tist - Volume 5

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tist - Volume 5 - Number 4 - December 2014
Introduction to the Special Issue on Diversity and Discovery in Recommender Systems.

Pablo Castells==Jun Wang==Rubén Lara==Dell Zhang==

Multiobjective Pareto-Efficient Approaches for Recommender Systems.

Marco Túlio Ribeiro==Nivio Ziviani==Edleno Silva de Moura==Itamar Hata==Anísio Lacerda==Adriano Veloso==

On Unexpectedness in Recommender Systems: Or How to Better Expect the Unexpected.

Panagiotis Adamopoulos==Alexander Tuzhilin==

Diversifying Citation Recommendations.

Onur Küçüktunç==Erik Saule==Kamer Kaya==Ümit V. Çatalyürek==

Accurate and Novel Recommendations: An Algorithm Based on Popularity Forecasting.

Amin Javari==Mahdi Jalili==

Introduction to the Special Issue on Online Advertising.

Dou Shen==Deepak Agarwal==

Mining Mobile User Preferences for Personalized Context-Aware Recommendation.

Hengshu Zhu==Enhong Chen==Hui Xiong==Kuifei Yu==Huanhuan Cao==Jilei Tian==

Location- and Query-Aware Modeling of Browsing and Click Behavior in Sponsored Search.

Azin Ashkan==Charles L. A. Clarke==

Sponsored Search Auctions: Recent Advances and Future Directions.

Tao Qin==Wei Chen==Tie-Yan Liu==

Simple and Scalable Response Prediction for Display Advertising.

Olivier Chapelle==Eren Manavoglu==Rómer Rosales==

Real-Time Bid Optimization for Group-Buying Ads.

Raju Balakrishnan==Rushi P. Bhatt==

Improved Approaches with Calibrated Neighboring Joint Density to Steganalysis and Seam-Carved Forgery Detection in JPEG Images.

Qingzhong Liu==Zhongxue Chen==

Strategic Information Disclosure to People with Multiple Alternatives.

Amos Azaria==Zinovi Rabinovich==Claudia V. Goldman==Sarit Kraus==

Snap & Play: Auto-Generated Personalized Find-the-Difference Game.

Si Liu==Qiang Chen==Shuicheng Yan==Changsheng Xu==Hanqing Lu==

Choosing a Candidate Using Efficient Allocation of Biased Information.

Shulamit Reches==Meir Kalech==

Community Discovery from Social Media by Low-Rank Matrix Recovery.

Jinfeng Zhuang==Tao Mei==Steven C. H. Hoi==Xian-Sheng Hua==Yongdong Zhang==

Identifying Points of Interest Using Heterogeneous Features.

Yiyang Yang==Zhiguo Gong==Leong Hou U==

tist - Volume 5 - Number 3 - September 2014
Introduction to the Special Section on Urban Computing.

Yu Zheng==Licia Capra==Ouri Wolfson==Hai Yang==

Urban Computing: Concepts, Methodologies, and Applications.

Yu Zheng==Licia Capra==Ouri Wolfson==Hai Yang==

Model-Based Count Series Clustering for Bike Sharing System Usage Mining: A Case Study with the Vélib' System of Paris.

Etienne Côme==Latifa Oukhellou==

Mining User Check-In Behavior with a Random Walk for Urban Point-of-Interest Recommendations.

Josh Jia-Ching Ying==Wen-Ning Kuo==Vincent S. Tseng==Eric Hsueh-Chan Lu==

Using Digital Footprints for a City-Scale Traffic Simulation.

Gavin McArdle==Eoghan Furey==Aonghus Lawlor==Alexei Pozdnoukhov==

Charging and Storage Infrastructure Design for Electric Vehicles.

Marjan Momtazpour==Patrick Butler==Naren Ramakrishnan==M. Shahriar Hossain==Mohammad Chehreghani Bozchalui==Ratnesh K. Sharma==

Object-Oriented Travel Package Recommendation.

Chang Tan==Qi Liu==Enhong Chen==Hui Xiong==Xiang Wu==

Traffic Information Publication with Privacy Preservation.

Sashi Gurung==Dan Lin==Wei Jiang==Ali R. Hurson==Rui Zhang==

Measuring and Recommending Time-Sensitive Routes from Location-Based Data.

Hsun-Ping Hsieh==Cheng-Te Li==Shou-De Lin==

Check-ins in "Blau Space": Applying Blau's Macrosociological Theory to Foursquare Check-ins from New York City.

Kenneth Joseph==Kathleen M. Carley==Jason I. Hong==

Home Location Identification of Twitter Users.

Jalal Mahmud==Jeffrey Nichols==Clemens Drews==

Intelligent Interface for Textual Attitude Analysis.

Alena Neviarouskaya==Masaki Aono==Helmut Prendinger==Mitsuru Ishizuka==

A Unified Geolocation Framework for Web Videos.

Yicheng Song==Yongdong Zhang==Juan Cao==Jinhui Tang==Xingyu Gao==Jintao Li==

Personalized Recommendations of Locally Interesting Venues to Tourists via Cross-Region Community Matching.

Yi-Liang Zhao==Liqiang Nie==Xiangyu Wang==Tat-Seng Chua==

VSRank: A Novel Framework for Ranking-Based Collaborative Filtering.

Shuaiqiang Wang==Jiankai Sun==Byron J. Gao==Jun Ma==

tist - Volume 5 - Number 2 - April 2014
Introduction to the Special Issue on Linking Social Granularity and Functions.

Qi He==Juanzi Li==Rong Yan==John Yen==Haizheng Zhang==

Infer User Interests via Link Structure Regularization.

Jinpeng Wang==Wayne Xin Zhao==Yulan He==Xiaoming Li==

Cluster-Based Collaborative Filtering for Sign Prediction in Social Networks with Positive and Negative Links.

Amin Javari==Mahdi Jalili==

CIM: Community-Based Influence Maximization in Social Networks.

Yi-Cheng Chen==Wen-Yuan Zhu==Wen-Chih Peng==Wang-Chien Lee==Suh-Yin Lee==

Structure and Overlaps of Ground-Truth Communities in Networks.

Jaewon Yang==Jure Leskovec==

Joint Link Prediction and Attribute Inference Using a Social-Attribute Network.

Neil Zhenqiang Gong==Ameet Talwalkar==Lester W. Mackey==Ling Huang==Eui Chul Richard Shin==Emil Stefanov==Elaine Shi==Dawn Song==

Description-Driven Community Detection.

Simon Pool==Francesco Bonchi==Matthijs van Leeuwen==

Learning Probabilistic Hierarchical Task Networks as Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars to Capture User Preferences.

Nan Li==William Cushing==Subbarao Kambhampati==Sung Wook Yoon==

A Framework for Effectively Choosing between Alternative Candidate Partners.

Shulamit Reches==Meir Kalech==Philip Hendrix==

Conveying Semantics through Visual Metaphor.

Derrall Heath==David Norton==Dan Ventura==

Mining Check-In History for Personalized Location Naming.

Defu Lian==Xing Xie==

Exploiting User Preference for Online Learning in Web Content Optimization Systems.

Jiang Bian==Bo Long==Lihong Li==Taesup Moon==Anlei Dong==Yi Chang==

AutoLCA: A Framework for Sustainable Redesign and Assessment of Products.

M. Shahriar Hossain==Manish Marwah==Amip Shah==Layne T. Watson==Naren Ramakrishnan==

Multi-Label Classification Based on Multi-Objective Optimization.

Chuan Shi==Xiangnan Kong==Di Fu==Philip S. Yu==Bin Wu==

Detecting Social Media Hidden Communities Using Dynamic Stochastic Blockmodel with Temporal Dirichlet Process.

Xuning Tang==Christopher C. Yang==

tist - Volume 5 - Number 1 - December 2013
Introduction to special section on intelligent mobile knowledge discovery and management systems.

Hui Xiong==Shashi Shekhar==Alexander Tuzhilin==

Mining geographic-temporal-semantic patterns in trajectories for location prediction.

Josh Jia-Ching Ying==Wang-Chien Lee==Vincent S. Tseng==

A framework of traveling companion discovery on trajectory data streams.

Lu An Tang==Yu Zheng==Jing Yuan==Jiawei Han==Alice Leung==Wen-Chih Peng==Thomas F. La Porta==

Mondrian tree: A fast index for spatial alarm processing.

Myungcheol Doo==Ling Liu==

Introduction to the special issue on social web mining.

Francesco Bonchi==Wray L. Buntine==Ricard Gavaldà==Shengbo Guo==

Dynamic joint sentiment-topic model.

Yulan He==Chenghua Lin==Wei Gao==Kam-Fai Wong==

Personalized emerging topic detection based on a term aging model.

Mario Cataldi==Luigi Di Caro==Claudio Schifanella==

Forecasting with twitter data.

Marta Arias==Argimiro Arratia==Ramon Xuriguera==

Campaign extraction from social media.

Kyumin Lee==James Caverlee==Zhiyuan Cheng==Daniel Z. Sui==

Computationally efficient link prediction in a variety of social networks.

Michael Fire==Lena Tenenboim-Chekina==Rami Puzis==Ofrit Lesser==Lior Rokach==Yuval Elovici==

Community detection and visualization in social networks: Integrating structural and semantic information.

Juan David Cruz==Cécile Bothorel==François Poulet==

Personalized tag recommendation based on generalized rules.

Luca Cagliero==Alessandro Fiori==Luigi Grimaudo==

Active learning strategies for rating elicitation in collaborative filtering: A system-wide perspective.

Mehdi Elahi==Francesco Ricci==Neil Rubens==

Analyzing user behavior across social sharing environments.

Pasquale De Meo==Emilio Ferrara==Fabian Abel==Lora Aroyo==Geert-Jan Houben==

Audio classification with low-rank matrix representation features.

Ziqiang Shi==Jiqing Han==Tieran Zheng==

Trust and matching algorithms for selecting suitable agents.

Nardine Osman==Carles Sierra==Fiona McNeill==Juan Pane==John K. Debenham==

Monitoring business constraints with the event calculus.

Marco Montali==Fabrizio Maria Maggi==Federico Chesani==Paola Mello==Wil M. P. van der Aalst==

A SAT-based approach to cost-sensitive temporally expressive planning.

Qiang Lu==Ruoyun Huang==Yixin Chen==You Xu==Weixiong Zhang==Guoliang Chen==

Relational term-suggestion graphs incorporating multipartite concept and expertise networks.

Jyh-Ren Shieh==Ching-Yung Lin==Shun-Xuan Wang==Ja-Ling Wu==

Effective and efficient microprocessor design space exploration using unlabeled design configurations.

Tianshi Chen==Yunji Chen==Qi Guo==Zhi-Hua Zhou==Ling Li==Zhiwei Xu==

Norms as a basis for governing sociotechnical systems.

Munindar P. Singh==