adt - Volume 65

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adt - Volume 65 - Numbers 11-12 - December 2010
Towards market-oriented Clouds.

Maurice Gagnaire==Pascale Vicat-Blanc Primet==Dimitra Simeonidou==

A marketplace and its market mechanism for trading commoditized computing resources.

Jörn Altmann==Costas Courcoubetis==Marcel Risch==

A market-oriented dynamic collaborative cloud services platform.

Mohammad Mehedi Hassan==Biao Song==Eui-nam Huh==

Combinatorial auctions for exchanging resources over a grid network.

Lucile Denoeud-Belgacem==Éric Gourdin==Ruby Krishnaswamy==Adam Ouorou==

The Representation and Computation of QoS Preference with Its Applications in Grid Computing Environments.

Quan Liang==Yuanzhuo Wang==

Network virtualization for cloud computing.

Fabio Baroncelli==Barbara Martini==Piero Castoldi==

A new framework for GLIF Interdomain Resource Reservation Architecture (GIRRA).

Gigi Karmous-Edwards==Silvana Greco Polito==Admela Jukan==George N. Rouskas==

A funding and governing model for achieving sustainable growth of computing e-infrastructures.

Ashraf Adel Bany Mohammed==Jörn Altmann==

UNICORE 6 - Recent and Future Advancements.

Achim Streit==Piotr Bala==Alexander Beck-Ratzka==Krzysztof Benedyczak==Sandra Bergmann==Rebecca Breu==Jason Milad Daivandy==Bastian Demuth==Anastasia Eifer==André Giesler==Björn Hagemeier==Sonja Holl==Valentina Huber==Nadine Lamla==Daniel Mallmann==Ahmed Shiraz Memon==Mohammad Shahbaz Memon==Michael Rambadt==Morris Riedel==Mathilde Romberg==Bernd Schuller==Tobias Schlauch==Andreas Schreiber==Thomas Soddemann==Wolfgang Ziegler==

D-Grid: a national grid infrastructure in Germany.

Uwe Schwiegelshohn==

The next-generation ARC middleware.

Owen Appleton==David G. Cameron==Jozef Cernák==Péter Dóbé==Mattias Ellert==Thomas Frågåt==Michael Grønager==Daniel Johansson==Johan Jönemo==Josva Kleist==Marek Kocan==Aleksandr Konstantinov==Balázs Kónya==Iván Márton==Bjarte Mohn==Steffen Möller==Henning Müller==Zsombor Nagy==Jon K. Nilsen==Farid Ould-Saada==Katarina Pajchel==Weizhong Qiang==Alexander L. Read==Peter Rosendahl==Gábor Röczei==Martin Savko==Martin Skou Andersen==Oxana Smirnova==Péter Stefán==Ferenc Szalai==Adrian Taga==Salman Zubair Toor==Anders Wäänänen==Xin Zhou==

A load-aware energy-efficient and throughput-maximized asynchronous duty cycle MAC for wireless sensor networks.

Muhammad Mostafa Monowar==Muhammad Mahbub Alam==Md. Obaidur Rahman==Choong Seon Hong==Sungwon Lee==

Connectivity evaluation and error performance of millimeter-wave wireless backhaul networks.

Georgios T. Pitsiladis==Athanasios D. Panagopoulos==Philip Constantinou==

Cross-layer design of multiple antenna multicast combining AMC with truncated HARQ.

Tan Tai Do==Jae Cheol Park==Iickho Song==Yun Hee Kim==

adt - Volume 65 - Numbers 9-10 - October 2010
Ambient intelligence for ubiquitous health and wellbeing.

Mounir Mokhtari==Mohamed Ali Feki==Chris D. Nugent==

The potential of information and communication technologies to support ageing and independent living.

Jeffrey Soar==

Using smartphones to address the needs of persons with Alzheimer's disease.

Nicola Armstrong==Chris D. Nugent==George Moore==Dewar D. Finlay==

RFID in eHealth systems: applications, challenges, and perspectives.

Mathieu Bouet==Guy Pujolle==

Health and wellness monitoring through wearable and ambient sensors: exemplars from home-based care of elderly with mild dementia.

Jit Biswas==Andrei Tolstikov==Maniyeri Jayachandran==Victor Foo Siang Fook==Aung Aung Phyo Wai==Clifton Phua==Weimin Huang==Louis Shue==Kavitha Gopalakrishnan==Jer-En Lee==

A cognitive model for recognizing human behaviours in smart homes.

Fulvio Mastrogiovanni==Antonio Sgorbissa==Renato Zaccaria==

User's behavior study for smart houses occupant prediction.

Rachid Kadouche==Belkacem Chikhaoui==Bessam Abdulrazak==

User-driven context aware creation and execution of home care applications.

Carlos Baladrón Zorita==Javier M. Aguiar==Javier Gobernado==Belén Carro==Antonio Sánchez-Esguevillas==

Spatial-frequency data acquisition using rotational invariant pattern matching in smart environments.

Michael P. Poland==Chris D. Nugent==Hui Wang==Liming Chen==

Detection of aberrant behaviour in home environments from video sequence.

Zdenka Uhríková==Chris D. Nugent==David Craig==Václav Hlavác==

A model and framework for human-environment interaction.

Stéphane Renouard==Mounir Mokhtari==

Intelligent agents in home healthcare.

Donna L. Hudson==Maurice E. Cohen==

Channel characterization of time reversal UWB communication systems.

Dariush Abbasi-Moghadam==Vahid Tabataba Vakili==

Performance analysis of multicarrier code selective CDMA system with frequency repetition.

Anvar Narzullaev==Kwanwoong Ryu==Yongwan Park==

Blind signal-type classification using a novel robust feature subset selection method and neural network classifier.

Ataollah Ebrahimzadeh Shermeh==Hamed Azimi==

End-to-end throughput improvement for single radio multi-channel multi-path wireless mesh networks: a cross layer design.

Cao Trong Hieu==Sungwon Lee==Choong Seon Hong==

adt - Volume 65 - Numbers 7-8 - August 2010
Mutual interference considered power allocation in OFDM-based cognitive networks: the multiple SUs case.

Chengshi Zhao==Mingrui Zou==Kyungsup Kwak==

A probabilistic model for sub-carrier allocation in OFDMA systems.

Jamal S. Rahhal==

Exploiting context, profiles, and policies in dynamic sub-carrier assignment algorithms for efficient radio resource management in OFDMA networks.

Aggelos Saatsakis==Kostas Tsagkaris==Panagiotis Demestichas==

Rotated precoder-based OFDM system robust to channel spectral nulls and with reduced PAPR.

Xin-Lin Huang==Gang Wang==Fei Hu==

Experimental investigation of mobile radio propagation at 1.8 GHz over macrocellular dense urban regions of Delhi.

M. V. S. N. Prasad==K. Ratnamala==

Mobile-to-mobile fading channels in amplify-and-forward relay systems under line-of-sight conditions: statistical modeling and analysis.

Batool Talha==Matthias Pätzold==

A trajectory-aware handoff algorithm based on GPS information.

Thazin Ei==Furong Wang==

Transparent resource sharing framework for internet services on handheld devices.

Wouter Haerick==Tim Wauters==Chris Develder==Filip De Turck==Bart Dhoedt==

Fair data collection in wireless sensor networks: analysis and protocol.

Md. Abdul Hamid==Muhammad Mahbub Alam==Md. Shariful Islam==Choong Seon Hong==Sungwon Lee==

Less Impact Better Service (LIBS) - A service paradigm for Internet telephony.

Lefteris Mamatas==Vassilis Tsaoussidis==

Responsive pricing modeled with Stackelberg game for next-generation networks.

Vesna Radonjic==Vladanka S. Acimovic-Raspopovic==

adt - Volume 65 - Numbers 5-6 - June 2010
How much do we gain by introducing route optimization in Proxy Mobile IPv6 networks?

Jong-Hyouk Lee==Tai-Myoung Chung==

EFT: a high throughput routing metric for IEEE 802.11s wireless mesh networks.

Md. Shariful Islam==Muhammad Mahbub Alam==Md. Abdul Hamid==Choong Seon Hong==Sungwon Lee==

Access network survivability: an architecture approach for monitoring, protection and restoration in FTTH application.

Aswir Premadi==Boonchuan Ng==Mohammad Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman==Kasmiran Jumari==

An EAP-EHash authentication method adapted to resource constrained terminals.

Omar Cheikhrouhou==Maryline Laurent==Amin Ben Abdallah==Maher Ben Jemaa==

On unequal error protection for LZSS compressed data.

Richard Demo Souza==Marcelo Eduardo Pellenz==Zaqueu Cabral Pereira==

Performance enhancement of SC-FDMA systems using a companding technique.

Fathi E. Abd El-Samie==Faisal S. Al-kamali==Moawad I. Dessouky==Bassiuny M. Sallam==Farid Shawki==

Survey of NLOS identification and error mitigation problems in UWB-based positioning algorithms for dense environments.

Jasurbek Khodjaev==Yongwan Park==Aamir Saeed Malik==

On the achievable rate region of the Gaussian interference channel: the two- and three-user cases.

Patrick Tortelier==Abdoulaye Bagayoko==

On the cooperative MIMO communication for energy-efficient cluster-to-cluster transmission at wireless sensor network.

Mohammad Rakibul Islam==Jinsang Kim==

adt - Volume 65 - Numbers 3-4 - April 2010

Markus Fiedler==Helmut Hlavacs==Klaus D. Hackbarth==Patrik Arlos==

Application of cost models over traffic dimensioning with QoS restrictions.

Alberto E. Garcia==Laura Rodríguez de Lope==Klaus D. Hackbarth==

An economic model for pricing tiered network services.

Qian Lv==George N. Rouskas==

Optimal pricing strategy with compensation when QoS is not satisfied.

Bruno Tuffin==Hélène Le Cadre==Mustapha Bouhtou==

How to price Internet access for disloyal users under uncertainty.

Tuan Anh Trinh==László Gyarmati==

From charging for Quality of Service to charging for Quality of Experience.

Peter Reichl==

A real options model for the transferability value of telecommunications licenses.

Loretta Mastroeni==Maurizio Naldi==

Extension of the FDTD Huygens subgridding to frequency dependent media.

Fumie Costen==Jean-Pierre Bérenger==

Equation-based end-to-end single-rate multicast congestion control.

Wafa Kammoun==Habib Youssef==

adt - Volume 65 - Numbers 1-2 - February 2010
Quality of experience.

Markus Fiedler==Helmut Hlavacs==Klaus D. Hackbarth==Patrik Arlos==

Automated qualitative assessment of multi-modal distortions in digital images based on GLZ.

Andrzej Glowacz==Michal Grega==Przemyslaw Gwiazda==Lucjan Janowski==Mikolaj Leszczuk==Piotr Romaniak==Simon Pietro Romano==

An integrated framework of HoQ and AHP for the QOE improvement of network-based ASP services.

Dohoon Kim==

Optimal server bandwidth for mobile video on demand.

Shelley Buchinger==Helmut Hlavacs==

Quality of Experience from user and network perspectives.

Junaid Shaikh==Markus Fiedler==Denis Collange==

Towards real-time anomalies monitoring for QoE indicators.

Frédéric Guyard==Sergio Beker==

On the fairness characteristics of FAST TCP.

Tuan Anh Trinh==Balázs Sonkoly==Sándor Molnár==

General random coding bounds: AWGN channels to MIMO fading channels.

Heung-No Lee==Jingqiao Zhang==Cheon Won Choi==

MUQAMI+: a scalable and locally distributed key management scheme for clustered sensor networks.

Syed Muhammad Khaliq-ur-Rahman Raazi==Heejo Lee==Sungyoung Lee==Young-Koo Lee==

Analysis of energy-tax for multipath routing in wireless sensor networks.

Md. Abdur Razzaque==Choong Seon Hong==