Training a Neural Network Can Emit More Than 600,000 Pounds of CO2. But Not for Long.

A new technique for training and running a neural network, proposed by researchers at MIT, has a much smaller carbon footprint

作者:Drew Costley 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-05-15 22:22:09

Python vs. R: Which is good for Machine Learning?

Let the battle begin between Python vs R

作者:Manav Jain 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-05-15 14:32:10

9 Things You Should Know about Scikit-Learn 0.23 🎉

Get the lowdown on the latest version of the Python machine learning library

作者:Jeff Hale 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-05-14 23:05:13

Uber Unveils Its New Data Quality Management Solution

Data Quality Monitor implements novel statistical methods for anomaly detection and quality management in large data infrastructures.

作者:Jesus Rodriguez 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-05-14 12:37:53

Build your first Anomaly Detector in Power BI using PyCaret

A step-by-step tutorial for implementing anomaly detection in Power BI

作者:Moez Ali 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-05-14 11:52:37

9 pandas visualizations techniques for effective data analysis

Learn how to use line graphs, scatter plots, histograms, boxplots, and a few other visualization techniques using pandas library only

作者:Magdalena Konkiewicz 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-05-14 03:11:32

Don’t Democratize Data Science

A plethora of online courses and tools promise to democratize the field, but just learning a few basic skills does not a true data…

作者:Rahul Agarwal 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-05-14 03:09:37

Image segmentation in 2020

Architectures, Losses, Datasets, and Frameworks

作者:Jakub Czakon 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-05-13 21:01:53

Python Collections You Should Always Be Using

Python collections is an underrated library, and it can step up your coding to the next level.

作者:Dorel Masasa 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-05-13 20:30:00

Practical reasons to learn Mathematics for Data Science

Demystifying the need for learning math to deal with real-world challenges thrown your way as an ML practitioner

作者:Harshit Tyagi 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-05-13 12:19:15

Bye Bye Big Data!

Everyone used to say that big data was the future. Was it wrong? What about now?

作者:Julia Di Russo 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-05-13 05:48:04

7 Handy Use Cases Of Dictionary Comprehensions In Python

Flattening, inverting, merging, filtering, and more

作者:Anupam Chugh 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-05-13 02:08:35

Intro to Markov Chain Monte Carlo

MCMC Explained and Applied to Logistic Regression

作者:John Clements 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-05-12 13:13:01

Resources I wish I knew when I started out with Data Science

A Powerful Learning Guide for Serious Data Scientists

作者:Jason Dsouza 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-05-09 22:42:47

Predicting Wine Quality with Several Classification Techniques

A data science project walkthrough with code!

作者:Terence S 来源:medium

发布时间:2020-05-09 03:47:11