isr - Volume 23

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isr - Volume 23 - Number 3-2 - September 2012
Information, Technology, and Information Worker Productivity.

Sinan Aral==Erik Brynjolfsson==Marshall W. van Alstyne==

The Impact of IT-Related Spillovers on Long-Run Productivity: An Empirical Analysis.

Young Bong Chang==Vijay Gurbaxani==

The Learning Curve of IT Knowledge Workers in a Computing Call Center.

Youngsoo Kim==Ramayya Krishnan==Linda Argote==

Advertising Strategies in Electronic Retailing: A Differential Games Approach.

Dengpan Liu==Subodha Kumar==Vijay S. Mookerjee==

Institutional Influences on Information Systems Security Innovations.

Carol Hsu==Jae-Nam Lee==Detmar W. Straub==

The Boundaries of Trust and Risk: The Quadratic Moderating Role of Institutional Structures.

David Gefen==Paul A. Pavlou==

Content Provision Strategies in the Presence of Content Piracy.

Monica Johar==Nanda Kumar==Vijay S. Mookerjee==

Putting Money Where the Mouths Are: The Relation Between Venture Financing and Electronic Word-of-Mouth.

Rohit Aggarwal==Ram D. Gopal==Alok Gupta==Harpreet Singh==

The Cross-Purposes of Cross-Posting: Boundary Reshaping Behavior in Online Discussion Communities.

Brian S. Butler==Xiaoqing Wang==

Research Note - Using Real Options to Investigate the Market Value of Virtual World Businesses.

Sung-Byung Yang==Jee-Hae Lim==Wonseok Oh==Animesh Animesh==Alain Pinsonneault==

Research Note - Performance-Based Advertising: Advertising as Signals of Product Quality.

Juan Feng==Jinhong Xie==

Research Note - Do Electronic Linkages Reduce the Bullwhip Effect? An Empirical Analysis of the U.S. Manufacturing Supply Chains.

Yuliang Yao==Kevin Xiaoguo Zhu==

Research Note - Music Blogging, Online Sampling, and the Long Tail.

Sanjeev Dewan==Jui Ramaprasad==

Research Note - The Cost Impact of Spam Filters: Measuring the Effect of Information System Technologies in Organizations.

Marco Caliendo==Michel Clement==Dominik Papies==Sabine Scheel-Kopeinig==

isr - Volume 23 - Number 3-1 - September 2012
The Productivity of Information Technology Investments: New Evidence from IT Labor Data.

Prasanna Tambe==Lorin M. Hitt==

An Empirical Analysis of the Contractual and Information Structures of Business Process Outsourcing Relationships.

Deepa Mani==Anitesh Barua==Andrew B. Whinston==

Postrelease Testing and Software Release Policy for Enterprise-Level Systems.

Zhengrui Jiang==Sumit Sarkar==Varghese S. Jacob==

The Effects of Social Network Structure on Enterprise Systems Success: A Longitudinal Multilevel Analysis.

Sharath Sasidharan==Radhika Santhanam==Daniel J. Brass==Vallabh Sambamurthy==

What's in a "Name"? Impact of Use of Customer Information in E-Mail Advertisements.

Sunil Wattal==Rahul Telang==Tridas Mukhopadhyay==Peter Boatwright==

From Business Intelligence to Competitive Intelligence: Inferring Competitive Measures Using Augmented Site-Centric Data.

Zhiqiang (Eric) Zheng==Peter S. Fader==Balaji Padmanabhan==

Does the Web Reduce Customer Service Cost? Empirical Evidence from a Call Center.

Anuj Kumar==Rahul Telang==

Electronic Health Records Assimilation and Physician Identity Evolution: An Identity Theory Perspective.

Abhay Nath Mishra==Catherine L. Anderson==Corey M. Angst==Ritu Agarwal==

Design Principles of Integrated Information Platform for Emergency Responses: The Case of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Lili Yang==Guofeng Su==Hongyong Yuan==

Pricing Models for Online Advertising: CPM vs. CPC.

Kursad Asdemir==Nanda Kumar==Varghese S. Jacob==

A Computational Analysis of Bundle Trading Markets Design for Distributed Resource Allocation.

Zhiling Guo==Gary J. Koehler==Andrew B. Whinston==

isr - Volume 23 - Number 4 - December 2012
Editorial Notes.

Ritu Agarwal==

Research Commentary - Generalizability of Information Systems Research Using Student Subjects - A Reflection on Our Practices and Recommendations for Future Research.

Deborah Compeau==Barbara L. Marcolin==Helen Kelley==Christopher A. Higgins==

Advancing Public Trust Relationships in Electronic Government: The Singapore E-Filing Journey.

Eric Tze Kuan Lim==Chee-Wee Tan==Dianne Cyr==Shan Ling Pan==Bo Xiao==

Adoption and Impacts of Interorganizational Business Process Standards: Role of Partnering Synergy.

Viswanath Venkatesh==Hillol Bala==

Corporate IT Standardization: Product Compatibility, Exclusive Purchase Commitment, and Competition Effects.

Xinxin Li==Yuxin Chen==

Synergy and Its Limits in Managing Information Technology Professionals.

Thomas W. Ferratt==Jayesh Prasad==Harvey G. Enns==

User Satisfaction with Information Technology Service Delivery: A Social Capital Perspective.

Yongqiang Sun==Yulin Fang==Kai H. Lim==Detmar W. Straub==

Ushering Buyers into Electronic Channels: An Empirical Analysis.

Nishtha Langer==Chris Forman==Sunder Kekre==Baohong Sun==

What Motivates People to Purchase Digital Items on Virtual Community Websites? The Desire for Online Self-Presentation.

Hee-Woong Kim==Hock Chuan Chan==Atreyi Kankanhalli==

Two Worlds of Trust for Potential E-Commerce Users: Humans as Cognitive Misers.

Ben Q. Liu==Dale L. Goodhue==

Real-Time Tactical and Strategic Sales Management for Intelligent Agents Guided by Economic Regimes.

Wolfgang Ketter==John Collins==Maria L. Gini==Alok Gupta==Paul R. Schrater==

Effects of the Presence of Organic Listing in Search Advertising.

Lizhen Xu==Jianqing Chen==Andrew B. Whinston==

Network Neutrality and Congestion Sensitive Content Providers: Implications for Content Variety, Broadband Investment, and Regulation.

Jan Krämer==Lukas Wiewiorra==

Underlying Consumer Heterogeneity in Markets for Subscription-Based IT Services with Network Effects.

Marius F. Niculescu==Hyoduk Shin==Seungjin Whang==

Research Note - Effects of Individual Self-Protection, Industry Self-Regulation, and Government Regulation on Privacy Concerns: A Study of Location-Based Services.

Heng Xu==Hock-Hai Teo==Bernard C. Y. Tan==Ritu Agarwal==

Research Note - Analyzing Pricing Strategies for Online Services with Network Effects.

Min-Seok Pang==Hila Etzion==

isr - Volume 23 - Number 2 - June 2012
Are New IT-Enabled Investment Opportunities Diminishing for Firms?

Brian L. Dos Santos==Zhiqiang (Eric) Zheng==Vijay S. Mookerjee==Hongyu Chen==

Blog, Blogger, and the Firm: Can Negative Employee Posts Lead to Positive Outcomes?

Rohit Aggarwal==Ram D. Gopal==Ramesh Sankaranarayanan==Param Vir Singh==

Ambidexterity in Agile Distributed Development: An Empirical Investigation.

Balasubramaniam Ramesh==Kannan Mohan==Lan Cao==

Relative Industry Concentration and Customer-Driven IT Spillovers.

Zhuo (June) Cheng==Barrie R. Nault==

Cooperative Cashing? An Economic Analysis of Document Duplication in Cooperative Web Caching.

Kartik Hosanagar==Yong Tan==

Institutional Contradictions and Loose Coupling: Postimplementation of NASA's Enterprise Information System.

Nicholas Berente==Youngjin Yoo==

Modeling Supply-Side Dynamics of IT Components, Products, and Infrastructure: An Empirical Analysis Using Vector Autoregression.

Gediminas Adomavicius==Jesse Bockstedt==Alok Gupta==

Reputation and Uncertainty in Online Markets: An Experimental Study.

Sarah C. Rice==

Managing Data Quality Risk in Accounting Information Systems.

Xue Bai==Manuel A. Nunez==Jayant Kalagnanam==

Expectation Confirmation in Technology Use.

Susan A. Brown==Viswanath Venkatesh==Sandeep Goyal==

Optimal Software Free Trial Strategy: The Impact of Network Externalities and Consumer Uncertainty.

Hsing Kenneth Cheng==Yipeng Liu==

SOA Performance Enhancement Through XML Fragment Caching.

Anindya Datta==Kaushik Dutta==Qianhui Liang==Debra E. VanderMeer==

Research Note - Lock-In Strategy in Software Competition: Open-Source Software vs. Proprietary Software.

Kevin Xiaoguo Zhu==Zach Zhizhong Zhou==

Research Note - Generating Shareable Statistical Databases for Business Value: Multiple Imputation with Multimodal Perturbation.

Nigel Melville==Michael McQuaid==

Research Note - Online Price Dispersion: A Game-Theoretic Perspective and Empirical Evidence.

Sulin Ba==Jan Stallaert==Zhongju Zhang==

isr - Volume 23 - Number 1 - March 2012
Research Commentary - Moving Beyond the Single Site Implementation Study: How (and Why) We Should Study the Biography of Packaged Enterprise Solutions.

Robin Williams==Neil Pollock==

Social Networks and the Diffusion of User-Generated Content: Evidence from YouTube.

Anjana Susarla==Jeong-ha Oh==Yong Tan==

Information Technology and Intangible Output: The Impact of IT Investment on Innovation Productivity.

Landon Kleis==Paul Chwelos==Ronald Ramirez==Iain M. Cockburn==

Competitive Behavior-Based Price Discrimination for Software Upgrades.

Amit Mehra==Ram Bala==Ramesh Sankaranarayanan==

Effects of Information Revelation Policies Under Cost Uncertainty.

Karthik N. Kannan==

Switching Costs, Network Effects, and Competition in the European Mobile Telecommunications Industry.

Lucio Fuentelsaz==Juan Pablo Maicas==Yolanda Polo==

Modeling Spatial and Temporal Set-Based Constraints During Conceptual Database Design.

Faiz Currim==Sudha Ram==

IT Outsourcing Contracts and Performance Measurement.

David Fitoussi==Vijay Gurbaxani==

How Peripheral Developers Contribute to Open-Source Software Development.

Pankaj Setia==Balaji Rajagopalan==Vallabh Sambamurthy==Roger Calantone==

Online and Offline Demand and Price Elasticities: Evidence from the Air Travel Industry.

Nelson F. Granados==Alok Gupta==Robert J. Kauffman==

Research Note - The Impact of External Word-of-Mouth Sources on Retailer Sales of High-Involvement Products.

Bin Gu==JaeHong Park==Prabhudev Konana==

Research Note - Online Users' Switching Costs: Their Nature and Formation.

Soumya Ray==Sung S. Kim==James G. Morris==

Research Note - A Multilevel Analysis of the Effect of Group Appropriation on Collaborative Technologies Use and Performance.

Sora Kang==Kai H. Lim==Min Soo Kim==Hee-Dong Yang==

Research Note - The Halo Effect in Multicomponent Ratings and Its Implications for Recommender Systems: The Case of Yahoo! Movies.

Nachiketa Sahoo==Ramayya Krishnan==George T. Duncan==Jamie Callan==

Research Note - To Continue Sharing or Not to Continue Sharing? An Empirical Analysis of User Decision in Peer-to-Peer Sharing Networks.

Mu Xia==Yun Huang==Wenjing Duan==Andrew B. Whinston==

Research Note - Codiffusion of Wireless Voice and Data Services: An Empirical Analysis of the Japanese Mobile Telecommunications Market.

Marius F. Niculescu==Seungjin Whang==