isr - Volume 21

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isr - Volume 21 - Number 4 - December 2010
Editorial Notes.

Vallabh Sambamurthy==

The Early Years of ISR: Recollections of the Editors.

E. Burton Swanson==John Leslie King==Izak Benbasat==Chris F. Kemerer==

Research Commentary - Platform Evolution: Coevolution of Platform Architecture, Governance, and Environmental Dynamics.

Amrit Tiwana==Benn R. Konsynski==Ashley A. Bush==

Research Commentary - Designing Smart Markets.

Martin Bichler==Alok Gupta==Wolfgang Ketter==

Research Commentary - The Design, Use, and Consequences of Virtual Processes.

Eric Overby==Sandra Slaughter==Benn R. Konsynski==

Research Commentary - Digital Natives and Ubiquitous Information Systems.

Shahper Vodanovich==David Sundaram==Michael D. Myers==

Research Commentary - The New Organizing Logic of Digital Innovation: An Agenda for Information Systems Research.

Youngjin Yoo==Ola Henfridsson==Kalle Lyytinen==

Research Commentary - Long Tails vs. Superstars: The Effect of Information Technology on Product Variety and Sales Concentration Patterns.

Erik Brynjolfsson==Yu (Jeffrey) Hu==Michael D. Smith==

Research Commentary - Digital Infrastructures: The Missing IS Research Agenda.

David Tilson==Kalle Lyytinen==Carsten Sørensen==

Research Commentary - Sponsored Search and Market Efficiency.

Vasant Dhar==Anindya Ghose==

Research Commentary-Vigilant Interaction in Knowledge Collaboration: Challenges of Online User Participation Under Ambivalence.

Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa==Ann Majchrzak==

Research Commentary - Cooperation, Coordination, and Governance in Multisourcing: An Agenda for Analytical and Empirical Research.

Ravi Bapna==Anitesh Barua==Deepa Mani==Amit Mehra==

Research Commentary - The Digital Transformation of Healthcare: Current Status and the Road Ahead.

Ritu Agarwal==Guodong (Gordon) Gao==Catherine M. DesRoches==Ashish K. Jha==

Research Commentary - Virtual Worlds: A Performative Perspective on Globally Distributed, Immersive Work.

Ulrike Schultze==Wanda J. Orlikowski==

Research Commentary - Reframing the Dominant Quests of Information Systems Strategy Research for Complex Adaptive Business Systems.

Hüseyin Tanriverdi==Arun Rai==N. Venkatraman==

Research Commentary - Seeking the Configurations of Digital Ecodynamics: It Takes Three to Tango.

Omar El Sawy==Arvind Malhotra==YoungKi Park==Paul A. Pavlou==

Alliances, Rivalry, and Firm Performance in Enterprise Systems Software Markets: A Social Network Approach.

Ramnath K. Chellappa==Nilesh Saraf==

Let's Shop Online Together: An Empirical Investigation of Collaborative Online Shopping Support.

Lei Zhu==Izak Benbasat==Zhenhui Jiang==

The Interaction Between Knowledge Codification and Knowledge-Sharing Networks.

De Liu==Gautam Ray==Andrew B. Whinston==

Understanding Willingness-to-Pay Formation of Repeat Bidders in Sequential Online Auctions.

Paulo B. Góes==Gilbert G. Karuga==Arvind K. Tripathi==

Complementarities in the Diffusion of Personal Computers and the Internet: Implications for the Global Digital Divide.

Sanjeev Dewan==Dale Ganley==Kenneth L. Kraemer==

Research Note - Applying the Randomized Response Technique to Elicit Truthful Responses to Sensitive Questions in IS Research: The Case of Software Piracy Behavior.

Samuel Shu Kin Kwan==Mike K. P. So==Kar Yan Tam==

Research Note - The Role of Organizational Controls and Boundary Spanning in Software Development Outsourcing: Implications for Project Performance.

Anandasivam Gopal==Sanjay Gosain==

Research Note - Mapping the Field of Virtual Work: A Cocitation Analysis.

Sumita Raghuram==Philipp Tuertscher==Raghu Garud==

isr - Volume 21 - Number 3 - September 2010
Editorial Commentary - Digital Systems and Competition.

Walter J. Ferrier==Clyde W. Holsapple==Rajiv Sabherwal==

Balancing IT with the Human Touch: Optimal Investment in IT-Based Customer Service.

Sulin Ba==Jan Stallaert==Zhongju Zhang==

The "Third Hand": IT-Enabled Competitive Advantage in Turbulence Through Improvisational Capabilities.

Paul A. Pavlou==Omar El Sawy==

Changing the Competitive Landscape: Continuous Innovation Through IT-Enabled Knowledge Capabilities.

Kshiti D. Joshi==Lei Chi==Avimanyu Datta==Shu Han==

Managerial Interpretations of the Role of Information Systems in Competitive Actions and Firm Performance: A Grounded Theory Investigation.

Sandra A. Vannoy==A. F. Salam==

Leveraging IT Capabilities and Competitive Process Capabilities for the Management of Interorganizational Relationship Portfolios.

Arun Rai==Xinlin Tang==

Information Technology, Network Structure, and Competitive Action.

Lei Chi==T. Ravichandran==Goce Andrevski==

A Network Perspective of Digital Competition in Online Advertising Industries: A Simulation-Based Approach.

Ray M. Chang==Wonseok Oh==Alain Pinsonneault==Dowan Kwon==

Competitive Actions and Dynamics in the Digital Age: An Empirical Investigation of Social Networking Firms.

Devi R. Gnyawali==Weiguo Fan==James Penner==

Competing in Crowded Markets: Multimarket Contact and the Nature of Competition in the Enterprise Systems Software Industry.

Ramnath K. Chellappa==Vallabh Sambamurthy==Nilesh Saraf==

Why Do Software Firms Fail? Capabilities, Competitive Actions, and Firm Survival in the Software Industry from 1995 to 2007.

Shanling Li==Jennifer Shang==Sandra Slaughter==

isr - Volume 21 - Number 2 - June 2010
Research Commentary - Information Transparency in Business-to-Consumer Markets: Concepts, Framework, and Research Agenda.

Nelson F. Granados==Alok Gupta==Robert J. Kauffman==

Resource Allocation Policies for Personalization in Content Delivery Sites.

Dengpan Liu==Sumit Sarkar==Chelliah Sriskandarajah==

Technological Frames, Organizational Capabilities, and IT Use: An Empirical Investigation of Electronic Procurement.

Abhay Nath Mishra==Ritu Agarwal==

Diffusion Models for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Media Distribution: On the Impact of Decentralized, Constrained Supply.

Kartik Hosanagar==Peng Han==Yong Tan==

Complementarities Between Organizational IT Architecture and Governance Structure.

Amrit Tiwana==Benn R. Konsynski==

Assessing Screening and Evaluation Decision Support Systems: A Resource-Matching Approach.

Chuan-Hoo Tan==Hock-Hai Teo==Izak Benbasat==

Visualization of Network Concepts: The Impact of Working Memory Capacity Differences.

Bin Zhu==Stephanie Watts==

Predicting Web Page Status.

Gautam Pant==Padmini Srinivasan==

Research Note - Toward a Causal Interpretation from Observational Data: A New Bayesian Networks Method for Structural Models with Latent Variables.

Zhiqiang (Eric) Zheng==Paul A. Pavlou==

Research Note - Does Technological Progress Alter the Nature of Information Technology as a Production Input? New Evidence and New Results.

Paul Chwelos==Ronald Ramirez==Kenneth L. Kraemer==Nigel Melville==

isr - Volume 21 - Number 1 - March 2010
Issues and Opinions - IT Careers Camp: An Early Intervention Strategy to Increase IS Enrollments.

Vivek Choudhury==Alexandre B. Lopes==Doug Arthur==

On Evaluating Information Revelation Policies in Procurement Auctions: A Markov Decision Process Approach.

Amy Greenwald==Karthik Kannan==Ramayya Krishnan==

Contractual Provisions to Mitigate Holdup: Evidence from Information Technology Outsourcing.

Anjana Susarla==Ramanath Subramanyam==Prasanna P. Karhade==

Is Query Reuse Potentially Harmful? Anchoring and Adjustment in Adapting Existing Database Queries.

Gove Allen==Jeffrey Parsons==

Use of Pricing Schemes for Differentiating Information Goods.

Vidyanand Choudhary==

Design and Analysis of Contracts for Software Outsourcing.

Debabrata Dey==Ming Fan==Conglei Zhang==

An Empirical Analysis of Software Vendors' Patch Release Behavior: Impact of Vulnerability Disclosure.

Ashish Arora==Ramayya Krishnan==Rahul Telang==Yubao Yang==

Ex Ante Information and the Design of Keyword Auctions.

De Liu==Jianqing Chen==Andrew B. Whinston==

Electronic Markets, Search Costs, and Firm Boundaries.

Ramesh Sankaranarayanan==Arun Sundararajan==

Induction over Strategic Agents.

Fidan Boylu==Haldun Aytug==Gary J. Koehler==

Research Note - Quality Uncertainty and the Performance of Online Sponsored Search Markets: An Empirical Investigation.

Animesh Animesh==Vandana Ramachandran==Siva Viswanathan==