ijmi - Volume 119

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ijmi - Volume 119 - - November 2018
Information sources of self-care strategies for persons living with HIV.

Rebecca Schnall==Jianfang Liu==Sarah Iribarren==

Computerised decision support in physical activity interventions: A systematic literature review.

Andreas Triantafyllidis==Dimitris Filos==Jomme Claes==Roselien Buys==Véronique A. Cornelissen==Evangelia Kouidi==Ioanna Chouvarda==Nicos Maglaveras==

WhatsApp Use In The Evaluation of Hematuria.

Tarik Emre Sener==Salvatore Butticè==Bahadir Sahin==Christopher Netsch==Laurian Dragos==Rosa Pappalardo==Carlo Magno==

Combining spatial information and optimization for locating emergency medical service stations: A case study for Lower Austria.

Robert Fritze==Anita Graser==Markus Sinnl==

Electronic health record on the go: Device form factor and Fitts' law.

Frank A. Drews==Jonathan R. Zadra==Jeremy Gleed==

Electronic medical records as a replacement for prospective research data collection in postoperative pain and opioid response studies.

Todd Lingren==Senthilkumar Sadhasivam==Xue Zhang==Keith Marsolo==

Quantifying medical student clinical experiences via an ICD Code Logging App.

Fred Rawlins==Cameron Sumpter==Dean Sutphin==Harold R. Garner==

The state of knowledge on technologies and their use for fall detection: A scoping review.

N. Lapierre==Noelannah Neubauer==Antonio Miguel Cruz==Adriana Maria Rios Rincon==Lili Liu==Jacqueline Rousseau==

Population exacerbation incidence contains predictive information of acute exacerbations in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in telecare.

Thomas Kronborg==Lasse Mark==Simon Lebech Cichosz==Pernille Heyckendorff Lilholt==Ole K. Hejlesen==

Mapping the Dutch SNOMED CT subset to Omaha System, NANDA International and International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health.

R. A. M. M. Kieft==E. M. Vreeke==E. M. de Groot==H. I. de Graaf-Waar==C. H. van Gool==N. Koster==H. ten Napel==Anneke L. Francke==D. M. J. Delnoij==

Natural language processing of clinical notes for identification of critical limb ischemia.

Naveed Afzal==Vishnu Priya Mallipeddi==Sunghwan Sohn==Hongfang Liu==Rajeev Chaudhry==Christopher Scott==Iftikhar J. Kullo==Adelaide M. Arruda-Olson==

Prediction models to identify individuals at risk of metabolic syndrome who are unlikely to participate in a health intervention program.

Akihiro Shimoda==Daisuke Ichikawa==Hiroshi Oyama==

The influence of patient portals on users' decision making is insufficiently investigated: A systematic methodological review.

Paolo Fraccaro==Markel Vigo==Panagiotis Balatsoukas==Iain E. Buchan==Niels Peek==Sabine N. van der Veer==

Prevalence of computerized physician order entry systems-related medication prescription errors: A systematic review.

Virginie Korb-Savoldelli==Abdelali Boussadi==Pierre Durieux==Brigitte Sabatier==

Why hospitals adopt patient engagement functionalities at different speeds? A moderated trend analysis.

O. Elijah Asagbra==Darrell Burke==Huigang Liang==

Internet and social media use for antibiotic-related information seeking: Findings from a survey among adult population in Italy.

Rossella Zucco==Francesco Lavano==Rosa Anfosso==Aida Bianco==Claudia Pileggi==Maria Pavia==

Information extraction from Italian medical reports: An ontology-driven approach.

Natalia Viani==Cristiana Larizza==Valentina Tibollo==Carlo Napolitano==Silvia G. Priori==Riccardo Bellazzi==Lucia Sacchi==

Emergency information management needs and practices of older adults: A descriptive study.

Anne M. Turner==Katie Osterhage==Julie Loughran==Ian Painter==George Demiris==Andrea L. Hartzler==Elizabeth A. Phelan==

Predicting post-stroke activities of daily living through a machine learning-based approach on initiating rehabilitation.

Wan-Yin Lin==Chun-Hsien Chen==Yi-Ju Tseng==Yu-Ting Tsai==Ching-Yu Chang==Hsin-Yao Wang==Chih-Kuang Chen==

High-priority and low-priority drug-drug interactions in different international electronic health record systems: A comparative study.

Pieter Cornu==Shobha Phansalkar==Diane L. Seger==Insook Cho==Sarah K. Pontefract==Alexandra Robertson==David W. Bates==Sarah P. Slight==

Research on gender differences in online health communities.

Xuan Liu==Min Sun==Jia Li==

Comparison of consumers' perspectives on different health information exchange (HIE) mechanisms: an experimental study.

Pouyan Esmaeilzadeh==Tala Mirzaei==

Feasibility and usability of an ontology-based mobile intervention for patients with hypertension.

Tyler Wheeler==T. Michael Vallis==Nicholas B. Giacomantonio==Samina Raza Abidi==

Extraction of BI-RADS findings from breast ultrasound reports in Chinese using deep learning approaches.

Shumei Miao==Tingyu Xu==Yonghui Wu==Hui Xie==Jingqi Wang==Shenqi Jing==Yaoyun Zhang==Xiaoliang Zhang==Yinshuang Yang==Xin Zhang==Tao Shan==Li Wang==Hua Xu==Shui Wang==Yun Liu==

Identifying people at risk of developing type 2 diabetes: A comparison of predictive analytics techniques and predictor variables.

Amir Talaei-Khoei==James M. Wilson==

Detection of mental fatigue state with wearable ECG devices.

Shitong Huang==Jia Li==Pengzhu Zhang==Weiqiang Zhang==

Errors and causes of communication failures from hospital information systems to electronic health record: A record-review study.

Reza Khajouei==Reza Abbasi==Moghaddameh Mirzaee==

Novel use of REDCap to develop an advanced platform to display predictive analytics and track compliance with Enhanced Recovery After Surgery for pancreaticoduodenectomy.

Allyson R. Cochran==Kyle M. Raub==Keith J. Murphy==David A. Iannitti==Dionisios Vrochides==

A robotic system to prepare IV solutions.

Mehmet Suleyman Unluturk==Ozgur Tamer==Semih Utku==

Multi-trajectory modeling of home blood pressure telemonitoring utilization among hypertensive patients in China: A latent class growth analysis.

Ting Ye==Pei Zhang==Zhaolian Ouyang==Jiajuan Yang==Chengzhong Xu==Zijing Pan==Zhouzhi Wu==Liang Zhang==Boyang Li==

Early detection of Parkinson's disease through patient questionnaire and predictive modelling.

R. Prashanth==Sumantra Dutta Roy==

Anglicization of hospital information systems: Managing diversity alongside particularity.

Hajar Mozaffar==Robin Williams==Kathrin M. Cresswell==Aziz Sheikh==

Bring-your-own-device in medical schools and healthcare facilities: A review of the literature.

Khutsafalo Kadimo==Masego B. Kebaetse==Dineo Ketshogileng==Lovie Edwin Seru==Kagiso B. Sebina==Carrie L. Kovarik==Kutlo Balotlegi==

Connecting healthcare and clinical research: Workflow optimizations through seamless integration of EHR, pseudonymization services and EDC systems.

Philipp Bruland==Justin Doods==Tobias Brix==Martin Dugas==Michael Storck==

Kinematics of Big Biomedical Data to characterize temporal variability and seasonality of data repositories: Functional Data Analysis of data temporal evolution over non-parametric statistical manifolds.

Carlos Sáez==Juan Miguel García-Gómez==

A dynamic model for predicting graft function in kidney recipients' upcoming follow up visits: A clinical application of artificial neural network.

Parviz Rashidi Khazaee==Jamshid Bagherzadeh==Zahra Niazkhani==Habibollah Pirnejad==

A deep hybrid model to detect multi-locus interacting SNPs in the presence of noise.

Suneetha Uppu==Aneesh Krishna==