Data science and AI are a mess… and your startup might be making it worse

作者:Cassie Kozyrkov 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-03-07 02:21:36

Controlling Fake News using Graphs and Statistics

Fair Elections, Secure Transactions, and unbiased recommendations?

作者:Rahul Agarwal 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-03-07 01:21:10

Why I Left a Job I Loved in AI/ML

My journey from ML Engineer to startup Founder

作者:Luke Posey 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-03-07 01:02:15

The Most Useful ML Tools 2020

5 sets of tools every lazy full-stack data scientist should use

作者:Ian Xiao 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-03-06 23:57:53

NLP Research Highlights

Introducing a new dedicated series to highlight the latest interesting natural language processing (NLP) research.

作者:Elvis 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-03-06 20:49:45

Using Word Embeddings as a Method for Journalistic Research

To analyze the context of words in political speeches, I had to cross the border to computational linguistics.

作者:Martina Schories 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-03-06 03:07:43

Top 10 Courses to learn TensorFlow for Machine Learning in 2020

f you are curious about Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Machine Learning, then I am sure you have heard about TensorFlow…

作者:javinpaul 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-03-06 01:21:18

Google Believes Machine Learning Frameworks Need Five Key Things to Reach Mainstream Developers

Google Research conducted a detailed survey within TensorFlow.js developers to determine the key elements that streamline adoption of…

作者:Jesus Rodriguez 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-03-06 00:01:03

“The 3 ingredients to our success.” | Winners dish on their solution to Google’s QUEST Q&A Labeling

First place foursome, ‘Bibimorph’ share their winning approach to the Quest Q&A Labeling competition by Google, and more!

作者:Kaggle Team 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-03-05 21:09:44

Architecture for High-Throughput Low-Latency Big Data Pipeline on Cloud

Scalable and efficient data pipelines are as important for the success of analytics and ML as reliable supply lines are for winning a war.

作者:Satish Chandra Gupta 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-03-05 18:41:20

Image Captioning using Attention Mechanism


作者:Subham Sarkar 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-03-05 18:26:38

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Film Production

For well over a century, major Hollywood studios have used the same top-down management process to create movies. This archaic system has…

作者:Maria Johnsen 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-03-05 18:12:48

No labels? No problem!

Machine learning without labels using Snorkel

作者:Josh Taylor 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-03-05 13:35:22

Mastering Date and Time Manipulations with Python and Pandas

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know.

作者:Dario Radečić 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-03-05 06:15:56

Why we built an ML platform for developers—not just data scientists

Focusing on the people who build products

作者:Caleb Kaiser 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-03-05 05:55:10