adt - Volume 71

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adt - Volume 71 - Numbers 11-12 - December 2016
Software networks - Editorial introduction.

Miguel Elias M. Campista==Rafael P. Laufer==Pedro B. Velloso==Abbas Jamalipour==

Network function virtualization: through the looking-glass.

Anandatirtha Nandugudi==Massimo Gallo==Diego Perino==Fabio Pianese==

Traffic offloading techniques for 5G cellular: a three-tiered SDN architecture.

Ibrahim Elgendi==Kumudu S. Munasinghe==Dharmendra Sharma==Abbas Jamalipour==

An elastic intrusion detection system for software networks.

Martin Andreoni Lopez==Diogo Menezes Ferrazani Mattos==Otto Carlos M. B. Duarte==

AuthFlow: authentication and access control mechanism for software defined networking.

Diogo Menezes Ferrazani Mattos==Otto Carlos Muniz Bandeira Duarte==

Cloudlet- and NFV-based carrier Wi-Fi architecture for a wider range of services.

Fatma Ben Jemaa==Guy Pujolle==Michel Pariente==

SDI: a multi-domain SDN mechanism for fine-grained inter-domain routing.

Yangyang Wang==Jun Bi==Pingping Lin==Yikai Lin==Keyao Zhang==

An experimental feasibility study on applying SDN technology to disaster-resilient wide area networks.

Kien Nguyen==Shigeki Yamada==

Single base station hybrid localization with scatter and angle of departure in circular scattering environment.

Shixun Wu==Dengyuan Xu==Shengjun Zhang==Darong Huang==

Augmented consensus filter for simultaneous localization and tracking with limited sense range.

Xiangyuan Jiang==Peng Ren==

Fronthaul network design for radio access network virtualization from a CAPEX/OPEX perspective.

Hassan Yeganeh==Elaheh Vaezpour==

On the error performance of network-coded error-prone DF-relaying in multiple access relay channel.

Slim Chaoui==

Study of I/Q imbalances in QAM communication systems adopting multi-antenna receivers.

Thomas Yang==

adt - Volume 71 - Numbers 9-10 - October 2016
Health care on mobile devices.

Guy Pujolle==

Performance evaluation of co-located IEEE 802.15.4-based wireless body sensor networks.

Amirhosein Moravejosharieh==Jaime Lloret==

Fairness-aware radio resource management for medical interoperability between WBAN and WLAN.

Byeong-Moon Cho==Kyung-Joon Park==Eun-Chan Park==

Performance of IR-UWB cross-layer ranging protocols under on-body channel models with body area networks.

Arturo Guizar==Claire Goursaud==Jean-Marie Gorce==

A differential privacy protection scheme for sensitive big data in body sensor networks.

Chi Lin==Pengyu Wang==Houbing Song==Yanhong Zhou==Qing Liu==Guowei Wu==

Performance evaluation of Enhanced Very Fast Decision Tree (EVFDT) mechanism for distributed denial-of-service attack detection in health care systems.

Haider Abbas==Rabia Latif==Seemab Latif==Ashraf Masood==

A network-assisted flow mobility architecture for optimized mobile medical multimedia transmission.

Norbert Varga==László Bokor==Esa Piri==

Cloud support for large scale e-healthcare systems.

Qutaibah Althebyan==Qussai Yaseen==Yaser Jararweh==Mahmoud Al-Ayyoub==

Implementation and performance evaluation of IEEE 802.15.4 unslotted CSMA/CA protocol on Contiki OS.

Hamadoun Tall==Gérard Chalhoub==Michel Misson==

Dielectric loaded quasi-lumped element resonator antenna circuit model for U-NII/ISM band wireless applications.

Seyi Stephen Olokede==Mohd Fadzil Ain==Zainal Arifin Ahmad==

Localized paging in proxy mobile IPv6 networks.

Zhiwei Yan==Jong-Hyouk Lee==

Transformation optics for the validation of a time-domain full-wave model of linear complex media.

A. Ijjeh==M. M. Ney==

A generic Kerberos-based access control system for the cloud.

Hella Kaffel-Ben Ayed==Bilel Zaghdoudi==

adt - Volume 71 - Numbers 7-8 - August 2016
A review of E-voting: the past, present and future.

J. Paul Gibson==Robert Krimmer==Vanessa Teague==Julia Pomares==

Crowdsourced integrity verification of election results - An experience from Brazilian elections.

Diego F. Aranha==Helder Ribeiro==André Luis Ogando Paraense==

An experiment on the security of the Norwegian electronic voting protocol.

Kristian Gjøsteen==Anders Smedstuen Lund==

An investigation into the usability of electronic voting systems for complex elections.

Jurlind Budurushi==Karen Renaud==Melanie Volkamer==Marcel Woide==

Receipt-free remote electronic elections with everlasting privacy.

Philipp Locher==Rolf Haenni==

SecIVo: a quantitative security evaluation framework for internet voting schemes.

Stephan Neumann==Melanie Volkamer==Jurlind Budurushi==Marco Prandini==

Exact approach for the optimal design of virtual private network trees assuming a hose workload.

Ali Lourimi==Boulbaba Thabti==Habib Youssef==

A novel scaling and early stopping mechanism for LTE turbo code based on regression analysis.

T. P. Fowdur==Yogesh Beeharry==K. M. S. Soyjaudah==

Power allocation for device-to-device communication underlaying cellular networks under a probabilistic eavesdropping scenario.

Junyue Qu==Yueming Cai==Jianchao Zheng==Wendong Yang==Dan Wu==Yajie Hu==

A multi-GNSS software-defined receiver: design, implementation, and performance benefits.

Stefan Söderholm==Mohammad Zahidul H. Bhuiyan==Sarang Thombre==Laura Ruotsalainen==Heidi Kuusniemi==

Performance of sigma-delta quantizers in oversampled odd-stacked CMFB systems.

Fatma Abdelkefi==Jaouhar Ayadi==

adt - Volume 71 - Numbers 5-6 - June 2016
Multi-layer coding strategy for multi-hop block fading channels with outage probability.

Simin Keykhosravi==Soroush Akhlaghi==

A statistical trust system in wireless mesh networks.

Rida Khatoun==Youcef Begriche==Juliette Dromard==Lyes Khoukhi==Ahmed Serhrouchni==

Interaction of electromagnetic waves with a resistive half-plane.

Yusuf Z. Umul==

On the benefits of location-based relay selection in mobile wireless networks.

Jimmy Jessen Nielsen==Tatiana K. Madsen==Hans-Peter Schwefel==

Calculation of packet jitter for non-poisson traffic.

H. Dbira==André Girard==Brunilde Sansò==

Quantized lower bounds on grid-based localization algorithm for wireless sensor networks.

Aws Al-Qaisi==A. I. Alhasanat==Abdelwadood Mesleh==Bayan S. Sharif==Charalampos C. Tsimenidis==Jeffrey A. Neasham==

Exact outage analysis of a decode-and-forward cooperative communication network with N t h best energy harvesting relay selection.

Pham Ngoc Son==Hyung Yun Kong==Alagan Anpalagan==

Generalized diversity combining of energy harvesting multiple antenna relay networks: outage and throughput performance analysis.

Sang Quang Nguyen==Hyung Yun Kong==

adt - Volume 71 - Numbers 3-4 - April 2016
Middleware for Internet distribution in the context of cloud computing and the Internet of Things - Editorial Introduction.

Gordon S. Blair==Douglas C. Schmidt==Chantal Taconet==

A simulation as a service cloud middleware.

Shashank Shekhar==Hamzah Abdel-Aziz==Michael Walker==Faruk Caglar==Aniruddha S. Gokhale==Xenofon D. Koutsoukos==

NERD - middleware for IoT human machine interfaces.

Thaddeus Czauski==Jules White==Yu Sun==Hamilton A. Turner==Sean Eade==

Enhancing context data distribution for the internet of things using qoc-awareness and attribute-based access control.

Léon Lim==Pierrick Marie==Denis Conan==Sophie Chabridon==Thierry Desprats==Atif Manzoor==

CIRUS: an elastic cloud-based framework for Ubilytics.

Linh Manh Pham==Ahmed El-Rheddane==Didier Donsez==Noël De Palma==

Model-driven interoperability: engineering heterogeneous IoT systems.

Paul Grace==Brian Pickering==Mike Surridge==

Performance analysis of a MIMO-RFID system in Nakagami-m fading channels.

Kiattisak Maichalernnukul==Feng Zheng==Thomas Kaiser==

MIMO slotted ALOHA systems with collision resolution and truncated HARQ transmission and combining.

Nejah Missaoui==Inès Kammoun==Mohamed Siala==