cacm - Volume 61

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cacm - Volume 61 - Number 12 - December 2018
Self-authenticating identifiers.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Reclaim internet greatness.

CACM Staff==

Securing agent 111, and the job of software architect.

John Arquilla==Yegor Bugayenko==

Learning to see.

Chris Edwards==

Technology for the deaf.

Keith Kirkpatrick==

AI judges and juries.

Logan Kugler==

Learning machine learning.

Ted G. Lewis==Peter J. Denning==

A chance gardener.

George V. Neville-Neil==

Point: Should AI technology be regulated?: yes, and here's how.

Oren Etzioni==

Counterpoint: Regulators should allow the greatest space for AI innovation.

Andrea O'Sullivan==Adam Thierer==

Opportunities and challenges in search interaction.

Ryen W. White==

How to live in a post-meltdown and -spectre world.

Rich Bennett==Craig Callahan==Stacy Jones==Matt Levine==Merrill Miller==Andy Ozment==

Why SRE documents matter.

Shylaja Nukala==Vivek Rau==

How to get things done when you don't feel like it.

Kate Matsudaira==

What motivates a citizen to take the initiative in e-participation?: the case of a South Korean parliamentary hearing.

Junyeong Lee==Jaylyn Jeonghyun Oh==

Uncertainty in current and future health wearables.

Bran Knowles==Alison Smith-Renner==Forough Poursabzi-Sangdeh==Di Lu==Halimat Alabi==

A century-long commitment to assessing artificial intelligence and its impact on society.

Barbara J. Grosz==Peter Stone==

Designing emotionally sentient agents.

Daniel McDuff==Mary Czerwinski==

Search-based program synthesis.

Rajeev Alur==Rishabh Singh==Dana Fisman==Armando Solar-Lezama==

Technical perspective: Node replication divides to conquer.

Tim Harris==

How to implement any concurrent data structure.

Irina Calciu==Siddhartha Sen==Mahesh Balakrishnan==Marcos K. Aguilera==

Technical perspective: WebAssembly: a quiet revolution of the web.

Anders Møller==

Bringing the web up to speed with WebAssembly.

Andreas Rossberg==Ben L. Titzer==Andreas Haas==Derek L. Schuff==Dan Gohman==Luke Wagner==Alon Zakai==J. F. Bastien==Michael Holman==

Promoting common sense, reality, dependable engineering.

Leah Hoffmann==

cacm - Volume 61 - Number 11 - November 2018
The upper layers of the internet.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Self-reference and section 230.

Moshe Y. Vardi==

The gap in CS, mulling irrational exuberance.

Carl Hewitt==Vijay Kumar==

AI, explain yourself.

Don Monroe==

A new movement in seismology.

Neil Savage==

Weighing the impact of GDPR.

Samuel Greengard==

The EU's controversial digital single market directive.

Pamela Samuelson==

The big picture.

Steven M. Bellovin==Peter G. Neumann==

How machine learning impacts the undergraduate computing curriculum.

R. Benjamin Shapiro==Rebecca Fiebrink==Peter Norvig==

Using any surface to realize a new paradigm for wireless communications.

Christos Liaskos==Ageliki Tsioliaridou==Andreas Pitsillides==Sotiris Ioannidis==Ian F. Akyildiz==

Crude and rude?

Janne Lahtiranta==Sami Hyrynsalmi==

Introducing Communications' regional special sections.

Andrew A. Chien==

Welcome to the China region special section.

Wenguang Chen==Xiang-Yang Li==

China's computing ambitions.

Elliott Zaagman==

Quantum communication at 7, 600km and beyond.

Chao-Yang Lu==Cheng-Zhi Peng==Jian-Wei Pan==

The future of artificial intelligence in China.

Jun Zhu==Tiejun Huang==Wenguang Chen==Wen Gao==

Consumers, corporations, and government: computing in China.

Peter Guy==

Regional computing culture and personalities.

San Zhang==

Can China lead the development of data trading and sharing markets?

Xiang-Yang Li==Jianwei Qian==Xiaoyang Wang==

Exploiting psychology and social behavior for game stickiness.

Luyi Xu==

People logistics in smart cities.

Wanli Min==Liang Yu==Lei Yu==Shubo He==

Cloud bursting for the world's largest consumer market.

Hai Jin==Haibo Chen==Hong Gao==Xiang-Yang Li==Song Wu==

Fintech: AI powers financial services to improve people's lives.

Yuan Qi==Jing Xiao==

Is last-mile delivery a 'killer app' for self-driving vehicles?

Huaxia Xia==Haiming Yang==

Video consumption, social networking, and influence.

Yue Zhuge==

Will supercomputers be super-data and super-AI machines?

Yutong Lu==Depei Qian==Haohuan Fu==Wenguang Chen==

Corp to cloud: Google's virtual desktops.

Matt Fata==Philippe-Joseph Arida==Patrick Hahn==Betsy Beyer==

Research for practice: knowledge base construction in the machine-learning era.

Alexander Ratner==Christopher Ré==Peter Bailis==

Tracking and controlling microservice dependencies.

Silvia Esparrachiari==Tanya Reilly==Ashleigh Rentz==

Skill discovery in virtual assistants.

Ryen W. White==

A look at the design of Lua.

Roberto Ierusalimschy==Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo==Waldemar Celes Filho==

Modern debugging: the art of finding a needle in a haystack.

Diomidis Spinellis==

Software challenges for the changing storage landscape.

Daniel G. Waddington==Jim Harris==

Technical perspective: Backdoor engineering.

Markus G. Kuhn==

Where did I leave my keys?: lessons from the Juniper Dual EC incident.

Stephen Checkoway==Jacob Maskiewicz==Christina Garman==Joshua Fried==Shaanan Cohney==Matthew Green==Nadia Heninger==Ralf-Philipp Weinmann==Eric Rescorla==Hovav Shacham==

Technical perspective: Making sleep tracking more user friendly.

Tanzeem Choudhury==

LIBS: a bioelectrical sensing system from human ears for staging whole-night sleep study.

Anh Nguyen==Raghda Alqurashi==Zohreh Raghebi==Farnoush Banaei Kashani==Ann C. Halbower==Tam Vu==

Between the abbey and the edge of time.

Brian Clegg==

cacm - Volume 61 - Number 10 - October 2018
The internet in the 21st century.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Hennessy and Patterson on the roots of RISC.

CACM Staff==

Can we use AI for global good?

Amir Banifatemi==

Floating voxels provide new hope for 3D displays.

Chris Edwards==

Transient electronics take shape.

Samuel Greengard==

The dangers of automating social programs.

Esther Shein==

The business of quantum computing.

Michael A. Cusumano==

A pedagogic cybersecurity framework.

Peter P. Swire==

The obscene coupling known as spaghetti code.

George V. Neville-Neil==

Building the universal archive of source code.

Jean-François Abramatic==Roberto Di Cosmo==Stefano Zacchiroli==

Are CS conferences (too) closed communities?

Jordi Cabot==Javier Luis Cánovas Izquierdo==Valerio Cosentino==

The mythos of model interpretability.

Zachary C. Lipton==

The secret formula for choosing the right next role.

Kate Matsudaira==

Mind your state for your state of mind.

Pat Helland==

Human-level intelligence or animal-like abilities?

Adnan Darwiche==

Formally verified software in the real world.

Gerwin Klein==June Andronick==Matthew Fernandez==Ihor Kuz==Toby C. Murray==Gernot Heiser==

The productivity paradox in health information technology.

Quang==Sean Hansen==Manlu Liu==Qiang Tu==

Computing within limits.

Bonnie A. Nardi==Bill Tomlinson==Donald J. Patterson==Jay Chen==Daniel Pargman==Barath Raghavan==Birgit Penzenstadler==

Technical perspective: A control theorist's view on reactive control for autonomous drones.

John Baillieul==

Fundamental concepts of reactive control for autonomous drones.

Luca Mottola==Kamin Whitehouse==

Technical perspective: The future of MPI.

Marc Snir==

Enabling highly scalable remote memory access programming with MPI-3 one sided.

Robert Gerstenberger==Maciej Besta==Torsten Hoefler==

Reaping the benefits of a diverse background.

Leah Hoffmann==

cacm - Volume 61 - Number 9 - September 2018
Computer architecture: disruption from above.

Andrew A. Chien==

The peace of westphalia.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Move fast and break things.

Moshe Y. Vardi==

Hippie values really did build the internet.

CACM Staff==

Discovering bugs, or ensuring success?

Yegor Bugayenko==

AI holds the better hand.

Don Monroe==

Robotic implants.

Gregory Mone==

Borders in the cloud.

Keith Kirkpatrick==

Overtrust in the robotic age.

Alan R. Wagner==Jason Borenstein==Ayanna Howard==

When machine learning is facially invalid.

Frank Pasquale==

Navigating with accelerating technology change.

Peter J. Denning==

An academic's observations from a sabbatical at Google.

Adam Barker==

Is software the result of top-down intelligent design or evolution?

Edward A. Lee==

GitOps: a path to more self-service IT.

Thomas A. Limoncelli==

Workload frequency scaling law: derivation and verification.

Noor Mubeen==

Research for practice: FPGAs in datacenters.

Gustavo Alonso==Peter Bailis==

A domain-specific architecture for deep neural networks.

Norman P. Jouppi==Cliff Young==Nishant Patil==David A. Patterson==

Can beyond-CMOS devices illuminate dark silicon?

Robert Perricone==Xiaobo Sharon Hu==Joseph Nahas==Michael T. Niemier==

Peer assessment of CS doctoral programs shows strong correlation with faculty citations.

Slobodan Vucetic==Ashis Kumar Chanda==Shanshan Zhang==Tian Bai==Aniruddha Maiti==

An overview of deterministic database systems.

Daniel J. Abadi==Jose M. Faleiro==

Technical perspective: Is your WiFi a sensor?

Romit Roy Choudhury==

Emotion recognition using wireless signals.

Mingmin Zhao==Fadel Adib==Dina Katabi==

Bounce blockchain.

Dennis E. Shasha==

cacm - Volume 61 - Number 8 - August 2018
Regulating automated decision making.

James R. Larus==Chris Hankin==


Vinton G. Cerf==

Encourage ACM to address U.S. election integrity.

CACM Staff==

Assessing responsibility for program output.

Robin K. Hill==

Animals teach robots to find their way.

Chris Edwards==

Electronics are leaving the plane.

Don Monroe==

Broadening the path for women in STEM.

Esther Shein==

Session details: Global computing.

Michael L. Best==

Designing sustainable rural infrastructure through the lens of OpenCellular.

Kashif Ali==Kurtis Heimerl==

Providing equitable access to computing education.

Mark Guzdial==Amy Bruckman==

Every silver lining has a cloud.

George V. Neville-Neil==

Point: foundations of e-democracy.

Ehud Y. Shapiro==

Counterpoint: e-democracy won't save democracy. democracy will save democracy.

Douglas Schuler==

Algorithms behind modern storage systems.

Alex Petrov==

Research for practice: prediction-serving systems.

Daniel Crankshaw==Joseph Gonzalez==Peter Bailis==

Consistently eventual.

Pat Helland==

How to teach computer ethics through science fiction.

Emanuelle Burton==Judy Goldsmith==Nicholas Mattei==

Amdahl's law for tail latency.

Christina Delimitrou==Christos Kozyrakis==

Multiparty privacy in social media.

Jose M. Such==Natalia Criado==

Technical perspective: Graphs, betweenness centrality, and the GPU.

John D. Owens==

Accelerating GPU betweenness centrality.

Adam McLaughlin==David A. Bader==


William Sims Bainbridge==

cacm - Volume 61 - Number 7 - July 2018
Reflections on my two years.

Vicki L. Hanson==

On neural networks.

Vinton G. Cerf==

How the hippies destroyed the internet.

Moshe Y. Vardi==

Teach the law (and the AI) 'foreseeability'.

CACM Staff==

We are done with 'hacking'.

Yegor Bugayenko==

Why cryptocurrencies use so much energy: and what to do about it.

Logan Kugler==

You've got mail!

Gary Anthes==

Bringing the internet to the (developing) world.

Keith Kirkpatrick==

Copyright blocks a news-monitoring technology.

Pamela Samuelson==

Session details: Economic and business dimensions.

Marshall W. van Alstyne==

Blockchain revolution without the blockchain?

Hanna Halaburda==

Session details: Broadening participation.

Richard E. Ladner==

Beyond diversity.

Alex Ahmed==

A new perspective on computational thinking.

Osman Yasar==

The case for disappearing cyber security.

Josiah Dykstra==Eugene H. Spafford==

C is not a low-level language.

David Chisnall==

How to come up with great ideas.

Kate Matsudaira==

Research for practice: toward a network of connected things.

Deepak Vasisht==Peter Bailis==

Making machine learning robust against adversarial inputs.

Ian J. Goodfellow==Patrick D. McDaniel==Nicolas Papernot==

Digital nudging: guiding online user choices through interface design.

Christoph Schneider==Markus Weinmann==Jan vom Brocke==

Always measure one level deeper.

John K. Ousterhout==

The ABCs of effectiveness in the digital society.

Carlo Gabriel Porto Bellini==

Technical perspective: The rewards of selfish mining.

Sharon Goldberg==Ethan Heilman==

Majority is not enough: bitcoin mining is vulnerable.

Ittay Eyal==Emin Gün Sirer==

String wars.

Dennis E. Shasha==

cacm - Volume 61 - Number 6 - June 2018
Celebrating excellence.

Vinton G. Cerf==

When to hold 'em.

CACM Staff==

Programming programming languages, and analyzing Facebook's failure.

Mark Guzdial==Susan Landau==

Rewarded for RISC.

Neil Savage==

Deep learning hunts for signals among the noise.

Chris Edwards==

3D sensors provide security, better games.

Keith Kirkpatrick==

Getting hooked on tech.

Logan Kugler==

Risks of cryptocurrencies.

Nicholas Weaver==

An interview with Dave Parnas.

Peter J. Denning==

Watchdogs vs. snowflakes.

George V. Neville-Neil==

Effectiveness of anonymization in double-blind review.

Claire Le Goues==Yuriy Brun==Sven Apel==Emery D. Berger==Sarfraz Khurshid==Yannis Smaragdakis==

Designing cluster schedulers for internet-scale services.

Diptanu Gon Choudhury==Timothy Perrett==

Thou shalt not depend on me.

Tobias Lauinger==Abdelberi Chaabane==Christo Wilson==

Documentation is automation.

Thomas A. Limoncelli==

Bias on the web.

Ricardo A. Baeza-Yates==

Ability-based design.

Jacob O. Wobbrock==Krzysztof Z. Gajos==Shaun K. Kane==Gregg C. Vanderheiden==

Identifying patterns in medical records through latent semantic analysis.

David Gefen==Jake Miller==Johnathon Kyle Armstrong==Frances H. Cornelius==Noreen Robertson==Aaron Smith-McLallen==Jennifer A. Taylor==

Privacy in decentralized cryptocurrencies.

Daniel Genkin==Dimitrios Papadopoulos==Charalampos Papamanthou==

Technical perspective: Measuring optimization potential with Coz.

Landon P. Cox==

Coz: finding code that counts with causal profiling.

Charlie Curtsinger==Emery D. Berger==

RISC management.

Leah Hoffmann==

cacm - Volume 61 - Number 5 - May 2018
Turing test 2.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Toward sustainable access: where are we now?

Jack W. Davidson==Joseph A. Konstan==Andrew A. Chien==Scott Delman==

How we lost the women in computing.

Moshe Y. Vardi==

Get ACM (and Communications) out of politics.

CACM Staff==

ACM's 2018 general election: please take this opportunity to vote.

CACM Staff==

Commenting on code, considering data's bottleneck.

Edwin Torres==Walid Saba==

Shrinking machines, cellular computers.

Gregory Mone==

Using functions for easier programming.

Neil Savage==

Finding a healthier approach to managing medical data.

Samuel Greengard==

Is the law ready for driverless cars?

Ryan Calo==

Putting trust in security engineering.

Fred B. Schneider==

Scale or fail.

Alexander Repenning==

The march into the black hole of complexity.

Harold Bud Lawson==

Science, policy, and service.

Margaret Martonosi==

Research for practice: cluster scheduling for datacenters.

Malte Schwarzkopf==Peter Bailis==

Canary analysis service.

Stepán Davidovic==Betsy Beyer==

How is your week going so far?

Kate Matsudaira==

More than the code: learning rules of rejection in writing programs.

Josh Tenenberg==Wolff-Michael Roth==Donald Chinn==Alfredo Jornet==David Socha==Skip Walter==

Internet freedom in West Africa: technical support for journalists and democracy advocates.

Richard R. Brooks==Lu Yu==Yu Fu==Oluwakemi Hambolu==John Gaynard==Julie Owono==Archippe Yepmou==Felix Blanc==

Data acquisition in vehicular ad hoc networks.

Xiaonan Wang==

Speech emotion recognition: two decades in a nutshell, benchmarks, and ongoing trends.

Björn W. Schuller==

Technical perspective: Breaking the mold of machine learning.

Oren Etzioni==

Never-ending learning.

Tom M. Mitchell==William W. Cohen==Estevam R. Hruschka Jr.==Partha P. Talukdar==Bo Yang==Justin Betteridge==Andrew Carlson==Bhavana Dalvi Mishra==Matt Gardner==Bryan Kisiel==Jayant Krishnamurthy==Ni Lao==Kathryn Mazaitis==Thahir Mohamed==Ndapandula Nakashole==Emmanouil A. Platanios==Alan Ritter==Mehdi Samadi==Burr Settles==Richard C. Wang==Derry Wijaya==Abhinav Gupta==Xinlei Chen==Abulhair Saparov==Malcolm Greaves==Joel Welling==

Free press.

Ken MacLeod==

cacm - Volume 61 - Number 4 - April 2018
Go big!

Andrew A. Chien==

The sound of programming.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Open access and ACM.

Moshe Y. Vardi==

Predicting failure of the university.

CACM Staff==

Fostering inclusion, keeping the net neutral.

Jodi Tims==Daniel A. Reed==

Always out of balance.

Neil Savage==

Chips for artificial intelligence.

Don Monroe==

Artificial (emotional) intelligence.

Marina Krakovsky==

Business ecosystems: how do they matter for innovation?

Mari Sako==

Popping kernels.

George V. Neville-Neil==

Push versus pull.

Sheldon H. Jacobson==

Smartphones, contents of the mind, and the fifth amendment.

Stephen B. Wicker==

DevOps delivers.

Nicole Forsgren==

Continuous delivery sounds great, but will it work here?

Jez Humble==

Containers will not fix your broken culture (and other hard truths).

Bridget Kromhout==

DevOps metrics.

Nicole Forsgren==Mik Kersten==

Building a smart city: lessons from Barcelona.

Mila Gascó-Hernández==

Lessons from building static analysis tools at Google.

Caitlin Sadowski==Edward Aftandilian==Alex Eagle==Liam Miller-Cushon==Ciera Jaspan==

Realizing the potential of data science.

Francine Berman==Rob Rutenbar==Brent Hailpern==Henrik Christensen==Susan Davidson==Deborah Estrin==Michael J. Franklin==Margaret Martonosi==Padma Raghavan==Victoria Stodden==Alexander S. Szalay==

Bridgeware: the air-gap malware.

Mordechai Guri==Yuval Elovici==

Technical perspective: Expressive probabilistic models and scalable method of moments.

David M. Blei==

Learning topic models - provably and efficiently.

Sanjeev Arora==Rong Ge==Yoni Halpern==David M. Mimno==Ankur Moitra==David Sontag==Yichen Wu==Michael Zhu==

Finding October.

Dennis E. Shasha==

cacm - Volume 61 - Number 3 - March 2018
Here comes everybody...to Communications.

Andrew A. Chien==

Unintended consequences.

Vinton G. Cerf==

A declaration of the dependence of cyberspace.

Moshe Y. Vardi==

Keep the ACM code of ethics as it is.

The costs and pleasures of a computer science teacher.

Mark Guzdial==Bertrand Meyer==

In pursuit of virtual life.

Samuel Greengard==

The construction industry in the 21st century.

Keith Kirkpatrick==

The state of fakery.

Esther Shein==

Making security sustainable.

Ross Anderson==

Will the Supreme Court nix reviews of bad patents?

Pamela Samuelson==

Ethics omission increases gases emission.

Simon Rogerson==

The computing profession.

Peter J. Denning==

Impediments with policy interventions to foster cybersecurity.

Fred B. Schneider==

Responsible research with crowds: pay crowdworkers at least minimum wage.

M. Six Silberman==Bill Tomlinson==R. LaPlante==Joel Ross==Lilly Irani==Andrew Zaldivar==

Computational social science ≠ computer science + social data.

Hanna M. Wallach==

Bitcoin's underlying incentives.

Yonatan Sompolinsky==Aviv Zohar==

Operational excellence in April Fools' pranks.

Thomas A. Limoncelli==

Monitoring in a DevOps world.

Theo Schlossnagle==

A programmable programming language.

Matthias Felleisen==Robert Bruce Findler==Matthew Flatt==Shriram Krishnamurthi==Eli Barzilay==Jay A. McCarthy==Sam Tobin-Hochstadt==

The wisdom of older technology (non)users.

Bran Knowles==Vicki L. Hanson==

Evolution toward soft(er) products.

Tony Gorschek==

How can we trust a robot?

Benjamin Kuipers==

Technical perspective: A graph-theoretic framework traces task planning.

Nicole Immorlica==

Time-inconsistent planning: a computational problem in behavioral economics.

Jon M. Kleinberg==Sigal Oren==

Technical perspective: On heartbleed: a hard beginnyng makth a good endyng.

Kenny Paterson==

Analysis of SSL certificate reissues and revocations in the wake of heartbleed.

Liang Zhang==David R. Choffnes==Tudor Dumitras==Dave Levin==Alan Mislove==Aaron Schulman==Christo Wilson==

Q&A: The network effect.

Leah Hoffmann==

cacm - Volume 61 - Number 2 - February 2018
Achieving gender equity: ACM-W can't do it alone.

Jodi L. Tims==

A comprehensive self-driving car test.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Toward an equation that anticipates AI risks.

Protecting the power grid, and finding bias in student evaluations.

John Arquilla==Mark Guzdial==

Quantum technology forgoes unconditional security to extend its reach.

Chris Edwards==

Going serverless.

Neil Savage==

The war over the value of personal data.

Logan Kugler==

Risks of trusting the physics of sensors.

Kevin Fu==Wenyuan Xu==

The inclusive and accessible workplace.

Sarah Wille==Daphne Sajous-Brady==

Reducing the attack surface.

George V. Neville-Neil==

Teaching artificial intelligence and humanity.

Jennifer Keating==Illah R. Nourbakhsh==

Innovation from the edges.

Shane Greenstein==

Titus: introducing containers to the Netflix cloud.

Andrew Leung==Andrew Spyker==Tim Bozarth==

Research for practice: private online communication; highlights in systems verification.

Albert Kwon==James R. Wilcox==Peter Bailis==

Views from the top.

Kate Matsudaira==

The next phase in the digital revolution: intelligent tools, platforms, growth, employment.

John Zysman==Martin Kenney==

A large-scale comparative study of beta testers and regular users.

Vlasta Stavova==Lenka Dedkova==Martin Ukrop==Vashek Matyas==

Elements of the theory of dynamic networks.

Othon Michail==Paul G. Spirakis==

Technical perspective: Building bug-free compilers.

Steve Zdancewic==

Practical verification of peephole optimizations with Alive.

Nuno P. Lopes==David Menendez==Santosh Nagarakatte==John Regehr==

Technical perspective: Designing algorithms and the fairness criteria they should satisfy.

Vincent Conitzer==

Which is the fairest (rent division) of them all?

Kobi Gal==Ariel D. Procaccia==Moshe Mash==Yair Zick==

Welcome to the singularity.

David Allen Batchelor==

cacm - Volume 61 - Number 1 - January 2018
The role of archives in digital preservation.

Vinton G. Cerf==

Computer professionals for social responsibility.

Moshe Y. Vardi==

A leap from artificial to intelligence.

The big IDEA and the PD pipeline.

Mark R. Nelson==

Feeling sounds, hearing sights.

Gregory Mone==

Smartphone science.

Alex Wright==

The new jobs.

Marina Krakovsky==

The sharing economy meets reality.

Michael A. Cusumano==

How law and computer science can work together to improve the information society.

Chris Marsden==

Defining American greatness: IBM from Watson to Trump.

Thomas Haigh==

Technology and the failure of the university.

Henry C. Lucas Jr.==

Ask not what your postdoc can do for you ...

Chitta Baral==Shih-Fu Chang==Brian Curless==Partha Dasgupta==Julia Hirschberg==Anita Jones==

Network applications are interactive.

Antony Alappatt==

Abstracting the geniuses away from failure testing.

Peter Alvaro==Severine Tymon==

Cache me if you can.

Jacob Loveless==

Popularity spikes hurt future chances for viral propagation of protomemes.

Michele Coscia==

Decentralized blockchain-based electronic marketplaces.

Hemang Subramanian==

Information hiding: Challenges for forensic experts.

Wojciech Mazurczyk==Steffen Wendzel==

Technical perspective: Moving spectrum.

David C. Parkes==

Deep optimization for spectrum repacking.

Neil Newman==Alexandre Fréchette==Kevin Leyton-Brown==

Technical perspective: Can high performance be portable?

Manuel Chakravarty==

Halide: decoupling algorithms from schedules for high-performance image processing.

Jonathan Ragan-Kelley==Andrew Adams==Dillon Sharlet==Connelly Barnes==Sylvain Paris==Marc Levoy==Saman P. Amarasinghe==Frédo Durand==

Polychromatic choreography.

Dennis E. Shasha==

ACM code of ethics: a guide for positive action.

Don Gotterbarn==Amy Bruckman==Catherine Flick==Keith W. Miller==Marty J. Wolf==