jmis - Volume 27

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jmis - Volume 27 - Number 4 - Spring 2011
Editorial Introduction.

Vladimir Zwass==

Product Reviews and Competition in Markets for Repeat Purchase Products.

Xinxin Li==Lorin M. Hitt==John Zhang==

Drivers of the Long Tail Phenomenon: An Empirical Analysis.

Oliver Hinz==Jochen Eckert==Bernd Skiera==

Information Quality in Wikipedia: The Effects of Group Composition and Task Conflict.

Ofer Arazy==Oded Nov==Raymond A. Patterson==M. Lisa Yeo==

Influence of Industry Characteristics on Information Technology Outsourcing.

Wen Guang Qu==Alain Pinsonneault==Wonseok Oh==

Productivity and Performance Effects of Business Process Reengineering: A Firm-Level Analysis.

Kemal Altinkemer==Yasin Ozcelik==Zafer D. Ozdemir==

Privacy Concerns Versus Desire for Interpersonal Awareness in Driving the Use of Self-Disclosure Technologies: The Case of Instant Messaging in Two Cultures.

Paul Benjamin Lowry==Jinwei Cao==Andrea Everard==

The Impact of Network Externalities on the Competition Between Open Source and Proprietary Software.

Hsing Kenneth Cheng==Yipeng Liu==Qian Candy Tang==

Consumer Acceptance of Recommendations by Interactive Decision Aids: The Joint Role of Temporal Distance and Concrete Versus Abstract Communications.

Clemens F. Köhler==Els Breugelmans==Benedict G. C. Dellaert==

Mitigating Vendor Silence in Offshore Outsourcing: An Empirical Investigation.

Radhika Jain==Judith C. Simon==Robin S. Poston==

Individual Virtual Competence and Its Influence on Work Outcomes.

Yinglei Wang==Nicole Haggerty==

jmis - Volume 27 - Number 3 - Winter 2011
Editorial Introduction.

Vladimir Zwass==

Special Section: Competitive Strategy, Economics, and Information Systems.

Eric K. Clemons==Robert J. Kauffman==Thomas A. Weber==

Organizational Learning and Capabilities for Onshore and Offshore Business Process Outsourcing.

Jonathan Whitaker==Sunil Mithas==Mayuram S. Krishnan==

Regulation of Digital Businesses with Natural Monopolies or Third-Party Payment Business Models: Antitrust Lessons from the Analysis of Google.

Eric K. Clemons==Nehal Madhani==

The Disruptive Effect of Open Platforms on Markets for Wireless Services.

Atanu Lahiri==Rajiv M. Dewan==Marshall L. Freimer==

Oligopolistic Pricing with Online Search.

Lizhen Xu==Jianqing Chen==Andrew B. Whinston==

Information Asymmetry in Information Systems Consulting: Toward a Theory of Relationship Constraints.

Gregory S. Dawson==Richard T. Watson==Marie-Claude Boudreau==

Developer Heterogeneity and Formation of Communication Networks in Open Source Software Projects.

Param Vir Singh==Yong Tan==

Task and Social Information Seeking: Whom Do We Prefer and Whom Do We Approach?

Yunjie Calvin Xu==Hee-Woong Kim==Atreyi Kankanhalli==

Bidding Patterns, Experience, and Avoiding the Winner's Curse in Online Auctions.

Robert F. Easley==Charles A. Wood==Sharad Barkataki==

Entertainment Without Borders: The Impact of Digital Technologies on Government Cultural Policy.

Hsing Kenneth Cheng==Juan Feng==Gary J. Koehler==Sean Marston==

Impact of Technostress on End-User Satisfaction and Performance.

Monideepa Tarafdar==Qiang Tu==T. S. Ragu-Nathan==

jmis - Volume 27 - Number 2 - Fall 2010
Editorial Introduction.

Vladimir Zwass==

Predicting Collaboration Technology Use: Integrating Technology Adoption and Collaboration Research.

Susan A. Brown==Alan R. Dennis==Viswanath Venkatesh==

Safe Contexts for Interorganizational Collaborations Among Homeland Security Professionals.

Ann Majchrzak==Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa==

Systems Development Ambidexterity: Explaining the Complementary and Substitutive Roles of Formal and Informal Controls.

Amrit Tiwana==

Are Consumers More Likely to Contribute Online Reviews for Hit or Niche Products?

Chrysanthos Dellarocas==Guodong (Gordon) Gao==Ritu Narayan==

Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Recommender Systems on Sales.

Bhavik Pathak==Robert S. Garfinkel==Ram D. Gopal==Rajkumar Venkatesan==Fang Yin==

No Free Lunch: Price Premium for Privacy Seal-Bearing Vendors.

Bin Mai==Nirup M. Menon==Sumit Sarkar==

Donor-to-Nonprofit Online Marketplace: An Economic Analysis of the Effects on Fund-Raising.

Zafer D. Ozdemir==Kemal Altinkemer==Prabuddha De==Yasin Ozcelik==

Net Neutrality and Vertical Integration of Content and Broadband Services.

Hong Guo==Subhajyoti Bandyopadhyay==Hsing Kenneth Cheng==Yu-Chen Yang==

Impact of Internal Open Source Development on Reuse: Participatory Reuse in Action.

Padmal Vitharana==Julie King==Helena Shih Chapman==

Information Technology Diffusion with Influentials, Imitators, and Opponents.

Hasan Cavusoglu==Nan Hu==Yingjiu Li==Dan Ma==

jmis - Volume 27 - Number 1 - Summer 2010
Editorial Introduction.

Vladimir Zwass==

Special Section: Social Aspects of Sociotechnical Systems.

Robert O. Briggs==Jay F. Nunamaker Jr.==Ralph H. Sprague Jr.==

"Follow the Sun" Workflow in Global Software Development.

Erran Carmel==J. Alberto Espinosa==Yael Dubinsky==

Perpetual Versus Subscription Licensing Under Quality Uncertainty and Network Externality Effects.

Jie Jennifer Zhang==Abraham Seidmann==

The Power of Patterns and Pattern Recognition When Developing Information-Based Strategy.

Eric K. Clemons==

Models of Collaboration as the Foundation for Collaboration Technologies.

Steven E. Poltrock==Mark J. Handel==

Bounded Ideation Theory.

Robert O. Briggs==Bruce A. Reinig==

Network Externalities and Technology Use: A Quantitative Analysis of Intraorganizational Blogs.

Sunil Wattal==Pradeep Racherla==Munir Mandviwalla==

Technology Dominance in Complex Decision Making: The Case of Aided Credibility Assessment.

Matthew L. Jensen==Paul Benjamin Lowry==Judee K. Burgoon==Jay F. Nunamaker Jr.==

Team Size, Dispersion, and Social Loafing in Technology-Supported Teams: A Perspective on the Theory of Moral Disengagement.

Omar A. Alnuaimi==Lionel P. Robert Jr.==Likoebe M. Maruping==

Antecedents and Effects of CIO Supply-Side and Demand-Side Leadership: A Staged Maturity Model.

Daniel Q. Chen==David S. Preston==Weidong Xia==

The Influence of Experiential and Dispositional Factors in Phishing: An Empirical Investigation of the Deceived.

Ryan T. Wright==Kent Marett==