jmis - Volume 31

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jmis - Volume 31 - Number 4 - Spring 2015
Editorial Introduction.

Vladimir Zwass==

Special Section: Cognitive Perspectives on Information Systems.

Robert O. Briggs==

The Role of Self-Control in Information Security Violations: Insights from a Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective.

Qing Hu==Robert West==Laura Smarandescu==

The Behavioral Roots of Information Systems Security: Exploring Key Factors Related to Unethical IT Use.

Sutirtha Chatterjee==Suprateek Sarker==Joseph S. Valacich==

Chasing Lemmings: Modeling IT-Induced Misperceptions About the Strategic Situation as a Reason for Flash Crashes.

Tobias Brandt==Dirk Neumann==

Enhancing Predictive Analytics for Anti-Phishing by Exploiting Website Genre Information.

Ahmed Abbasi==Fatemeh "Mariam" Zahedi==Daniel Zeng==Yan Chen==Hsinchun Chen==Jay F. Nunamaker Jr.==

Exploring Knowledge Filtering Processes in Electronic Networks of Practice.

Kelly J. Fadel==Thomas O. Meservy==Matthew L. Jensen==

Bundling Effects on Variety Seeking for Digital Information Goods.

Gediminas Adomavicius==Jesse Bockstedt==Shawn P. Curley==

Enticing and Engaging Consumers via Online Product Presentations: The Effects of Restricted Interaction Design.

Cheng Yi==Zhenhui Jack Jiang==Izak Benbasat==

Impact of Recommender System on Competition Between Personalizing and Non-Personalizing Firms.

Abhijeet Ghoshal==Subodha Kumar==Vijay S. Mookerjee==

Are You Feeling Lonely? The Impact of Relationship Characteristics and Online Social Network Features on Loneliness.

Sabine Matook==Jeff Cummings==Hillol Bala==

Understanding the Influence of Instant Messaging on Ending Concessions During Negotiations.

Norman A. Johnson==Randolph B. Cooper==

jmis - Volume 31 - Number 3 - Winter 2014
Editorial Introduction.

Vladimir Zwass==

Special Section: IT-Enabled Social and Economic Transitions.

Eric K. Clemons==Robert J. Kauffman==Thomas A. Weber==

Healthcare IT Adoption: An Analysis of Knowledge Transfer in Socioeconomic Networks.

Gang Peng==Debabrata Dey==Atanu Lahiri==

Intermediation in a Sharing Economy: Insurance, Moral Hazard, and Rent Extraction.

Thomas A. Weber==

Augmenting Conflict Resolution with Informational Response: A Holistic View of Governance Choice in Business Process Outsourcing.

Anitesh Barua==Deepa Mani==

Autonomous Scientifically Controlled Screening Systems for Detecting Information Purposely Concealed by Individuals.

Nathan W. Twyman==Paul Benjamin Lowry==Judee K. Burgoon==Jay F. Nunamaker Jr.==

Digital Natives or Digital Immigrants? The Impact of User Characteristics on Online Trust.

Christian Pieter Hoffmann==Christoph Lutz==Miriam Meckel==

Drivers of Quantity and Quality of Participation in Online Policy Deliberation Forums.

Chee Wei Phang==Atreyi Kankanhalli==Lihua Huang==

Classifying, Measuring, and Predicting Users' Overall Active Behavior on Social Networking Sites.

Aihui Chen==Yaobin Lu==Patrick Y. K. Chau==Sumeet Gupta==

Delivery Consolidation and Service Competition Among Internet Service Providers.

I. Robert Chiang==Jhih-Hua Jhang-Li==

Understanding the Drivers of Unethical Programming Behavior: The Inappropriate Reuse of Internet-Accessible Code.

Manuel Sojer==Oliver Alexy==Sven Kleinknecht==Joachim Henkel==

Effects of Freemium Strategy in the Mobile App Market: An Empirical Study of Google Play.

Charles Zhechao Liu==Yoris A. Au==Hoon Seok Choi==

jmis - Volume 31 - Number 2 - Fall 2014
Editorial Introduction.

Vladimir Zwass==

Special Issue: Economics of Electronic Commerce.

Ravi Bapna==Anitesh Barua==Andrew B. Whinston==

Physical and Electronic Wholesale Markets: An Empirical Analysis of Product Sorting and Market Function.

Eric Overby==Sabyasachi Mitra==

Launching Successful E Markets: A Broker-Level Order-Routing Analysis of Two Options Exchanges.

Christopher Parker==Bruce W. Weber==

The Impact of Buy-Now Features in Pay-per-Bid Auctions.

Jochen Reiner==Martin Natter==Bernd Skiera==

Customized Bundling and Consumption Variety of Digital Information Goods.

Jesse Bockstedt==Kim Huat Goh==

Determinants of Mobile Apps' Success: Evidence from the App Store Market.

Gunwoong Lee==T. S. Raghu==

Gifting and Status in Virtual Worlds.

Sigi Goode==Gregory Shailer==Mark Wilson==Jaroslaw Jankowski==

Digital Piracy, Teens, and the Source of Advice: An Experimental Study.

Matthew Hashim==Karthik N. Kannan==Sandra Maximiano==Jackie Rees Ulmer==

Collaborative Demand Forecasting: Toward the Design of an Exception-Based Forecasting Mechanism.

Yan Dong==Xiaowen Huang==Kingshuk K. Sinha==Kefeng Xu==

Understanding Employee Responses to Stressful Information Security Requirements: A Coping Perspective.

John D'Arcy==Tejaswini Herath==Mindy K. Shoss==

Relational Contracts, Growth Options, and Heterogeneous Beliefs: A Game-Theoretic Perspective on Information Technology Outsourcing.

Xiaotong Li==

jmis - Volume 31 - Number 1 - Summer 2014
Editorial Introduction.

Vladimir Zwass==

Special Section: IT Project Management.

James J. Jiang==Gary Klein==

Exploring How IT Professionals Experience Role Transitions at the End of Successful Projects.

Line Dubé==

Talk Before It's Too Late: Reconsidering the Role of Conversation in Information Systems Project Management.

Stefano Mastrogiacomo==Stéphanie Missonier==Riccardo Bonazzi==

Achieving IT Program Goals with Integrative Conflict Management.

James J. Jiang==Jamie Y. T. Chang==Houn-Gee Chen==Eric T. G. Wang==Gary Klein==

Special Section: Information Systems Support for Shared Understanding.

Robert O. Briggs==

Creating Shared Understanding in Heterogeneous Work Groups: Why It Matters and How to Achieve It.

Eva Alice Christiane Bittner==Jan Marco Leimeister==

The Impact of Social Network Structures on Prediction Market Accuracy in the Presence of Insider Information.

Liangfei Qiu==Huaxia Rui==Andrew B. Whinston==

A Rigidity Detection System for Automated Credibility Assessment.

Nathan W. Twyman==Aaron C. Elkins==Judee K. Burgoon==Jay F. Nunamaker Jr.==

How Posture-Profile Misalignment in IT Innovation Diminishes Returns: Conceptual Development and Empirical Demonstration.

Robert G. Fichman==Nigel P. Melville==

How Social Capital Among Information Technology and Business Units Drives Operational Alignment and IT Business Value.

Heinz-Theo Wagner==Daniel Beimborn==Tim Weitzel==

User Roles and Contributions in Innovation-Contest Communities.

Johann Füller==Katja Hutter==Julia Hautz==Kurt Matzler==

Supporting Creative Problem Solving with a Case-Based Reasoning System.

Niek Althuizen==Berend Wierenga==