tist - Volume 6

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tist - Volume 6 - Number 4 - August 2015
Extracting City Traffic Events from Social Streams.

Pramod Anantharam==Payam M. Barnaghi==Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan==Amit P. Sheth==

Automated Generation of Counterterrorism Policies Using Multiexpert Input.

Anshul Sawant==John P. Dickerson==Mohammad Taghi Hajiaghayi==V. S. Subrahmanian==

Online Planning for Large Markov Decision Processes with Hierarchical Decomposition.

Aijun Bai==Feng Wu==Xiaoping Chen==

Soter: Smart Bracelets for Children's Safety.

Yanfang Ye==Tao Li==Haiyin Shen==

Peacock: Learning Long-Tail Topic Features for Industrial Applications.

Yi Wang==Xuemin Zhao==Zhenlong Sun==Hao Yan==Lifeng Wang==Zhihui Jin==Liubin Wang==Yang Gao==Ching Law==Jia Zeng==

Automated Pricing in a Multiagent Prediction Market Using a Partially Observable Stochastic Game.

Janyl Jumadinova==Prithviraj Dasgupta==

Effective Social Graph Deanonymization Based on Graph Structure and Descriptive Information.

Hao Fu==Aston Zhang==Xing Xie==

Hazy Image Restoration by Bi-Histogram Modification.

Bo-Hao Chen==Shih-Chia Huang==Jian-Hui Ye==

Introduction to the ACM TIST Special Issue on Intelligent Healthcare Informatics.

Carlo Combi==Jiming Liu==

Analyzing Activity Recognition Uncertainties in Smart Home Environments.

Eunju Kim==Sumi Helal==Chris D. Nugent==Mark Beattie==

Design of a Predictive Scheduling System to Improve Assisted Living Services for Elders.

Valeria Soto-Mendoza==J. Antonio García-Macías==Edgar Chávez==Ana I. Martínez-Garcia==Jesús Favela==Patricia Serrano-Alvarado==Maythé R. Zúñiga Rojas==

Empowering Patients and Caregivers to Manage Healthcare Via Streamlined Presentation of Web Objects Selected by Modeling Learning Benefits Obtained by Similar Peers.

John Champaign==Robin Cohen==Disney Yan Lam==

Using Health-Consumer-Contributed Data to Detect Adverse Drug Reactions by Association Mining with Temporal Analysis.

Haodong Yang==Christopher C. Yang==

Estimating a Ranked List of Human Genetic Diseases by Associating Phenotype-Gene with Gene-Disease Bipartite Graphs.

Md Zia Ullah==Masaki Aono==Md. Hanif Seddiqui==

MeTA: Characterization of Medical Treatments at Different Abstraction Levels.

Dario Antonelli==Elena Baralis==Giulia Bruno==Luca Cagliero==Tania Cerquitelli==Silvia Chiusano==Paolo Garza==Naeem A. Mahoto==

Smart Colonography for Distributed Medical Databases with Group Kernel Feature Analysis.

Yuichi Motai==Dingkun Ma==Alen Docef==Hiroyuki Yoshida==

Recognition of Patient-Related Named Entities in Noisy Tele-Health Texts.

Mi-Young Kim==Ying Xu==Osmar R. Zaïane==Randy Goebel==

tist - Volume 6 - Number 3 - May 2015
Trajectory Data Mining: An Overview.

Yu Zheng==

Identifying Authorities in Online Communities.

Mohamed Bouguessa==Lotfi Ben Romdhane==

Who Will Retweet This? Detecting Strangers from Twitter to Retweet Information.

Kyumin Lee==Jalal Mahmud==Jilin Chen==Michelle X. Zhou==Jeffrey Nichols==

Simplifying Data Disclosure Configurations in a Cloud Computing Environment.

Ron Hirschprung==Eran Toch==Oded Maimon==

User-Specific Feature-Based Similarity Models for Top-n Recommendation of New Items.

Asmaa Elbadrawy==George Karypis==

TerraFly GeoCloud: An Online Spatial Data Analysis and Visualization System.

Mingjin Zhang==Huibo Wang==Yun Lu==Tao Li==Yudong Guang==Chang Liu==Erik Edrosa==Hongtai Li==Naphtali Rishe==

Significant Correlation Pattern Mining in Smart Homes.

Yi-Cheng Chen==Wen-Chih Peng==Jiun-Long Huang==Wang-Chien Lee==

An Introduction to the Special Issue on Participatory Sensing and Crowd Intelligence.

Bin Guo==Alvin Chin==Zhiwen Yu==Runhe Huang==Daqing Zhang==

Sensing the Pulse of Urban Refueling Behavior: A Perspective from Taxi Mobility.

Fuzheng Zhang==Nicholas Jing Yuan==David Wilkie==Yu Zheng==Xing Xie==

Ohmage: A General and Extensible End-to-End Participatory Sensing Platform.

Hongsuda Tangmunarunkit==Cheng-Kang Hsieh==Brent Longstaff==S. Nolen==John Jenkins==Cameron Ketcham==Joshua Selsky==Faisal Alquaddoomi==Dony George==Jinha Kang==Z. Khalapyan==Jeroen Ooms==Nithya Ramanathan==Deborah Estrin==

EEMC: Enabling Energy-Efficient Mobile Crowdsensing with Anonymous Participants.

Haoyi Xiong==Daqing Zhang==Leye Wang==J. Paul Gibson==Jie Zhu==

City-Scale Social Event Detection and Evaluation with Taxi Traces.

Wangsheng Zhang==Guande Qi==Gang Pan==Hua Lu==Shijian Li==Zhaohui Wu==

Activity Sensor: Check-In Usage Mining for Local Recommendation.

Jitao Sang==Tao Mei==Changsheng Xu==

An Event-Driven QoI-Aware Participatory Sensing Framework with Energy and Budget Constraints.

Bo Zhang==Zheng Song==Chi Harold Liu==Jian Ma==Wendong Wang==

tist - Volume 6 - Number 2 - May 2015
Visual Understanding with RGB-D Sensors: An Introduction to the Special Issue.

Richang Hong==Shuicheng Yan==Zhengyou Zhang==

Kinect Depth Recovery Using a Color-Guided, Region-Adaptive, and Depth-Selective Framework.

Chongyu Chen==Jianfei Cai==Jianmin Zheng==Tat-Jen Cham==Guangming Shi==

Depth Error Elimination for RGB-D Cameras.

Yue Gao==You Yang==Yi Zhen==Qionghai Dai==

A Combined Approach Toward Consistent Reconstructions of Indoor Spaces Based on 6D RGB-D Odometry and KinectFusion.

Nadia Figueroa==Haiwei Dong==Abdulmotaleb El-Saddik==

Robust Multiview Feature Learning for RGB-D Image Understanding.

Zheng-Jun Zha==Yang Yang==Jinhui Tang==Meng Wang==Tat-Seng Chua==

From RGB-D Images to RGB Images: Single Labeling for Mining Visual Models.

Quanshi Zhang==Xuan Song==Xiaowei Shao==Huijing Zhao==Ryosuke Shibasaki==

Accurate and Robust Moving-Object Segmentation for Telepresence Systems.

Meiyu Huang==Yiqiang Chen==Wen Ji==Chunyan Miao==

Fusing Multiple Features for Depth-Based Action Recognition.

Yu Zhu==Wenbin Chen==Guodong Guo==

An Evaluation of Gamesourced Data for Human Pose Estimation.

Scott Spurlock==Richard Souvenir==

Latent Support Vector Machine Modeling for Sign Language Recognition with Kinect.

Chao Sun==Tianzhu Zhang==Changsheng Xu==

A Real-Time Hand Posture Recognition System Using Deep Neural Networks.

Ao Tang==Ke Lu==Yufei Wang==Jie Huang==Houqiang Li==

Real-Time System for Driver Fatigue Detection by RGB-D Camera.

Liyan Zhang==Fan Liu==Jinhui Tang==

An Approach to Ballet Dance Training through MS Kinect and Visualization in a CAVE Virtual Reality Environment.

Matthew J. Kyan==Guoyu Sun==Haiyan Li==Ling Zhong==Paisarn Muneesawang==Nan Dong==Bruce Elder==Ling Guan==

Exploring Spatial Correlation for Visual Object Retrieval.

Miaojing Shi==Xinghai Sun==Dacheng Tao==Chao Xu==George Baciu==Hong Liu==

Pattern Matching Techniques for Replacing Missing Sections of Audio Streamed across Wireless Networks.

Jonathan Doherty==Kevin Curran==Paul McKevitt==

An Association-Based Unified Framework for Mining Features and Opinion Words.

Zhen Hai==Kuiyu Chang==Gao Cong==Christopher C. Yang==

A Hybrid Multigroup Coclustering Recommendation Framework Based on Information Fusion.

Shanshan Huang==Jun Ma==Peizhe Cheng==Shuaiqiang Wang==

Data Mining of Online Genealogy Datasets for Revealing Lifespan Patterns in Human Population.

Michael Fire==Yuval Elovici==

tist - Volume 6 - Number 1 - March 2015
When Location Meets Social Multimedia: A Survey on Vision-Based Recognition and Mining for Geo-Social Multimedia Analytics.

Rongrong Ji==Yue Gao==Wei Liu==Xing Xie==Qi Tian==Xuelong Li==

A Fast Parallel Stochastic Gradient Method for Matrix Factorization in Shared Memory Systems.

Wei-Sheng Chin==Yong Zhuang==Yu-Chin Juan==Chih-Jen Lin==

Transfer Learning across Feature-Rich Heterogeneous Feature Spaces via Feature-Space Remapping (FSR).

Kyle D. Feuz==Diane J. Cook==

On Discovery of Spatiotemporal Influence-Based Moving Clusters.

Dhaval Patel==

Identifying Controversial Wikipedia Articles Using Editor Collaboration Networks.

Hoda Sepehri Rad==Denilson Barbosa==

Resources Sequencing Using Automatic Prerequisite-Outcome Annotation.

Sahar Changuel==Nicolas Labroche==Bernadette Bouchon-Meunier==

Modeling the Thermal Dynamics of Buildings: A Latent-Force- Model-Based Approach.

Siddhartha Ghosh==Steven Reece==Alex Rogers==Stephen J. Roberts==Areej Malibari==Nicholas R. Jennings==

A Sparse Projection and Low-Rank Recovery Framework for Handwriting Representation and Salient Stroke Feature Extraction.

Zhao Zhang==Cheng-Lin Liu==Ming-Bo Zhao==

Combining Sketching and Traditional Diagram Editing Tools.

Gem Stapleton==Beryl Plimmer==Aidan Delaney==Peter J. Rodgers==