jmis - Volume 29

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jmis - Volume 29 - Number 3 - Winter 2013
Text mining approach to predict hospital admissions using early medical records from the emergency department.

Filipe R. Lucini==Flavio S. Fogliatto==Giovani J. C. da Silveira==Jeruza Neyeloff==Michel J. Anzanello==Ricardo S. Kuchenbecker==Beatriz D. Schaan==

An analysis of messages sent between nurses and physicians in deteriorating internal medicine patients to help identify issues in failures to rescue.

Hannah J. Wong==Rachel Bierbrier==Philip Ma==Sherman D. Quan==Sannie Lai==Robert C. Wu==

An ontology of and roadmap for mHealth research.

Joshua D. Cameron==Arkalgud Ramaprasad==Thant Syn==

Remotely engaged: Lessons from remote monitoring in multiple sclerosis.

Matthew M. Engelhard==Stephen D. Patek==Kristina Sheridan==John C. Lach==Myla D. Goldman==

Information technologies for active and assisted living - Influences to the quality of life of an ageing society.

Christian Siegel==Thomas Ernst Dorner==

Availability of information in Public Health on the Internet: An analysis of national health authorities in the Spanish-speaking Latin American and Caribbean countries.

David Novillo-Ortiz==Tony Hernández-Pérez==Francesc Saigí Rubió==

The impact of electronic prescriptions on medication safety in Finnish community pharmacies: A survey of pharmacists.

Hanna Kauppinen==Riitta Ahonen==Johanna Timonen==

The impact of secure messaging on workflow in primary care: Results of a multiple-case, multiple-method study.

Peter Hoonakker==Pascale Carayon==Randi S. Cartmill==

eHealth adoption factors in medical hospitals: A focus on the Netherlands.

Sander Faber==Marina van Geenhuizen==Mark de Reuver==

Feasibility of automatic evaluation of clinical rules in general practice.

Dedan Opondo==Stefan Visscher==Saied Eslami==Stephanie Medlock==Robert A. Verheij==Joke C. Korevaar==Ameen Abu-Hanna==

The impact of health information technology on organ transplant care: A systematic review.

Zahra Niazkhani==Habibollah Pirnejad==Parviz Rashidi Khazaee==

Automated discovery of safety and efficacy concerns for joint & muscle pain relief treatments from online reviews.

David Z. Adams==Richard Gruss==Alan S. Abrahams==

Zimbabwe's Human Resources for health Information System (ZHRIS) - an assessment in the context of establishing a global standard.

Keith P. Waters==Alexandra Zuber==Tungamirirai Simbini==Zwashe Bangani==Ramesh S. Krishnamurthy==

jmis - Volume 29 - Number 2 - Fall 2012
Twin positive solutions for higher order m-point boundary value problems with sign changing nonlinearities.

Yanping Guo==Weigao Ge==Ying Gao==

Stability of bifurcating periodic solutions for van der Pol equation with continuous distributed delay.

Xiaofeng Liao==Kwok-Wo Wong==Zhongfu Wu==

Hopf bifurcation in numerical approximation of a class delay differential equations.

Chunrui Zhang==Mingzhu Liu==Baodong Zheng==

On subclass of univalent functions with negative coefficients.

Ekrem Kadioglu==

Spline collocation methods for solving delay-differential equations.

H. M. El-Hawary==S. M. Mahmoud==

On the numerical treatment of the singular integral equation of the second kind.

M. A. Abdou==A. A. Nasr==

New soliton-like solutions to the potential Kadomstev-Petviashvili (PKP) equation.

De-sheng Li==Hong-qing Zhang==

The asymptotic properties of the solutions of the nth order functional neutral differential equations.

Dása Lacková==

Parameter tracking for an inventory model.

Lakhdar Aggoun==Lakdere Benkherouf==

Optimal control of stochastic prey-predator models.

Awad El-Gohary==Fawzy A. Bukhari==

A class of Runge-Kutta formulae of order three and four with reduced evaluations of function.

Xinyuan Wu==

Matrix transformation on certain sequence spaces.

Tunay Bilgin==

Investigating the use of quartile ranked set samples for estimating the population mean.

Hassen A. Muttlak==

On testing exponentiality against IFRA alternatives.

Ahmed H. El-Bassiouny==

Condition number of Drazin inverse and their condition numbers of singular linear systems.

Yimin Wei==Guanglin Wang==Dingkun Wang==

Magnetohydrodynamic unsteady free convection flow of a couple stress fluid with one relaxation time through a porous medium.

M. Zakaria==

Optimal control of non-homogenous prey-predator models during infinite and finite time intervals.

Awad El-Gohary==A. S. Al-Ruzaiza==

Singular perturbation techniques in the study of a diatomic gas with reactions of dissociation and recombination.

M. Galli==Maria Groppi==Riccardo Riganti==Giampiero Spiga==

Restarted Adomian method for algebraic equations.

Esmail Babolian==Shahnam Javadi==

Oscillation of second-order sublinear neutral delay difference equations.

Wan-Tong Li==S. H. Saker==

Mixed quasi variational inequalities.

Muhammad Aslam Noor==

Affectons: automata models of emotional interactions.

Andrew Adamatzky==

On GCD, LCM and Hilbert matrices and their applications.

Süleyman Solak==Ramazan Türkmen==Durmus Bozkurt==

On stochastic inequalities and dependence orderings.

Broderick O. Oluyede==

An unconditionally convergent finite-difference scheme for the SIR model.

W. Piyawong==Edward H. Twizell==Abba B. Gumel==

Remarks on the computation of the horizon of a digital terrain.

Fabio Dercole==

Explicit inverse of a generalized Vandermonde matrix.

Moawwad E. A. El-Mikkawy==

Exact travelling wave solutions for a generalized Zakharov-Kuznetsov equation.

Biao Li==Yong Chen==Hongqing Zhang==

Some oscillation problems for impulsive hyperbolic differential systems with several delays.

Bao Tong Cui==Yongqing Liu==Feiqi Deng==

The successive approximation method and Padé approximants for solutions the non-linear boundary value problem.

Hakan Simsek==Ercan Çelik==

A numerical method for singular two point boundary value problems via Chebyshev economizition.

A. S. V. Ravi Kanth==Y. N. Reddy==

Stationary self-organized states in many-particle systems with ternary interactions.

Tadeusz Platkowski==

On the numerical solutions of Fredholm-Volterra integral equation.

M. A. Abdou==Khamis I. Mohamed==A. S. Ismail==

A direct stochastic algorithm for global search.

Benny Raphael==Ian F. C. Smith==

On a connection between the Pascal, Vandermonde and Stirling matrices-II.

Moawwad E. A. El-Mikkawy==

A study of a numerical solution of the steady two dimensions Navier-Stokes equations in a constricted channel problem by a compact fourth order method.

Paulo F. A. Mancera==

Oscillation of second order nonlinear neutral delay difference equations.

Jianchu Jiang==

A finite difference method for self-adjoint elliptic equations in three dimensions.

Godfrey Saldanha==

Soliton solutions and doubly periodic wave solutions for a new generalized Hirota-Satsuma coupled system.

Y. C. Hon==Engui Fan==

Variable permeability effect on vortex instability of mixed convection flow in a semi-infinite porous medium bounded by a horizontal surface.

I. A. Hassanien==A. A. Salama==A. M. Elaiw==

Using input-output orientation model for determining most productive scale size in DEA.

Gholam Reza Jahanshahloo==Mohammad Khodabakhshi==

On the solution of linear and nonlinear integral equation.

M. A. Abdou==

A second order finite difference method and its convergence for a class of singular two-point boundary value problems.

Manoj Kumar==

A difference method for singular two-point boundary value problems.

Manoj Kumar==

On the convergence of the discretized parallel chaotic waveform relaxation method.

Dongjin Yuan==

jmis - Volume 29 - Number 1 - Summer 2012
Compact and noncompact structures formed by nonlinear equations with positive and negative exponents.

Abdul-Majid Wazwaz==

Domain decomposition for an advection-diffusion problem with parabolic layers.

Igor Boglaev==Vic Duoba==

Spatio-temporal patterns in two-dimensional excitable media subject to Robin boundary conditions.

Juan I. Ramos==

Newton's laws, symmetry, and the three basic interactions of the nature.

Laszlo Antal Veress==

The existence of noise terms for systems of inhomogeneous differential and integral equations.

Abdul-Majid Wazwaz==

A dynamical model for stage-specific HIV incidences with application to sub-Saharan Africa.

R. O. Simwa==G. P. Pokhariyal==

Some boundary value problems of temperature fields in oil strata.

Y. Ben Nakhi==Shyam L. Kalla==

Uniform decay for a plate equation partially dissipative.

Higidio Portillo Oquendo==

Unified probability density function involving a confluent hypergeometric function of two variables.

B. N. Al-Saqabi==Shyam L. Kalla==V. K. Tuan==

Iterated discrete polynomially based Galerkin methods.

Rekha P. Kulkarni==N. Gnaneshwar==

Existence and global stability of positive periodic solutions of a predator-prey system with delays.

Lin-Lin Wang==Wan-Tong Li==

Multiple positive solutions to second-order Neumann boundary value problems.

Jian-Ping Sun==Wan-Tong Li==

Periodic solutions for a kind of second order differential equation with multiple deviating arguments.

Shiping Lu==Weigao Ge==

Oscillatory criteria of a class of second-order neutral functional differential equations.

Wenying Shi==Peiguang Wang==

Oscillation criteria for second-order impulsive delay difference equations.

Mingshu Peng==

Heuristic methods for computing the minimal multi-homogeneous Bézout number.

Ting Li==Zhenjiang Lin==Fengshan Bai==

Symbolic implementation of the algorithm for calculating Adomian polynomials.

H.-W. Choi==J.-G. Shin==

Uniform persistence and global attractivity for nonautonomous competitive systems with nonlinear dispersion and delays.

Xinyu Song==Jingan Cui==

Bernoulli numbers in p-adic analysis.

Min-Soo Kim==Jin-Woo Son==