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isr - Volume 28 - Number 4 - December 2017
Editorial - The Year in Review and Path Forward.

Alok Gupta==

Senior Editor Perspectives.

Saby Mitra==

Senior Editor Perspectives.

Kartik Hosanagar==

Direct and Indirect Information System Use: A Multimethod Exploration of Social Power Antecedents in Healthcare.

Yu Tong==Chuan-Hoo Tan==Hock-Hai Teo==

Bidding for Multiple Keywords in Sponsored Search Advertising: Keyword Categories and Match Types.

Xiaomeng Du==Meng Su==Xiaoquan (Michael) Zhang==Xiaona Zheng==

When Online Reviews Meet Sales Volume Information: Is More or Accurate Information Always Better?

Yang Liu==Juan Feng==Xiuwu Liao==

Temporal Motivations of Volunteers to Participate in Cultural Crowdsourcing Work.

Sultana Lubna Alam==John Campbell==

Understanding Consumers' Attitudes Toward Controversial Information Technologies: A Contextualization Approach.

Michael Breward==Khaled Hassanein==Milena M. Head==

Technical Systems Development Risk Factors: The Role of Empowering Leadership in Lowering Developers' Stress.

Jaime B. Windeler==Likoebe M. Maruping==Viswanath Venkatesh==

Learning Effects of Domain, Technology, and Customer Knowledge in Information Systems Development: An Empirical Study.

Keumseok Kang==Jungpil Hahn==Prabuddha De==

Mitigating Diminishing Returns to R&D: The Role of Information Technology in Innovation.

T. Ravichandran==Shu Han==Sunil Mithas==

Software Diversity for Improved Network Security: Optimal Distribution of Software-Based Shared Vulnerabilities.

Orcun Temizkan==Sungjune Park==Cem Saydam==

Seeking Value Through Deviation? Economic Impacts of IT Overinvestment and Underinvestment.

Joanna Ho==Feng Tian==Anne Wu==Sean Xin Xu==

Unraveling the Alignment Paradox: How Does Business - IT Alignment Shape Organizational Agility?

Huigang Liang==Nianxin Wang==Yajiong Xue==Shilun Ge==

isr - Volume 28 - Number 3 - September 2017
Thinking About Measures and Measurement in Positivist Research: A Proposal for Refocusing on Fundamentals.

Andrew Burton-Jones==Allen S. Lee==

How Can We Develop Contextualized Theories of Effective Use? A Demonstration in the Context of Community-Care Electronic Health Records.

Andrew Burton-Jones==Olga Volkoff==

Targeted Couponing in Online Auctions.

Vidyanand Choudhary==Shivendu Shivendu==

Not Just a Fad: Optimal Sequencing in Mobile In-App Advertising.

Zhen Sun==Milind Dawande==Ganesh Janakiraman==Vijay S. Mookerjee==

Understanding Voluntary Knowledge Provision and Content Contribution Through a Social-Media-Based Prediction Market: A Field Experiment.

Liangfei Qiu==Subodha Kumar==

On Buyer Selection of Service Providers in Online Outsourcing Platforms for IT Services.

Yili Hong==Paul A. Pavlou==

Governance Practices in Platform Ecosystems: Navigating Tensions Between Cocreated Value and Governance Costs.

Thomas L. Huber==Thomas Kude==Jens Dibbern==

Selling or Leasing? Pricing Information Goods with Depreciation of Consumer Valuation.

Yifan Dou==Yu Jeffrey Hu==D. J. Wu==

Continued Voluntary Participation Intention in Firm-Participating Open Source Software Projects.

Shuk Ying Ho==Arun Rai==

Disconfirmation Effect on Online Rating Behavior: A Structural Model.

Yi-Chun (Chad) Ho==Junjie Wu==Yong Tan==

Is Tom Cruise Threatened? An Empirical Study of the Impact of Product Variety on Demand Concentration.

Tom Fangyun Tan==Serguei Netessine==Lorin M. Hitt==

Does Information Technology Improve Open Innovation Performance? An Examination of Manufacturers in Spain.

Jaime Gómez==Idana Salazar==Pilar Vargas==

isr - Volume 28 - Number 2 - June 2017
A Systematic Framework for Multilevel Theorizing in Information Systems Research.

Meng Zhang==Guy G. Gable==

Logic Pluralism in Mobile Platform Ecosystems: A Study of Indie App Developers on the iOS App Store.

Yixin Qiu==Anandasivam Gopal==Il-Horn Hann==

Online Cash-back Shopping: Implications for Consumers and e-Businesses.

Yi-Chun Ho==Yi-Jen Ho==Yong Tan==

Cosearch Attention and Stock Return Predictability in Supply Chains.

Ashish Agarwal==Alvin Chung Man Leung==Prabhudev Konana==Alok Kumar==

Information Feedback, Targeting, and Coordination: An Experimental Study.

Matthew Hashim==Karthik N. Kannan==Sandra Maximiano==

The Impact of Institutional Distance on the Joint Performance of Collaborating Firms: The Role of Adaptive Interorganizational Systems.

Maggie Chuoyan Dong==Yulin Fang==Detmar W. Straub==

Anonymizing and Sharing Medical Text Records.

Xiao-Bai Li==Jialun Qin==

How High Should We Go? Determining Reservation Values to Negotiate Successfully for Composite Software Services.

Sherry X. Sun==Jing Zhao==Sumit Sarkar==

Coping Responses in Phishing Detection: An Investigation of Antecedents and Consequences.

Jingguo Wang==Yuan Li==H. Raghav Rao==

Price of Identical Product with Gray Market Sales: An Analytical Model and Empirical Analysis.

Zhongju Zhang==Juan Feng==

Designing for Diagnosticity and Serendipity: An Investigation of Social Product-Search Mechanisms.

Cheng Yi==Zhenhui Jack Jiang==Izak Benbasat==

Information Technology, Revenues, and Profits: Exploring the Role of Foreign and Domestic Operations.

Sunil Mithas==Jonathan Whitaker==Ali Tafti==

isr - Volume 28 - Number 1 - March 2017
Editorial Thoughts: What and How ISR Publishes.

Alok Gupta==

Research Commentary - Diversity of the Information Systems Research Field: A Journal Governance Perspective.

Thomas F. Burgess==Paul N. Grimshaw==Nicky E. Shaw==

Providing a Window of Opportunity for Converting eStore Visitors.

Amit Bhatnagar==Arun Sen==Atish P. Sinha==

Politics and Information Technology Investments in the U.S. Federal Government in 2003-2016.

Min-Seok Pang==

Technology Mergers and Acquisitions in the Presence of an Installed Base: A Strategic Analysis.

Qiu-Hong Wang==Kai Lung Hui==

A Theory of Responsive Design: A Field Study of Corporate Engagement with Open Source Communities.

Matt Germonprez==Julie E. Kendall==Kenneth E. Kendall==Lars Mathiassen==Brett W. Young==Brian Warner==

Extending the Concept of Control Beliefs: Integrating the Role of Advice Networks.

Lionel P. Robert Jr.==Tracy Ann Sykes==

Electronic Commerce, Spatial Arbitrage, and Market Efficiency.

Hemang Subramanian==Eric Overby==

Popularity or Proximity: Characterizing the Nature of Social Influence in an Online Music Community.

Sanjeev Dewan==Yi-Jen Ho==Jui Ramaprasad==

Cost-Effective Quality Assurance in Crowd Labeling.

Jing Wang==Panagiotis G. Ipeirotis==Foster J. Provost==

Coalition-Based Pricing in Ascending Combinatorial Auctions.

Martin Bichler==Zhen Hao==Gediminas Adomavicius==

Managerial Incentives and IT Strategic Posture.

Ling Xue==Gautam Ray==Xia Zhao==