cacm - Volume 59

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cacm - Volume 59 - Number 12 - December 2016
The ACM code of ethics: a call to action.

Marty J. Wolf==

Making a positive impact: updating the ACM code of ethics.

Bo Brinkman==Don Gotterbarn==Keith W. Miller==Marty J. Wolf==

When email isn't private.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Reclaim the lost promise of the semantic web.

ICER 2016, and Star Trek at 50.

Mark Guzdial==Daniel Reed==

Cracking the code on biology.

Samuel Greengard==

Containers push toward the mayfly server.

Chris Edwards==

Can we trust autonomous weapons?

Keith Kirkpatrick==

Learning to learn.

Peter J. Denning==Gloria Flores==

Nailing smoke.

David P. Anderson==

Mentoring female assistant professors enhances their success.

Yan Chen==

Assessing abstraction skills.

Orit Hazzan==Jeff Kramer==

(Mis)managing parallel computing research through EU project funding.

Jesper Larsson Träff==

Functional at scale.

Marius Eriksen==

React: Facebook's functional turn on writing Javascript.

Industrial-scale agile: from craft to engineering.

Ivar Jacobson==Ian Spence==Ed Seidewitz==

Interactive visualization of 3d scanned mummies at public venues.

Anders Ynnerman==Thomas Rydell==Daniel Antoine==David Hughes==Anders Persson==Patric Ljung==

Creating connection with autonomous facial animation.

Mark Sagar==Mike Seymour==Annette Henderson==

Anticipating policy and social implications of named data networking.

Katie Shilton==Jeffrey A. Burke==Kimberly C. Claffy==Lixia Zhang==

Mathematical foundations for social computing.

Yiling Chen==Arpita Ghosh==Michael J. Kearns==Tim Roughgarden==Jennifer Wortman Vaughan==

Technical Perspective: The chemistry of software-defined batteries.

Srinivasan Keshav==

Software-defined batteries.

Anirudh Badam==Ranveer Chandra==Jon Dutra==Anthony Ferrese==Steve Hodges==Pan Hu==Julia Meinershagen==Thomas Moscibroda==Bodhi Priyantha==Evangelia D. Skiani==

Technical Perspective: 3D image editing made easy.

Takeo Igarashi==

Extracting 3D objects from photographs using 3-sweep.

Tao Chen==Zhe Zhu==Shi-Min Hu==Daniel Cohen-Or==Ariel Shamir==

A view to the future.

Leah Hoffmann==

cacm - Volume 59 - Number 11 - November 2016
Globalization, computing, and their political impact.

Moshe Y. Vardi==

Heidelberg anew.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Learn to live with academic rankings.

Introducing CS to newcomers, and JES as a teaching tool.

Valerie Barr==Mark Guzdial==

Learning securely.

Erica Klarreich==

Blockchain beyond bitcoin.

Sarah Underwood==

Farm automation gets smarter.

Tom Geller==

Cyber defense triad for where security matters.

Roger R. Schell==

Fair use prevails in Oracle v. Google.

Pamela Samuelson==

Visualization to understand ecosystems.

Bala R. Iyer==Rahul C. Basole==

Growing computer science education into a STEM education discipline.

Mark Guzdial==Briana Morrison==

Time to reinspect the foundations?

B. Jack Copeland==Eli Dresner==Diane Proudfoot==Oron Shagrir==

Technology and academic lives.

Jonathan Grudin==

The power of babble.

Pat Helland==

Scaling synchronization in multicore programs.

Adam Morrison==

Research for practice: distributed consensus and implications of NVM on database management systems.

Peter Bailis==Joy Arulraj==Andrew Pavlo==

Apache Spark: a unified engine for big data processing.

Matei Zaharia==Reynold S. Xin==Patrick Wendell==Tathagata Das==Michael Armbrust==Ankur Dave==Xiangrui Meng==Josh Rosen==Shivaram Venkataraman==Michael J. Franklin==Ali Ghodsi==Joseph Gonzalez==Scott Shenker==Ion Stoica==

Pushing on string: the 'don't care' region of password strength.

Dinei Florêncio==Cormac Herley==Paul C. van Oorschot==

A theory on power in networks.

Enrico Bozzo==Massimo Franceschet==

Sex as an algorithm: the theory of evolution under the lens of computation.

Adi Livnat==Christos H. Papadimitriou==

Recommender systems - : beyond matrix completion.

Dietmar Jannach==Paul Resnick==Alexander Tuzhilin==Markus Zanker==

If I could only design one circuit ...: technical perspective.

Kurt Keutzer==

DianNao family: energy-efficient hardware accelerators for machine learning.

Yunji Chen==Tianshi Chen==Zhiwei Xu==Ninghui Sun==Olivier Temam==

FPGA compute acceleration is first about energy efficiency: technical perspective.

James C. Hoe==

A reconfigurable fabric for accelerating large-scale datacenter services.

Andrew Putnam==Adrian M. Caulfield==Eric S. Chung==Derek Chiou==Kypros Constantinides==John Demme==Hadi Esmaeilzadeh==Jeremy Fowers==Gopi Prashanth Gopal==Jan Gray==Michael Haselman==Scott Hauck==Stephen Heil==Amir Hormati==Joo-Young Kim==Sitaram Lanka==James R. Larus==Eric Peterson==Simon Pope==Aaron Smith==Jason Thong==Phillip Yi Xiao==Doug Burger==

The candidate.

Brian Clegg==

cacm - Volume 59 - Number 10 - October 2016
Incentivizing reproducibility.

Ronald F. Boisvert==

'We're going backward!'.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Adding art to STEM.

Perry R. Cook==

Optical fibers getting full.

Don Monroe==

Bringing holography to light.

Marina Krakovsky==

Battling algorithmic bias: how do we ensure algorithms treat us fairly?

Keith Kirkpatrick==

The puzzle of Japanese innovation and entrepreneurship.

Michael A. Cusumano==

Mobile computing and political transformation.

Michael L. Best==

Cloud calipers.

George V. Neville-Neil==

Risks of automation: a cautionary total-system perspective of our cyberfuture.

Peter G. Neumann==

Universities and computer science in the European crisis of refugees.

Kathrin Conrad==Nysret Musliu==Reinhard Pichler==Hannes Werthner==

Idle-time garbage-collection scheduling.

Ulan Degenbaev==Jochen Eisinger==Manfred Ernst==Ross McIlroy==Hannes Payer==

Fresh starts.

Kate Matsudaira==

Dynamics of change: why reactivity matters.

André Medeiros==

Rethinking security for internet routing.

Robert Lychev==Michael Schapira==Sharon Goldberg==

Ethical considerations in network measurement papers.

Craig Partridge==Mark Allman==

A brief chronology of medical device security.

A. J. Burns==M. Eric Johnson==Peter Honeyman==

Technical Perspective: Naiad.

Johannes Gehrke==

Incremental, iterative data processing with timely dataflow.

Derek Gordon Murray==Frank McSherry==Michael Isard==Rebecca Isaacs==Paul Barham==Martín Abadi==

Technical Perspective: The power of parallelizing computations.

James R. Larus==

Efficient parallelization using rank convergence in dynamic programming algorithms.

Saeed Maleki==Madanlal Musuvathi==Todd Mytkowicz==

Find me quickly.

Dennis E. Shasha==

cacm - Volume 59 - Number 9 - September 2016
Academic rankings considered harmful!

Moshe Y. Vardi==

Keeping the internet open.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Election auditing and verifiability.

Reconciling quantum physics with math.

Chris Edwards==

GPUs reshape computing.

Samuel Greengard==

The edge of the uncanny.

Gregory Mone==

No easy answers in the fight over iPhone decryption.

Felix Wu==

Software quality.

Peter J. Denning==

"For all" in "computer science for all".

Richard E. Ladner==Maya Israel==

Designing AI systems that obey our laws and values.

Amitai Etzioni==Oren Etzioni==

Helping conference attendees better understand research presentations.

Ethan Katz-Bassett==Justine Sherry==Te-Yuan Huang==Maria A. Kazandjieva==Craig Partridge==Fahad R. Dogar==

A new look at the semantic web.

Abraham Bernstein==James A. Hendler==Natalya Fridman Noy==

Introducing research for practice.

Peter Bailis==Simon Peter==Justine Sherry==

Bad software architecture is a people problem.

Kate Matsudaira==

10 optimizations on linear search.

Thomas A. Limoncelli==

Why data citation is a computational problem.

Peter Buneman==Susan B. Davidson==James Frew==

Dynamic presentation consistency issues in smartphone mapping apps.

Hanan Samet==Sarana Nutanong==Brendan C. Fruin==

Learning executable semantic parsers for natural language understanding.

Percy Liang==

Technical Perspective: The dawn of computational light transport.

Kyros Kutulakos==

Imaging the propagation of light through scenes at picosecond resolution.

Andreas Velten==Di Wu==Belén Masiá==Adrian Jarabo==Christopher Barsi==Chinmaya Joshi==Everett Lawson==Moungi Bawendi==Diego Gutierrez==Ramesh Raskar==

Technical Perspective: Jupiter rising.

Andrew W. Moore==

Jupiter rising: a decade of clos topologies and centralized control in Google's datacenter network.

Arjun Singh==Joon Ong==Amit Agarwal==Glen Anderson==Ashby Armistead==Roy Bannon==Seb Boving==Gaurav Desai==Bob Felderman==Paulie Germano==Anand Kanagala==Hong Liu==Jeff Provost==Jason Simmons==Eiichi Tanda==Jim Wanderer==Urs Hölzle==Stephen Stuart==Amin Vahdat==

Q&A: Hello, Underworld.

Leah Hoffmann==

cacm - Volume 59 - Number 8 - August 2016
From the new ACM president.

Vicki L. Hanson==

Star struck in Lindau.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Future cyberdefenses will defeat cyberattacks on PCs.

Inside the great wall.

Jason Hong==

Reinforcement renaissance.

Marina Krakovsky==

Open source software no longer optional.

Gary Anthes==

Smartphone apps for social good.

Logan Kugler==

Computer security is broken: can better hardware help fix it?

Paul Kocher==

From computational thinking to computational participation in K-12 education.

Yasmin B. Kafai==

Chilling the messenger.

George V. Neville-Neil==

Teamwork in computing research.

Ben Shneiderman==

Debugging distributed systems.

Ivan Beschastnikh==Patty Wang==Yuriy Brun==Michael D. Ernst==

The singular success of SQL.

Pat Helland==

The hidden dividends of microservices.

Tom Killalea==

Smart cities: concepts, architectures, research opportunities.

Rida Khatoun==Sherali Zeadally==

Adaptive computation: the multidisciplinary legacy of John H. Holland.

Stephanie Forrest==Melanie Mitchell==

Skills for success at different stages of an IT professional's career.

Leon A. Kappelman==Mary C. Jones==Vess Johnson==Ephraim R. McLean==

Computational biology in the 21st century: scaling with compressive algorithms.

Bonnie Berger==Noah M. Daniels==

Technical Perspective: Toward reliable programming for unreliable hardware.

Todd D. Millstein==

Verifying quantitative reliability for programs that execute on unreliable hardware.

Michael Carbin==Sasa Misailovic==Martin C. Rinard==

Technical Perspective: Why didn't I think of that?

Philip Wadler==

Ur/Web: a simple model for programming the web.

Adam Chlipala==

Future Tense: Gut Feelings.

Ken MacLeod==

cacm - Volume 59 - Number 7 - July 2016
The ritual of academic-unit review.

Moshe Y. Vardi==

The power of big ideas.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Rethinking computational thinking.

Progress in computational thinking, and expanding the HPC community.

Jeannette M. Wing==Dan Stanzione==

Graph matching in theory and practice.

Neil Savage==

Accelerating search.

Marina Krakovsky==

Booming enrollments.

Lawrence M. Fisher==

Legal advice on the smartphone.

Keith Kirkpatrick==

Apple v. Samsung and the upcoming design patent wars?

Pamela Samuelson==

How Charles Bachman invented the DBMS, a foundation of our digital world.

Thomas Haigh==

Big data analytics and revision of the common rule.

Jacob Metcalf==

Turing's red flag.

Toby Walsh==

Inverse privacy.

Yuri Gurevich==Jeannette M. Wing==

Should you upload or ship big data to the cloud?

Sachin Date==

The small batches principle.

Thomas A. Limoncelli==

Statistics for engineers.

Heinrich Hartmann==

Formula-based software debugging.

Abhik Roychoudhury==Satish Chandra==

Why Google stores billions of lines of code in a single repository.

Josh Levenberg==

λ > 4: an improved lower bound on the growth constant of polyominoes.

Gill Barequet==Günter Rote==Mira Shalah==

The rise of social bots.

Emilio Ferrara==Onur Varol==Clayton A. Davis==Filippo Menczer==Alessandro Flammini==

Technical Perspective: Combining logic and probability.

Henry A. Kautz==Parag Singla==

Probabilistic theorem proving.

Vibhav Gogate==Pedro M. Domingos==

Technical Perspective: Mesa takes data warehousing to new heights.

Sam Madden==

Mesa: a geo-replicated online data warehouse for Google's advertising system.

Ashish Gupta==Fan Yang==Jason Govig==Adam Kirsch==Kelvin Chan==Kevin Lai==Shuo Wu==Sandeep Govind Dhoot==Abhilash Rajesh Kumar==Ankur Agiwal==Sanjay Bhansali==Mingsheng Hong==Jamie Cameron==Masood Siddiqi==David Jones==Jeff Shute==Andrey Gubarev==Shivakumar Venkataraman==Divyakant Agrawal==

Upstart Puzzles: Chair Games.

Dennis E. Shasha==

cacm - Volume 59 - Number 6 - June 2016
Moving forward.

Alexander L. Wolf==


Vinton G. Cerf==

No backdoor required or expected.

The solution to AI, what real researchers do, and expectations for CS classrooms.

John Langford==Mark Guzdial==

The key to privacy.

Neil Savage==

What happens when big data blunders?

Logan Kugler==

Reimagining search.

Alex Wright==

What's next for digital humanities?

Gregory Mone==

The risks of self-auditing systems.

Rebecca T. Mercuri==Peter G. Neumann==

What are you trying to pull?

George V. Neville-Neil==

How to produce innovations.

Peter J. Denning==

An interview with Yale Patt.

Derek Chiou==

Computer science should stay young.

Boaz Barak==

Privacy is dead, long live privacy.

Jean-Pierre Hubaux==Ari Juels==

A byte is all we need.

Ankita Mitra==

Nine things I didn't know I would learn being an engineer manager.

Kate Matsudaira==

The flame graph.

Brendan Gregg==

Standing on distributed shoulders of giants.

Pat Helland==

Improving API usability.

Brad A. Myers==Jeffrey Stylos==

Physical key extraction attacks on PCs.

Daniel Genkin==Lev Pachmanov==Itamar Pipman==Adi Shamir==Eran Tromer==

RandNLA: randomized numerical linear algebra.

Petros Drineas==Michael W. Mahoney==

Technical Perspective: Veritesting tackles path-explosion problem.

Koushik Sen==

Enhancing symbolic execution with veritesting.

Thanassis Avgerinos==Alexandre Rebert==Sang Kil Cha==David Brumley==

Technical Perspective: Computing with the crowd.

Siddharth Suri==

AutoMan: a platform for integrating human-based and digital computation.

Daniel W. Barowy==Charlie Curtsinger==Emery D. Berger==Andrew McGregor==

Q&A: Finding New Directions in Cryptography.

Leah Hoffmann==

cacm - Volume 59 - Number 5 - May 2016
The moral imperative of artificial intelligence.

Moshe Y. Vardi==

The IANA transition.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Why All Writs is a trojan horse.

ACM's 2016 general election: please take this opportunity to vote.

Bringing computer science to U.S. schools, state by state.

Mark Guzdial==

Silicon photonics: ready to go the distance?

Don Monroe==

Cybersecurity gets smart.

Samuel Greengard==

Coding as sport.

Keith Kirkpatrick==

The internet of things we don't own?

Jason Schultz==

Beyond blocks: syntax and semantics.

R. Benjamin Shapiro==Matthew P. Ahrens==

Do patent commons and standards-setting organizations help navigate patent thickets?

Wen Wen==Chris Forman==

Preserving hybrid objects.

David P. Anderson==

How to increase the security of smart buildings?

Steffen Wendzel==

Borg, Omega, and Kubernetes.

Brendan Burns==Brian Grant==David Oppenheimer==Eric Brewer==John Wilkes==

Delegation as art.

Kate Matsudaira==

Use-case 2.0.

Ivar Jacobson==

The challenges of partially automated driving.

Stephen M. Casner==Edwin L. Hutchins==Don Norman==

Parallel graph analytics.

Andrew Lenharth==Donald Nguyen==Keshav Pingali==

Static presentation consistency issues in smartphone mapping apps.

Hanan Samet==Sarana Nutanong==Brendan C. Fruin==

A survey of robotic musicianship.

Mason Bretan==Gil Weinberg==

A breakthrough in software obfuscation: technical perspective.

Boaz Barak==

Hiding secrets in software: a cryptographic approach to program obfuscation.

Sanjam Garg==Craig Gentry==Shai Halevi==Mariana Raykova==Amit Sahai==Brent Waters==

Software is natural: technical perspective.

Gail C. Murphy==

On the naturalness of software.

Abram Hindle==Earl T. Barr==Mark Gabel==Zhendong Su==Premkumar T. Devanbu==

Future tense.

Louis Friedman==

cacm - Volume 59 - Number 4 - April 2016
Are we headed toward another global tech bust?

Moshe Y. Vardi==

Enrollments explode! but diversity students are leaving...

Vinton G. Cerf==Maggie Johnson==

Chaos is no catastrophe.

Sampling bias in CS education, and where's the cyber strategy?

Mark Guzdial==John Arquilla==

Automating proofs.

Chris Edwards==

Existing technologies can assist the disabled.

Keith Kirkpatrick==

Search engine agendas.

Gary Anthes==

Marvin Minsky: 1927-2016.

Lawrence M. Fisher==

A decade of ACM efforts contribute to computer science for all.

Lawrence M. Fisher==

The internet and inequality.

Kentaro Toyama==

GNL is not Linux.

George V. Neville-Neil==

The need for corporate diplomacy.

Mari Sako==

Beyond viral.

Manuel Cebrián==Iyad Rahwan==Alex Pentland==

More encryption means less privacy.

Poul-Henning Kamp==

Why logical clocks are easy.

Carlos Baquero==Nuno M. Preguiça==

How SysAdmins devalue themselves.

Thomas A. Limoncelli==

How colors in business dashboards affect users' decision making.

Palash Bera==

Multimodal biometrics for enhanced mobile device security.

Mikhail I. Gofman==Sinjini Mitra==

40 years of suffix trees.

Alberto Apostolico==Maxime Crochemore==Martin Farach-Colton==Zvi Galil==S. Muthukrishnan==

Fairness and the coin flip: technical perspective.

David A. Wagner==

Secure multiparty computations on Bitcoin.

Marcin Andrychowicz==Stefan Dziembowski==Daniel Malinowski==Lukasz Mazurek==

The state (and security) of the Bitcoin economy: technical perspective.

Emin Gün Sirer==

A fistful of Bitcoins: characterizing payments among men with no names.

Sarah Meiklejohn==Marjori Pomarole==Grant Jordan==Kirill Levchenko==Damon McCoy==Geoffrey M. Voelker==Stefan Savage==

Upstart puzzles.

Dennis E. Shasha==

cacm - Volume 59 - Number 3 - March 2016
The strength of encryption.

Eugene H. Spafford==

Computer science in the curriculum.

Vinton G. Cerf==

ACM moral imperatives vs. lethal autonomous weapons.

The value of Ada.

Valerie Barr==

Deep or shallow, NLP is breaking out.

Gregory Goth==

Rich data, poor fields.

Tom Geller==

When computers stand in the schoolhouse door.

Neil Savage==

Peter Naur: 1928-2016.

New exemptions to anti-circumvention rules.

Pamela Samuelson==

The question of information justice.

Jeffrey Johnson==

Fifty years of operating systems.

Peter J. Denning==

The need for research in broadening participation.

Tiffany Barnes==George K. Thiruvathukal==

Riding and thriving on the API hype cycle.

Maja Vukovic==Jim Laredo==Vinod Muthusamy==Aleksander Slominski==Roman Vaculín==Wei Tan==Vijay K. Naik==Ignacio Silva-Lepe==Arun Kumar==Biplav Srivastava==Joel W. Branch==

Paper presentation at conferences: time for a reset.

H. V. Jagadish==

An interview with Stanford University president John Hennessy.

David A. Patterson==

A purpose-built global network: Google's move to SDN.

The paradox of autonomy and recognition.

Kate Matsudaira==

Automation should be like Iron Man, not Ultron.

Tom Limoncelli==

Repeatability in computer systems research.

Christian S. Collberg==Todd A. Proebsting==

Lessons learned from 30 years of MINIX.

Andrew S. Tanenbaum==

A lightweight methodology for rapid ontology engineering.

Antonio De Nicola==Michele Missikoff==

Hopes, fears, and software obfuscation.

Boaz Barak==

STACKing up undefined behaviors: technical perspective.

John Regehr==

A differential approach to undefined behavior detection.

Xi Wang==Nickolai Zeldovich==M. Frans Kaashoek==Armando Solar-Lezama==

Taming the name game: technical perspective.

David A. Forsyth==

Learning to name objects.

Vicente Ordonez==Wei Liu==Jia Deng==Yejin Choi==Alexander C. Berg==Tamara L. Berg==

cacm - Volume 59 - Number 2 - February 2016
The moral hazard of complexity-theoretic assumptions.

Moshe Y. Vardi==

Apps and the web.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Expect 'ungoverned actors' to use AI-supported weapons, too.

Drumming up support for AP CS principles.

Mark Guzdial==

Self-repair techniques point to robots that design themselves.

Chris Edwards==

How a supervillain (or a hacker in his basement) could destroy the internet.

Logan Kugler==

In privacy law, it's the U.S. vs. the world.

Tom Geller==

ACM inducts fellows.

Revealing the API ecosystem and enterprise strategy via visual analytics.

Peter C. Evans==Rahul C. Basole==

Privacy research directions.

Carl E. Landwehr==

Broadening access to computing education state by state.

Rick Adrion==Renee Fall==Barbara Ericson==Mark Guzdial==

Code hoarding.

George V. Neville-Neil==

Lessons from the tech transfer trenches.

Satish Chandra==Suresh Thummalapenta==Saurabh Sinha==

Having a conversation about bulk surveillance.

Herbert Lin==

Schema.org: evolution of structured data on the web.

Ramanathan V. Guha==Dan Brickley==Steve Macbeth==

The verification of a distributed system.

Caitie McCaffrey==

Accountability in algorithmic decision making.

Nicholas Diakopoulos==

YFCC100M: the new data in multimedia research.

Bart Thomee==David A. Shamma==Gerald Friedland==Benjamin Elizalde==Karl Ni==Douglas Poland==Damian Borth==Li-Jia Li==

The land sharks are on the squawk box.

Michael Stonebraker==

Phonetic analytics technology and big data: real-world cases.

J. P. Shim==J. Koh==S. Fister==H. Y. Seo==

The Beckman report on database research.

Daniel Abadi==Rakesh Agrawal==Anastasia Ailamaki==Magdalena Balazinska==Philip A. Bernstein==Michael J. Carey==Surajit Chaudhuri==Jeffrey Dean==AnHai Doan==Michael J. Franklin==Johannes Gehrke==Laura M. Haas==Alon Y. Halevy==Joseph M. Hellerstein==Yannis E. Ioannidis==H. V. Jagadish==Donald Kossmann==Samuel Madden==Sharad Mehrotra==Tova Milo==Jeffrey F. Naughton==Raghu Ramakrishnan==Volker Markl==Christopher Olston==Beng Chin Ooi==Christopher Ré==Dan Suciu==Michael Stonebraker==Todd Walter==Jennifer Widom==

Technical Perspective: Catching lies (and mistakes) in offloaded computation.

Michael Mitzenmacher==Justin Thaler==

Pinocchio: nearly practical verifiable computation.

Bryan Parno==Jon Howell==Craig Gentry==Mariana Raykova==

Technical Perspective: Program synthesis using stochastic techniques.

Sumit Gulwani==

Stochastic program optimization.

Eric Schkufza==Rahul Sharma==Alex Aiken==

Future Tense: Chatterbox.

Ken MacLeod==

cacm - Volume 59 - Number 1 - January 2016
Focusing on teacher needs in K-12 CS education.

Mark R. Nelson==

On the road in Latin America.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Let the liable pay.

ACM's 2016 general election.

Vinton G. Cerf==

ACM's annual report for FY15.

Alexander L. Wolf==

Controlling cyber arms, and creating new LEGOs.

John Arquilla==Joel C. Adams==

Seeing more clearly.

Neil Savage==

Better memory.

Samuel Greengard==

Preserving the internet.

Esther Shein==

Gene Amdahl, 1922-2015.

Biometric identity.

Jonathan T. Weinberg==

Extrapolating from Moore's law.

Michael A. Cusumano==David B. Yoffie==

The chaos machine.

Phillip G. Armour==

Where code comes from: architectures of automatic control from Babbage to Algol.

Thomas Haigh==Mark Priestley==

Unbalanced data leads to obsolete economic advice.

Gio Wiederhold==

Why knowledge representation matters.

Yoav Shoham==

Time is an illusion lunchtime doubly so.

George V. Neville-Neil==

Non-volatile storage.

Mihir Nanavati==Malte Schwarzkopf==Jake Wires==Andrew Warfield==

Immutability changes everything.

Pat Helland==

Spatial computing.

Shashi Shekhar==Steven K. Feiner==Walid G. Aref==

Open data and civic apps: first-generation failures, second-generation improvements.

Esteve Almirall==Jonathan Wareham==

The building blocks of a cloud strategy: evidence from three SaaS providers.

Juliana Sutanto==

Algebraic fingerprints for faster algorithms.

Ioannis Koutis==Ryan Williams==

Technical Perspective: High-performance virtualization: are we done?

Steve Hand==

Bare-metal performance for virtual machines with exitless interrupts.

Nadav Amit==Abel Gordon==Nadav Har'El==Muli Ben-Yehuda==Alex Landau==Assaf Schuster==Dan Tsafrir==

Technical Perspective: Enlisting the power of the crowd.

Tova Milo==

Answering enumeration queries with the crowd.

Beth Trushkowsky==Tim Kraska==Michael J. Franklin==Purnamrita Sarkar==

Upstart Puzzles: Ice Trap.

Dennis E. Shasha==