jmis - Volume 32

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jmis - Volume 32 - Number 2 - 2015
LMI approach to stability for a competitive Lotka-Volterra system with time-varying delays.

Yuan Gong Sun==Fan Wei Meng==

Some optimal error estimates of biharmonic problem using conforming finite element.

Yuan Li==Rong An==Kaitai Li==

The improved Fan sub-equation method and its application to the Boussinseq wave equation.

Dahe Feng==Jibin Li==Junliang Lü==Tianlan He==

Positive solutions of fourth-order multi-point boundary value problems with bending term.

Xinguang Zhang==Lishan Liu==

Nonlinear analysis of rock-fill dams to non-stationary excitation by the stochastic Wilson-theta method.

Kemal Haciefendioglu==Hasan Basri Basaga==Alemdar Bayraktar==Sevket Ates==

Methods with prefixed order for approximating square roots with global and general convergence.

Miguel Ángel Hernández-Verón==Natalia Romero Álvarez==

An efficient computational method for second order boundary value problems of nonlinear differential equations.

Yongfang Zhou==Yingzhen Lin==Minggen Cui==

Positive solutions for multipoint boundary value problems with one-dimensional p-Laplacian operator.

Fuyi Xu==

On the changes of periodicities in a piecewise linear rotation model.

Jose C. Valverde==Laura Gardini==

An application of Romberg extrapolation on quadrature method for solving linear Volterra integral equations of the second kind.

Mladen Mestrovic==Eva Ocvirk==

A note on the convergence of the AOR method.

Ljiljana Cvetkovic==Vladimir Kostic==

Numerical solution of Volterra type integral equation of the first kind with wavelet basis.

Khosrow Maleknejad==Reza Mollapourasl==Mahdiyeh Alizadeh==

Improved immune algorithm for global numerical optimization and job-shop scheduling problems.

Jinn-Tsong Tsai==Wen-Hsien Ho==Tung-Kuan Liu==Jyh-Horng Chou==

Construction of refinable function vector via GTST.

Changzhen Xie==Shouzhi Yang==

A new method for determining the solution of Riccati differential equations.

Bao-Qing Tang==Xian-Fang Li==

A descent framework for linked signal system with network flows.

Suh-Wen Chiou==

The application of resonance algorithm for image segmentation.

Fengzhi Dai==Jinbin Zhao==Huailin Zhao==

Numerical solution of integro-differential equations by using CAS wavelet operational matrix of integration.

Danfu Han==Xufeng Shang==

The probabilistic constraints in the support vector machine.

Hadi Sadoghi Yazdi==Sohrab Effati==Zahra Saberi==

An application of a few inequalities among sequences in electoral systems.

Tomislav Marosevic==Rudolf Scitovski==

Frequency scaling simulation of Chua's circuit by automatic determination and control of step-size.

Esteban Tlelo-Cuautle==Jesús M. Muñoz-Pacheco==J. Martínez-Carballido==

An efficient algorithm for state estimation problems with coupling inequality constraints.

S.-S. Lin==

Pricing the equity-linked and principal-protected securities with cap and path dependence.

Fen-Ying Chen==

Discussion on single species fish population with time dependent growth rate.

Biswajit Mondal==

Gauss map vs Bernoulli shift.

Tariq A. Al-Fadhel==

Steffensen type methods for solving non-linear equations.

Pankaj Jain==

Two algorithms for solving a general backward tridiagonal linear systems.

A. A. Karawia==

Digital image forgery detection using artificial neural network and independent component analysis.

E. S. Gopi==

Exact algorithm for bi-objective 0-1 knapsack problem.

Fariborz Jolai==Mustafa Jahangoshai Rezaee==Masoud Rabbani==Jafar Razmi==Parviz Fattahi==

Genetic algorithm for bi-criteria single machine scheduling problem of minimizing maximum earliness and number of tardy jobs.

Fariborz Jolai==Masoud Rabbani==Mohsen Sadegh Amalnick==A. Dabaghi==Mehdi Dehghan==M. Yazadn Parast==

Computing moments of free additive convolution of measures.

Wlodzimierz Bryc==

Two determinants with Fibonacci and Lucas entries.

Harris Kwong==

A note on the modified SOR method for Z-matrices.

Jae Heon Yun==

jmis - Volume 32 - Number 1 - 2015
Convergence of the Mann iteration algorithm for a class of pseudocontractive mappings.

Charles E. Chidume==Mujahid Abbas==Bashir Ali==

Structural similarity of directed universal hierarchical graphs: A low computational complexity approach.

Matthias Dehmer==Frank Emmert-Streib==

Error estimates for inconsistent load lumping approach in finite element solution of differential equations.

Pradeep Kumar Gudla==Ranjan Ganguli==

Standard numerical schemes for coupled parallel flow over porous layers.

Hani I. Siyyam==N. Merabet==M. H. Hamdan==

Advanced type coupled matrix Riccati differential equation systems with Kronecker product.

D. Bahuguna==A. Ujlayan==Dwijendra N. Pandey==

A filled function method with one parameter for box constrained global optimization.

Weixiang Wang==Youlin Shang==Liansheng Zhang==

Symmetry group and non-propagating solitons in the (2+1)-dimensional sine-Gordon equation.

Zhengyi Ma==

On two approaches of finding exact solutions to nonlinear evolution equations.

Xuelin Yong==Yufu Chen==

The general solutions on the minimum residual problem and the matrix nearness problem for symmetric matrices or anti-symmetric matrices.

Guang-Xin Huang==Feng Yin==Ke Guo==

A modified SQP-filter method and its global convergence.

Ke Su==Jianren Che==

Two conditions concerning Newton's method.

Min Wu==

Group decision analysis based on fuzzy preference relations: Logarithmic and geometric least squares methods.

Ying-Ming Wang==Zhi-Ping Fan==

The essential order of simultaneous approximation for neural networks.

Feng-Jun Li==Zongben Xu==

Multi-period semi-variance portfolio selection: Model and numerical solution.

Wei Yan==Rong Miao==Shurong Li==

Some new unified iteration schemes with errors for nonexpansive mappings and variational inequalities.

Zhenyu Huang==Muhammad Aslam Noor==

Finite element approximation for fourth-order nonlinear problem in the plane.

Rong An==Yuan Li==Kaitai Li==

Nonsimilar solutions for double diffusive convection near a frustum of a wavy cone in porous media.

Ching-Yang Cheng==

An oriented state model for the Jones polynomial and its applications alternating links.

Ismet Altintas==

Permanence and global attractivity of the food-chain system with Holling IV type functional response.

Chunxia Shen==

Exponential stability of impulsive cellular neural networks with time delay via Lyapunov functionals.

Qing Wang==Xinzhi Liu==

The cardinal orthogonal scaling function and sampling theorem in the wavelet subspaces.

Guo-chang Wu==Zheng-xing Cheng==Xiao-hui Yang==

Existence and exponential stability of almost periodic solution for BAM neural networks with variable coefficients and delays.

Lijuan Zhang==Ligeng Si==

A revised cut-peak function method for box constrained continuous global optimization.

Zheng-Hai Huang==Xin-He Miao==Ping Wang==

Positive periodic solution of a kind of nonlinear food-chain system.

Chunxia Shen==

Some first excited energy levels for the generalized Killingbeck potential with the differential quadratic method.

Y. Boumedjane==H. Saidi==S. Hassouni==A. Zerarka==

New delay-dependent condition for absolute stability of Lurie control systems with multiple time-delays and nonlinearities.

Jiuwen Cao==Shouming Zhong==

A new fractional order soliton equation hierarchy and its integrable coupling system.

Fajun Yu==Hongqing Zhang==

Some resolvent iterative methods for variational inclusions and nonexpansive mappings.

Muhammad Aslam Noor==Zhenyu Huang==

A note on the compound binomial model with randomized dividend strategy.

Zhen-hua Bao==

A fifth-order iterative method for solving nonlinear equations.

YoonMee Ham==Changbum Chun==