jim - Volume 20

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jim - Volume 20 - Number 6 - December 2009
Recognizing control chart patterns with neural network and numerical fitting.

Pingyu Jiang==Daoyu Liu==Zhijian Zeng==

Identifying the cause and effect factors of agile NPD process with fuzzy DEMATEL method: the case of Iranian companies.

Roxana Fekri==Alireza Aliahmadi==Mohammad Fathian==

An agent-based recommender system for developing customized families of products.

Seung Ki Moon==Timothy W. Simpson==Soundar R. T. Kumara==

Machining scheme selection of digital manufacturing based on genetic algorithm and AHP.

Xuesong Guan==Yiqiang Wang==Liyan Tao==

Control of knowledgeable manufacturing cell with an unreliable agent.

Hong-Sen Yan==Hongbing Yang==Hao Dong==

A study on integrating sequence dependent setup time flexible flow lines and preventive maintenance scheduling.

Bahman Naderi==Mostafa Zandieh==Seyyed M. T. Fatemi Ghomi==

RFID localization algorithms and applications - a review.

Junyi Zhou==Jing Shi==

Idle vehicle circulation policies in a semiconductor FAB.

Byung-In Kim==Junhyuk Park==

3D surface reconstruction based trajectory control for a magnetic scattering film plating robot.

Jie Liu==

Agent-based web service for the design of a dynamic coordination mechanism in supply networks.

Iraj Mahdavi==Shima Mohebbi==Mahdi Zandakbari==Namjae Cho==Nezam Mahdavi-Amiri==

A performance comparison between Kanban and CONWIP controlled assembly systems.

Yaghoub Khojasteh-Ghamari==

jim - Volume 20 - Number 5 - October 2009
Editorial for the special issue of knowledge discovery and management in engineering design and manufacturing.

Ying Liu==Jenny A. Harding==

Data mining in manufacturing: a review based on the kind of knowledge.

Alok Kumar Choudhary==Jenny A. Harding==Manoj Kumar Tiwari==

Optimizing a batch manufacturing process through interpretable data mining models.

Mark Last==Guy Danon==Sholomo Biderman==Eli Miron==

A particle swarm optimization approach for components placement inspection on printed circuit boards.

Chun-Ho Wu==Dazhi Wang==Andrew W. H. Ip==Dingwei Wang==Ching-Yuen Chan==Hongfeng Wang==

A particle swarm optimization approach for components placement inspection on printed circuit boards.

Chun-Ho Wu==Dazhi Wang==Andrew W. H. Ip==Dingwei Wang==Ching-Yuen Chan==Hongfeng Wang==

A product design ontology for enhancing shape processing in design workflows.

Chiara Eva Catalano==Elena Camossi==Rosalinda Ferrandes==Vincent Cheutet==Neyir Sevilmis==

Advanced P-Tree based K-Nearest neighbors for customer preference reasoning analysis.

Xiang Li==Daming Shi==Varoon Charastrakul==Junhong Zhou==

Towards automatic causality boundary identification from root cause analysis reports.

Sanghee Kim==Marco Aurisicchio==Ken M. Wallace==

A new multi-agent system framework for tacit knowledge management in manufacturing supply chains.

Khalid Al-Mutawah==Vincent C. S. Lee==Yen Cheung==

Applying semantic web technologies to knowledge sharing in aerospace engineering.

Aba-Sah Dadzie==Ravish Bhagdev==Ajay Chakravarthy==Sam Chapman==José Iria==Vitaveska Lanfranchi==João Magalhães==Daniela Petrelli==Fabio Ciravegna==

jim - Volume 20 - Number 4 - August 2009
Facility layout design using virtual multi-agent system.

Hamed Tarkesh==Arezoo Atighehchian==Ali S. Nookabadi==

Modeling production configuration using nested colored object-oriented Petri-nets with changeable structures.

Lianfeng (Linda) Zhang==Roger Jianxin Jiao==

A hybrid push/pull system in assemble-to-order manufacturing environment.

Omar A. Ghrayeb==Nipa Phojanamongkolkij==Boon Aik Tan==

Bi-objective optimization algorithms for joint production and maintenance scheduling: application to the parallel machine problem.

Ali Berrichi==Lionel Amodeo==Farouk Yalaoui==Eric Châtelet==M. Mezghiche==

Regression models for estimating product life cycle cost.

Haifeng Liu==Vivekanand Gopalkrishnan==Thi Nhu Quynh Kim==Wee Keong Ng==

A hybrid approach for identification of concurrent control chart patterns.

Chih-Hsuan Wang==Tse-Ping Dong==Way Kuo==

Evolving CBR and data segmentation by SOM for flow time prediction in semiconductor manufacturing factory.

Pei-Chann Chang==Chin-Yuan Fan==Yen-Wen Wang==

Dealing with feature interactions for prismatic parts in STEP-NC.

Alireza Mokhtar==Xun Xu==Iñigo Lazcanotegui==

Rough milling optimisation for parts with sculptured surfaces using genetic algorithms in a Stackelberg game.

Agathoklis Krimpenis==George-Christopher Vosniakos==

Responsive consistency restoration in interactive product configuration by content-addressable memory.

Zhaoxun Chen==Liya Wang==

Integrating simulation and genetic algorithm to schedule a dynamic flexible job shop.

Mansour Gholami==Mostafa Zandieh==

jim - Volume 20 - Number 3 - June 2009
Schema-aware XPath filtering on XML document streams.

Daewook Lee==Joonho Kwon==Weidong Yang==Hyoseop Shin==Jaemin Kwak==Sukho Lee==

An efficient search method for multi-objective flexible job shop scheduling problems.

Li-Ning Xing==Ying-Wu Chen==Ke-Wei Yang==

Intelligent dynamic workflow support for a ubiquitous Web service-based manufacturing environment.

Minsoo Lee==Hyejung Yoon==Hyoseop Shin==Deok-Gyu Lee==

J2MEMicroDB: a new Open Source lightweight database engine for J2ME mobile devices.

Marc Alier Forment==María José Casany Guerrero==Pablo Casado Arias==

A design of RFTOG model for distributed real-time applications.

Myungseok Kang==Hagbae Kim==

Ubiquitous software controller to prevent deadlocks for automated guided vehicle systems in a container port terminal environment.

Jong Hyuk Park==Hyoung Joong Kim==Chulung Lee==

A semantic service discovery approach for ubiquitous computing.

Reen-Cheng Wang==Yao-Chung Chang==Ruay-Shiung Chang==

U-HMS: hybrid system for secure intelligent multimedia data services in Ubi-Home.

Jong Hyuk Park==Sangjin Lee==Jongin Lim==Laurence T. Yang==

jim - Volume 20 - Number 2 - April 2009
Editorial note.

Ercan Öztemel==Harun Taskin==Cemalettin Kubat==

Construction of quality control charts by using probability and fuzzy approaches and an application in a textile company.

Irfan Ertugrul==Esra Aytaç==

Project-oriented task scheduling for mobile robot team.

Servet Hasgül==Inci Sariçiçek==Metin Ozkan==Osman Parlaktuna==

Interactions of agents in performance based supply chain management.

Ercan Öztemel==Esra Kurt Tekez==

Determination of the drug dose by fuzzy expert system in treatment of chronic intestine inflammation.

Ismail Saritas==Ilker Ali Ozkan==Novruz Allahverdi==Mustafa Argindogan==

Modeling, simulation and fuzzy control of an anthropomorphic robot arm by using Dymola.

Mehmet Haklidir==Isa Tasdelen==

Routing table updating by using intelligent agents.

Senol Zafer Erdogan==E. Murat Esin==

Knee rehabilitation using an intelligent robotic system.

Erhan Akdogan==Ertugrul Taçgin==M. Arif Adli==

Zigzag machining surface roughness modelling using evolutionary approach.

Cevdet Göloglu==Yenal Arslan==

A grammatical optimization approach for integrated process planning and scheduling.

Adil Baykasoglu==Lale Özbakir==

Leveraging technological knowledge transfer by using fuzzy linear programming technique for multiattribute group decision making with fuzzy decision variables.

Yildiz Esra Albayrak==Yasemin Claire Erensal==

A study on industrial robotic manipulator model using model based predictive controls.

Burhanettin Durmus==Hasan Temurtas==Nejat Yumusak==Fevzullah Temurtas==

An experimental study, about detection of bearing defects in inverter fed small induction motors by Concordia transform.

Izzet Yilmaz Önel==Engin Ayçiçek==Ibrahim Senol==

A framework for balanced service and cross-selling by using queuing science.

Ayhan Demiriz==Ufuk Kula==Nevra Akbilek==

A fuzzy clustering-based hybrid method for a multi-facility location problem.

Sakir Esnaf==Tarik Küçükdeniz==

Selecting the optimal shift numbers using fuzzy control model: a paint factory's facility application.

Mehmet Adalier==Fatih Taskin==Harun Taskin==

jim - Volume 20 - Number 1 - February 2009
A sensor-driven approach to Web-based machining.

Lihui Wang==Adam Nace==

Optimal assembly plan generation: a simplifying approach.

Michel T. Martinez==Viet Hung Pham==Joël Favrel==

A heuristic method for the vehicle routing problem with backhauls and inventory.

Shu-Chu Liu==Chich-Hung Chung==

Cutting parameters analysis for the development of a milling process monitoring system based on audible energy sound.

Eva María Rubio==Roberto Teti==

Operational methods for improving manufacturing control plans: case study in a semiconductor industry.

Samuel Bassetto==Ali Siadat==

An artificial immune system approach to CNC tool path generation.

Erkan Ülker==Mehmet E. Turanalp==H. Selçuk Halkaci==

Integrated model of operations effectiveness of small to medium-sized manufacturing enterprises.

Norita Ahmad==Robin G. Qiu==

Integration of a flat holonic form in an HLA environment.

Fouzia Ounnar==Patrick Pujo==Lynda Mekaouche==Norbert Giambiasi==

Multi-criteria decision making for assembly line balancing.

Fariborz Jolai==Mustafa Jahangoshai Rezaee==A. Vazifeh==

A new hybrid improvement heuristic approach to simple straight and U-type assembly line balancing problems.

Ugur Özcan==Bilal Toklu==