jim - Volume 22

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jim - Volume 22 - Number 6 - December 2011
A review of conventional and knowledge based systems for machining price quotation.

Ángel García-Crespo==Belén Ruíz-Mezcua==José Luis López Cuadrado==Israel González-Carrasco==

Advance in detection system to improve the stability and capability of CNC turning process.

Somkiat Tangjitsitcharoen==

Computer-based estimation and compensation of diametral errors in CNC turning of cantilever bars.

Eyüp Sabri Topal==Can Çogun==

A novel prediction technique to improve quality of service (QoS) for heterogeneous data traffic.

Pitchai Calduwel Newton==Lawrence Arockiam==

The use of fuzzy logic and neural networks models for sensory properties prediction from process and structure parameters of knitted fabrics.

Selsabil El-Ghezal Jeguirim==Amal Babay Dhouib==Mahdi Sahnoun==Morched Cheikhrouhou==Laurence Schacher==Dominique Adolphe==

Optimum block replacement policy over a random time horizon.

Abdelhakim Khatab==Nidhal Rezg==Daoud Ait-Kadi==

A manufacturing-oriented approach for multi-platforming product family design with modified genetic algorithm.

Zhuo Liu==Yoke San Wong==Kim Seng Lee==

Fault detection and prognosis of assembly locating systems using piezoelectric transducers.

Jeremy L. Rickli==Jaime A. Camelio==Jason T. Dreyer==Sudhakar M. Pandit==

Automated extraction of PCB components based on specularity using layered illumination.

Zhou Zeng==Lizhuang Ma==Zuoyong Zheng==

A new approach for workshop design.

Naim Yalaoui==Halim Mahdi==Lionel Amodeo==Farouk Yalaoui==

Wafer defect inspection by neural analysis of region features.

Chuan-Yu Chang==ChunHsi Li==Yung-Chi Chang==MuDer Jeng==

A simulated annealing algorithm approach to hybrid flow shop scheduling with sequence-dependent setup times.

H. S. Mirsanei==Mostafa Zandieh==Majid Javid Moayed==Mahmood Reza Khabbazi==

An adaptive multi-population genetic algorithm to solve the multi-objective group scheduling problem in hybrid flexible flowshop with sequence-dependent setup times.

Mostafa Zandieh==Neda Karimi==

X. Xu and A. Y. C. Nee (eds): Advanced design and manufacturing based on STEP.

Lihui Wang==

jim - Volume 22 - Number 5 - October 2011
State of the art: business service and its impacts on manufacturing.

Xiaofei Xu==Zhongjie Wang==

Global education in manufacturing strategy.

David O'Sullivan==Asbjørn Rolstadås==Erastos Filos==

Recent advances on key technologies for innovative manufacturing.

Emmanuel Brousseau==Eldaw Eldukhri==

Automotive engineering curriculum development: case study for Clemson University.

Laine Mears==Mohammed Omar==Thomas R. Kurfess==

Organizational learning in automotive manufacturing: a strategic choice.

Mohammed Omar==Laine Mears==Thomas R. Kurfess==R. Kiggans==

Industrial integration of ICT: opportunities for international research cooperation under the IMS scheme.

Michael Abramovici==Erastos Filos==

Knowledge framework for intelligent manufacturing systems.

Ricardo Jardim-Gonçalves==João Sarraipa==Carlos Agostinho==Hervé Panetto==

Extending the notion of quality from physical metrology to information and sustainability.

Gaurav Ameta==Rachuri Sudarsan==Xenia Fiorentini==Mani Mahesh==Steven J. Fenves==Kevin W. Lyons==Ram D. Sriram==

Customer-driven product design and evaluation method for collaborative design environments.

Chen Liu==Alejandro Ramirez-Serrano==Guofu Yin==

Editorial: Intelligent optimization for manufacturing operations.

Jairo R. Montoya-Torres==

A GRASP approach for makespan minimization on parallel batch processing machines.

Purushothaman Damodaran==Mario C. Vélez-Gallego==Jairo Maya==

Multi-criteria analysis for a maintenance management problem in an engine factory: rational choice.

Maria Socorro García-Cascales==María Teresa Lamata==

An exact algorithm for vehicle routing and scheduling problem of free pickup and delivery service in flight ticket sales companies based on set-partitioning model.

Gang Dong==Jiafu Tang==Kin Keung Lai==Yuan Kong==

Process industry scheduling optimization using genetic algorithm and mathematical programming.

Fabricio Oliveira==Silvio Hamacher==Mayron Rodrigues de Almeida==

Ant colony optimization algorithm for a Bi-criteria 2-stage hybrid flowshop scheduling problem.

Elyn L. Solano-Charris==Jairo R. Montoya-Torres==Carlos D. Paternina-Arboleda==

jim - Volume 22 - Number 4 - August 2011
Single machine scheduling with unequal release date using neuro-dominance rule.

Tarik Çakar==

Tool wear monitoring and selection of optimum cutting conditions with progressive tool wear effect and input uncertainties.

Sukhomay Pal==P. Stephan Heyns==Burkhard H. Freyer==Nico J. Theron==Surjya K. Pal==

Solving the multi-response problem in Taguchi method by benevolent formulation in DEA.

Abbas Al-Refaie==Mohammad D. Al-Tahat==

Periodic and sequential preventive maintenance policies over a finite planning horizon with a dynamic failure law.

Jérémie Schutz==Nidhal Rezg==Jean-Baptiste Léger==

A methodology to design virtual cellular manufacturing systems.

Nitesh Khilwani==Berna Haktanirlar Ulutas==A. Attila Islier==Manoj Kumar Tiwari==

Integer linear programming formulation of the vehicle positioning problem in automated manufacturing systems.

Jairo R. Montoya-Torres==Gonzalo Oñate Bello==

Solving production scheduling with earliness/tardiness penalties by constraint programming.

Jan Kelbel==Zdenek Hanzálek==

Position regulator for spindle of milling machine by embedded magnetic bearings.

Nan-Chyuan Tsai==Li-Wen Shih==Rong-Mao Lee==

Tool electrode geometry and process parameters influence on different feature geometry and surface quality in electrical discharge machining of AISI H13 steel.

Narcis Pellicer==Joaquim Ciurana==Jordi Delgado==

Classification knowledge discovery in mold tooling test using decision tree algorithm.

Duen-Yian Yeh==Ching-Hsue Cheng==Shih-Chuan Hsiao==

What can software engineers learn from manufacturing to improve software process and product?

Norman F. Schneidewind==

Surface roughness monitoring application based on artificial neural networks for ball-end milling operations.

Guillem Quintana==Maria Luisa Garcia-Romeu==Joaquim Ciurana==

Self-organizing fuzzy controller for the molten steel level control of a twin-roll strip casting process.

Hung-Yi Chen==Shiuh-Jer Huang==

Systematic decision process for intelligent decision making.

Behnam Malakooti==

Optimization process planning using hybrid genetic algorithm and intelligent search for job shop machining.

Mojtaba Salehi==Ardeshir Bahreininejad==

jim - Volume 22 - Number 3 - June 2011
Advanced models and optimization in manufacturing and logistics systems.

Mitsuo Gen==Hark Hwang==

A goal-oriented trust model for virtual organization creation.

Jungtae Mun==Moonsoo Shin==Mooyoung Jung==

A two-stage genetic algorithm for multi-objective job shop scheduling problems.

Voratas Kachitvichyanukul==Siriwan Sitthitham==

An efficient multiobjective genetic algorithm for mixed-model assembly line balancing problem considering demand ratio-based cycle time.

Wenqiang Zhang==Mitsuo Gen==

Genetic algorithm approach for precedence-constrained sequencing problems.

YoungSu Yun==Chiung Moon==

A study on facility location-allocation problem in mixed environment of randomness and fuzziness.

Qiang Liu==Jiuping Xu==

UNISON analysis to model and reduce step-and-scan overlay errors for semiconductor manufacturing.

Chen-Fu Chien==Chia-Yu Hsu==

Comparison of operations of AGVs and ALVs in an automated container terminal.

Hyo Young Bae==Ri Choe==Taejin Park==Kwang Ryel Ryu==

Competition and cooperation in a remanufacturing system with take-back requirement.

Ki Seung Jung==Hark Hwang==

Service-oriented manufacturing: a new product pattern and manufacturing paradigm.

Jie Gao==Yinliang Yao==Valerie C. Y. Zhu==Linyan Sun==Lin Lin==

Measuring relative performance of wafer fabrication operations: a case study.

Wen-Chih Chen==Chen-Fu Chien==

A quay crane scheduling algorithm considering the workload of yard cranes in a container yard.

Yan Wang==Kap Hwan Kim==

Multi-objective hybrid genetic algorithm for quay crane dynamic assignment in berth allocation planning.

Chengji Liang==Jianquan Guo==Yang Yang==

jim - Volume 22 - Number 2 - April 2011
Evaluating the risk of failure using the fuzzy OWA and DEMATEL method.

Kuei-Hu Chang==Ching-Hsue Cheng==

A neural network and multiple regression method for the characterization of the depth of weld penetration in laser welding based on acoustic signatures.

Wei Huang==Radovan Kovacevic==

Machining precedence of 2½D interacting features in a feature-based data model.

Alireza Mokhtar==Xun Xu==

An intelligent approach to machine tool selection through fuzzy analytic network process.

Zeki Ayag==Rifat Gürcan Özdemir==

Minimizing total weighted flowtime subject to minimum makespan on two identical parallel machines.

Johnny C. Ho==Francisco J. López==Alex J. Ruiz-Torres==Tzu-Liang (Bill) Tseng==

Modeling and optimization of thermal-flow lithography process using a neural-genetic approach.

Te-Sheng Li==Szu-Hung Chen==

Generating a rehandling-free intra-block remarshaling plan for an automated container yard.

Ri Choe==Taejin Park==Myung-Seob Oh==Jaeho Kang==Kwang Ryel Ryu==

AGV scheduling for automated material distribution: a case study.

Namita Singh==P. V. Sarngadharan==Prabir K. Pal==

An integrated artificial neural network-genetic algorithm clustering ensemble for performance assessment of decision making units.

Ali Azadeh==Morteza Saberi==Mona Anvari==Mehdi Mohamadi==

A hybrid memetic algorithm for maximizing the weighted number of just-in-time jobs on unrelated parallel machines.

Fariborz Jolai==Mohsen Sadegh Amalnick==Mohammad Alinaghian==Majid Shakhsi-Niaei==Hossein Omrani==

Design of a decision support system for machine tool selection based on machine characteristics and performance tests.

Marta Albertí==Joaquim Ciurana==Ciro A. Rodríguez==Tugrul Özel==

An artificial neural network based heuristic for flow shop scheduling problems.

T. Radha Ramanan==R. Sridharan==Kulkarni Sarang Shashikant==A. Noorul Haq==

DeviceNet network health monitoring using physical layer parameters.

Yong Lei==Dragan Djurdjanovic==Leandro G. Barajas==Gary Workman==Stephan Biller==Jun Ni==

A GA-based approach for optimizing single-part flow-line configurations of RMS.

Jianping Dou==Xianzhong Dai==Zhengda Meng==

Fuzzy two-stage material procurement planning problem.

Gaoji Sun==Yankui Liu==Yanfei Lan==

A security management scheme for failure detector distributed systems based on self-tuning control theory.

Naixue Xiong==Jong Hyuk Park==Laurence T. Yang==Byoung-Soo Koh==Yingshu Li==

jim - Volume 22 - Number 1 - February 2011
Editorial: Human-centered design of systems in honor of Professor Gavriel Salvendy.

Hans-Jörg Bullinger==Shimon Y. Nof==

What is still wrong with the World-Wide Web? An update after a decade.

Nancy J. Lightner==Liang Zeng==

Vibration perception and excitatory direction for haptic devices.

Jihong Hwang==Wonil Hwang==

The effects of target location and target distinction on visual search in a depth display.

George Reis==Yan Liu==Paul Havig==Eric Heft==

Query translation-based cross-language print defect diagnosis based on the fuzzy Bayesian model.

Pilsung Choe==Mark R. Lehto==Jan P. Allebach==

Improving efficiencies and patient safety in healthcare through human factors and ergonomics.

Vincent G. Duffy==

Human centered design in the air traffic control system.

Steven J. Landry==

A novel agent-based concept of household appliances.

Konrad Steblovnik==Damjan Zazula==

Improving computer-mediated information alignment in production organizations.

Ralph C. Palmer III==Barrett S. Caldwell==

Analysis of effectiveness and benefits of collaboration modes with information- and knowledge-sharing.

Sang Won Yoon==Masayuki Matsui==Tetsuo Yamada==Shimon Y. Nof==