nature - Volume 536

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nature - Volume 536 - Number 7617 - August 2016
New Theoretical Directions in Machine Learning.

David Haussler==

Learning Quickly When Irrelevant Attributes Abound: A New Linear-threshold Algorithm.

Nick Littlestone==

Queries and Concept Learning.

Dana Angluin==

Learning From Noisy Examples.

Dana Angluin==Philip D. Laird==

Criteria for Polynomial-Time (Conceptual) Clustering.

Leonard Pitt==Robert E. Reinke==

News and Notes.

Thomas G. Dietterich==

Machine Learning and Discovery.

Pat Langley==Ryszard S. Michalski==

Integrating Quantitative and Qualitative Discovery: The ABACUS System.

Brian Falkenhainer==Ryszard S. Michalski==

Determining Arguments of Invariant Functional Descriptions.

Mieczyslaw M. Kokar==

Chemical Discovery as Belief Revision.

Donald Rose==Pat Langley==

News and Notes.

Thomas G. Dietterich==

Computing: A faster brain-inspired computer.

Stephen E. Fienberg (1942-2016).

Robin Mejia==

A simple rule to determine which insolation cycles lead to interglacials.

P. C. Tzedakis==Michel Crucifix==Takahito Mitsui==Eric W. Wolff==

Decision-making: Be wary of 'ethical' artificial intelligence.

Michael Stocker==

Computing glitch may have doomed Mars lander.

Elizabeth Gibney==

Artificial intelligence: Deep neural reasoning.

Herbert Jaeger==

Hybrid computing using a neural network with dynamic external memory.

Alex Graves==Greg Wayne==Malcolm Reynolds==Tim Harley==Ivo Danihelka==Agnieszka Grabska-Barwinska==Sergio Gomez Colmenarejo==Edward Grefenstette==Tiago Ramalho==John Agapiou==Adrià Puigdomènech Badia==Karl Moritz Hermann==Yori Zwols==Georg Ostrovski==Adam Cain==Helen King==Christopher Summerfield==Phil Blunsom==Koray Kavukcuoglu==Demis Hassabis==

More accountability for big-data algorithms.

Quantum physics: City-wide teleportation.

Diverse activation pathways in class A GPCRs converge near the G-protein-coupling region.

A. J. Venkatakrishnan==Xavier Deupí==Guillaume Lebon==Franziska M. Heydenreich==Tilman Flock==Tamara Miljus==Santhanam Balaji==Michel Bouvier==Dmitry B. Veprintsev==Christopher G. Tate==Gebhard F. X. Schertler==M. Madan Babu==

nature - Volume 536 - Number 7616 - August 2016
Research Papers in Machine Learning.

Pat Langley==

Classifier Systems and the Animat Problem.

Stewart W. Wilson==

Learning Decision Lists.

Ronald L. Rivest==

Theory Change via View Application in Instructionless Learning.

Jeff Shrager==

News and Notes.

Thomas G. Dietterich==

Editorial: Human and Machine Learning.

Pat Langley==

Experimental Goal Regression: A Method for Learning Problem-Solving Heuristics.

Bruce W. Porter==Dennis F. Kibler==

Learning at the Knowledge Level.

Thomas G. Dietterich==

Incremental Learning from Noisy Data.

Jeffrey C. Schlimmer==Richard H. Granger==

News and Notes.

Yves Kodratoff==Gheorghe Tecuci==Thomas G. Dietterich==

Long-awaited mathematics proof could help scan Earth's innards.

Davide Castelvecchi==

D-Wave upgrade: How scientists are using the world's most controversial quantum computer.

Elizabeth Gibney==

Reform predictive policing.

Aaron Shapiro==

Compensatory water effects link yearly global land CO2 sink changes to temperature.

Martin Jung==Markus Reichstein==Christopher R. Schwalm==Christopher Huntingford==Stephen Sitch==Anders Ahlström==Almut Arneth==Gustau Camps-Valls==Philippe Ciais==Pierre Friedlingstein==Fabian Gans==Kazuhito Ichii==Atul K. Jain==Etsushi Kato==Dario Papale==Ben Poulter==Botond Raduly==Christian Rödenbeck==Gianluca Tramontana==Nicolas Viovy==Ying-Ping Wang==Ulrich Weber==Sönke Zaehle==Ning Zeng==

Neuroscience: Big brain, big data.

Esther Landhuis==

Tech giants open virtual worlds to bevy of AI programs.

Davide Castelvecchi==

Algorithms compete to predict recipe for cancer vaccine.

Heidi Ledford==

Digital education: Pedagogy online.

Mike Sharples==

History: Women who read the stars.

Sue Nelson==

Magnetic reversals from planetary dynamo waves.

Andrey Sheyko==Christopher C. Finlay==Andrew Jackson==

Electronics: Shortest transistor made.

Accurate de novo design of hyperstable constrained peptides.

Gaurav Bhardwaj==Vikram Khipple Mulligan==Christopher D. Bahl==Jason M. Gilmore==Peta J. Harvey==Olivier Cheneval==Garry W. Buchko==Surya V. S. R. K. Pulavarti==Quentin Kaas==Alexander Eletsky==Po-Ssu Huang==William A. Johnsen==Per Greisen==Gabriel J. Rocklin==Yifan Song==Thomas W. Linsky==Andrew Watkins==Stephen A. Rettie==Xianzhong Xu==Lauren P. Carter==Richard Bonneau==James M. Olson==Evangelos A. Coutsias==Colin E. Correnti==Thomas Szyperski==David J. Craik==David Baker==

Books in brief.

Barbara Kiser==

Seymour Papert (1928-2016).

Gary S. Stager==

The protein world.

Joshua Finkelstein==Alex Eccleston==Sadaf Shadan==

Mass-spectrometric exploration of proteome structure and function.

Ruedi Aebersold==Matthias Mann==

ExAC project pins down rare gene variants.

nature - Volume 536 - Number 7615 - August 2016
Machine Learning and Concept Formation.

Pat Langley==

Experiments with Incremental Concept Formation: UNIMEM.

Michael Lebowitz==

Knowledge Acquisition via Incremental Conceptual Clustering.

Douglas H. Fisher==

A Review of the Fourth International Workshop on Machine Learning.

Rogers P. Hall==

News and Notes.

Thomas G. Dietterich==

Editorial: The Terminology of Machine Learning.

Pat Langley==

Explanation-Based Learning: An Alternative View.

Gerald DeJong==Raymond J. Mooney==

A General Framework for Induction and a Study of Selective Induction.

Larry A. Rendell==

News and Notes.

Thomas G. Dietterich==Nicholas S. Flann==David C. Wilkins==

New CRISPR-Cas systems from uncultivated microbes.

David Burstein==Lucas B. Harrington==Steven C. Strutt==Alexander J. Probst==Karthik Anantharaman==Brian C. Thomas==Jennifer A. Doudna==Jillian F. Banfield==

Chinese AI company plans to mine health data faster than rivals.

David Cyranoski==

Google reveals secret test of AI bot to beat top Go players.

Elizabeth Gibney==

Certified randomness in quantum physics.

Antonio Acín==Lluis Masanes==

Designed proteins induce the formation of nanocage-containing extracellular vesicles.

Jörg Votteler==Cassandra Ogohara==Sue Yi==Yang Hsia==Una Nattermann==David M. Belnap==Neil P. King==Wesley I. Sundquist==

Capturing pairwise and multi-way chromosomal conformations using chromosomal walks.

Pedro Olivares-Chauvet==Zohar Mukamel==Aviezer Lifshitz==Omer Schwartzman==Noa Oded Elkayam==Yaniv Lubling==Gintaras Deikus==Robert P. Sebra==Amos Tanay==

Being able to explain your work to passers-by is laudable - but not always possible.

History: Untangling Alice.

Gillian Beer==

The dark side of the human genome.

Kelly Rae Chi==

Drug discovery: Designing the ideal opioid.

Brigitte L. Kieffer==

Structure-based discovery of opioid analgesics with reduced side effects.

Aashish Manglik==Henry Lin==Dipendra K. Aryal==John D. McCorvy==Daniela Dengler==Gregory Corder==Anat Levit==Ralf C. Kling==Viachaslau Bernat==Harald Hübner==Xi-Ping Huang==Maria F. Sassano==Patrick M. Giguère==Stefan Löber==Da Duan==Grégory Scherrer==Brian K. Kobilka==Peter Gmeiner==Bryan L. Roth==Brian K. Shoichet==

Steer driverless cars towards full automation.

John Baruch==

The bandwidth bottleneck that is throttling the Internet.

Jeff Hecht==

50 & 100 Years Ago.

A multi-modal parcellation of human cerebral cortex.

Matthew F. Glasser==Timothy S. Coalson==Emma C. Robinson==Carl D. Hacker==John W. Harwell==Essa Yacoub==Kamil Ugurbil==Jesper L. R. Andersson==Christian F. Beckmann==Mark Jenkinson==Stephen M. Smith==David C. Van Essen==

nature - Volume 536 - Number 7614 - August 2016
Machine Learning and Grammar Induction.

Pat Langley==

Learning Syntax by Automata Induction.

Robert C. Berwick==Samuel F. Pilato==

A Version Space Approach to Learning Context-free Grammars.

Kurt VanLehn==William Ball==

News and Notes.

Thomas G. Dietterich==

On Machine Learning.

Pat Langley==

Chunking in Soar: The Anatomy of a General Learning Mechanism.

John E. Laird==Paul S. Rosenbloom==Allen Newell==

Explanation-Based Generalization: A Unifying View.

Tom M. Mitchell==Richard M. Keller==Smadar T. Kedar-Cabelli==

Induction of Decision Trees.

J. Ross Quinlan==

A Theory of Historical Discovery: The Construction of Componential Models.

Jan M. Zytkow==Herbert A. Simon==

Astronomers explore uses for AI-generated images.

Davide Castelvecchi==

Medicine: The final frontier in cancer diagnosis.

Sancy A. Leachman==Glenn Merlino==

Dermatologist-level classification of skin cancer with deep neural networks.

Andre Esteva==Brett Kuprel==Roberto A. Novoa==Justin Ko==Susan M. Swetter==Helen M. Blau==Sebastian Thrun==

The Internet of Things comes to the lab.

Jeffrey M. Perkel==

How scientists use Slack.

Jeffrey M. Perkel==

Book publishing: University presses adapt.

Roger C. Schonfeld==

Trump: polls right, models wrong.

Brandon Steelman==

Quantum computing: Efficient fault tolerance.

Daniel Gottesman==

Corrigendum: Design of a hyperstable 60-subunit protein icosahedron.

Yang Hsia==Jacob B. Bale==Shane Gonen==Dan Shi==William Sheffler==Kimberly K. Fong==Una Nattermann==Chunfu Xu==Po-Ssu Huang==Rashmi Ravichandran==Sue Yi==Trisha N. Davis==Tamir Gonen==Neil P. King==David Baker==

Consistency in large pharmacogenomic studies.

Paul Geeleher==Eric R. Gamazon==Cathal Seoighe==Nancy J. Cox==R. Stephanie Huang==

Safikhani et al. reply.

Zhaleh Safikhani==Nehme Hachem==Petr Smirnov==Mark Freeman==Anna Goldenberg==Nicolai J. Birkbak==Andrew H. Beck==Hugo J. W. L. Aerts==John Quackenbush==Benjamin Haibe-Kains==

Single-cell RNA-seq identifies a PD-1hi ILC progenitor and defines its development pathway.

Yong Yu==Jason C. H. Tsang==Cui Wang==Simon Clare==Juexuan Wang==Xi Chen==Cordelia Brandt==Leanne Kane==Lia S. Campos==Liming Lu==Gabrielle T. Belz==Andrew N. J. McKenzie==Sarah A. Teichmann==Gordon Dougan==Pentao Liu==

Can we open the black box of AI?

Davide Castelvecchi==

Theoretical physics: Windows on the weird.

Robert P. Crease==

Cybernetics: A mathematician of mind.

Manuel Blum==

Majority of mathematicians hail from just 24 scientific 'families'.

Davide Castelvecchi==

How DNA could store all the world's data.

Andy Extance==

Books in brief.

Barbara Kiser==

Field studies: Could Pokémon Go boost birding?

Fabio de Oliveira Roque==

Corrigendum: Robust neuronal dynamics in premotor cortex during motor planning.

Nuo Li==Kayvon Daie==Karel Svoboda==Shaul Druckmann==

Monumental proof to torment mathematicians for years to come.

Davide Castelvecchi==

Legal confusion threatens to slow data science.

Simon Oxenham==