isr - Volume 27

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isr - Volume 27 - Number 4 - December 2016
Editorial Notes.

Ritu Agarwal==

Special Section Introduction - Online Community as Space for Knowledge Flows.

Samer Faraj==Georg von Krogh==Eric Monteiro==Karim R. Lakhani==

Effect of Knowledge-Sharing Trajectories on Innovative Outcomes in Temporary Online Crowds.

Ann Majchrzak==Arvind Malhotra==

Creating Value in Online Communities: The Sociomaterial Configuring of Strategy, Platform, and Stakeholder Engagement.

Michael I. Barrett==Eivor Oborn==Wanda J. Orlikowski==

Intellectual Property Norms in Online Communities: How User-Organized Intellectual Property Regulation Supports Innovation.

Julia Bauer==Nikolaus Franke==Philipp Tuertscher==

Coordinating Interdependencies in Online Communities: A Study of an Open Source Software Project.

Aron Lindberg==Nicholas Berente==James Eric Gaskin==Kalle Lyytinen==

Toward a Theory of Remixing in Online Innovation Communities.

Michael A. Stanko==

Turbulent Stability of Emergent Roles: The Dualistic Nature of Self-Organizing Knowledge Coproduction.

Ofer Arazy==Johannes Daxenberger==Hila Lifshitz-Assaf==Oded Nov==Iryna Gurevych==

Folding and Unfolding: Balancing Openness and Transparency in Open Source Communities.

Maha Shaikh==Emmanuelle Vaast==

Special Section Introduction - Ubiquitous IT and Digital Vulnerabilities.

Sam Ransbotham==Robert G. Fichman==Ram D. Gopal==Alok Gupta==

Assessing the Impact of Granular Privacy Controls on Content Sharing and Disclosure on Facebook.

Huseyin Cavusoglu==Tuan Quang Phan==Hasan Cavusoglu==Edoardo M. Airoldi==

More Harm Than Good? How Messages That Interrupt Can Make Us Vulnerable.

Jeffrey L. Jenkins==Bonnie Brinton Anderson==Anthony Vance==C. Brock Kirwan==David Eargle==

When Being Hot Is Not Cool: Monitoring Hot Lists for Information Security.

Yonghua Ji==Subodha Kumar==Vijay S. Mookerjee==

Excessive Dependence on Mobile Social Apps: A Rational Addiction Perspective.

Hyeokkoo Eric Kwon==Hyunji So==Sang Pil Han==Wonseok Oh==

The Impact of Fake Reviews on Online Visibility: A Vulnerability Assessment of the Hotel Industry.

Theodoros Lappas==Gaurav Sabnis==George Valkanas==

Why Do Adults Engage in Cyberbullying on Social Media? An Integration of Online Disinhibition and Deindividuation Effects with the Social Structure and Social Learning Model.

Paul Benjamin Lowry==Jun Zhang==Chuang Wang==Mikko T. Siponen==

isr - Volume 27 - Number 3 - September 2016
Editorial - On the Intellectual Structure and Evolution of ISR.

Ritu Agarwal==

Secret Admirers: An Empirical Examination of Information Hiding and Contribution Dynamics in Online Crowdfunding.

Gordon Burtch==Anindya Ghose==Sunil Wattal==

Do Incentive Hierarchies Induce User Effort? Evidence from an Online Knowledge Exchange.

Paulo B. Góes==Chenhui Guo==Mingfeng Lin==

Managing Co-Creation in Information Technology Projects: A Differential Games Approach.

Emre M. Demirezen==Subodha Kumar==Bala Shetty==

The Impact of Competing Ads on Click Performance in Sponsored Search.

Ashish Agarwal==Tridas Mukhopadhyay==

Implementation of an Information and Communication Technology in a Developing Country: A Multimethod Longitudinal Study in a Bank in India.

Viswanath Venkatesh==Hillol Bala==V. Sambamurthy==

Should Online Content Providers Be Allowed To Subsidize Content? - An Economic Analysis.

Soohyun Cho==Liangfei Qiu==Subhajyoti Bandyopadhyay==

Pricing Data Services: Pricing by Minutes, by Gigs, or by Megabytes per Second?

Ying-Ju Chen==Ke-Wei Huang==

Open Content, Linus' Law, and Neutral Point of View.

Shane Greenstein==Feng Zhu==

Research Note - IT Outsourcing and the Impact of Advisors on Clients and Vendors.

Ravi Bapna==Alok Gupta==Gautam Ray==Shweta Singh==

Research Note - Designing Promotion Ladders to Mitigate Turnover of IT Professionals.

Frank MacCrory==Vidyanand Choudhary==Alain Pinsonneault==

isr - Volume 27 - Number 2 - June 2016
Examining the Continuance of Secure Behavior: A Longitudinal Field Study of Mobile Device Authentication.

Paul John Steinbart==Mark J. Keith==Jeffry Stephen Babb==

Sustainability of Healthcare Information Exchanges: A Game-Theoretic Approach.

Emre M. Demirezen==Subodha Kumar==Arun Sen==

Does Product Market Competition Drive CVC Investment? Evidence from the U.S. IT Industry.

Keongtae Kim==Anandasivam Gopal==Gerard Hoberg==

Product Line Extension in Consumer Software Markets in the Presence of Free Alternatives.

Aaron Baird==Chadwick J. Miller==T. S. Raghu==Rajiv Sinha==

Framing Innovation Opportunities While Staying Committed to an Organizational Epistemic Stance.

Anne-Laure Fayard==Emmanouil Gkeredakis==Natalia Levina==

Facilitating the Transformational: An Exploration of Control in Cyberinfrastructure Projects and the Discovery of Field Control.

Gregory D. Moody==Laurie J. Kirsch==Sandra A. Slaughter==Brian Kimball Dunn==Qin Weng==

Characteristics and Economic Consequences of Jump Bids in Combinatorial Auctions.

Pallab Sanyal==

On the Ontological Quality and Logical Quality of Conceptual-Modeling Grammars: The Need for a Dual Perspective.

Roger Clarke==Andrew Burton-Jones==Ron Weber==

Research Note - Leader Influence on Sustained Participation in Online Collaborative Work Communities: A Simulation-Based Approach.

Wonseok Oh==Jae Yun Moon==Jungpil Hahn==Taekyung Kim==

Research Note - Are Online Labor Markets Spot Markets for Tasks? A Field Experiment on the Behavioral Response to Wage Cuts.

Daniel L. Chen==John J. Horton==

Research Note - Content and Collaboration: An Affiliation Network Approach to Information Quality in Online Peer Production Communities.

Gerald C. Kane==Sam Ransbotham==

Research Note - An Internet-Enabled Move to the Market in Logistics.

Fengmei Gong==Barrie R. Nault==Mohammad S. Rahman==

Research Note - Gamification of Technology-Mediated Training: Not All Competitions Are the Same.

Radhika Santhanam==De Liu==Wei-Cheng Milton Shen==

isr - Volume 27 - Number 1 - March 2016
Invited Commentary - Reflections on ICT-enabled Bright Society Research.

Jae Kyu Lee==

On the Longitudinal Effects of IT Use on Firm-Level Employment.

Hilal Atasoy==Rajiv D. Banker==Paul A. Pavlou==

Rate or Trade? Identifying Winning Ideas in Open Idea Sourcing.

Ivo Blohm==Christoph Riedl==Johann Füller==Jan Marco Leimeister==

Comparing Open and Sealed Bid Auctions: Evidence from Online Labor Markets.

Yili Hong==Chong (Alex) Wang==Paul A. Pavlou==

Mandatory Standards and Organizational Information Security.

Chul-Ho Lee==Xianjun Geng==Srinivasan Raghunathan==

Managing Citizens' Uncertainty in E-Government Services: The Mediating and Moderating Roles of Transparency and Trust.

Viswanath Venkatesh==James Y. L. Thong==Frank K. Y. Chan==Paul Jen-Hwa Hu==

The Double-Edged Sword of Backward Compatibility: The Adoption of Multigenerational Platforms in the Presence of Intergenerational Services.

Il-Horn Hann==Byungwan Koh==Marius F. Niculescu==

Research Note - When Do Consumers Value Positive vs. Negative Reviews? An Empirical Investigation of Confirmation Bias in Online Word of Mouth.

Dezhi Yin==Sabyasachi Mitra==Han Zhang==

Research Note - Cloud Computing Spot Pricing Dynamics: Latency and Limits to Arbitrage.

Hsing Kenneth Cheng==Zhi Li==Andy Naranjo==

Research Note - Information Technology, Customer Satisfaction, and Profit: Theory and Evidence.

Sunil Mithas==Mayuram S. Krishnan==Claes Fornell==

Research Note - In CARSs We Trust: How Context-Aware Recommendations Affect Customers' Trust and Other Business Performance Measures of Recommender Systems.

Umberto Panniello==Michele Gorgoglione==Alexander Tuzhilin==

Research Note - Using Expectation Disconfirmation Theory and Polynomial Modeling to Understand Trust in Technology.

Nancy K. Lankton==D. Harrison McKnight==Ryan T. Wright==Jason Bennett Thatcher==