isr - Volume 25

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isr - Volume 25 - Number 4 - December 2014
Editorial Notes.

Ritu Agarwal==

The IQ of the Crowd: Understanding and Improving Information Quality in Structured User-Generated Content.

Roman Lukyanenko==Jeffrey Parsons==Yolanda F. Wiersma==

Feeling Blue? Go Online: An Empirical Study of Social Support Among Patients.

Lu Lucy Yan==Yong Tan==

Effects of ICT Service Innovation and Complementary Strategies on Brand Equity and Customer Loyalty in a Consumer Technology Market.

Xin Xu==James Y. L. Thong==Viswanath Venkatesh==

Optimal Management of Digital Content on Tiered Infrastructure Platforms.

Anna Ye Du==Sanjukta Das==Ram D. Gopal==Ram Ramesh==

Lateral Coordination Mechanisms and the Moderating Role of Arrangement Characteristics in Information Systems Development Outsourcing.

S. Balaji==Carol V. Brown==

Research Note - Partial Least Squares and Models with Formatively Specified Endogenous Constructs: A Cautionary Note.

Miguel I. Aguirre-Urreta==George M. Marakas==

Editors' Preface.

Ritu Agarwal==Vijay S. Mookerjee==

Conflating Antecedents and Formative Indicators: A Comment on Aguirre-Urreta and Marakas.

Edward Rigdon==Jan-Michael Becker==Arun Rai==Christian M. Ringle==Adamantios Diamantopoulos==Elena Karahanna==Detmar W. Straub==Theo K. Dijkstra==

A Rejoinder to Rigdon et al. (2014).

Miguel I. Aguirre-Urreta==George M. Marakas==

Special Section Introduction - Information, Technology, and the Changing Nature of Work.

Chris Forman==John Leslie King==Kalle Lyytinen==

Social Media, Knowledge Sharing, and Innovation: Toward a Theory of Communication Visibility.

Paul M. Leonardi==

Patient Data as Medical Facts: Social Media Practices as a Foundation for Medical Knowledge Creation.

Jannis Kallinikos==Niccoló Tempini==

Infrastructuring Work: Building a State-Wide Hospital Information Infrastructure in India.

Margunn Aanestad==Bob Jolliffe==Arunima Mukherjee==Sundeep Sahay==

Efficacy of R&D Work in Offshore Captive Centers: An Empirical Study of Task Characteristics, Coordination Mechanisms, and Performance.

Deepa Mani==Kannan Srikanth==Anandhi Bharadwaj==

Doing Business with Strangers: Reputation in Online Service Marketplaces.

Antonio Moreno==Christian Terwiesch==

isr - Volume 25 - Number 3 - September 2014
Editorial - Big Data, Data Science, and Analytics: The Opportunity and Challenge for IS Research.

Ritu Agarwal==Vasant Dhar==

Research Commentary - Using Income Accounting as the Theoretical Basis for Measuring IT Productivity.

Dennis Kundisch==Neeraj Mittal==Barrie R. Nault==

Distinction and Status Production on User-Generated Content Platforms: Using Bourdieu's Theory of Cultural Production to Understand Social Dynamics in Online Fields.

Natalia Levina==Manuel Arriaga==

Cloud Implications on Software Network Structure and Security Risks.

Terrence August==Marius Florin Niculescu==Hyoduk Shin==

Online Gambling Behavior: The Impacts of Cumulative Outcomes, Recent Outcomes, and Prior Use.

Xiao Ma==Seung Hyun Kim==Sung S. Kim==

The Central Role of Engagement in Online Communities.

Soumya Ray==Sung S. Kim==James G. Morris==

Latent Growth Modeling for Information Systems: Theoretical Extensions and Practical Applications.

Zhiqiang (Eric) Zheng==Paul A. Pavlou==Bin Gu==

The "Most Popular News" Recommender: Count Amplification and Manipulation Resistance.

Shankar Prawesh==Balaji Padmanabhan==

An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Pre-Release Movie Piracy on Box Office Revenue.

Liye Ma==Alan L. Montgomery==Param Vir Singh==Michael D. Smith==

Research Note - The Allure of Homophily in Social Media: Evidence from Investor Responses on Virtual Communities.

Bin Gu==Prabhudev Konana==Rajagopal Raghunathan==Hsuan-Wei Michelle Chen==

Research Note - Industry-Specific Human Capital and Wages: Evidence from the Business Process Outsourcing Industry.

Keongtae Kim==Sunil Mithas==Jonathan Whitaker==Prasanto K. Roy==

Research Note - Heuristic Theorizing: Proactively Generating Design Theories.

Robert Wayne Gregory==Jan Muntermann==

Research Note - Discriminant Analysis with Strategically Manipulated Data.

Juheng Zhang==Haldun Aytug==Gary J. Koehler==

isr - Volume 25 - Number 2 - June 2014
Research Commentary - The Disciplines of Information: Lessons from the History of the Discipline of Medicine.

David G. Schwartz==

"Popularity Effect" in User-Generated Content: Evidence from Online Product Reviews.

Paulo B. Góes==Mingfeng Lin==Ching-man Au Yeung==

A Machine Learning Approach to Improving Dynamic Decision Making.

Georg Meyer==Gediminas Adomavicius==Paul E. Johnson==Mohamed Elidrisi==William A. Rush==JoAnn M. Sperl-Hillen==Patrick J. O'Connor==

Prediction in Economic Networks.

Vasant Dhar==Tomer Geva==Gal Oestreicher-Singer==Arun Sundararajan==

Selling vs. Profiling: Optimizing the Offer Set in Web-Based Personalization.

Monica Johar==Vijay S. Mookerjee==Sumit Sarkar==

Using Personal Communication Technologies for Commercial Communications: A Cross-Country Investigation of Email and SMS.

Chuan-Hoo Tan==Juliana Sutanto==Chee Wei Phang==Anar Gasimov==

Product Fit Uncertainty in Online Markets: Nature, Effects, and Antecedents.

Yili Hong==Paul A. Pavlou==

Consumer Informedness and Firm Information Strategy.

Ting Li==Robert J. Kauffman==Eric van Heck==Peter Vervest==Benedict G. C. Dellaert==

Project Managers' Practical Intelligence and Project Performance in Software Offshore Outsourcing: A Field Study.

Nishtha Langer==Sandra Slaughter==Tridas Mukhopadhyay==

Research Note - Influence Techniques in Phishing Attacks: An Examination of Vulnerability and Resistance.

Ryan T. Wright==Matthew L. Jensen==Jason Bennett Thatcher==Michael Dinger==Kent Marett==

Research Note - How Semantics and Pragmatics Interact in Understanding Conceptual Models.

Palash Bera==Andrew Burton-Jones==Yair Wand==

Research Note - The Influences of Online Service Technologies and Task Complexity on Efficiency and Personalization.

Jingjun (David) Xu==Izak Benbasat==Ronald T. Cenfetelli==

isr - Volume 25 - Number 1 - March 2014
Research Commentary - Information Technology-Enabled Business Models: A Conceptual Framework and a Coevolution Perspective for Future Research.

Arun Rai==Xinlin Tang==

Evaluation of Competing Candidate Solutions in Electronic Networks of Practice.

Thomas O. Meservy==Matthew L. Jensen==Kelly J. Fadel==

How to Attract and Retain Readers in Enterprise Blogging?

Param Vir Singh==Nachiketa Sahoo==Tridas Mukhopadhyay==

Measuring Information Technology Spillovers.

Prasanna Tambe==Lorin M. Hitt==

IT-Enabled Coordination for Ambidextrous Interorganizational Relationships.

Ghiyoung Im==Arun Rai==

Online Product Reviews: Implications for Retailers and Competing Manufacturers.

Young Kwark==Jianqing Chen==Srinivasan Raghunathan==

A Framework and Guidelines for Context-Specific Theorizing in Information Systems Research.

Weiyin Hong==Frank K. Y. Chan==James Y. L. Thong==Lewis C. Chasalow==Gurpreet Dhillon==

Joint Product Improvement by Client and Customer Support Center: The Role of Gain-Share Contracts in Coordination.

Shantanu Bhattacharya==Alok Gupta==Sameer Hasija==

Platform Performance Investment in the Presence of Network Externalities.

Edward G. Anderson Jr.==Geoffrey G. Parker==Burcu Tan==

Economics of Free Under Perpetual Licensing: Implications for the Software Industry.

Marius F. Niculescu==D. J. Wu==