jim - Volume 21

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jim - Volume 21 - Number 6 - December 2010
Time-synchronizing control of self-organizing shop floors for networked manufacturing.

Zheng Wang==Ziliong Cao==

Creep feed grinding optimization by an integrated GA-NN system.

M. Sedighi==D. Afshari==

A new bottleneck detecting approach to productivity improvement of knowledgeable manufacturing system.

Hongsen Yan==Yuwei An==Wen-Wu Shi==

Simulation of cutting force using nonstationary Gaussian process.

A. M. M. Sharif Ullah==Khalifa H. Harib==

A two-stage Ant Colony Optimization algorithm to minimize the makespan on unrelated parallel machines with sequence-dependent setup times.

Jean-Paul Arnaout==Ghaith Rabadi==Rami Musa==

An experimental study for the selection of modules and facilities in a mass customization context.

Radwan El Hadj Khalaf==Bruno Agard==Bernard Penz==

Tool wear monitoring using artificial neural network based on extended Kalman filter weight updation with transformed input patterns.

Purushothaman Srinivasan==

A robust genetic algorithm for scheduling realistic hybrid flexible flow line problems.

Mostafa Zandieh==E. Mozaffari==Mansour Gholami==

Improving the industrial classification of cork stoppers by using image processing and Neuro-Fuzzy computing.

Beatriz Paniagua==Miguel A. Vega-Rodríguez==Juan Antonio Gómez Pulido==Juan Manuel Sánchez-Pérez==

Self-developing fuzzy expert system: a novel learning approach, fitting for manufacturing domain.

Asif Iqbal==Naeem Ullah Dar==Ning He==Muhammad M. I. Hammouda==Liang Li==

Parallel path relinking method for the single machine total weighted tardiness problem with sequence-dependent setups.

Wojciech Bozejko==

A clustering approach for determining the optimal process parameters in cutting.

Domenico Umbrello==Giuseppina Ambrogio==Luigino Filice==Francesca Guerriero==Rosita Guido==

Product portfolio identification with data mining based on multi-objective GA.

Li Yu==Liya Wang==

Managing diagrammatic models with different perspectives on product information.

Anders Haug==

Condition monitoring of the cutting process using a self-organizing spiking neural network map.

Rui G. Silva==

Case-based polishing process planning with Fuzzy Set Theory.

Yingfeng Zhang==George Q. Huang==B. K. K. Ngai==X. Chen==

Parallel machine scheduling problem to minimize the earliness/tardiness costs with learning effect and deteriorating jobs.

M. Duran Toksari==Ertan Güner==

Process control using VSI cause selecting control charts.

Su-Fen Yang==

Modeling and analysis of packing properties through a fuzzy inference system.

Nihal Erginel==

Preventive maintenance scheduling for repairable system with deterioration.

Wenzhu Liao==Ershun Pan==Lifeng Xi==

Technology management and strategy composition: innovation of IC foundry.

Grace T. R. Lin==Hsiao Chen Yu==Aaron Y. L. Hsieh==James C. Chou==

jim - Volume 21 - Number 4 - August 2010
Simultaneous optimization of parts and operations sequences in SSMS: a chaos embedded Taguchi particle swarm optimization approach.

Vishwa Vijay Kumar==Mayank Kumar Pandey==M. K. Tiwari==David Ben-Arieh==

Development of an automatic arc welding system using an adaptive sliding mode control.

Cheng-Yu Wu==Pi-Cheng Tung==Chyun-Chau Fuh==

An effective evolutionary algorithm for the practical capacitated vehicle routing problems.

Chung-Ho Wang==Jiu-Zhang Lu==

Real-time detection of grip length during fastening of bolted joints: a Mahalanobis-Taguchi system (MTS) based approach.

Can Saygin==Deepak Mohan==Jagannathan Sarangapani==

Intelligent design of induction motors by multiobjective fuzzy genetic algorithm.

Mehmet Çunkas==

Comparison of models created for the prediction of the mechanical properties of galvanized steel coils.

Joaquín B. Ordieres Meré==Francisco J. Martínez de Pisón Ascacibar==Ana González-Marcos==I. Ortiz-Marcos==

A hybrid procedure for extracting rules of production performance in the automobile parts industry.

You-Shyang Chen==Ching-Hsue Cheng==Chien-Jung Lai==

Heuristics for minimizing total completion time and maximum lateness on identical parallel machines with setup times.

M. T. Yazdani Sabouni==Fariborz Jolai==S. Afshin Mansouri==

A hybrid multi-criteria decision-making model for personnel selection in manufacturing systems.

Metin Dagdeviren==

Applications of genetic algorithms in process planning: tool sequence selection for 2.5-axis pocket machining.

Zaryab Ahmad==Keyvan Rahmani==Roshan M. D'Souza==

Capability-based distributed layout and its simulation based analyses.

Adil Baykasoglu==Mustafa Göçken==

Multi agent architecture for dynamic incremental process planning in the flexible manufacturing system.

Hossein Tehrani Niknejad==Nobuhiro Sugimura==Koji Iwamura==Yoshitaka Tanimizu==

Rolling-horizon and fix-and-relax heuristics for the multi-product multi-level capacitated lotsizing problem with sequence-dependent setups.

Mohammad Mohammadi==S. M. T. Fatemi Ghomi==Behrooz Karimi==S. Ali Torabi==

Designing a new model of distributed quality control for sub-assemble products based on the intelligent web information system.

Navid Sahebjamnia==Iraj Mahdavi==Namjae Cho==

Optimization of parts scheduling in multiple cells considering intercell move using scatter search approach.

Jiafu Tang==Xiaoqing Wang==Ikou Kaku==Kai-Leung Yung==

Development of control mechanisms to support coherency of product model during cooperative design process.

Mohsen Sadeghi==Frédéric Noël==Khaled Hadj-Hamou==

Synthesis of liveness enforcing supervisor for automated manufacturing systems using insufficiently marked siphons.

Hesuan Hu==Zhiwu Li==

Artificial neural networks to optimize the extrusion of an aluminium alloy.

Carmine Lucignano==Roberto Montanari==Vincenzo Tagliaferri==Nadia Ucciardello==

A review of applications of genetic algorithms in lot sizing.

Hacer Güner Gören==Semra Tunali==Raf Jans==

jim - Volume 21 - Number 1 - February 2010
Introduction to planning, scheduling and constraint satisfaction.

Miguel A. Salido==

Constraint satisfaction techniques in planning and scheduling.

Roman Barták==Miguel A. Salido==Francesca Rossi==

Iterative flattening search for resource constrained scheduling.

Angelo Oddi==Amedeo Cesta==Nicola Policella==Stephen F. Smith==

Constraint-based modeling of discrete event dynamic systems.

Gérard Verfaillie==Cédric Pralet==Michel Lemaître==

Validating scheduling approaches against executional uncertainty.

Riccardo Rasconi==Amedeo Cesta==Nicola Policella==

A genetic solution based on lexicographical goal programming for a multiobjective job shop with uncertainty.

Inés González Rodríguez==Camino R. Vela==Jorge Puente==

Dynamic consistency of fuzzy conditional temporal problems.

Marco Falda==Francesca Rossi==Kristen Brent Venable==

Path recovery in frontier search for multiobjective shortest path problems.

Lawrence Mandow==José-Luis Pérez-de-la-Cruz==

Nogood-FC for solving partitionable constraint satisfaction problems.

Montserrat Abril==Miguel A. Salido==Federico Barber==

Pruning by dominance in best-first search for the job shop Scheduling problem with total flow time.

María R. Sierra==Ramiro Varela==

From enterprise models to scheduling models: bridging the gap.

Roman Barták==James Little==Oscar Manzano==Con Sheahan==

A holonic architecture for the global road transportation system.

Frédérique Versteegh==Miguel A. Salido==Adriana Giret==

Temporal-based medical diagnoses using a Fuzzy Temporal Reasoning System.

Silvana Badaloni==Marco Falda==

Planning and scheduling teams of skilled workers.

Laurent Perron==

A CSP model for simple non-reversible and parallel repair plans.

Carmelo Del Valle==Antonio A. Márquez==Irene Barba==