adcm - Volume 43

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adcm - Volume 43 - Number 6 - December 2017
A fully diagonalized spectral method using generalized Laguerre functions on the half line.

Fu-jun Liu==Zhong-qing Wang==Hui-yuan Li==

Solving F(z + 1) = b F(z) in the complex plane.

William Paulsen==Samuel Cowgill==

A note on Taylor boundary conditions for accurate image restoration.

Pietro Dell'Acqua==

A simple finite element method for the Stokes equations.

Lin Mu==Xiu Ye==

Computing ultra-precise eigenvalues of the Laplacian within polygons.

Robert Stephen Jones==

Constructing radial kernels with higher-order generalized Strang-Fix conditions.

Wenwu Gao==Zongmin Wu==

A matrix method for fractional Sturm-Liouville problems on bounded domain.

Paolo Ghelardoni==Cecilia Magherini==

New approximations to the principal real-valued branch of the Lambert W-function.

Roberto Iacono==John P. Boyd==

An h-p version of the continuous Petrov-Galerkin method for Volterra delay-integro-differential equations.

Lina Wang==Lijun Yi==

Inverted finite elements for div-curl systems in the whole space.

Tahar Zamène Boulmezaoud==Keltoum Kaliche==Nabil Kerdid==

adcm - Volume 43 - Number 5 - October 2017
Parameter-uniform numerical method for singularly perturbed convection-diffusion problem on a circular domain.

Alan F. Hegarty==Eugene O'Riordan==

A fractional spectral method with applications to some singular problems.

Dianming Hou==Chuanju Xu==

Multiobjective PDE-constrained optimization using the reduced-basis method.

Laura Iapichino==S. Ulbrich==Stefan Volkwein==

A fast discrete spectral method for stochastic partial differential equations.

Yanzhao Cao==Ying Jiang==Yuesheng Xu==

Improved maximum-norm a posteriori error estimates for linear and semilinear parabolic equations.

Natalia Kopteva==Torsten Linß==

Dimension-by-dimension moment-based central Hermite WENO schemes for directly solving Hamilton-Jacobi equations.

Zhanjing Tao==Jianxian Qiu==

Hermite subdivision on manifolds via parallel transport.

Caroline Moosmüller==

Second kind boundary integral equation for multi-subdomain diffusion problems.

Xavier Claeys==Ralf Hiptmair==Elke Spindler==

A study of the influence of center conditions on the domain of parameters of Newton's method by using recurrence relations.

J. A. Ezquerro==M. A. Hernández-Verón==

Families of univariate and bivariate subdivision schemes originated from quartic B-spline.

Ghulam Mustafa==Rabia Hameed==

Construction and analysis of higher order variational integrators for dynamical systems with holonomic constraints.

Theresa Wenger==Sina Ober-Blöbaum==Sigrid Leyendecker==

A well-balanced van Leer-type numerical scheme for shallow water equations with variable topography.

Dao Huy Cuong==Mai Duc Thanh==

adcm - Volume 43 - Number 4 - August 2017
Area preserving maps and volume preserving maps between a class of polyhedrons and a sphere.

Adrian Holhos==Daniela Rosca==

Numerical approaches to the functional distribution of anomalous diffusion with both traps and flights.

Zhijiang Zhang==Weihua Deng==

Local cubic splines on non-uniform grids and real-time computation of wavelet transform.

Amir Averbuch==Pekka Neittaanmäki==Etay Shefi==Valery A. Zheludev==

Supercloseness of the SDFEM on Shishkin triangular meshes for problems with exponential layers.

Jin Zhang==Xiaowei Liu==

Bézier form of dual bivariate Bernstein polynomials.

Stanislaw Lewanowicz==Pawel Keller==Pawel Wozny==

Superconvergence of immersed finite element methods for interface problems.

Waixiang Cao==Xu Zhang==Zhimin Zhang==

Numerical analysis of a second order algorithm for simplified magnetohydrodynamic flows.

Yao Rong==Yanren Hou==Yuhong Zhang==

A family of non-oscillatory 6-point interpolatory subdivision schemes.

Rosa Donat==Sergio López-Ureña==Maria Santágueda==

adcm - Volume 43 - Number 2 - April 2017
Hierarchical spline spaces: quasi-interpolants and local approximation estimates.

Hendrik Speleers==

Reduced basis methods with adaptive snapshot computations.

Mazen Ali==Kristina Steih==Karsten Urban==

Microlocal analysis of edge flatness through directional multiscale representations.

Kanghui Guo==Demetrio Labate==

The practical Gauss type rules for Hadamard finite-part integrals using Puiseux expansions.

Tongke Wang==Zhiyue Zhang==Zhifang Liu==

An integral equation technique for scattering problems with mixed boundary conditions.

Adrianna Gillman==

Homotopy analysis Sumudu transform method for time - fractional third order dispersive partial differential equation.

Rishi Kumar Pandey==Hradyesh Kumar Mishra==

Piecewise spectral collocation method for system of Volterra integral equations.

Zhendong Gu==

QTT-finite-element approximation for multiscale problems I: model problems in one dimension.

Vladimir A. Kazeev==Ivan V. Oseledets==Maksim Rakhuba==Christoph Schwab==

Explicit constructions and properties of generalized shift-invariant systems in L2(ℝ).

Ole Christensen==Marzieh Hasannasab==Jakob Lemvig==

adcm - Volume 43 - Number 1 - February 2017
A comprehensive characterization of the set of polynomial curves with rational rotation-minimizing frames.

Rida T. Farouki==Graziano Gentili==Carlotta Giannelli==Alessandra Sestini==Caterina Stoppato==

Approximation by planar elastic curves.

David Brander==Jens Gravesen==Toke Bjerge Nørbjerg==

An improved sweeping domain decomposition preconditioner for the Helmholtz equation.

Christiaan C. Stolk==

Analysis and numerical solution of a Riemann-Liouville fractional derivative two-point boundary value problem.

Natalia Kopteva==Martin Stynes==

A parameter choice strategy for the inversion of multiple observations.

Christian Gerhards==Sergiy Pereverzyev Jr.==Pavlo Tkachenko==

Optimal configurations of lines and a statistical application.

François Bachoc==Martin Ehler==Manuel Gräf==

Online regularized learning with pairwise loss functions.

Zheng-Chu Guo==Yiming Ying==Ding-Xuan Zhou==

Minimal polynomial and reduced rank extrapolation methods are related.

Avram Sidi==

Null space correction and adaptive model order reduction in multi-frequency Maxwell's problem.

Michal Kordy==Elena Cherkaev==Philip E. Wannamaker==

Error estimation for quadrature by expansion in layer potential evaluation.

Ludvig af Klinteberg==Anna-Karin Tornberg==