fgcs - Volume 76

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fgcs - Volume 76 - - November 2017
A hybrid evolutionary algorithm for task scheduling and data assignment of data-intensive scientific workflows on clouds.

Luan Teylo==Ubiratam de Paula Junior==Yuri Frota==Daniel de Oliveira==Lúcia Maria de A. Drummond==

Efficient yet robust biometric iris matching on smart cards for data high security and privacy.

Nadia Nedjah==Rafael Soares Wyant==Luiza de Macedo Mourelle==B. B. Gupta==

Soft sets based symbiotic organisms search algorithm for resource discovery in cloud computing environment.

Absalom E. Ezugwu==Aderemi Oluyinka Adewumi==

Wireless visual sensor networks for smart city applications: A relevance-based approach for multiple sinks mobility.

João Paulo Just Peixoto==Daniel G. Costa==

A game theory-based dynamic resource allocation strategy in Geo-distributed Datacenter Clouds.

Xiaoqun Yuan==Geyong Min==Laurence T. Yang==Yi Ding==Qing Fang==

Self-regulating supply-demand systems.

Evangelos Pournaras==Mark Yao==Dirk Helbing==

Forward Observer system for radar data workflows: Big data management in the field.

Richard Knepper==Matthew Standish==

GSR: Geographic Secured Routing using SHA-3 algorithm for node and message authentication in wireless sensor networks.

B. Prathusha Laxmi==A. Chilambuchelvan==

An edge-based platform for dynamic Smart City applications.

Franco Cicirelli==Antonio Guerrieri==Giandomenico Spezzano==Andrea Vinci==

Dynamic service selection with QoS constraints and inter-service correlations using cooperative coevolution.

Helan Liang==Yanhua Du==

Remote data possession checking with privacy-preserving authenticators for cloud storage.

Wenting Shen==Guangyang Yang==Jia Yu==Hanlin Zhang==Fanyu Kong==Rong Hao==

Secure authentication in motion: A novel online payment framework for drive-thru Internet.

Jun Song==Fan Yang==Lizhe Wang==

Smart City and IoT.

Tai-Hoon Kim==Carlos Ramos==Sabah Mohammed==

Studying real traffic and mobility scenarios for a Smart City using a new monitoring and tracking system.

Antonio Fernández-Ares==Antonio Mora García==Maribel García Arenas==Pablo García-Sánchez==Gustavo Romero==Víctor Manuel Rivas Santos==Pedro A. Castillo==Juan Julián Merelo Guervós==

Semantic service provisioning for smart objects: Integrating IoT applications into the web.

Son N. Han==Noël Crespi==

Business model analysis of public services operating in the smart city ecosystem: The case of SmartSantander.

Raimundo Díaz-Díaz==Luis Muñoz==Daniel Perez González==

Smart vending machines in the era of internet of things.

Antonio Solano==Natividad Duro==Raquel Dormido==P. González==

Deployment of an open sensorized platform in a smart city context.

Sergio Trilles==Andrea Calia==Óscar Belmonte==Joaquín Torres-Sospedra==Raúl Montoliu==Joaquín Huerta==

Citizen-centric data services for smarter cities.

Unai Aguilera==Oscar Peña==Oscar Belmonte==Diego López-de-Ipiña==

Using Augmented Reality and Internet of Things to improve accessibility of people with motor disabilities in the context of Smart Cities.

Zulqarnain Rashid==Joan Melià-Seguí==Rafael Pous==Enric Peig==

Adaptive and context-aware service composition for IoT-based smart cities.

Aitor Urbieta==Alejandra González Beltrán==Sonia Ben Mokhtar==M. Anwar Hossain==Licia Capra==

IoFClime: The fuzzy logic and the Internet of Things to control indoor temperature regarding the outdoor ambient conditions.

Daniel Meana-Llorián==Cristian González García==B. Cristina Pelayo García-Bustelo==Juan Manuel Cueva Lovelle==Néstor García-Fernández==

Efficient certificateless access control for industrial Internet of Things.

Fagen Li==Jiaojiao Hong==Anyembe Andrew Omala==

Pareto optimization for the two-agent scheduling problems with linear non-increasing deterioration based on Internet of Things.

Long Wan==Lijun Wei==Naixue Xiong==Jinjiang Yuan==Jiacai Xiong==

Midgar: Detection of people through computer vision in the Internet of Things scenarios to improve the security in Smart Cities, Smart Towns, and Smart Homes.

Cristian González García==Daniel Meana-Llorián==B. Cristina Pelayo García-Bustelo==Juan Manuel Cueva Lovelle==Néstor García-Fernández==

A novel communication system approach for a Smart City based on the human nervous system.

Noelia Uribe-Pérez==Carles Pous==

Contributing to appliances' energy efficiency with Internet of Things, smart data and user engagement.

Anna Fensel==Dana Kathrin Tomic==Andreas Koller==

A message efficient intersection control algorithm for intelligent transportation in smart cities.

Wei Ni==Weigang Wu==Keqin Li==

Design and implementation of the secure compiler and virtual machine for developing secure IoT services.

YangSun Lee==Junho Jeong==YunSik Son==

Major requirements for building Smart Homes in Smart Cities based on Internet of Things technologies.

Terence K. L. Hui==R. Simon Sherratt==Daniel Díaz Sánchez==

Distributed proxy cache technology based on autonomic computing in smart cities.

Hui He==Lijie Cui==Fenglan Zhou==Dong Wang==

Tag localization in a two-dimensional RFID tag matrix.

Yunsik Son==MyoungHwan Joung==Yong Wook Lee==Oh-Heum Kwon==Ha-Joo Song==

Knowledge-infused and consistent Complex Event Processing over real-time and persistent streams.

Qunzhi Zhou==Yogesh Simmhan==Viktor K. Prasanna==

Case of ARM emulation optimization for offloading mechanisms in Mobile Cloud Computing.

Junaid Shuja==Abdullah Gani==Anjum Naveed==Ejaz Ahmed==Ching-Hsien Hsu==

A PRNU-based counter-forensic method to manipulate smartphone image source identification techniques.

Luis Javier García-Villalba==Ana Lucila Sandoval Orozco==Jocelin Rosales Corripio==Julio Hernandez-Castro==

Network-aware virtual machine migration in an overcommitted cloud.

Weizhe Zhang==Shuo Han==Hui He==Huixiang Chen==

Indoor mobile object tracking using RFID.

Soonuk Seol==Eun-Kyu Lee==Wooseong Kim==

Particle swarm optimization based clustering algorithm with mobile sink for WSNs.

Jin Wang==Yiquan Cao==Bin Li==Hye-Jin Kim==Sungyoung Lee==

A semi-supervised social relationships inferred model based on mobile phone data.

Chen Yu==Namin Wang==Laurence T. Yang==Dezhong Yao==Ching-Hsien Hsu==Hai Jin==

Simulation framework of ubiquitous network environments for designing diverse network robots.

Seoungjae Cho==Simon Fong==Yong Woon Park==Kyungeun Cho==

Advanced Payload Analyzer Preprocessor.

L. Javier García-Villalba==Ana Lucila Sandoval Orozco==Jorge Maestre Vidal==

An adaptive meta-heuristic search for the internet of things.

Mohammad Ebrahimi==Elaheh ShafieiBavani==Raymond K. Wong==Simon Fong==Jinan Fiaidhi==

A note on exploration of IoT generated big data using semantics.

Rajiv Ranjan==Dhavalkumar Thakker==Armin Haller==Rajkumar Buyya==

Associative retrieval in spatial big data based on spreading activation with semantic ontology.

Shengtao Sun==Weijing Song==Albert Y. Zomaya==Yang Xiang==Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo==Tejal Shah==Lizhe Wang==

An optimized approach for massive web page classification using entity similarity based on semantic network.

Huakang Li==Zheng Xu==Tao Li==Guozi Sun==Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo==

Object detection among multimedia big data in the compressive measurement domain under mobile distributed architecture.

Jie Guo==Bin Song==Fei Richard Yu==Zheng Yan==Laurence T. Yang==

Ontology-based data semantic management and application in IoT- and cloud-enabled smart homes.

Ming Tao==Kaoru Ota==Mianxiong Dong==

Privacy preserving Internet of Things: From privacy techniques to a blueprint architecture and efficient implementation.

Prem Prakash Jayaraman==Xuechao Yang==Ali Yavari==Dimitrios Georgakopoulos==Xun Yi==

Deviation-based neighborhood model for context-aware QoS prediction of cloud and IoT services.

Hao Wu==Kun Yue==Ching-Hsien Hsu==Yiji Zhao==Binbin Zhang==Guoying Zhang==

Automated discovery and integration of semantic urban data streams: The ACEIS middleware.

Feng Gao==Muhammad Intizar Ali==Edward Curry==Alessandra Mileo==

A game-theoretic model and analysis of data exchange protocols for Internet of Things in clouds.

Xiuting Tao==Guoqiang Li==Daniel Sun==Hongming Cai==