jmis - Volume 33

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jmis - Volume 33 - Number 4 - 2016
Editorial Introduction.

Vladimir Zwass==

Special Issue: Designing Tools to Answer Great Information Systems Research Questions.

Justin Scott Giboney==Robert O. Briggs==Jay F. Nunamaker Jr.==

Understanding Information Systems Integration Deficiencies in Mergers and Acquisitions: A Configurational Perspective.

Stefan Henningsson==William J. Kettinger==

Trust Development in Globally Distributed Collaboration: A Case of U.S. and Chinese Mixed Teams.

Xusen Cheng==Shixuan Fu==Douglas A. Druckenmiller==

A Friend Like Me: Modeling Network Formation in a Location-Based Social Network.

Gene Moo Lee==Liangfei Qiu==Andrew B. Whinston==

Targeted Twitter Sentiment Analysis for Brands Using Supervised Feature Engineering and the Dynamic Architecture for Artificial Neural Networks.

Manoochehr Ghiassi==David Zimbra==Sean Lee==

Identifying and Profiling Key Sellers in Cyber Carding Community: AZSecure Text Mining System.

Weifeng Li==Hsinchun Chen==Jay F. Nunamaker Jr.==

Problematic Use of Social Networking Sites: Antecedents and Consequence from a Dual-System Theory Perspective.

Ofir Turel==Hamed Qahri Saremi==

Global Differences in Online Shopping Behavior: Understanding Factors Leading to Trust.

Eric K. Clemons==Joshua S. Wilson==Christian Matt==Thomas Hess==Fei Ren==Fujie Jin==Noi Sian Koh==

Examining Firms' Green Information Technology Practices: A Hierarchical View of Key Drivers and Their Effects.

Paul Jen-Hwa Hu==Han-fen Hu==Chih-Ping Wei==Pei-Fang Hsu==

An Examination of Effective IT Governance in the Public Sector Using the Legal View of Agency Theory.

Gregory S. Dawson==James S. Denford==Clay K. Williams==David Preston==Kevin C. Desouza==

Technology Evaluation and Imitation: Do They Have Differential or Dichotomous Effects on ERP Adoption and Assimilation in China?

Vincent Siu-king Lai==Fujun Lai==Paul Benjamin Lowry==

jmis - Volume 33 - Number 3 - 2016
Editorial Introduction.

Vladimir Zwass==

Product Information Websites: Are They Good for Consumers?

Panos M. Markopoulos==Ravi Aron==Lyle H. Ungar==

Emotion in IT Investment Decision Making with A Real Options Perspective: The Intertwining of Cognition and Regret.

Eun Hee Park==Balasubramaniam Ramesh==Lan Cao==

Not As Smart As We Think: A Study of Collective Intelligence in Virtual Groups.

Jordan B. Barlow==Alan R. Dennis==

From Warning to Wallpaper: Why the Brain Habituates to Security Warnings and What Can Be Done About It.

Bonnie Brinton Anderson==Anthony Vance==C. Brock Kirwan==Jeffrey L. Jenkins==David Eargle==

Empirical Assessment of Alternative Designs for Enhancing Different Types of Trusting Beliefs in Online Recommendation Agents.

Weiquan Wang==Izak Benbasat==

Augmented Virtual Doctor Office: Theory-based Design and Assessment.

Fatemeh Zahedi==Nitin Walia==Hemant K. Jain==

Firm Boundaries, Information Processing Capacity, and Performance in Manufacturing Firms.

Jaime Gómez==Idana Salazar==Pilar Vargas==

Effects of Social Interaction Dynamics on Platforms.

Ferdinand Thies==Michael Wessel==Alexander Benlian==

Early Predictions of Movie Success: The Who, What, and When of Profitability.

Michael T. Lash==Kang Zhao==

Influence of Firm's Recovery Endeavors upon Privacy Breach on Online Customer Behavior.

Ben C. F. Choi==Sung S. Kim==Zhenhui Jack Jiang==

jmis - Volume 33 - Number 2 - 2016
Special Issue: Information Systems for Deception Detection.

Jay F. Nunamaker Jr.==Judee K. Burgoon==Justin Scott Giboney==

More Than Meets the Eye: How Oculometric Behaviors Evolve Over the Course of Automated Deception Detection Interactions.

Jeffrey Gainer Proudfoot==Jeffrey L. Jenkins==Judee K. Burgoon==Jay F. Nunamaker Jr.==

An Empirical Validation of Malicious Insider Characteristics.

Nan Peter Liang==David P. Biros==Andy Luse==

Computer-Mediated Deception: Strategies Revealed by Language-Action Cues in Spontaneous Communication.

Shuyuan Mary Ho==Jeffrey T. Hancock==Cheryl Booth==Xiuwen Liu==

Detecting Fraudulent Behavior on Crowdfunding Platforms: The Role of Linguistic and Content-Based Cues in Static and Dynamic Contexts.

Michael Siering==Jascha-Alexander Koch==Amit V. Deokar==

What Online Reviewer Behaviors Really Matter? Effects of Verbal and Nonverbal Behaviors on Detection of Fake Online Reviews.

Dongsong Zhang==Lina Zhou==Juan Luo Kehoe==Isil Yakut Kilic==

Examining Hacker Participation Length in Cybercriminal Internet-Relay-Chat Communities.

Victor A. Benjamin==Bin Zhang==Jay F. Nunamaker Jr.==Hsinchun Chen==

Untangling a Web of Lies: Exploring Automated Detection of Deception in Computer-Mediated Communication.

Stephan Ludwig==Tom van Laer==Ko de Ruyter==Mike Friedman==

Special Section: When Machine Meets Society: Social Impacts of Information and Information Economics.

Eric K. Clemons==Rajiv M. Dewan==Robert J. Kauffman==Thomas A. Weber==

Versioning: Go Vertical in a Horizontal Market?

Debabrata Dey==Atanu Lahiri==

Product Pricing in a Peer-to-Peer Economy.

Thomas A. Weber==

Perverse Effects in Defense of Computer Systems: When More Is Less.

Josephine Wolff==

jmis - Volume 33 - Number 1 - 2016
Editorial Introduction.

Vladimir Zwass==

The Effects of IT-Enabled Cognitive Stimulation Tools on Creative Problem Solving: A Dual Pathway to Creativity.

Niek Althuizen==Astrid Reichel==

Using Information Systems to Sense Opportunities for Innovation: Integrating Postadoptive Use Behaviors with the Dynamic Managerial Capability Perspective.

Nicholas H. Roberts==Damon E. Campbell==Leo R. Vijayasarathy==

Sharing Knowledge in Social Q&A Sites: The Unintended Consequences of Extrinsic Motivation.

Li Zhao==Brian Detlor==Catherine E. Connelly==

Concurrent IT Sourcing: Mechanisms and Contingent Advantages.

Amrit Tiwana==Stephen K. Kim==

Influentials, Imitables, or Susceptibles? Virality and Word-of-Mouth Conversations in Online Social Networks.

Anjana Susarla==Jeong-ha Oh==Yong Tan==

Could Deal Promotion Improve Merchants' Online Reputations? The Moderating Role of Prior Reviews.

Xitong Li==

Do Professional Reviews Affect Online User Choices Through User Reviews? An Empirical Study.

Wenqi Zhou==Wenjing Duan==

The Determinants and Impacts of Aesthetics in Users' First Interaction with Websites.

Zhenhui Jack Jiang==Weiquan Wang==Bernard C. Y. Tan==Jie Yu==

Duopoly Pricing Strategy for Information Products with Premium Service: Free Product or Bundling?

Zan Zhang==Guofang Nan==Minqiang Li==Yong Tan==

Impact of Network Structure on Malware Propagation: A Growth Curve Perspective.

Hong Guo==Hsing Kenneth Cheng==Ken Kelley==