tist - Volume 7

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tist - Volume 7 - Number 4 - July 2016
Introduction to the Special Issue on Crowd in Intelligent Systems.

Kuan-Ta Chen==Omar Alonso==Martha Larson==Irwin King==

Crowdsourcing Without a Crowd: Reliable Online Species Identification Using Bayesian Models to Minimize Crowd Size.

Advaith Siddharthan==Christopher Lambin==Anne-Marie Robinson==Nirwan Sharma==Richard Comont==Elaine O'Mahony==Chris Mellish==René van der Wal==

A Crowd-Powered System for Fashion Similarity Search.

Theodoros Semertzidis==Jasminko Novak==Michalis Lazaridis==Mark S. Melenhorst==Isabel Micheel==Dimitrios Michalopoulos==Martin Böckle==Michael G. Strintzis==Petros Daras==

Rapid Low-Cost Virtual Human Bootstrapping via the Crowd.

Michael Borish==Benjamin Lok==

Incentives for Effort in Crowdsourcing Using the Peer Truth Serum.

Goran Radanovic==Boi Faltings==Radu Jurca==

PPLib: Toward the Automated Generation of Crowd Computing Programs Using Process Recombination and Auto-Experimentation.

Patrick M. De Boer==Abraham Bernstein==

Using the Crowd to Improve Search Result Ranking and the Search Experience.

Yubin Kim==Kevyn Collins-Thompson==Jaime Teevan==

Crowdsourcing Empathetic Intelligence: The Case of the Annotation of EMMA Database for Emotion and Mood Recognition.

Christina Katsimerou==Joris Albeda==Alina Huldtgren==Ingrid Heynderickx==Judith A. Redi==

Using Crowdsourcing for Scientific Analysis of Industrial Tomographic Images.

Chen Chen==Pawel Wozniak==Andrzej Romanowski==Mohammad Obaid==Tomasz Jaworski==Jacek Kucharski==Krzysztof Grudzien==Shengdong Zhao==Morten Fjeld==

CITY FEED: A Pilot System of Citizen-Sourcing for City Issue Management.

Linlin You==Gianmario Motta==Kaixu Liu==Tianyi Ma==

Leveraging Human Computations to Improve Schematization of Spatial Relations from Imagery.

Huaming Rao==Shih-Wen Huang==Wai-Tat Fu==

A Game-Theory Approach for Effective Crowdsource-Based Relevance Assessment.

Yashar Moshfeghi==Alvaro Francisco Huertas-Rosero==Joemon M. Jose==

Crowdsourcing Human Annotation on Web Page Structure: Infrastructure Design and Behavior-Based Quality Control.

Shuguang Han==Peng Dai==Praveen Paritosh==David Huynh==

Modality-Dependent Cross-Media Retrieval.

Yunchao Wei==Yao Zhao==Zhenfeng Zhu==Shikui Wei==Yanhui Xiao==Jiashi Feng==Shuicheng Yan==

Designing Noise-Minimal Rotorcraft Approach Trajectories.

Robert A. Morris==Matthew Johnson==Kristen Brent Venable==James Lindsey==

STCAPLRS: A Spatial-Temporal Context-Aware Personalized Location Recommendation System.

Quan Fang==Changsheng Xu==M. Shamim Hossain==Ghulam Muhammad==

Efficient Generalized Fused Lasso and Its Applications.

Bo Xin==Yoshinobu Kawahara==Yizhou Wang==Lingjing Hu==Wen Gao==

Multimodular Text Normalization of Dutch User-Generated Content.

Sarah Schulz==Guy De Pauw==Orphée De Clercq==Bart Desmet==Véronique Hoste==Walter Daelemans==Lieve Macken==

Robust Decentralized Low-Rank Matrix Decomposition.

István Hegedüs==Árpád Berta==Levente Kocsis==András A. Benczúr==Márk Jelasity==

Telco User Activity Level Prediction with Massive Mobile Broadband Data.

Chen Luo==Jia Zeng==Mingxuan Yuan==Wenyuan Dai==Qiang Yang==

Coranking the Future Influence of Multiobjects in Bibliographic Network Through Mutual Reinforcement.

Senzhang Wang==Sihong Xie==Xiaoming Zhang==Zhoujun Li==Philip S. Yu==Yueying He==

Multitask Low-Rank Affinity Graph for Image Segmentation and Image Annotation.

Teng Li==Bin Cheng==Bingbing Ni==Guangchan Liu==Shuicheng Yan==

tist - Volume 7 - Number 3 - April 2016
Beyond Relevance: Explicitly Promoting Novelty and Diversity in Tag Recommendation.

Fabiano Muniz Belém==Carolina S. Batista==Rodrygo L. T. Santos==Jussara M. Almeida==Marcos André Gonçalves==

Parameterized Decay Model for Information Retrieval.

Jiaul H. Paik==

Mutual Component Analysis for Heterogeneous Face Recognition.

Zhifeng Li==Dihong Gong==Qiang Li==Dacheng Tao==Xuelong Li==

Generating Incremental Length Summary Based on Hierarchical Topic Coverage Maximization.

Jintao Ye==Zhaoyan Ming==Tat-Seng Chua==

Participatory Cultural Mapping Based on Collective Behavior Data in Location-Based Social Networks.

Dingqi Yang==Daqing Zhang==Bingqing Qu==

Location Prediction: A Temporal-Spatial Bayesian Model.

Yantao Jia==Yuanzhuo Wang==Xiaolong Jin==Xueqi Cheng==

Video Face Editing Using Temporal-Spatial-Smooth Warping.

Xiaoyan Li==Tongliang Liu==Jiankang Deng==Dacheng Tao==

Multimedia News Summarization in Search.

Zechao Li==Jinhui Tang==Xueming Wang==Jing Liu==Hanqing Lu==

S-SMART: A Unified Bayesian Framework for Simultaneous Semantic Mapping, Activity Recognition, and Tracking.

Michael Hardegger==Daniel Roggen==Alberto Calatroni==Gerhard Tröster==

Incentive Mechanism Design for Crowdsourcing: An All-Pay Auction Approach.

Tie Luo==Sajal K. Das==Hwee Pink Tan==Lirong Xia==

Intelligent Evacuation Management Systems: A Review.

Azhar Mohd Ibrahim==Ibrahim Venkat==K. G. Subramanian==Ahamad Tajudin Khader==Philippe De Wilde==

A Comprehensive Survey on Pose-Invariant Face Recognition.

Changxing Ding==Dacheng Tao==

Introduction to the Special Issue on Recommender System Benchmarking.

Paolo Cremonesi==Alan Said==Domonkos Tikk==Michelle X. Zhou==

Relevance Meets Coverage: A Unified Framework to Generate Diversified Recommendations.

Le Wu==Qi Liu==Enhong Chen==Nicholas Jing Yuan==Guangming Guo==Xing Xie==

The Role of Cores in Recommender Benchmarking for Social Bookmarking Systems.

Stephan Doerfel==Robert Jäschke==Gerd Stumme==

A Framework for Dataset Benchmarking and Its Application to a New Movie Rating Dataset.

Simon Dooms==Alejandro Bellogín==Toon De Pessemier==Luc Martens==

A Novel Classification Framework for Evaluating Individual and Aggregate Diversity in Top-N Recommendations.

Jennifer Moody==David H. Glass==

Anytime Algorithms for Recommendation Service Providers.

David Ben-Shimon==Lior Rokach==Guy Shani==Bracha Shapira==

tist - Volume 7 - Number 2 - January 2016
On Estimation of Functional Causal Models: General Results and Application to the Post-Nonlinear Causal Model.

Kun Zhang==Zhikun Wang==Jiji Zhang==Bernhard Schölkopf==

From Observational Studies to Causal Rule Mining.

Jiuyong Li==Thuc Duy Le==Lin Liu==Jixue Liu==Zhou Jin==Bing-Yu Sun==Saisai Ma==

Gestures à Go Go: Authoring Synthetic Human-Like Stroke Gestures Using the Kinematic Theory of Rapid Movements.

Luis A. Leiva==Daniel Martín-Albo==Réjean Plamondon==

Event Extraction using Structured Learning and Rich Domain Knowledge: Application across Domains and Data Sources.

Einat Minkov==

Preface to the ACM TIST Special Issue on Causal Discovery and Inference.

Kun Zhang==Jiuyong Li==Elias Bareinboim==Bernhard Schölkopf==Judea Pearl==

Sharp Bounds on Survivor Average Causal Effects When the Outcome Is Binary and Truncated by Death.

Na Shan==Xiaogang Dong==Ping-Feng Xu==Jianhua Guo==

Semiparametric Inference of the Complier Average Causal Effect with Nonignorable Missing Outcomes.

Hua Chen==Peng Ding==Zhi Geng==Xiao-Hua Zhou==

Bounds on Direct and Indirect Effects of Treatment on a Continuous Endpoint.

Peng Luo==Zhi Geng==

Causal Discovery on Discrete Data with Extensions to Mixture Model.

Furui Liu==Laiwan Chan==

Gaussian Processes for Independence Tests with Non-iid Data in Causal Inference.

Seth R. Flaxman==Daniel B. Neill==Alexander J. Smola==

Learning Perceptual Causality from Video.

Amy Sue Fire==Song-Chun Zhu==

A Novel Continuous and Structural VAR Modeling Approach and Its Application to Reactor Noise Analysis.

Marina Demeshko==Takashi Washio==Yoshinobu Kawahara==Yuriy Pepyolyshev==

A Causal Approach to the Study of TCP Performance.

Hadrien Hours==Ernst Biersack==Patrick Loiseau==

tist - Volume 7 - Number 1 - October 2015
Learning to Rank from Noisy Data.

Wenkui Ding==Xiubo Geng==Xu-Dong Zhang==

Local Structure-Based Sparse Representation for Face Recognition.

Fan Liu==Jinhui Tang==Yan Song==Liyan Zhang==Zhenmin Tang==

On Optimizing Airline Ticket Purchase Timing.

William Groves==Maria L. Gini==

Nonnegative Multiresolution Representation-Based Texture Image Classification.

Yongsheng Dong==Dacheng Tao==Xuelong Li==

Multi-Keyword Multi-Click Advertisement Option Contracts for Sponsored Search.

Bowei Chen==Jun Wang==Ingemar J. Cox==Mohan S. Kankanhalli==

Analysis of the Impact of a Tag Recommendation System in a Real-World Folksonomy.

Frederic Font==Joan Serrà==Xavier Serra==

A Hybrid Background Subtraction Method with Background and Foreground Candidates Detection.

Fan-Chieh Cheng==Bo-Hao Chen==Shih-Chia Huang==

On Learning Prediction Models for Tourists Paths.

Cristina Ioana Muntean==Franco Maria Nardini==Fabrizio Silvestri==Ranieri Baraglia==

Where2Stand: A Human Position Recommendation System for Souvenir Photography.

Yinting Wang==Mingli Song==Dacheng Tao==Yong Rui==Jiajun Bu==Ah Chung Tsoi==Shaojie Zhuo==Ping Tan==

Metastrategies in Large-Scale Bargaining Settings.

Daniel Hennes==Steven de Jong==Karl Tuyls==Ya'akov (Kobi) Gal==

Spatiotemporal Sequential Influence Modeling for Location Recommendations: A Gravity-based Approach.

Jia-Dong Zhang==Chi-Yin Chow==

On-Device Mobile Landmark Recognition Using Binarized Descriptor with Multifeature Fusion.

Tao Guan==Yuesong Wang==Liya Duan==Rongrong Ji==