fgcs - Volume 78

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fgcs - Volumes 78 - Part 1 - January 2018
ACROSS: A generic framework for attribute-based access control with distributed policies for virtual organizations.

Edelberto F. Silva==Débora Christina Muchaluat-Saade==Natalia Castro Fernandes==

QoS-guaranteed resource provisioning for cloud-based MapReduce in dynamical environments.

Xiaoyong Xu==Maolin Tang==Yu-Chu Tian==

DARS: A dynamic adaptive replica strategy under high load Cloud-P2P.

Sheng-Yao Su==Wenbin Yao==Xiaoyong Li==

Signature based trouble ticket classification.

Jian Xu==Hang Zhang==Wubai Zhou==Rouying He==Tao Li==

Kuaa: A unified framework for design, deployment, execution, and recommendation of machine learning experiments.

Rafael de Oliveira Werneck==Waldir R. de Almeida==Bernardo Vecchia Stein==Daniel V. Pazinato==Pedro Ribeiro Mendes Júnior==Otávio Augusto Bizetto Penatti==Anderson Rocha==Ricardo da Silva Torres==

A novel binary artificial bee colony algorithm for the set-union knapsack problem.

Yi-Chao He==Haoran Xie==Tak-Lam Wong==Xizhao Wang==

Cloud forward: From distributed to complete computing.

Dimosthenis Kyriazis==Keith G. Jeffery==

Greening cloud data centers in an economical way by energy trading with power grid.

Chonglin Gu==Longxiang Fan==Wenbin Wu==Hejiao Huang==Xiaohua Jia==

Enterprise applications cloud rightsizing through a joint benchmarking and optimization approach.

Athanasia Evangelinou==Michele Ciavotta==Danilo Ardagna==Aliki Kopaneli==George Kousiouris==Theodora A. Varvarigou==

CloudStore - towards scalability, elasticity, and efficiency benchmarking and analysis in Cloud computing.

Sebastian Lehrig==Richard Sanders==Gunnar Brataas==Mariano Cecowski==Simon Ivansek==Jure Polutnik==

A distributed modular platform for the development of cloud based applications.

George Fylaktopoulos==Michael Skolarikis==I. Papadopoulos==Georgios I. Goumas==Aristidis Sotiropoulos==Ilias Maglogiannis==

Managing cloud via Smart Cloud Engine and Knowledge Base.

Pierfrancesco Bellini==Ivan Bruno==Daniele Cenni==Paolo Nesi==

Reprint of "Towards a security-enhanced PaaS platform for multi-cloud applications".

Kyriakos Kritikos==Tom Kirkham==Bartosz Kryza==Philippe Massonet==

A lightweight plug-and-play elasticity service for self-organizing resource provisioning on parallel applications.

Rodrigo da Rosa Righi==Vinicius Facco Rodrigues==Gustavo Rostirolla==Cristiano André da Costa==Eduardo Roloff==Philippe Olivier Alexandre Navaux==

An autonomic resource provisioning approach for service-based cloud applications: A hybrid approach.

Mostafa Ghobaei-Arani==Sam Jabbehdari==Mohammad Ali Pourmina==

Research challenges in legal-rule and QoS-aware cloud service brokerage.

Emiliano Casalicchio==Valeria Cardellini==Gianluca Interino==Monica Palmirani==

Evaluating investments in portability and interoperability between software service platforms.

Netsanet Haile==Jörn Altmann==

HPS-HDS: High Performance Scheduling for Heterogeneous Distributed Systems.

Florin Pop==Alexandru Iosup==Radu Prodan==

Competitive analysis of fundamental scheduling algorithms on a fault-prone machine and the impact of resource augmentation.

Antonio Fernández Anta==Chryssis Georgiou==Dariusz R. Kowalski==Elli Zavou==

Dynamic energy-aware scheduling for parallel task-based application in cloud computing.

Fredy Juarez==Jorge Ejarque==Rosa M. Badia==

MigPF: Towards on self-organizing process rescheduling of Bulk-Synchronous Parallel applications.

Rodrigo da Rosa Righi==Roberto de Quadros Gomes==Vinicius Facco Rodrigues==Cristiano André da Costa==Antônio Marcos Alberti==Laércio Lima Pilla==Philippe Olivier Alexandre Navaux==

An intermediate data placement algorithm for load balancing in Spark computing environment.

Zhuo Tang==Xiangshen Zhang==Kenli Li==Keqin Li==

Design and implementation of energy-aware application-specific CPU frequency governors for the heterogeneous distributed computing systems.

Michal P. Karpowicz==Piotr Arabas==Ewa Niewiadomska-Szynkiewicz==

FIPIP: A novel fine-grained parallel partition based intra-frame prediction on heterogeneous many-core systems.

Wenbin Jiang==Min Long==Laurence T. Yang==Xiaobai Liu==Hai Jin==Alan L. Yuille==Ye Chi==

Optimized flexibility management enacting Data Centres participation in Smart Demand Response programs.

Tudor Cioara==Ionut Anghel==Massimo Bertoncini==Ioan Salomie==Diego Arnone==Marzia Mammina==Terpsichori Helen Velivassaki==Marcel Antal==

A coral-reefs and Game Theory-based approach for optimizing elastic cloud resource allocation.

Massimo Ficco==Christian Esposito==Francesco Palmieri==Aniello Castiglione==

pipsCloud: High performance cloud computing for remote sensing big data management and processing.

Lizhe Wang==Yan Ma==Jining Yan==Victor Chang==Albert Y. Zomaya==

Modular and generic IoT management on the cloud.

Konstantinos Douzis==Stelios Sotiriadis==Euripides G. M. Petrakis==Cristiana Amza==

A resource provisioning framework for bioinformatics applications in multi-cloud environments.

Izzet F. Senturk==Ponnuraman Balakrishnan==Anas Abu-Doleh==Kamer Kaya==Qutaibah M. Malluhi==Ümit V. Çatalyürek==

Achieving high performance and privacy-preserving query over encrypted multidimensional big metering data.

Rong Jiang==Rongxing Lu==Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo==

Reprint of "Multi-QoS constrained and Profit-aware scheduling approach for concurrent workflows on heterogeneous systems".

Hamid Arabnejad==Jorge G. Barbosa==

Recommender Systems for Large-Scale Social Networks: A review of challenges and solutions.

Magdalini Eirinaki==Jerry Gao==Iraklis Varlamis==Konstantinos Tserpes==

TCARS: Time- and Community-Aware Recommendation System.

Fatemeh Rezaeimehr==Parham Moradi==Sajad Ahmadian==Nooruldeen Nasih Qader==Mahdi Jalili==

Temporal people-to-people recommendation on social networks with sentiment-based matrix factorization.

Davide Feltoni Gurini==Fabio Gasparetti==Alessandro Micarelli==Giuseppe Sansonetti==

Query personalization using social network information and collaborative filtering techniques.

Dionisis Margaris==Costas Vassilakis==Panagiotis Georgiadis==

Recommend products with consideration of multi-category inter-purchase time and price.

Junpeng Guo==Zeng Gao==Na Liu==Yi Wu==

FLOWER: Fusing global and local associations towards personalized social recommendation.

Mingxin Gan==Rui Jiang==

DPM: A novel distributed large-scale social graph processing framework for link prediction algorithms.

Alejandro Corbellini==Daniela Godoy==Cristian Mateos==Silvia N. Schiaffino==Alejandro Zunino==

fgcs - Volumes 78 - Part 2 - January 2018
Exploring the relationship between architectures and management policies in the design of NUCA-based chip multicore systems.

Sandro Bartolini==Pierfrancesco Foglia==Cosimo Antonio Prete==

Scalable parallel simulation of dynamical processes on large stochastic Kronecker graphs.

Klavdiya Bochenina==Sergey Kesarev==Alexander Boukhanovsky==

An integrated information lifecycle management framework for exploiting social network data to identify dynamic large crowd concentration events in smart cities applications.

George Kousiouris==Adnan Akbar==Juan Sancho==Paula Ta-Shma==Alexandros Psychas==Dimosthenis Kyriazis==Theodora A. Varvarigou==

An SVM-based collaborative filtering approach for Top-N web services recommendation.

Lifang Ren==Wenjian Wang==

Internet of Things security and forensics: Challenges and opportunities.

Mauro Conti==Ali Dehghantanha==Katrin Franke==Steve Watson==

Privacy-preserving protocols for secure and reliable data aggregation in IoT-enabled Smart Metering systems.

Samet Tonyali==Kemal Akkaya==Nico Saputro==A. Selcuk Uluagac==Mehrdad Nojoumian==

Digital forensic intelligence: Data subsets and Open Source Intelligence (DFINT+OSINT): A timely and cohesive mix.

Darren Quick==Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo==

Proactive defense mechanisms for the software-defined Internet of Things with non-patchable vulnerabilities.

Mengmeng Ge==Jin B. Hong==Simon Yusuf Enoch==Dong Seong Kim==

Internet-of-Things and big data for smarter healthcare: From device to architecture, applications and analytics.

Farshad Firouzi==Amir M. Rahmani==Kunal Mankodiya==Mustafa Badaroglu==Geoff V. Merrett==P. Wong==Bahar Farahani==

Power transmission and workload balancing policies in eHealth mobile cloud computing scenarios.

Josué Pagán==Marina Zapater==José L. Ayala==

CUIDATS: An RFID-WSN hybrid monitoring system for smart health care environments.

Toni Adame==Albert Bel==Anna Carreras==Joan Melià-Seguí==Miquel Oliver==Rafael Pous==

Unobtrusive detection of body movements during sleep using Wi-Fi received signal strength with model adaptation technique.

Osamu Ammae==Joseph Korpela==Takuya Maekawa==

A reliable IoT system for Personal Healthcare Devices.

Min Woo Woo==JongWhi Lee==KeeHyun Park==

Exploiting smart e-Health gateways at the edge of healthcare Internet-of-Things: A fog computing approach.

Amir M. Rahmani==Tuan Nguyen Gia==Behailu Negash==Arman Anzanpour==Iman Azimi==Mingzhe Jiang==Pasi Liljeberg==

Towards fog-driven IoT eHealth: Promises and challenges of IoT in medicine and healthcare.

Bahar Farahani==Farshad Firouzi==Victor I. Chang==Mustafa Badaroglu==Nicholas Constant==Kunal Mankodiya==

A foggy research future: Advances and future opportunities in fog computing research.

Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo==Rongxing Lu==Liqun Chen==Xun Yi==

Mobile edge computing, Fog et al.: A survey and analysis of security threats and challenges.

Rodrigo Roman==Javier López==Masahiro Mambo==

A variant of password authenticated key exchange protocol.

Yuexin Zhang==Yang Xiang==Wei Wu==Abdulhameed Alelaiwi==

Anonymous and secure aggregation scheme in fog-based public cloud computing.

Huaqun Wang==Zhiwei Wang==Josep Domingo-Ferrer==

Ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryption against key-delegation abuse in fog computing.

Yinhao Jiang==Willy Susilo==Yi Mu==Fuchun Guo==

CCA-secure ABE with outsourced decryption for fog computing.

Cong Zuo==Jun Shao==Guiyi Wei==Mande Xie==Min Ji==

Privacy-preserving deduplication of encrypted data with dynamic ownership management in fog computing.

Dongyoung Koo==Junbeom Hur==

An efficient access control scheme with outsourcing capability and attribute update for fog computing.

Peng Zhang==Zehong Chen==Joseph K. Liu==Kaitai Liang==Hongwei Liu==

Towards leakage-resilient fine-grained access control in fog computing.

Zuoxia Yu==Man Ho Au==Qiuliang Xu==Rupeng Yang==Jinguang Han==

Verifiable searchable encryption with aggregate keys for data sharing system.

Zheli Liu==Tong Li==Ping Li==Chunfu Jia==Jin Li==

Privacy preserving cloud data auditing with efficient key update.

Yannan Li==Yong Yu==Bo Yang==Geyong Min==Huai Wu==

Position based cryptography with location privacy: A step for Fog Computing.

Rupeng Yang==Qiuliang Xu==Man Ho Au==Zuoxia Yu==Hao Wang==Lu Zhou==

Controlling and filtering users data in Intelligent Transportation System.

Catalin Gosman==Tudor Cornea==Ciprian Dobre==Florin Pop==Aniello Castiglione==

Secure intelligent traffic light control using fog computing.

Jian Liu==Jiangtao Li==Lei Zhang==Feifei Dai==Yuanfei Zhang==Xinyu Meng==Jian Shen==

Hybrid privacy-preserving clinical decision support system in fog-cloud computing.

Ximeng Liu==Robert H. Deng==Yang Yang==Ngoc Hieu Tran==Shangping Zhong==

Universal and secure object ownership transfer protocol for the Internet of Things.

Biplob R. Ray==Jemal H. Abawajy==Morshed U. Chowdhury==Abdulhameed Alelaiwi==

Bitcoin-based fair payments for outsourcing computations of fog devices.

Hui Huang==Xiaofeng Chen==Qianhong Wu==Xinyi Huang==Jian Shen==

Privacy-preserved big data analysis based on asymmetric imputation kernels and multiside similarities.

Bo-Wei Chen==Seungmin Rho==Laurence T. Yang==Yu Gu==

fgcs - Volumes 78 - Part 3 - January 2018
A remote attestation mechanism for the sensing layer nodes of the Internet of Things.

Bei Gong==Yu Zhang==Yubo Wang==

Holistic energy and failure aware workload scheduling in Cloud datacenters.

Xiang Li==Xiaohong Jiang==Peter Garraghan==Zhaohui Wu==

Theoretical and heuristic aspects of heterogeneous system scheduling with constraints on client's multiple I/O ports.

Waralak Chongdarakul==Peraphon Sophatsathit==Chidchanok Lursinsap==

An efficient load-balancing mechanism for heterogeneous range-queriable cloud storage.

Xun Shao==Masahiro Jibiki==Yuuichi Teranishi==Nozomu Nishinaga==

Internet of Things: Security and privacy in a connected world.

Jin Li==Qiben Yan==Victor I. Chang==

Modeling and inferring mobile phone users' negative emotion spreading in social networks.

Zhanwei Du==Yongjian Yang==Qing Cai==Chijun Zhang==Yuan Bai==

Computationally efficient privacy preserving anonymous mutual and batch authentication schemes for vehicular ad hoc networks.

Pandi Vijayakumar==Victor I. Chang==L. Jegatha Deborah==Balamurugan Balusamy==Shynu Gopalan Padinjappurathu==

A lightweight multi-layer authentication protocol for wireless body area networks.

Jian Shen==Shaohua Chang==Jun Shen==Qi Liu==Xingming Sun==

Secure integration of IoT and Cloud Computing.

Christos Stergiou==Kostas E. Psannis==Byung-Gyu Kim==Brij B. Gupta==

Selective disclosure and yoking-proof based privacy-preserving authentication scheme for cloud assisted wearable devices.

Hong Liu==Huansheng Ning==Yinliang Yue==Yueliang Wan==Laurence T. Yang==

Detecting Android malicious apps and categorizing benign apps with ensemble of classifiers.

Wei Wang==Yuanyuan Li==Xing Wang==Jiqiang Liu==Xiangliang Zhang==

Attribute-based multi-function verifiable computation.

Ying Wu==Muhua Liu==Rui Xue==Rui Zhang==

A light weight authentication protocol for IoT-enabled devices in distributed Cloud Computing environment.

Ruhul Amin==Neeraj Kumar==G. P. Biswas==Rahat Iqbal==Victor I. Chang==

Secure and fine-grained access control on e-healthcare records in mobile cloud computing.

Yi Liu==Yinghui Zhang==Jie Ling==Zhusong Liu==

Collaborative mobile jammer tracking in Multi-Hop Wireless Network.

Xianglin Wei==Tongxiang Wang==Chaogang Tang==Jianhua Fan==

Multi-layer cloud architectural model and ontology-based security service framework for IoT-based smart homes.

Ming Tao==Jinglong Zuo==Zhusong Liu==Aniello Castiglione==Francesco Palmieri==

Cloud storage services for file synchronization and sharing in science, education and research.

Jakub T. Moscicki==Luca Mascetti==

Giving wings to your data: A first experience of Personal Cloud interoperability.

Raúl Gracia Tinedo==Cristian Cotes==Edgar Zamora-Gómez==Genís Ortiz==Adrián Moreno-Martínez==Marc Sánchez Artigas==Pedro García López==Raquel Sánchez==Alberto Gómez==Anastasio Illana==

SWAN: A service for interactive analysis in the cloud.

Danilo Piparo==Enric Tejedor==Pere Mato==Luca Mascetti==Jakub T. Moscicki==Massimo Lamanna==

Integration of end-user Cloud storage for CMS analysis.

Hassen Riahi==Alberto Aimar==Alejandro Álvarez-Ayllón==Justas Balcas==Diego Ciangottini==José M. Hernández==Oliver Keeble==Nicolò Magini==Andrea Manzi==Luca Mascetti==Marco Mascheroni==Andres Jorge Tanasijczuk==Eric Wayne Vaandering==

Benchmarking and monitoring framework for interconnected file synchronization and sharing services.

Piotr Mrówczynski==Jakub T. Moscicki==Massimo Lamanna==Frederik Orellana==

EML: An I/O scheduling algorithm in large-scale-application environments.

Zhipeng Tan==Li Du==Dan Feng==Wei Zhou==