fgcs - Volume 80

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  • 关注的研究方向 计算机系统
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fgcs - Volume 80 - - March 2018
Partitioning big graph with respect to arbitrary proportions in a streaming manner.

Ke-Kun Hu==Guosun Zeng==Huo-wen Jiang==Wei Wang==

Single-pass based efficient erasable pattern mining using list data structure on dynamic incremental databases.

Gangin Lee==Unil Yun==

Forensic engineering for resolving ownership problem of reusable IP core generated during high level synthesis.

Anirban Sengupta==Deepak Kachave==

Loom: Complex large-scale visual insight for large hybrid IT infrastructure management.

James Brook==Félix Cuadrado==Eric Deliot==Julio Guijarro==Rycharde Hawkes==Marco A. B. F. G. Lotz==Romaric Pascal==Suksant Sae Lor==Luis M. Vaquero==Joan Varvenne==Lawrence Wilcock==

Information-centric framework for the Internet of Things (IoT): Traffic modeling & optimization.

Fadi Al-Turjman==

Privacy-based recommendation mechanism in mobile participatory sensing systems using crowdsourced users' preferences.

Rui Liu==Junbin Liang==Wenyu Gao==Ruiyun Yu==

Self-adaptive cloud monitoring with online anomaly detection.

Tao Wang==Jiwei Xu==Wenbo Zhang==Zeyu Gu==Hua Zhong==

Efficient finer-grained incremental processing with MapReduce for big data.

Liang Zhang==Yuanyuan Feng==Peiyi Shen==Guangming Zhu==Wei Wei==Juan Song==Syed Afaq Ali Shah==Mohammed Bennamoun==

Multimodal biometric Identity Based Encryption.

Neyire Deniz Sarier==

Matching federation identities, the eduGAIN and STORK approach.

Elena Torroglosa-García==Jordi Ortiz Murillo==Antonio F. Skarmeta==

Energy-aware and multi-resource overload probability constraint-based virtual machine dynamic consolidation method.

Zhihua Li==Chengyu Yan==Lei Yu==Xinrong Yu==

Performance comparison of intrusion detection systems and application of machine learning to Snort system.

Syed Ali Raza Shah==Biju Issac==

Pattern graph tracking-based stock price prediction using big data.

Seungwoo Jeon==Bonghee Hong==Victor Chang==

Programmable architecture based on Software Defined Network for Internet of Things: Connected Dominated Sets approach.

Djamila Bendouda==Abderrezak Rachedi==Hafid Haffaf==

A traceability chain algorithm for artificial neural networks using T-S fuzzy cognitive maps in blockchain.

Rui-Yang Chen==

Service-Oriented System Engineering.

Nik Bessis==Xiaojun Zhai==Stelios Sotiriadis==

Adaptive composition in dynamic service environments.

Lina Barakat==Simon Miles==Michael Luck==

S-InTime: A social cloud analytical service oriented system.

Francesco Piccialli==Paolo Benedusi==Flora Amato==

Speed control of mobile chargers serving wireless rechargeable networks.

Feiyu Chen==Zhiwei Zhao==Geyong Min==Weifeng Gao==Jinjun Chen==Hancong Duan==Po Yang==

BPMN 2.0: The state of support and implementation.

Matthias Geiger==Simon Harrer==Jörg Lenhard==Guido Wirtz==

MidSHM: A Middleware for WSN-based SHM Application using Service-Oriented Architecture.

Yuvraj Sahni==Jiannong Cao==Xuefeng Liu==

Eagle+: A fast incremental approach to automaton and table online updates for cloud services.

Jianxin Li==Hao Peng==Erica Yang==Chunming Hu==Shenghai Zhong==Lihong Wang==

Cloud-based scalable object detection and classification in video streams.

Muhammad Usman Yaseen==Ashiq Anjum==Omer F. Rana==Richard Hill==

Energy-aware composition for wireless sensor networks as a service.

Zhangbing Zhou==Deng Zhao==Lu Liu==Patrick C. K. Hung==

QoS-aware automatic syntactic service composition problem: Complexity and resolution.

Virginie Gabrel==Maude Manouvrier==Kamil Moreau==Cécile Murat==

InOt-RePCoN: Forecasting user behavioural trend in large-scale cloud environments.

John Panneerselvam==Lu Liu==Nick Antonopoulos==

A computational model to support in-network data analysis in federated ecosystems.

Ali Reza Zamani==Mengsong Zou==Javier Diaz Montes==Ioan Petri==Omer F. Rana==Manish Parashar==

Social collaborative service recommendation approach based on user's trust and domain-specific expertise.

Ahlem Kalaï==Corinne Amel Zayani==Ikram Amous==Wafa Abdelghani==Florence Sèdes==

Expert system for nutrition care process of older adults.

Tudor Cioara==Ionut Anghel==Ioan Salomie==Lina Barakat==Simon Miles==Dianne Reidlinger==Adel Taweel==Ciprian Dobre==Florin Pop==

Testing of transactional services in NoSQL key-value databases.

María Teresa González-Aparicio==Muhammad Younas==Javier Tuya==Rubén Casado==

A service-oriented framework for collating retail intelligence.

Mark Anderson==Joseph Bolton==

Reprint of "LBBSRT: An efficient SDN load balancing scheme based on server response time".

Hong Zhong==Yaming Fang==Jie Cui==

Security, privacy and trust of user-centric solutions.

Raja Naeem Akram==Hsiao-Hwa Chen==Javier López==Damien Sauveron==Laurence T. Yang==

Proactive user-centric secure data scheme using attribute-based semantic access controls for mobile clouds in financial industry.

Meikang Qiu==Keke Gai==Bhavani M. Thuraisingham==Lixin Tao==Hui Zhao==

Evaluation of transaction authentication methods for online banking.

Sven Kiljan==Harald P. E. Vranken==Marko C. J. D. van Eekelen==

Secure and anonymous decentralized Bitcoin mixing.

Jan Henrik Ziegeldorf==Roman Matzutt==Martin Henze==Fred Grossmann==Klaus Wehrle==

On the design and analysis of protocols for Personal Health Record storage on Personal Data Server devices.

Kirill Belyaev==Wuliang Sun==Indrakshi Ray==Indrajit Ray==

A robust and anonymous patient monitoring system using wireless medical sensor networks.

Ruhul Amin==SK Hafizul Islam==G. P. Biswas==Muhammad Khurram Khan==Neeraj Kumar==

Owner based malware discrimination.

Lansheng Han==Songsong Liu==Shuxia Han==Wenjing Jia==Jingwei Lei==

Risk analysis of Android applications: A user-centric solution.

Gianluca Dini==Fabio Martinelli==Ilaria Matteucci==Marinella Petrocchi==Andrea Saracino==Daniele Sgandurra==

Automatic security verification of mobile app configurations.

Gabriele Costa==Alessio Merlo==Luca Verderame==Alessandro Armando==

Reprint of "You can't touch this: Consumer-centric android application repackaging detection".

Iakovos Gurulian==Konstantinos Markantonakis==Lorenzo Cavallaro==Keith Mayes==

Your WiFi is leaking: What do your mobile apps gossip about you?

John S. Atkinson==John E. Mitchell==Miguel Rio==George Matich==

Time-based low emission zones preserving drivers' privacy.

Roger Jardí-Cedó==Macià Mut Puigserver==María Magdalena Payeras Capellà==Jordi Castellà-Roca==Alexandre Viejo==

XSACd - Cross-domain resource sharing & access control for smart environments.

Konstantinos Fysarakis==Othonas Soultatos==Charalampos Manifavas==Ioannis Papaefstathiou==Ioannis G. Askoxylakis==

AFT: Adaptive and fault tolerant peer-to-peer overlay - A user-centric solution for data sharing.

Andrei Poenaru==Roxana Istrate==Florin Pop==

Trusted mobile computing: An overview of existing solutions.

Mohamed Amine Bouazzouni==Emmanuel Conchon==Fabrice Peyrard==

A Sybil attack detection scheme for a forest wildfire monitoring application.

Mian Ahmad Jan==Priyadarsi Nanda==Xiangjian He==Ren Ping Liu==

HB+DB: Distance bounding meets human based authentication.

Elena Pagnin==Anjia Yang==Qiao Hu==Gerhard P. Hancke==Aikaterini Mitrokotsa==

Full integrity and freshness for cloud data.

Hao Jin==Ke Zhou==Hong Jiang==Dongliang Lei==Ronglei Wei==Chun-hua Li==

A novel face recognition algorithm via weighted kernel sparse representation.

Xingang Liu==Lingyun Lu==Zhixin Shen==Kaixuan Lu==