lucy Sanders==

Reading CS classics.

Selma Tekir==

Is human mobility tracking a good idea?

Daniel Soper==

Why LINQ matters: cloud composability guaranteed.

Brian Beckman==

Interactive dynamics for visual analysis.

Jeffrey Heer==Ben Shneiderman==

CPU DB: recording microprocessor history.

Andrew Danowitz==Kyle Kelley==James Mao==John P. Stevenson==Mark Horowitz==

Sample size in usability studies.

Martin Schmettow==

What agile teams think of agile principles.

Laurie Williams==

Probabilistic topic models.

David M. Blei==

Putting the 'smarts' into the smart grid: a grand challenge for artificial intelligence.

Sarvapali D. Ramchurn==Perukrishnen Vytelingum==Alex Rogers==Nicholas R. Jennings==

Building robust dynamical simulation systems: technical perspective.

Dinesh Manocha==

Asynchronous contact mechanics.

David Harmon==Etienne Vouga==Breannan Smith==Rasmus Tamstorf==Eitan Grinspun==

Who knows?: searching for expertise on the social web: technical perspective.

Ed H. Chi==

Searching the village: models and methods for social search.

Damon Horowitz==Sepandar D. Kamvar==

Future tense.

Brian Clegg==

cacm - Volume 55 - Number 3 - March 2012 (EE)
What is an algorithm?

Moshe Y. Vardi==

From syntax to semantics for AI.

Knowledgeable beginners.

Bertrand Meyer==

Gaining wisdom from crowds.

Neil Savage==

Computing with magnets.

Gary Anthes==

Policing the future.

Samuel Greengard==

Stanford schooling - gratis!

Paul Hyman==

Computer science awards.

Jack Rosenberger==

War 2.0: cyberweapons and ethics.

Patrick Lin==Fritz Allhoff==Neil C. Rowe==

Do software copyrights protect what programs do?

Pamela Samuelson==

The idea idea.

Peter J. Denning==

Training users vs. training soldiers: experiences from the battlefield.

Vassilis Kostakos==

The artificiality of natural user interfaces.

Alessio Malizia==Andrea Bellucci==

SAGE: whitebox fuzzing for security testing.

Patrice Godefroid==Michael Y. Levin==David A. Molnar==

Revisiting network I/O APIs: the netmap framework.

Luigi Rizzo==

The hyperdimensional tar pit.

Poul-Henning Kamp==

MobiCon: a mobile context-monitoring platform.

Youngki Lee==S. S. Iyengar==Chulhong Min==Younghyun Ju==Seungwoo Kang==Taiwoo Park==Jinwon Lee==Yunseok Rhee==Junehwa Song==

A comparative study of cyberattacks.

Seung-Hyun Kim==Qiu-Hong Wang==Johannes Ullrich==

Turing's Titanic machine?

S. Barry Cooper==

The next generation of GPS navigation systems.

J. Y. Huang==C. H. Tsai==S. T. Huang==

The benefits of capability-based protection: technical perspective.

Steven D. Gribble==

A taste of Capsicum: practical capabilities for UNIX.

Robert N. M. Watson==Jonathan Anderson==Ben Laurie==Kris Kennaway==

A new way to search game trees: technical perspective.

Michael L. Littman==

The grand challenge of computer Go: Monte Carlo tree search and extensions.

Sylvain Gelly==Levente Kocsis==Marc Schoenauer==Michèle Sebag==David Silver==Csaba Szepesvári==Olivier Teytaud==


Peter Winkler==


Leah Hoffmann==

cacm - Volume 55 - Number 2 - February 2012 (EE)
Revisiting ACM Europe.

Fabrizio Gagliardi==

Credit non-anonymous reviewers with a name.

Researchers' big data crisis; understanding design and functionality.

Michael Stonebraker==Jason Hong==

The science of better science.

Gregory Goth==

The war against botnets.

Samuel Greengard==

The social life of robots.

Alex Wright==

ACM Fellows inducted.

Incentive auctions.

Gregory L. Rosston==

Peer instruction: a teaching method to foster deep understanding.

Beth Simon==Quintin I. Cutts==

Yet another technology cusp: confusion, vendor wars, and opportunities.

Donald A. Norman==

Wanton acts of debuggery.

George V. Neville-Neil==

Emotion and security.

Rose McDermott==

What have we learned about software engineering?

Marvin V. Zelkowitz==

BufferBloat: what's wrong with the internet?

You don't know jack about shared variables or memory models.

Hans-Juergen Boehm==Sarita V. Adve==

Advances and challenges in log analysis.

Adam J. Oliner==Archana Ganapathi==Wei Xu==

Text-mining the voice of the people.

Nicholas Evangelopoulos==Lucian L. Visinescu==

Programming by optimization.

Holger H. Hoos==

Software as a service for data scientists.

Bryce Allen==John Bresnahan==Lisa Childers==Ian T. Foster==Gopi Kandaswamy==Rajkumar Kettimuthu==Jack Kordas==Mike Link==Stuart Martin==Karl Pickett==Steven Tuecke==

Progress and challenges in intelligent vehicle area networks.

Miad Faezipour==Mehrdad Nourani==Adnan Saeed==Sateesh Addepalli==

Compiling what to how: technical perspective.

Rastislav Bodík==

Software synthesis procedures.

Viktor Kuncak==Mikaël Mayer==Ruzica Piskac==Philippe Suter==

Modeling high-dimensional data: technical perspective.

Santosh Vempala==

Disentangling Gaussians.

Adam Tauman Kalai==Ankur Moitra==Gregory Valiant==


Peter Winkler==

cacm - Volume 55 - Number 1 - January 2012 (EE)
Artificial intelligence: past and future.

Moshe Y. Vardi==

Software engineering is engineering.

ACM president's letter.

Alain Chesnais==

ACM's annual report.

Alain Chesnais==

Understanding CS1 students; defective software.

Mark Guzdial==Bertrand Meyer==

eBooks will abound in the ACM Digital Library.

Scott E. Delman==

Better medicine through machine learning.

Neil Savage==

Revamping storage performance.

Gary Anthes==

Law and disorder.

Samuel Greengard==

Celebration time.

Sarah Underwood==

Analyzing Apple products.

Alex Wright==

John McCarthy, 1927-2011.

Paul Hyman==

The yin and yang of copyright and technology.

Randal C. Picker==

The difference engine.

Phillip G. Armour==

The IBM PC: from beige box to industry standard.

Thomas Haigh==

Interfaces for the ordinary user: can we hide too much?

Kai A. Olsen==Alessio Malizia==

An interview with Stephen A. Cook.

Philip L. Frana==

Creating languages in Racket.

Matthew Flatt==

Bufferbloat: dark buffers in the internet.

Jim Gettys==Kathleen M. Nichols==

I/O virtualization.

Carl A. Waldspurger==Mendel Rosenblum==

The state of phishing attacks.

Jason Hong==

Flexible experimentation in wireless sensor networks.

Geoff Coulson==Barry Porter==Ioannis Chatzigiannakis==Christos Koninis==Stefan Fischer==Dennis Pfisterer==Daniel Bimschas==Torsten Braun==Philipp Hurni==Markus Anwander==Gerald Wagenknecht==Sándor P. Fekete==Alexander Kröller==Tobias Baumgartner==

Long-term confidentiality of PKI.

Chi-Sung Laih==Shang-Ming Jen==Chia-Yu Lu==

(Computer) vision without sight.

Roberto Manduchi==James M. Coughlan==

Where do people draw lines?: technical perspective.

Frédo Durand==

Where do people draw lines?

Forrester Cole==Aleksey Golovinskiy==Alex Limpaecher==Heather Stoddart Barros==Adam Finkelstein==Thomas A. Funkhouser==Szymon Rusinkiewicz==

Content-centric networking: technical perspective.

Jim Kurose==

Networking named content.

Van Jacobson==Diana K. Smetters==James D. Thornton==Michael F. Plass==Nick Briggs==Rebecca Braynard==

Future tense.

Daniel H. Wilson==