ejis - Volume 20

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  • 关注的研究方向 计算机科学,信息科学
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ejis - Volume 20 - Number 6 - November 2011
Quality changes.

Ray J. Paul==

Development of an IS change reason-IS change type combinations matrix.

Katharina Krell==Sabine Matook==Fiona Rohde==

A review and analysis of deterrence theory in the IS security literature: making sense of the disparate findings.

John D'Arcy==Tejaswini Herath==

Does ethical ideology affect software piracy attitude and behaviour? An empirical investigation of computer users in China.

Ricky Y. K. Chan==Jennifer W. M. Lai==

Building contextual ambidexterity in a software company to improve firm-level coordination.

Nannette P. Napier==Lars Mathiassen==Daniel Robey==

Moderating a discourse on the moderating effects in the study of top management support.

Joe Nandhakumar==Richard Baskerville==

Assessing moderating effect in meta-analysis: a re-analysis of top management support studies and suggestions for researchers.

Mark I. Hwang==Frank L. Schmidt==

Top management support and IS implementation: further support for the moderating role of task interdependence.

Rajeev Sharma==Philip Yetton==

Coping with rapid information technology change in different national cultures.

Xiang Fang==John Benamati==Albert L. Lederer==

ejis - Volume 20 - Number 5 - September 2011
Towards a greater diversity in writing styles, argumentative strategies and genre of manuscripts.

Frantz Rowe==

Inter-organizational information systems adoption - a configuration analysis approach.

Kalle Lyytinen==Jan Damsgaard==

Decision support or support for situated choice: lessons for system design from effective manual systems.

Reeva M. Lederman==Robert B. Johnston==

Managing e-Government system implementation: a resource enactment perspective.

Calvin Meng Lai Chan==Ray Hackney==Shan Ling Pan==Tzu-Chuan Chou==

Is traditional, open-source, or on-demand first choice? Developing an AHP-based framework for the comparison of different software models in office suites selection.

Alexander Benlian==

Coping with rapid information technology change in different national cultures.

Xiang Fang==John Benamati==Albert L. Lederer==

Illusions of control and social domination strategies in knowledge mapping system use.

Aurelie Dudezert==Dorothy E. Leidner==

Opening the black box of system usage: user adaptation to disruptive IT.

Christophe M. Elie-Dit-Cosaque==Detmar W. Straub==

Investigating the reliability of second-order formative measurement in information systems research.

Bongsik Shin==Gimun Kim==

ejis - Volume 20 - Number 4 - July 2011
Information design.

Richard Baskerville==

Focus groups and critical social IS research: how the choice of method can promote emancipation of respondents and researchers.

Bernd Carsten Stahl==Monica Chiarini Tremblay==Cynthia LeRouge==

An historically grounded critical analysis of research articles in IS.

François-Xavier de Vaujany==Isabelle Walsh==Nathalie N. Mitev==

Special issue on the Kleinian approach to information system research - foreword.

Rudy Hirschheim==Kalle Lyytinen==Michael D. Myers==

The scholarly influence of Heinz Klein: ideational and social measures of his impact on IS research and IS scholars.

Duane P. Truex==Michael J. Cuellar==Hirotoshi Takeda==Richard T. Vidgen==

Doing critical information systems research - arguments for a critical research methodology.

Dubravka Cecez-Kecmanovic==

Is information systems a discipline? Foucauldian and Toulminian insights.

Nik Rushdi Hassan==

Enabling a Kleinian integration of interpretivist and socio-critical IS research: the contribution of Dooyeweerd's philosophy.

Andrew Basden==

ejis - Volume 20 - Number 3 - May 2011
Individual information systems as a research arena.

Richard Baskerville==

Us and them: a social capital perspective on the relationship between the business and IT departments.

Bart van den Hooff==Maarten de Winter==

The influence of the informal social learning environment on information privacy policy compliance efficacy and intention.

Merrill Warkentin==Allen C. Johnston==Jordan Shropshire==

Scalable growth in IT-enabled service provisioning: a sensemaking perspective.

Mark O. Lewis==Lars Mathiassen==Arun Rai==

Guest Editorial.

Ahmad Ghoneim==Zahir Irani==Sofiane Sahraoui==

The digital divide and t-government in the United States: using the technology acceptance model to understand usage.

Janice C. Sipior==Burke T. Ward==Regina Connolly==

Priorities, policies and practice of e-government in a developing country context: ICT infrastructure and diffusion in Jamaica.

David H. Brown==Sheryl Thompson==

Online tax payment systems as an emergent aspect of governmental transformation.

Thomas F. Stafford==Aykut Hamit Turan==

Open innovation and public administration: transformational typologies and business model impacts.

Joseph Feller==Patrick Finnegan==Olof Nilsson==

ejis - Volume 20 - Number 2 - March 2011
'Hey professor, why are you teaching this class?' Reflections on the relevance of IS research for undergraduate students.

Elizabeth J. Davidson==

Exploring the impact of instant messaging on subjective task complexity and user satisfaction.

Han Li==Ashish Gupta==Xin (Robert) Luo==Merrill Warkentin==

A new perspective on de-individuation via computer-mediated communication.

Russell Haines==Joan Ellen Cheney Mann==

Outcomes and success factors of enterprise IT architecture management: empirical insight from the international financial services industry.

Christian Schmidt==Peter Buxmann==

From transactional user to VIP: how organizational and cognitive factors affect ERP assimilation at individual level.

Luning Liu==Yuqiang Feng==Qing Hu==Xiaojian Huang==

A framework for stakeholder oriented mindfulness: case of RFID implementation at YCH Group, Singapore.

Thompson S. H. Teo==Shirish C. Srivastava==Chandrasekaran Ranganathan==James W. K. Loo==

Satisfaction with employee relationship management systems: the impact of usefulness on systems quality perceptions.

Yang Yang==Thomas F. Stafford==Mark L. Gillenson==

A theory-grounded framework of Open Source Software adoption in SMEs.

Robert D. Macredie==Kabiru Mijinyawa==

ejis - Volume 20 - Number 1 - January 2011
The inflation of academic intellectual capital: the case for design science research in Europe.

Iris A. Junglas==Björn Niehaves==Sarah Spiekermann==Bernd Carsten Stahl==Tim Weitzel==Robert Winter==Richard Baskerville==

Memorandum on design-oriented information systems research.

Hubert Österle==Jörg Becker==Ulrich Frank==Thomas Hess==Dimitris Karagiannis==Helmut Krcmar==Peter Loos==Peter Mertens==Andreas Oberweis==Elmar J. Sinz==

A response to the design-oriented information systems research memorandum.

Richard Baskerville==Kalle Lyytinen==Vallabh Sambamurthy==Detmar W. Straub==

How do IT capabilities create strategic value? Toward greater integration of insights from reductionistic and holistic approaches.

Lior Fink==

Requirements engineering blinders: exploring information systems developers' black-boxing of the emergent character of requirements.

Jonny Holmström==Steven Sawyer==

Alignment within the corporate IT unit: an analysis of software testing and development.

Colin Gabriel Onita==Jasbir Singh Dhaliwal==

Usage and impact of technology enabled job learning.

Gholamreza Torkzadeh==Jerry Cha-Jan Chang==Andrew M. Hardin==

IT professional identity: needs, perceptions, and belonging.

Nita Brooks==Cynthia K. Riemenschneider==Bill C. Hardgrave==Anne O'Leary-Kelly==

Information system personnel career anchor changes leading to career changes.

Christina Ling-Hsing Chang==Victor Chen==Gary Klein==James J. Jiang==

How website socialness leads to website use.

Robin L. Wakefield==Kirk L. Wakefield==Julie Baker==Liz C. Wang==